ATX Vs EATX Motherboard | Specifications & Dimensions

The shape of a motherboard plays a pivotal role in a perfect adjustment within the PC case. There are several types of shapes and layouts, and in PCs world, you can call them Form Factors. In this article, I’ll mainly talk about the ATX vs EATX motherboard and will give you a brief introduction to other types. If you go out and check out the acceptability and popularity graph of form factors, you’ll find ATX leading from the front.

It is the most used and valuable form factor with a standard design and size. Whether it is an extended ATX or ATX form factor, you need to learn the fundamental difference between them to make the right buying decision. Fortunately, I have used both extensively and have pretty enough knowledge to share that can help you in the best way possible.

Difference Between ATX and EATX

I can grab various things on board to create the difference between ATX and EATX. However, when it comes to the standard size and shape of a motherboard, the ATX motherboard has the edge over the other. On the other hand, EATX is a type of ATX motherboard with a bigger size. ATX vs EATX motherboards have a mix of features, some are similar, and others are vice versa.

Through this article, I’ll let you know the real difference between ATX and EATX motherboards by discussing their technical details, dimensions, price, and more. So, let’s grab the ATX motherboard first, and once we are done with the details of ATX, we’ll move towards the EATX.

What is ATX Motherboard?

If you wonder, what is ATX? You reached the right place to learn its meaning, functionality, and more. ATX is a standard form factor in the motherboard, and it is the most acceptable form factor around the globe. No matter if you are buying a motherboard for gaming, editing, designing, or any other assignment, the ATX form factor is the one that can justify the max needs. It fits on your PC case unquestionably. 

However, the sizing requirements are different with extended ATX, and we’ll discuss it in the relevant section of EATX. The ATX form factor is the most common and most favourable because of its benchmark cutting edges and perfect sizing detailing. 

ATX Motherboard Specifications

Before I tell you about the newest EATX, I’ll discuss the ATX motherboard specifications. All you need to do is give an overview of the table below.

Inches Tall12 inches
Inches Wide9.6 inches
Better forCovers lower to high-end jobs

ATX Motherboard Price

Regarding the ATX motherboard price, there is no significant difference from the extended ATX. However, it makes you save around 100 bucks as compared to the price tag of the EATX. All you need to spend is around 200 dollars to have an ATX motherboard, and the price may vary with the model and brand name.

If you are getting one to build a PC yourself, you need to keep the 200 bucks’ figure in due consideration. Moreover, you can learn how to make a motherboard yourself. In this article, I have explained the process of building a motherboard in detail.

Features of ATX Motherboard

This ATX vs EATX motherboard comparison is a valuable piece of information. In this section, I’ll discuss the features you enjoy with the ATX motherboard dimensions.

1) ATX Sizing Detail

Before anything else, the biggest thing that makes ATX different from the EATX is its sizing detail. You get a 12×9.6 combo of height and width of the corners. Moreover, it comes with a standard space to allow other components to get on board, and it goes well with the applicable requirements of your PC case.

2) Best for Industrial and Domestic Computers

It is superb to use with your PCs in the industrial sector and domestic usage. The standard size and powerful mechanism allow you to believe in the best fitting of the ATX motherboard for varying jobs. It has the strength to deal with large-scale setup requirements where multiple users work together.

3) Functionality of ATX Motherboard 

You get almost 3 to 4 PCIe slots with the ATX motherboard, and the RAM slots are also available in multiple numbers. Usually, there are 16 ports that you get with an ATX motherboard, and it is a pretty good number of ports that help you enjoy the max connectivity of the devices.

4) Cooling and Overclocking of ATX Motherboard

As we know, the ATX motherboard has a small size as compared to EATX. So, you may find so much difficulty with the flow of air, which is not so good for a cooling system. Although it is not very common, there are chances for the issue. So, it finally affects the overclocking and cooling setup, which directly goes to hit the performance of your PC.

Benefits and Drawbacks of ATX Motherboard

I have also gathered a list of benefits and drawbacks you can enjoy with an ATX motherboard. So, let’s dive into the details one after the other.

  • There are multiple expansion slots you get with an ATX motherboard
  • You can enjoy multiple styles of ATX motherboards
  • If you are a gamer, ATX can go far beyond your expectations to serve your gaming with the best
  • Multiple ports and slots are helpful to upgrade the PC with the best devices
  • It has an affordable price range and super good for beginners and intermediates
  • The airflow process is not so good with the ATX motherboard
  • There are some discrepancies with its sizing requirements, and it limits the space needs as well

What is EATX Motherboard?

EATX stands for Extended ATX. It is an updated version of the ATX motherboard and comes with more power, space, and strengths. If you are unaware, what is EATX? This section will help you find all the answers in the most straightforward possible wording. It goes well with more powerful PCs; if you want to build one yourself, you can go for it. If you are a gamer or enthusiast, the EATX can do wonders for you.

It has considerable breathing room for the cooling setup, and you get the max out of your PC by having this amazingly huge performance delivery motherboard. It has extra of everything in it, and to know the details, let’s follow the lines below.

EATX Motherboard Specifications

EATX gaming motherboards are more potent than ATX motherboards. Let’s check out the EATX motherboard specs before I tell you the rich features and detail of EATX Motherboards.

Inches Tall12 inches
Inches Wide13 inches
Graphics cards support2 to 3 cards
Better forhigh-end

EATX Motherboard Price

As we know, ATX vs EATX motherboard has many things to discuss, and here is the one that is most discussed: price. There is no doubt the EATX is more expensive than the ATX motherboard. As it offers a bigger size, massive room for airflow, and extra or everything on board, you must pay an additional sum for EATX. EATX motherboard price moves around 300 dollars, which is 1.5 times the price of the ATX motherboard.

Features of EATX Motherboard

So here comes the section, which will tell you about the features of EATX motherboards, and you’ll also get to know all that you get extra with these motherboards. Let’s not waste time anymore and get to the points below.

1) EATX Motherboard’s Functionality

There is no doubt about the performance delivery of EATX, and it is far better than ATX. It has a larger size, with more power and extra airflow space. So, you get the best performance with the EATX motherboard. It has nothing that makes it a cheap motherboard in front of ATX. 

2) Standard Size of an EATX Motherboard

The sizing requirements of the EATX motherboard are superb, and you get a 12×13 combo of height and width. It is more than enough size to hold things on board with a vast breathing room. It takes good care of the overheating issue and withstands firmly. 

3) Ideal to Use for Gaming and Professional Assignments

It has a beta backup for gaming lovers and professionals. Whether you use it with the heat and games or on your workstation for designing projects, it can equally justify the needs with its super most delicate system.

4) Overclocking and Cooling of EATX

As we know, the EATX motherboard is massive and has a bigger room for breathing, so it delivers the max cooling backup to support the components and dissipate overheating. The overlooking of the EATX motherboard is also better than the ATX.

5) Price and Warranty of EATX Motherboard

It has excellent durability with a massive warranty of years. So, you are safe to invest your money to get the best returns with the EATX motherboard. EATX motherboard dimensions are rich and massive, and it goes well with most CPUs for multiple jobs.

Benefits and Drawbacks of EATX Motherboard

Now, we’ll look at the brief details of the merits and demerits of an EATX motherboard. So, let’s begin.

  • It furnishes more space for improved memory
  • It has the best backup for cooling
  • There are more ports and slots you get with it, and it means you can enjoy the number of graphics cards on board
  • It gives you a luxurious experience and takes your gaming to new heights
  • The price is a bit hefty
  • The large size is a bit overkill for most users
Final Words
I hope you learned all about ATX vs extended ATX motherboards. As I examined above, the EATX is an updated version of the ATX motherboard, so it furnishes more space, better performance, and massive cooling backup. However, the buying decision depends on your style usage.
If you are a professional gamer and need more power, the extended ATX motherboard is good for you. On the other hand, if you need it for classic gaming and some other routine professional needs, an ATX mother add can do it quickly. Regarding the ATX vs EATX motherboard, the EATX is a better option.
Will an ATX motherboard fit in an EATX case?

As we know, there is a difference in atx vs eatx size between these two motherboards. So, you won’t be able to fit one in another case. You can fix an ATX board in an EATX case, but it won’t be a good fit, and you may have to lose your board. So, it is better not to fix the motherboard in any other case except the exact PC case for the board.

Is the EATX motherboard worth it?

There is no doubt about the worth of the EATX motherboard. You get the max for your money invested, and it has excellent room for breathing, with the best overclocking and more ports and slots on board. It is a bit pricey compared to an ATX, but entirely worth it. So, you are fully safe to buy an EATX motherboard without thinking of the budget anymore.


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