AYA NEO AIR Plus with AMD Mendocino: Intel Alder Lake Model

As expected, AYA has recently announced its intention to launch the new models of handheld game PCs known as the AYA Neo Air Plus models by trying different processors.

AYA NEO AIR Plus: Intel Alder Lake models announced recently. In their latest updates, they have announced that they will launch the more extensive, performance-boosting, and robust models.

They revealed that they used the AMD Mendocino, Intel, or AMD chips to create a buzz of curiosity among its consumers. AYA brand has revealed new high-performance configurations for its AYA NEO AIR Plus, which will cost US $249. AYA NEO AIR Plus Alder Lake models announced; that the AYA NEO Mendocino rendition will not ship until February 2023.

That is why people are looking for these new models and searching about what they are? When will they launch, and what makes them different from previous models? Dig out all the queries straight away.

AYA NEO Air Plus (New Intel Alder Lake Model)

The AYANEO Air, which started in 2015, had a reputation as a high-quality handheld device with funding software designed in-house. However, in 2017, AYA unveiled AYA Neo Air Plus to combat the new era needs and its competitors at the same time.

Moreover, AYANEO Air Plus is a new Intel Alder Lake model. It has many improvements over the original AYA Neo Air.

  • First, it uses the latest 14nm process technology, making it more efficient and powerful.
  • Second, it has a built-in graphics card that delivers better gaming and multimedia application performance.
  • Third, it supports up to 16GB of DDR4 RAM, suitable for high-end gaming and multimedia systems.
  • Fourth, it features a USB Type-C port that provides faster data transfer speeds and supports video output.
AYA NEO AIR Plus with AMD Mendocino

It has been stated by Darren Lim, CEO of AYA, that the AYA NEO AIR Plus is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a powerful and versatile laptop. He added that with its quad-core AMD processor and DirectX 12 support, it’s perfect for gamers and creative professionals to meet their needs.

AYA NEO AIR Plus with Intel or AMD Chips

Expectedly, AYA Neo Air Plus will available with Intel or AMD chips to give a next-level experience to its consumers.

This change is quite evident as the previous model has the latest Intel Alder Lake processors, but still, there is a need for better options to serve powerful gaming exposure to the consumers. 

With the new AYANeo Air Plus release, gamers choose between models with either an Intel or AMD chip. The Intel chip is faster and more efficient, making it a good choice for gamers and power users.

The AMD chip is more affordable and can handle multiple tasks simultaneously, making it a good choice for people on a budget.

AYA Neo Air Plus with AMD Mendocino

The AYA NEO AIR Plus handheld pc is an upcoming device that promises impressive features. It will come with the AMD Mendocino processor, designed for low power consumption.

This makes it a good choice for portable devices, as it will not drain the battery as quickly as other processors. In addition, the AYA NEO AIR Plus will have a built-in Intel Alder Lake chipset, which provides superior graphics performance.

AYANeo Air Plus Launches with AMD Mendocino to serve users with a good choice for gaming and multimedia applications. The week has only just passed since AYANEO announced the AYA NEO AIR Plus, which was initially going to exploit an AMD Mendocino processor.

Nevertheless, AYA NEO has since clarified that the AYANEO AIR Plus requires two of the most recent Alder Lake processors. The price for all these configurations and the estimated delivery date is readily available on the official website.

Last to Say

Due to the expected launch of these two models from AYA NEO Air Plus models, picking the desired one is your choice. But the things that you guys will enjoy with these handheld PCs are the improved functionality and advanced features to support gamers’ needs.

The company continues to release even more handhelds in the coming months. Till then, you can try AYA’s other NEO Air Plus models to make gaming fun time.


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