Best Am3 CPU for Gaming – Fastest Ryzen Compatible Motherboard

Do you know how important it is to choose the right CPU? If you are new and want to make the right decision at the very first attempt, keep reading the article; it will take you to your desired best AM3 CPU for sure. Two major elements the memory and speed; you should prioritize them on the top. Usually, gamers love to have the AM3 CPU in their solace room, and here I will tell you about some finest CPUs.

When you choose a CPU, your requirements are fundamental. So, to save your wealth, time and conserve yourself from any ill investment in the wrong scope. I have gathered the five best AM3 CPUs for gaming with suitable sockets and processors here in this article. Whatever the features you want from the best CPU, You can get all those in a lot of these five. All you have to do is to go through the details I have formulated for your ease. So, let’s begin the game.  

5 Best AM3 CPU Sockets for Gaming

Choosing the best CPU with the best socket may be complicated for market amateurs, but we are here to make things easy for you. The purpose of this article is to consider all the favorable options on the CPU so our readers are not confused. Finally, choosing the right CPU list can be difficult for people who have built many computers in the past. If you want the best Motherboard compatible CPU, make sure to read the buying tips at the end of the article.

AMD Ryzen 3 3200G 4-Core
AMD Ryzen 3 3200G 4-Core
  • Advance Radeon
  • No expensive
  • Lofty Definition performance
  • Four processing core
  • Maximum boost
  • Advanced socket
  • Great budget CPU
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AMD FX-8120 8-Core Black Edition AMD FX-8120 8-Core Black Edition
  • Overclocking capabilities
  • Bulldozer architecture
  • Turbo core technology
  • AMD overdrive software
  • 32nm die shrink
  • Advanced instructions
  • Large caches
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NZXT Kraken Z63 280mm NZXT Kraken Z63 280mm
  • Stay in control
  • Best Performance
  • Simply installation
  • Compatible socket
  • Easy management
  • Liquid cooler with the LCD
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Intel OEM Core i7-8700K Intel OEM Core i7-8700K
  • Intel UHD Graphics 630
  • Compatible with motherboard
  • 6cores \12 Threads
  • Maximum Turbo frequency
  • Intel optane and memory supported
  • System Ram
  • Outstanding gaming
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  • Best control a gamer wants
  • Best Performance
  • Proven reliability
  • Supreme power availability
  • Nativ desktop processor
  • 32nm die shrink designed
  • Deliver more cores
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Top Five Best Budget AM3 CPU for Gaming

1) AMD Ryzen 3 3200G 4-Core Good AM3 Socket Processor

AMD Ryzen 3 3200G 4-Core Good AM3 Socket Processor
Product Dimensions1.57×1.57×0.24inches
CPU socketAM4
Graphics frequency1250MHz
Processor4GHz ryzen _3_3200g
CPU speed4 GHz
GraphicsAdvance Radeon vega 8
Memory specificationUp to 2933MHz
Base clock3.6GHz
Dual LAN onboard2.5LAN in addition to Gigabit LAN
Compatible chipset withB450, X470, B550, X570

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To meet Fnatic’s world-class hardware requirements, we need a processor that extends high integrity, high FPS gaming achievement we can trust. AMD Ryzen are best AM3 CPU at multitasking. The AMD Ryzen 3 3200 G 4 is a quad-core processor with four threads. AMD Ryzen 3 processors are specially designed for socket AM4 Motherboards.

To find the best motherboard selection that supports the AMD Ryzen processor, I’ve already written an article on the best motherboard for AMD fx 6300, and you can find it there according to your PC. AMD Ryzen 3 uses military-grade components that increase power solution and provide high performance with unwavering game stability.

This processor features 65W TDP and also includes a Wraith Stealth cooler. Moreover, it also features 4MB of L3 cache that supports dual-channel 2933 MHz DDR4 RAM.

Advanced Radeon

It includes advanced Radeon vegan eight graphics that means there’s no need for an external graphics card. The advanced Radeon technology is specially designed to provide a clean, modern, and easy-to-use interface. The base clock speed of this processor is 3.6GHz and an ultimate boost clock speed of 4.0GHz.

The advanced Radeon technology also helps you to adjust your favorite feature with a better gaming experience.

Precision Boost

AMD Ryzen 3, a 4-core processor, features a precision boost that boosts your PC’s performance by raising clock speed, making your processor and other applications run fast.

The most intelligent advantage of this feature is, it is entirely automatic. That means it has a sensor designed to analyze the current condition and make decisions when there’s a need to go fast.

This intelligent feature will automatically raise frequencies until it reaches its maximum limit.

Processing Core

The best feature of this processor is one-click overclocking. Identity boost overdrive works with your motherboard to boost clock speed and lets you overclock with a single click.

This processing unit also includes the many benefits that contain highly recommended performance. When you use this feature with full consideration, you acknowledge the importance, especially in games.

MI Technology

AMD Ryzen processor combines SSD and HDD storage in a single hybrid drive, which stores most-used files and programs on SSD and other heavy data on the larger HDD.

This feature is a powerful tool for PC enthusiasts who want to improve PCs performance. It can boost the speed and storage capacity management with a winning margin.

Personalized Performances

AMD Ryzen technology provides many benefits. For example, this feature helps you to personalize the performance of the processor according to your taste. In general, the test result demonstrates that the Ryzen 3 3200G is better than its predecessor.

If your PC gets hot after some processing and you want to monitor the temperature, for your ease, I’ve written briefly in another article best CPU temp monitor, here you can find many ways to monitor the temperature.

Light Gaming

The AMD Ryzen 3, 4 core processor provides light gaming due to its high performance and good processing speed. Also, it has the best built-in graphics card, which helps in better gaming with the best quality graphics.

Why Choose This?

The AMD Ryzen 3 3200G is one of the few AMD Ryzen chips that come with built-in graphics processing, which means that if you are using it in a new budget PC structure.

You don’t need to spend any extra amount on external graphics cards. Also, the precision boost feature is based on AI and can boost the frequency whenever required. So, why not use this feature now.

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2) AMD FX-8120 8-Core Black Edition, Best AM3 Socket Processor

AMD FX-8120 8-Core Black Edition, Best AM3 Socket Processor
CPU speed3.1 GHz and 3.4 GHz
CPU socketSocket AM3+
Product dimensions‎5.91 x 3.35 x 5.12 inches
Cores8(in 4 physical modules)
Item Dimensions L×W×H‎5.91 x 3.35 x 5.12 inches
Maximum boost clockUp to 4.5Ghz
Base clock3.1GHz

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The AMD FX-8120 processor experiences responsive gameplay and mega-tasking achievement with AMD-FX processors. Bring AMD-FX into your system. It had the capability of overclocking, and the AMD-FX 8120 is a desktop processor with eight cores. It is very reliable for gamers.

If you choose the best processor for your PC, the first thing will always consider the best motherboard that will support your processor; for this article, the best DDR3 motherboards will give you some recommendations to choose the best motherboard compatible with the am3 CPU. 

Overclocking Capability

Overclock with easy-to-use AMD overdrive. Extraordinary powers are accessible from virtually every core configuration. In addition, the overclocking feature helps you to make your PC run faster. This processor has a quality of overclocking for a big boost in performance and speed.

Maximum Performance

It executes mega-tasking and gets pure core performance with a new Central processing unit architecture. The New 32nm die is designed to decrease leakage for improved efficiency.

In addition, it increased clock rate headroom and reasonable thermal. As a result, it can deliver more cores and more execution without raising the power statute. Get Superior performance at an active price with unlocking technology.

If you want another CPU for your PC and want to explore some other features, read another article best CPU for RTX 3070.

Turbo Core Technology

AMD Turbo Core technology dynamically adapts performance to give you useful knowledge, no matter what you are performing. The AMD-FX processors come furnished with AMD Turbo Technology as a performance-boosting.

This technology helps to increase the Best AM3 CPU performance on the application that requires it extensively. Get an extra burst of raw velocity when you need it most with AMD Turbo Technology.

AMD Power Technology

Enhanced energy management features that automatically and instantaneously. It also modifies performance states and elements based on processor performance regulations.

C6 power state for cache rife and voltage down the unique down core. CC6 power state allows all cores in C6 to power even shorter. In addition, power can be switched on or off within a solitary clock cycle, saving energy with no influence on performance.

Advanced Instructions

AVX Advanced vector Extensions gain equivalence tailored for scientific and 3D applications that use a heavy drifting point on calculations.

FMA4 and XOP floating-point vector multiple Accumulate improves throughput and performance on many vectors operated (integer and drifting point ).

AES stands for Advanced Encryption Standard. It increases performance on the latest encryption dressing like Truecrypt and benchmark.

Architecture Features

The architecture feature of the processor determines what software a processor can run on a PC and what other hardware components it can support. The AMD FX-8120 has the best architecture that can help every PC.

In addition, technological features like MMX instruction set, Hyper transport technology, integrated memory controller, Enhanced virus safety; all the above features enhance the quality of this processor, which are very beneficial for the user.

AMD Virtualization

Silicone features set enhancement design to boost the performance, dependability, and security of existing and coming virtualization environments. It allows virtualized applications with immediate and rapid access to the allocated memory. Level application and virtual machine guests’ operating system-Address translation and access custody.

Why Choose This?

If you want to run your games fast and smoothly, there is nothing more adequate than this processor. They can even handle the most potent applications and heavy games.

AMD-FX 8120 processor is the processor that gives the quality of overclocking, mega performance Turbo Core Technology. All these features may cause the enhancement of being the ability to make it easier for you. So, use this feature now to get one to yourself.

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3) NZXT Kraken Z63 280mm Cheap AM3 CPU for Gaming

NZXT Kraken Z63 280mm Cheap AM3 CPU for Gaming
 Compatible socketIntel socket LGA 1150,1151,1153
Item dimensions13.8 x 8.3 x 6.2 inches
RadiatorDimensions 143×135×30mm
Speed500-1800+300 RPM
Connector 4-pin PWM
Power consumption12V DC, 0.38A, 4.56W
Motherboard compatibilityATX
Rotation OrientationSoftware adjustable Default, +90 +180 And 90 degrees
Resolution320×320 px
Fan connector4 pin PWM

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The NZXT Kraken Z63 280mm has a unique feature of a liquid cooling system with an LCD, and you can now show your favorite images and animated gifs or CAM system evidence.

In addition, it allows for total customization backed by six years. The Kraken Z series provides superior performance in a simple liquid cooling facility. It looks like it is uniquely your own.

It customizes the look of your Central processing unit cooler with traditional images, gifs. It also provides durability that enhances the performance.

Stay in Control

CAM’s elegant, user-friendly software creates you the master of your PC. With simple to use, intuitive custody. You can also manage the performance of your personal computer and also make it more realistic and comfortable.

All the features that work correctly are more beneficial for your PC. It includes two HUE 2 RGB lighting and three fan tunnels supporting 0db modes for voltage switch or PWM fans.


The performance of this CPU is more elegant and comparative. This type of PC delivers a silent operation that enhances the durability of the processor. It also provides long-term reliability and powerful cooling performance.

Use the intuitive NZXT CAM petition to monitor and control your shape. Choosing from presets and customs control for your RGB lighting and fans to create your dream PC.

This CPU also performs well in music production. Read another article, the best motherboard for music production, to find the best motherboard compatible with this CPU.

Simple Installation

It’s effortless to install with the best features. Its USB-C connector on the very first panel makes it easier than ever to connect with your latest smartphones. It provides high quality, high speed, and more efficient working than any other processor. And most importantly, it can easily connect the latest peripherals to your PC.

Smart Device

Karen Z series is an ingenious device. It includes lighting channels and fans tunnels. It also supports modes for voltage. The design of the Kraken Z Series is a clean, modern design. It also includes an iconic cable management bar.

And most of the important is uninterrupted tempered glass council all showcase your stunning form. All of the features mentioned above make it a more decent product and more efficient for all.


This all-in-one cooler is ready for a high-performance CPU with the ability to fit in various cases. Show CPU/GPU temperatures or customize with GIFs. All the components in this processor have been arranged to manage using this best AM3 CPU is very comfortable.

It is well worth the investment for builders who the lighting effect and CAM control will touch. This feature of this processor provides the best management and efficient quality for your PC.

Thermal Paste

This processor has a thermal paste design which means the CPU slab comes pre-installed with the Intel mounting bracket (AMD AM4 bracket is comprised too) and a pre-applied thermal compound blanketing.

The main aim of this feature is to maximize heat transfer in the CPU of your PC to give you better quality and better performance.

Why Choose This?

This CPU has all features that attract the customer to buy this. It has a 2.36 LCD, RGB connector, Two 140mm per P radiator fans with fluid dynamic bearing. Moreover, you can modify the display with the CAM from default to a 90-degree orientation. So, these some features of this processor make it the best-buying processor.

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4) Intel OEM Core i7 for 8700K, Best Budget AM3 Processor

Intel OEM Core i7 for 8700K, Best Budget AM3 Processor
Graphics frequency350 MHz
Product Dimensions4×2×4.6inches
Computer Memory typeDDR4 SDRAM
Maximum Turbo frequency4.3 GHz
CPU socketLGA 1151  
Processor base frequency3.7 GHz
Cache12 MB
Memory bandwidth41.6 GB/s
Socket supportedFCLGA 1151

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The most important thing is choosing the best motherboard for your CPU. It is a crucial decision that you will have to make for your CPU. Not only for one, be able to ready your processor with all types of power it needs.

Intel core processor depends on the outstanding gaming experience extending beyond private gameplay to your entire gaming society.

It shares all the experiences by live-streaming, scheduling, editing, and posting. In addition, the Intel Core i7 processor is incredible for gaming.

Powerful Performance

It offers powerful performance, and you will need a motherboard to approximate. It is essential to know that there is a vast sea option on the market, which is not very good.

The Intel OEM core i7-8700K processor helps you achieve powerful performance in gaming and heavy applications. You will find the best CPU processor that will meet your desired needs.

Turbo Frequency

It is a significant part of this invention that it has a Turbo frequency of 4.7GHz. The Intel OEM Core i7 processor is a faultlessly capable gaming chip. It has good enough cores to manage even the Best AM3 CPU-intensive title.

It has just been superseded by an even more significant, faster, and more capable processor in the Intel lineup. Turbo frequency enhances the power and quality of the processor and also causes a good gaming experience.


The Intel Core i7- 8700k processor has been at the top of the game for quite some time and even today. It is the best compatible processor that you can have for your PC. So, if you want the best compatible processor that will meet today’s and tomorrow’s requirements, this processor is best for you. 

Features and Chipset

Intel OEM Core Processor worked black magic to squeeze the Intel Core i9 processor. It still only supports optane memory and keeps RAM DDR4 memory. It also has an excellent gaming CPU. In addition, the Intel i7-8700 processor improved power delivery for some of the biggest overclocking we have seen on the mainstream processor.

Overlooking and Heat

Obviously, with a core count increase comes the unavoidable surge in power consumption. However, we are not expecting the Intel core processor to be twice as power-hungry as its key Lake processors. In addition, the I7 Intel Core processor is more than adjustable to moisten up extra current and push itself beyond its rated 4.7 GHz.

If you are fed up with your CPU overheating, hold on, you can find a solution to this problem by reading how to fix CPU overheating articles and fix this problem.

Final Verdict

The Intel OEM i7-8700k processor stays relatively cool. It is maxing out at just 76 degrees while operating comfortably as a radiator. It is an excellent explanation of this product only once; it got a bit hotter under the covers.

As a result, the Intel core processor gets a limited hotter and more power-hungry than we would like. Nevertheless, it has a lot of potential for using it.

Why Choose This?

There are plenty of reasons to choose this CPU. Intel i7 processor is a couple of generations old now, but it’s still a solid gaming CPU. It has the quality of overclocking, powerful purpose, more realistic, and most importantly, less expensive.

It is pretty simple for us on this one, and that’s the fact you are not likely going to find stocks. If you want to buy the best gaming processor, you should read all the qualities of this CPU I mentioned above.

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5) AMD FD8320FRHKBOX FX-8320 AM3 CPU Ryzen

Memory typeDDR4 SDRAM
CPU SocketAM3+
Processor capability3.5GHz amd_fx
Power sourceDC
Cache memory8/8MB (12/13)
Frequency3.4/4.0ghz (base/overdrive
Thermal power design125W
Clock speed3.4Ghz
Bus speed5200MHz

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Black edition “B E” was the term AMD used for CPUs. And maybe APUs that had unlocked multipliers. AMD also agreed to drop BE in favor of copying Intel and only used “k” for APUs for unlocking. AMD-FX- 8320 8 core processor contains an AM3+ socket, which helps you fit the latest peripheral devices to your PC.

In addition, the AMD FD8320 CPU has a Native desktop processor that enables you to increase your PC’s performance.

Control You Want

There is proper control without any restrictions. All AMD- FX processors captions have an unlocked clock multiplier on comparative products that you cannot find.

This processor controls your needs and allows you to design your PC, which can fulfill your desires. In addition, the AMD processor provides you with the facility of performance curve via AMD Overdrive software.

Proven Reliability

The Reliability level is at its peak in this processor. The AMD processor is built from the company’s 8th generation ×86 CPUs. With the full dignity of the manufacturer of believed processors. Industry leaders also choose it because of its reliability and better performance.

Best Performance

It performs many functions that are available in the other powerful processors. In addition, you can enjoy peace of mind with the Best AM3 CPU captioning a minimum of four cores.

AMD is behind the proven high achievement processors in the PlayStation 4 and Xbox on gaming consoles and Radeon graphic cards.

If this processor does not meet your current requirements, I’ve some alternatives for you, which I write in the best LGA 1150 CPU article here; you can explore more about processors. 

Important Features

Overall, the features mentioned are most important, but these are some of the values. It contains a 32nanometer die shrink designed to decrease the leakage for improved efficiency.

It also increased clock rate headroom and better thermals, and it delivers more cores and more performance without raising the power regulations. It has an Aggressive performance for mega-tasking.

For Gaming

Suppose you are looking for a gaming processor to run the games smoothly and happily. There is no type of processor better than AMD processors. They can even handle some of the biggest processors. So this is one of the better and good performance processors that perform a lot of functions.


It is a fantastic product for the price. We can say that it is budget agreeable. It is the best reason for using this CPU and takes many benefits from it. It is capable of providing just about enough power to handle considerable powers.

It can also handle multiple tasks at once. You can get decent FPS from the most modern video and incredibly demanding games with some tweaking.

Why Choose This?

First of all, it is the best processor for gamers. Most importantly, it is part of the FX lineup, using the visceral architecture with socket AM3+. FX-8320 has 8MB of L3 cache memory and it operates at 3.5GHz. In this, you can easily adjust the unlocked multiplier on FX-8320.

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Learn How to Clean a Motherboard?

Buying Factors for Best Budget AM3 CPU

We will talk about the Best AM3 CPU today on the market. So let’s get started. First, we have some basis to cover. A processor is a fundamental part of the computer, be it a desktop or Laptop. On the Laptop, it is replaceable, rarely in the latest generation.

However, it is still possible to replace or customize as you see fit in the desktop. The fastest AM3 CPU sold on the market can be a little pricey. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that you are buying a good am3 CPU. The last thing you want to do is overpay for something that does not fill your needs in the first place. 

PC Hardware

Why a processor is called a CPU? So important. For two reasons, Firstly because without a processor, a system doesn’t even pass the POST. It is a sequence of initial operations to verify that the PC hardware is working correctly.

The second thing is that the parts are delegated to calculate all generic systems. So hardware improvement is significant in the PC.


Memory is an indispensable item for a great CPU, and if it comes with speed and within the budget price, it is a bonus. It is necessary to clarify to adequately understand some of the terminologies that we will speak about in this article, in short, if you don’t know about the term related to memory.

Nevertheless, it is good to see that memory is an essential feature in the CPU. So, go for the vast memory options with a sharp and crisp speed for the better and quick performance of the CPU.

Best Performance

Without any doubt, it had been the most outstanding achievement of the AM3 generation. It offers exceptional gaming performance so that you can reach your highest potential. This AM3 CPU keeps cool and stays quiet.

It also comes equipped with promising 7-nanometer technology. Most of the processors have a frequency of 3.4GHz and 3.5GHz, and a turbo of 4.2GHz.

Socket and Chipset

Choose the best CPU matters greatly, whether you update your existing system or build a new system. Higher clock speed and Core counts can make an essential difference in the performance.

It also provides a snappier policy, smoother gameplay, and faster competition of intensive tasks. The CPU you will choose will also dictate your motherboard. Therefore, it is crucial that each Processor only works with a specific CPU socket and chipset.


When you are buying a CPU, you should check the overclocking system. Overclocking, the practice of pushing a CPU to its boundaries by getting it to higher than the clock speeds.

Suppose you are not in it for the challenge of seeing just how rapidly you can get your chip to go without crashing. Then, overclocking may be worth the time and money for the user. For example, make your PC attain a significantly higher speed clock than rated out of the box.


A processor on the board cache is used to speed up to achieve the data and proper instructions. There are three styles or types of cache that a buyer should check.

Firstly, L1 is the fastest but cramped, L2 is roomier but slow, and L3 is specious but comparatively soft. When the data a CPU needs are not available in all spots. You should pay much attention to the cache size because it is hard to associate with the real world.


It is the number of independent processor chips. They are the same as the number of Cores. However, many processors have multithreading capacity, which allows a single core to create two threads. Hyperthreading and AMD called it SMT. More threads mean better multitasking and good performance on the thread app.

Clock Speed

Measured in gigahertz, this is the actual speed at which the chip operates. Of course, the chip operates higher and faster. You will see a base minimum clock and turbo maximum speed limits. When you check the clock speed of the CPU, then you should buy a processor.

Intel HD Graphics

The graphics of the Intel Core processor are 360. It will allow you to overclock your Processor and unlock its full potential. The Intel Core i7 processor is mainly borrowed from the 8th generation processors.

Which also goes with the name of the coffee lake. It is very important to increase status for speed and versatility. The i7-8700k operates 6 Core 12 threads and has a root and boost clock of 3.7GHz and 4.7GHz.



After spending more than a decade in the CPU, after testing almost every Processor, I concluded that the five processors I included in this guide are super best. And if I have to pick one out of these five, it isn’t easy, but I will do it for your ease. So I would recommend the AMD Ryzen 3 3200G 4-Core Unlocked Desktop; it has good performance and several other features.

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