5 Best Cases for Water Cooling | Custom Build Choices 2022

Modern gaming computers have beefy specs, so they tend to heat more if the cooling mechanism is not satisfactory. So, every gaming enthusiast needs the best cases for water cooling to overcome excessive heating issues. These cases come with dimensions that can accommodate a large liquid cooling unit with radiators with ease. They can address the heating issues, which directly increases the longevity of the components.

Choosing the best PC cases for water cooling is the ultimate goal of every gamer as they halt the thermal build-up inside the rig. So it is vital for overall PC health and relates to their performance. Theoretically, every PC case with enough fans and airflow can throw the heat away and bring down the temperature. Still, not every other PC case can house an extensive water cooling system.

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Table of Content:

  1. Cooler Master Cosmos C700M Full Tower Case
  2. Thermaltake Tower 900 Super Tower For Water Cooling
  3. Corsair Obsidian Series 1000D Super Tower Case
  4. CORSAIR Crystal Series 680X Mid Tower Case
  5. Phanteks Enthoo Pro Budget Case for Water Cooling

5 Best Cases for Water Cooling in 2022

Out of all the options available for the best cases for water cooling, finding the right one can involve dealing with measurements and technical stuff. Not every gamer is aware of the custom build, so it can get confusing when buying a water-cooled PC case for the first time or upgrading from a conventional case.

We have done this challenging part for you by researching and testing several liquid-cooled cases. By going through our top 5 computer cases for water cooling review and guide, you can select the best one according to your needs.

1) Cooler Master Cosmos C700M Full Tower Case

Cooler Master Cosmos C700M Full Tower Case
  • Excellent liquid cooling support
  • Highly versatile layout
  • Perfect cable management
  • Rise cable for GPU mounting
  • Dual curved tempered glass panel
Form FactorFull Tower
PSU SupportATX
Motherboard SupportMicro ATX, Mini ITX, ATX, EATX
Expansion Slots8
I/O Ports1x USB 3.1 GEN 2 Type-C
4x USB 3.0
Audio In/Out
Fan Mounts3x 120mm or 140 mm (top)
6x 120mm or 140 mm (front)
2x 120mm or 140 mm (rear)
2x 120mm or 140 mm (bottom)
Drive Mounts5x Internal 3.5″/2.5”
4x Internal 2.5″
Radiator Support420 (top), 420 mm (front), 140 mm (rear), 240 mm (bottom)
Dimensions25.6 x 12.0 x 25.6 inches

The Cosmos C700M is a flagship-grade full tower case for water cooling. Its clean-looking design with the metal handles adds to its aesthetics and build quality. Besides the design, it comes with a combination of light and dark materials for a pleasing sight. It is an excellent choice for water cooling with its incredible features.

Dimension of Case

It is a full tower OC case for water cooling, it has massive size. The uniquely designed case represents excellent versatility with a lot of features and cooling options. It can house two massive 420 mm radiators at their full capacity. Besides that, the dimensions are enough to accommodate drive mounts and expansion slots easily.

Panel Build Quality

The Cooler Master Cosmos C700M has a robust built quality due to the combination of aluminum and glass panels. The aluminum body and handles feel premium and well finished. Contrary to this, the tempered glass panel is dual curved and provides an excellent panoramic view while remaining hard to break.

Installation and Mounting

Cosmos C700M is a perfect option for setting up a custom build as it provides a lot of freedom. You can install custom cooling loops and arrange them easily inside the case. The internal capacity for the radiator is sufficient, while you can fit it tight for a rig with all the custom water cooling options.

There is plenty of space available inside the C700 to mount and max out the build. You can utilize the spacious interior for graphics cards in a unique way. They can mount vertically to increase the aesthetics and remain visible against the glass window. To facilitate the mounting, riser hardware comes along with the case.

Mounting Storage Slots

Storage is always an issue for most computer cases as they can host a certain amount of hard drives. For gamers, it is essential to have lots of mounting slots for the SSDs and hard disk to store and run games from them.

It hss unique mounting abilities for storage devices. The mounting bracket comes along with the case that helps in the tool-free installation of the drives. The 2.5″ drive installation is pretty straightforward as it does involve small screws on the drive bracket. Contrary to this, all the 3.5″ drives mount the usual way.

RGB Lighting

The Cosmos C700M has aesthetically well decorated LED lights. Its glass panels and front showcase an elegant design and set of RGB lighting. The front of this tower pc case for water cooling has stripes of LED lighting.

However, it is worth noting that these RGB LED lights feels slightly lower quality than other best case for water cooling in this price tag. Nonetheless, they are eye-catching and provide the value that you always want in a PC case. With eight expansion slots, the LED lighting experience sky-rock the aesthetic values.

Water Cooling Radiator

Cooler Master C700M are the best full tower cases for water cooling if your primary concern is water cooling capabilities. It has massive space for two 420 mm radiators. You can use a smaller radiator size, too, depending on your needs. However, it provides an excellent custom cooling loop set-up while using the 420 mm radiator.

It is the finest option for dealing with the freedom of mounting position. It has a radiator bracket to allow this function. Besides all the unusual features, it has vertical graphics card mounting and tool-free 2.5 drive installation. Overall, it is a flagship-level best liquid cooling case with top-notch cooling capabilities.

2) Thermaltake Tower 900 Super Tower For Water Cooling

Thermaltake Tower 900 Super Tower For Water Cooling
SpecificationsTested Values
Form FactorSuper Tower
PSU SupportATX
Motherboard SupportMicro ATX, Mini ITX, ATX, EATX
Expansion Slots8
I/O Ports4x USB 3.0
Audio In/Out
Fan Mounts2x 120mm or 140 mm (top)
2x 120mm or 140 mm (rear)
4x 120mm or 140 mm (left)
4x 120mm or 140 mm (right)
1x 120mm or 140 mm (drive cage)
Drive Mounts1x 5.25″
6x Internal 3.5″/2.5”
2x Internal 2.5″
Radiator Support480 mm (left), 560 mm (right)
Dimensions29.6 x 16.7 x 19 inches

Thermaltake Tower 900 is the best full tower water cooling case for space and cooling capabilities. It is a massive super tower PC case with a modular design to accommodate almost every possible build. It allows the modifications with just a screwdriver to make changes.

Case Dimensions

If you are planning for an incredibly complex cooling set-up, the dimension of Tower 900 can get you going. Its design allows all types of modeling, including water cooling, so space is never an issue with this beast of a case.

Thermaltake 900 feels perfect for all in-house modifications, from custom loops to a large radiator for custom water cooling. Its case, however, feels relatively heavier due to its large dimensions. However, you will have to sacrifice portability to get these larger and spacious best cases for water cooling.

Tower Design

Thermaltake has collaborated with the Watermod France to design Tower 900. It represents an innovative and spacious design aligned with the modding culture of Esports and modern gaming. It is a close-frame chassis designed for the open view to increase the case’s aesthetics.

Besides that, the premium case has a vertical mounting design, many expansion slots, highly durable tempered glass thick panel, and massive space for all types of liquid cooling installation needs.

Storage Drive Slots

Housing the storage drives is not an issue for the Thermaltake 900 best full cases for water cooling. It follows a modular design to house nine drives at a time. You can install one 5.25″, two 2.5″, and six 2.5/3.5″ storage devices easily on its mounting system.

Besides that, there is still plenty of flexibility to play around with. You can utilize the removable device racks to get the desired space for cable management and getting the best possible cooling performance.

Radiator for Water Cooling

Tower 900 by Thermaltake is incredible at utilizing the possible modification for liquid cooling. It is a desktop tower that can hold two water cooling ports for setting up the cooling system. Besides that, it offers a massive capacity for mounting and installing the radiator inside the spacious case.

It can mount two radiators of 480 mm and 560 mm on the left and right sides of the case, respectively. Being a super tower, it is the best dual loop water cooling case. You can virtually set any configuration for water cooling without having much trouble.

Eye Catching Aesthetics

The Thermaltake Tower 900 is not flashy and spectacle despite all the features and water cooling abilities. Its design is basic; nothing about it is particularly outstanding. Although it appears and feels elevated, it lacks a punch in the design we see in other computer cases for water cooling. However, it does come with RGB lighting options, which is very typical for a tower in this class.

Style Versatility

Thermaltake 900 is one of the most versatile water cooling cases we have reviewed. It seems pretty basic design-wise, but it has some incredible features like the ability to house any build and water cooling set-up with quite ease. However, it may feel hefty and less portable due to heavy construction.

3) Corsair Obsidian Series 1000D Super Tower Case

Corsair Obsidian Series 1000D Super Tower Case
  • Smoked tempered glass panel
  • Future proof design
  • French door style storage compartments
  • Integrated lighting controller
  • Massive Cooling options
SpecificationsFeatures Values
Form FactorSuper Tower
Motherboard SupportE-ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX
Expansion Slots10
I/O Ports2x USB 3.1 GEN 2
4x USB 3.0
Audio In/Out
Fan Mounts8x 120mm or 3x 140 mm (top)
8x 120mm or 3x 140 mm (front)
2x 120mm (rear)
Drive Mounts5x Internal 3.5″
6x Internal 2.5″
Radiator Support2x 480 (top), 2x 480 mm (front) , 2x 120 mm (rear)
Dimensions31.5 x 19.9 x 31.5 inches

With the massive Corsair Obsidian 1000D super tower cases designed for water cooling, you get the best water-cooling possibilities. It’s Corsair’s biggest chassis yet, and the goal is to hoard as much hardware as possible into the massive full tower case. It’s a force to be reckoned with when fully loaded with liquid cooling and hardware.

Sturdy Build Quality

The Corsair Obsidian 1000D is the best case for water cooling with aluminum and tempered glass build. The brushed aluminum lines on the exterior provide a superior feel at first glance. It has four smoked tempered glass panels that add to the iconic styling of this gigantic computer case. The build quality mesmerizes the gaming enthusiasts with the perfectly craved edges and streamlined looks.

Cable Management

The 1000D has a triple-chamber layout to keep things clean and simple. The French-style door lets you quickly access the four removable tempered glass windows and back compartment. Overall, the architecture is relatively well managed and functional. The chambered construction allows even the most extreme dual-system configurations to be readily isolated.

Motherboard Support

One of the most functional features is its ability to house dual motherboard support simultaneously. It can run a dual system with Mini ITX and E-ATX motherboard. This ability of the case makes it a good performer for gaming and stream the content right from the build without needing additional assistance.

Storage Compartments

Due to the vast space available in 1000D, storage is not a big concern. It has 11 housing spaces for HDDs and SSDs. Out of these eleven separate compartments, there are six for SSDs and five for HDDs.

You can add up terabytes of storage discs on these shelves with the ability to fulfill the gaming requirements for hardware. This staggering storage capacity compensates for the considerable form factor of the case.

RGB Lighting Controller

Lighting is a primary component of modern gaming build. Without RGB lighting, the gaming rigs remain dull and less flashy. It comes with complete RGB support and lighting options.

Corsair iCUE software addresses the need to control the lighting configurations. It does the job with the help of a built-in Commander Pro controller. The controller is quite simple to use and does things pretty accurately according to the configuration.

Modular Design

Despite having massive space for the components and cable management, Corsair 1000D comes with a modular design. It has a rotatable GPU bracket for vertical or horizontal mounting. Besides that, it has a wealth of pump and fit points that make it a modular and flexible case produced by Corsair.

Water Cooling

These best cases for four fan water cooling offer excellent water cooling capabilities. It can boast a capacity to hold 18 fans and four 480 mm radiators simultaneously. You can run hybrid water and fan cooling model.

Installing the water cooling and fans is nothing complicated. There are modular telescoping mounts that can help you set up the radiators and fans. Having no space limitation, you can use any layout for the water cooling.

Competitive Versatility

When matched up against the competition, Corsair Full tower 1000D is the most stocky choice in its class for a modular and spacious build. It is a great case that can fulfill your custom PC needs to an extreme.

4) CORSAIR Crystal Series 680X Mid Tower Case

CORSAIR Crystal Series 680X Mid Tower Case
  • Excellent RG illumination for system
  • The distinctive dual chamber design
  • Massive cooling system for components
  • Crystal clear tempered glass panel
  • Intelligent software control
Form FactorMid Tower
PSU SupportATX
Motherboard SupportMicro ATX, Mini ITX, ATX
Expansion Slots10
I/O Ports1x USB 3.1 Type-C
2x USB 3.0
Audio In/Out
Fan Mounts2x 120mm, 2x 140 mm (top)
3x 120mm, 2x 140 mm (front)
1x 120mm, 1x 140 mm (rear)
2x 120mm or 2x 140 mm (bottom)
Drive Mounts3x Internal 3.5″
4x Internal 2.5″
Radiator Support280 (top), 360 mm (front) , 120 mm (rear), 280 mm (bottom)
Dimensions16.65 x 13.54 x 19.88 inches

The Corsair Crystal Series 680X is the best mid-tower case for water cooling. It has intimidating due to its RGB lighting, size, and tempered glass panels at front and above for a stunning look. It has an incredible design that allows both air and liquid cooling. The expansion slots and ability to keep the internal cool make it one of the best cases for water cooling.

Custom Design Management

The design of this mid-tower best pc case for watercooling is exquisite. It has a dual-chamber design that is unique and can allow sophisticated builds. Besides that, the space feels enough for designing any custom cooling set-ups without any second thoughts. On top of that, everything looks tidy due to a sound cable management system.

Mount Cooling Fans

Corsair 680X has a dedicated cooling chamber that allows for both water and air cooling. It can house numerous fans and radiator mounts for your favorite build. The radiator capacity at the front is up to 360 mm, 140 mm at the rear, and 2890 mm at the bottom. Because of all the space availability and options for setting up water cooling, this case is an excellent choice for both beginners and experts.

Quick Accessibility

The ease of installation and setting up the component is second to none on this best mid-tower water cooling case. Corsair 690X has placed a tempered glass panel to access the component layout easily. It has hinges that make the installation easier and provide you with a lovely view and quick access to the components.

RGB Lighting Case

Corsair 680X best ATX cases for water cooling has dazzling RGB lighting on the pre-equipped fans. The view looks incredible through tempered glass panels. It has 48 LED RGB lights that are easy to customize using Corsair’s iCUE utility. You can set the customizations and synchronize them without much hassle.

Motherboard Compatibility

The Corsair 680X supports multiple motherboard sizes. It can house Micro ATX, Mini ITX, and ATX motherboards inside its spacious layout. Besides that, it is the best ITX case for water cooling if several available features and cooling options are taken into account. However, you cannot run a dual-motherboard system like Corsair 1000D.

Storage Compartments

You can never run out of storage options with Corsair Series 680X. It offers a removable tray with seven slots of HDDs and SSDs. You will not face any heating issues with the build at full drive capacity and water cooling set-up. The storage of up to 7 drives it pretty insane for the casual gamers. However, enthusiasts can have better utilization of these slots for gaming needs.

Versatile Feature

Overall, Corsair 680X are the best cases for push-pull water cooling. They offer an excellent tower set-up for water cooling needs. The design is perfect for housing RGB lighting, large radiators, and several storage drives. It provides a high level of accessibility and impressive features to get better functionality from the best mini cases for custom water cooling.

5) Phanteks Enthoo Pro Budget Case for Water Cooling

Phanteks Enthoo Pro Budget Case for Water Cooling
  • Easy radiator installation for liquid cooling
  • Clean and attractive interior
  • Excellent cable management
  • Brushed aluminum look
  • Tempered glass panel
SpecificationsFeatured Values
Form FactorFull Tower
PSU SupportATX
Motherboard SupportMicro ATX, Mini ITX, ATX, EATX
Expansion Slots8
I/O Ports2x USB 3.0
2x USB 2.0
Audio In/Out
Fan Mounts3x 120mm, 3x 140 mm (top)
2x 120mm, 2x 140 mm (front)
1x 120mm, 1x 140 mm (rear)
2x 120mm (bottom)
1x 120mm (HDD cage)
Drive Mounts3x Internal 5.25″
6x Internal 3.5″/2,5”
4x Internal 2.5″
Radiator Support120mm: 360 (top), 240 mm (front) , 120 mm (rear), 240 mm (bottom)
140mm: 420 mm (top), 140 mm (front) , 140 mm (bottom)
Dimensions20.1 x 9.25 x 20.7 inches

Phanteks Enthoo Pro are the best budget cases for water cooling for entry-level users. It provides high-end aesthetics with a faux aluminum build and tempered glass side panel. The chassis looks stunning while boasting a simple look. It lacks RGB box fans, but for water cooling, you still have something to cheer about.

Superb Aesthetic Design

The design of Phanteks Enthoo Pro looks excellent due to the superb improvisation of aesthetic features. Its smoky tempered glass panel is practical and provides a stunning sight for the inside components and RGB lighting.

The panel has hinges that allow the user to open it wide for easy component installation and maintenance. This feature is prevalent in high-end PC cases for water cooling but typically absent in budget cases.

Favorable Dimension

The Enthoo Pro is on the list of the best case for water cooling due to several features. Its spacious design and roomy interior are some of those features. The custom set-ups are easier while fulfilling the most gaming and work requirements for the components.

These are the best cases for open-loop water cooling. You can set-up dual looping if you have enough installation abilities and know-how the custom rigs work. Although the case looks small than other competitors, it is modest and spacious.

Body Build Quality

It is a well-built water cooling case with a few cuts off on the quality. The first thing on a closer look reveals its plastic body, which gives a brushed aluminum appearance.

Besides that, the tempered glass panel looks well made. It has few soft spots like a power button, which feels soft, flimsy, and cheap on touch. Other than that, everything on this water cooling case is excellent for long-term use.

Easy Storage Placement

It supports both HDD and SSD drives which suitable placement. The placement may seem awkward for some users as some slots only offer either SSD or HDD to choose from when installing. This is the reason why it concludes with a budget gaming PC tower.

Water Cooling Case Mounts

Phanteks Enthoo Pro are the good PC cases for water cooling on budget. They can house massive radiator sizes up to four in number. The largest radiator that can accommodate inside on front is 420 mm. At the bottom and rear 240mm radiator, while on the top, 360mm radiator can do the job for incredible water cooling.

The installation of a water cooling system is a breeze unless you don’t know the basics. The radiator comes with complete mounts that can help the installation process. Besides that, easy access to the component makes the installation handier.

Compatibility with Devices

This water cooling case by Phanteks has enough room for mounting and modding. It comes with a spacious interior which boasts good compatibility with a water cooling system. The interfacing and control on the front panel are like a breeze. You can use LED RGB strips and a motherboard of your choice without clustering too much inside.

Mounting and Installation

Overall, the Phanteks Pro is a good case for watercooling that offers incredible radiator support, mounting, and installation. It is a decent budget case that supports water cooling with a spacious interior design. The tempered glass panel looks stunning and is practical for accessing the components easily.

Best Water Cooling Case Guide in 2022

Water cooler PC cases work the same as the air cooler does. The purpose of these cases is only to cool the system and prevent overheating the components. The base plates absorb the CPU’s heat and transport the heat by circulating water to the radiator and throughout the heat from the system.

In this buying guide, we try our best to evaluate the importance of the best cases for water cooling for your system’s components and tell you which one is best.

Case Size:

The case size depends on the size of the motherboard; it is only up to you which one is according to your needs. While making a purchase, make sure to be aware of the headroom as it depends on the design or layout of the cases. Some of the following sizes of liquid cooler PC cases are available in the market.

  1. Mini Tower: These are smaller in size and are suitable for the small set-up. These cases are mostly 35 to 40 cm high and have small space for the components. As we know that these are small in size, that’s why only designed for those people who want a small set-up. In the best small water cooling case, there is a setback: they cannot disperse the heat properly and are not suitable for the large set-up.
  2. Mid Tower: These medium-sized PC cases are 40 to 50 cm high and are the standard size of PC cases for daily use and are also mountable. They the most popular size among people as it is taller than the other sizes. However, for some users, the width and the depth will not vary as much as they can hold all significant components. These cases suit best for the home or even for desktop computers.
  3. Full Tower: These are the largest and can accommodate all large components and are suitable for all systems. These are large boxes with spacious interiors and lots of slots on the front and rear. Full tower cases are larger and may handle heavier desktops, like servers and file-sharing computers.

Radiator Compatibility:

A radiator is a PC component responsible for exchanging heat from a liquid source to the atmosphere. This process makes sure that the components of your system remain safe from overheating.

When you want to buy a CPU case, choose the one with enough space for radiators. If you want your system to remain cool and to flow out the heat properly, then look for the radiator support given in your case. The enormousness of the case matters a lot for the positioning of the radiator, and height or width may affect the cooling process. 

Mini ITX is not a good choice for you because they do not support properly cooling the system and using limited components. Larger cases offer large space, more locations, and also have more mounting possibilities. Our recommended top PC cases for water cooling are best due to their assembly of a custom-made water-cooling with several radiators.

Drain & Fill Ports:

Drains and fill ports are used to emptying and effortlessly filling your loops. Place these valves in position and have easy access for the greatest experience. They are responsible for the fluent working of the water cooling system.

Some cases have a feature to drain and fill the ports. From this feature, you may have easy access to the specific areas so that you can fill up your system and drain it. Sometimes it may look pointless, but the ports are suitably placed and make the process easy and convenient.

Motherboard Size:

The motherboard is the main component of any computing system. It is the main printed circuit board in the computer responsible for all the functions. It is the central communication backbone and connectivity point of the computer from which all external and internal peripherals are connected.

Best cases for water cooling come in different sizes and form factors, but it depends on the size of the motherboard. That’s why before purchasing the PC case, first decide your motherboard size and the other requirements.

Attraction in Aesthetics:

Aesthetics are the particular taste or approach to what is attractive to the eyes. Simply it is your personal “liking” for the things according to your senses. It can be different for each person according to their perception.

Every person has personal preferences and wants to look at beautiful things around them. It is also important for the streamers, as they look for PC cases that fulfill all the requirements and have high-end looks. That’s why looking for the RGB lighting option is a better approach as they increase the case’s aesthetics.

GPU Clearance:

GPU stands a special processor designed for accelerating graphics and fulfill the rendering needs. It process a lot of information and can heat up over time. For better airflow around the GPU and keeping it cool, GPU clearance is very crucial.

To effectively cool down the GPU, the best gaming cases for water cooling have reasonable GPU clearance. The space around the GPU helps to eliminate the heat away. That’s why it is important to have enough GPU length space to accommodate easily.

Connectivity with Other Devices:

Connectivity is the ability to link systems or application programs. Mostly these connections are established already and don’t need any changes to the applications or the system.

In most cases, the front panel has connectivity for audio input and outpout with USB ports. At the same time, the rear points mostly have cable connections. Best white cases for water cooling have a USB 3.1 Type-A or Type-C connection, which is a plus point. Make sure that your frame is compatible with the peripherals you want to connect. 



A single case cannot fulfill all the requirements you have in your mind, especially when the budget is an issue. It may become a tricky thing to pick up the best cases for water cooling for your system. But some of the best PC cases may offer few important and necessary features. These features may include the open interior layout so that multiple water-cooling radiators fit in them.

All of the cases included in our list are best for water cooling and features. But we like the Corsair Obsidian Series 1000D after testing and analyzing all the cases. If you want a case that will work seamlessly, it is a good pick to start with. It offers excellent component housing with unique features for your ultimate water cooling set-up.