Best CPU Cooler for Ryzen 9 5900X – Top 5 Budget Choices

When your PC touches the peak performance levels, the CPU generates a hell of heat that can play havoc with the sensitive components and put the overall performance in a lousy state. At that time, you need a reliable and robust CPU cooler to withstand all the heating and to provide your PC a moderate atmosphere to focus on work. I’ll help you find the best CPU cooler for Ryzen 9 5900x with all faith and learnings in this article.

Whether you need a CPU cooler that submits an economic power consumption pattern, one that gives high-end performances with comprehensive workflows, or budget CPU coolers with a balanced level of performance delivery, relax! You will find what you need, even what you desire. I have gathered all my findings and learnings to discover the five champs. So, let’s not roam around and look at the table of contents to know what is coming your way.

Top 5 Best Value CPU Cooler

The CPU is on top of a PC but cannot work to its optimum level until you get a powerful cooling partner. Fortunately, you have landed on this page, and you’ll find that cooling partner conveniently here. Moreover, I’ll help you with the buying guide once I am done with the detailed information on the five champion CPU coolers, I have brought to help you. Let’s not waste a second more and start the show.

NZXT Kraken X53 RGB 240mm AIO RGB Best Budget CPU Cooler

Cooling methodWater
Compatible devicesRadiator
Noise level33 dB
Item weight3.96 pounds
MaterialRubber, nylon

If you are a genuine explorer and want to find the best CPU cooler for Ryzen 9 5900x specifically, the NZXT Kraken X53 RGB 240mm AIO RGB cooler is the deal to crack on the spot. It features an excellent liquid cooling method with RGB to make a real difference in your PC’s performance. It offers a more extensive and brighter LCD for better control, and you can easily install it without hitting any professional. Moreover, the noise control is unbeatable.

Mix of Liquid Cooling with RGB Function Creates a Difference

There is an excellent mix of liquid cooling with RGB fans to get you the max noise-free performance. It genuinely makes a difference and turns conventions into fashion. It helps you live the moment with all joy, and you do not need to worry about heating issues. I witnessed all the pleasure myself when I first got into my gaming room for my setup. Moreover, it is certainly the best budget CPU cooler.

Bigger and Brighter LCD with Better Control

You get a bigger and brighter LCD along with the device, which helps you know the actual speed and other integral figures in the process. You get better control over the machine, and it goes smoothly to contribute to your goal ultimately. The interface is supremely user-friendly, and you only need to press a button to control most things. Moreover, the alluring dramatic lights with RGB are soothing for gamers and enthusiasts. 

Installation Process is a Fun

The nylon mesh over the rubber tubing adds enormous strength to deal with the pressures and heat. The installation of the device is not a big deal, and it is fun. You do not need to worry about any technical details; even if you haven’t prior knowledge of the installation process, you are still good to make it up with the standard procedure with a learning of a few minutes from the manual. I found it as the best Ryzen 9 cooler for all possible reasons.

Noise Control is Excellent 

The noise control is superb, and you get a smooth experience that makes your users even more fruitful. The single button control allows you to manage things easily with precision. When searching for the best CPU cooler for Ryzen 9 5900x, I hope you find NZXT Kraken X53 RGB 240mm – AIO RGB cooler on top. It might be the best micro ATX CPU cooler, but a standard one.

  • Gives the best out of your PC and takes very good care of heating issues
  • It furnishes a 10% larger infinity mirror
  • It is a cheap pick but delivers the ultimate performance
  • The top is fully rotatable without putting any further efforts
  • You need an extra cord to attach the fan

Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 BK022 Best Cooling for Ryzen 9 5900X

Compatible devicesDesktop
Noise level24.3 dB
Power connector type4-pins

Be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4, BK022, 250W cooleris another gem of the basket of the best CPU coolers for Ryzen 9 5900x. It furnishes excellent performance delivery with a compelling cooling setup and great noise control. The design is beautiful and advanced; a fascinating thing I found in it is the installation process. It is honestly not more than a children’s play.

Excellent Performance Delivery

It features advanced fluid dynamic bearings and a powerful motor for extreme performance delivery. The air pressure you get with the Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 cooler is incredible. It keeps the temperature down by keeping all the heat dispersed, and you get no worries on the head related to components. I have found it a great device to give your CPU a great backup.

Immense Cooling Power with Superb Noise Control

The company has not compromised on quality performance and noise cancellation. You are fortunate enough to learn about this robust device. It has an excellent cooling backup with multiple fans that goes entirely in favor of your processes. Before you head further, meanwhile, you can learn about the best cooler for i7 10700k. I have written this article recently to help the interested buyers of CPU coolers for i7.

Extremely Beautiful and Advanced Design

The design is sleek, innovative, and beautiful, and it excites your mood immensely and gives your users a new shape. Fashion always attracts, and the Be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 cooler is a fully advanced device, and the company knows how it will impact users’ minds. When I first saw the device myself, it amazed me with all its gorgeous looks, and the durability factor is still the number one priority. I found it the best cooling for Ryzen 9 5900X.

User-Friendly Installation

Installation prices of coolers are usually a hazard, but not in the case of the Be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 250W cooler. It is the best CPU cooler for Ryzen 9 5900x that needs no extra tools to put things inside the pc case. You can do it yourself by following the manual instructions quickly. Above all, it is a cheap device that goes well within your budgetary lines. It is a true friend of your CPU, and you can find this secret after using it once.

  • It delivers outclass performance at peak levels of processing
  • Allows you to enjoy operations with the least noise
  • It gives a backup of a secondary fan
  • So easy to install and needs no special tools
  • The price range is super affordable for all types of users
  • You do not get RGB function with this pick

ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 240 A-RGB Best Air Cooler for AMD Ryzen 9 5900X

Cooling methodwater
Compatible devicesDesktop
Noise level0.3 dB
Power connector type4-pins

If you haven’t tried the best CPU cooler for Ryzen 9 5900x yet, you need to look at the ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 240 A-RGB cooler. It is superb. When you need to adorn your build with lights and an excellent radiator with the best VRM fan, it is there to help you at any time. Moreover, it offers you the best performances at a minimal price. You can get to know the details by considering reading the breakdown below.

Adorns Your Build with Lights

It adorns your build with lights of different colors. You get the real-time ray tracing to feel with it. It combines various luxurious components and optimizes performance to another level. If I picked up the ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 240 A-RGB cooler, there are specific reasons. And customization of lights to affect your mood is one of those. It provides you with the best aesthetics that gives ultimate peace to your mind and pleasure to your heart.

Excellent In-House Developed Pump

Unlike many others in the market, you will see the ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 240 A-RGB cooler leasing from the front regarding relying on in-house resources. It is supremely sufficient to develop an in-house pump for better airflow and ultimately favors a cooling strategy. These pumps are based on PWM control, and it is no less than a helping hand for your CPU cooler.

Quality Radiator with Best VRM Fan

The ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 240 A-RGB cooler furnishes a 38mm thick radiator which goes a long way ahead with your pc. The fin density is so high, and it consumes more water in the cooling process. So, if you seek the best CPU cooler for Ryzen 9 5900x that leaves no stone unturned in satisfying you, you are about to win one. You can fully rely on this best air cooler for AMD Ryzen 9 5900X.

Boosted Performance at Small Price

The price range is super affordable for all, especially for those who want something genuine to support the CPU, I mean beginners. The performance level is incredibly high, and you do not find anything less with this device. It takes excellent care of cooling shortages and furnishes air pressure beyond your intuition. It is a true guard to keep your CPU and other components safe in a PC case.

  • Gives the best value for your money
  • It takes the performance to the max level
  • Gives a great backup of six years warranty
  • It is super good to deal with extensive workloads
  • You do not get the user manual with it

Noctua NH-D15S Chromax-Black Dual-Tower Best Value CPU Cooler

Cooling methodWater
Compatible devicesDesktop
Noise level24.6 dB
Item weight2.54 pounds
Max rotational speed1500 RPM

The Noctua NH-D15S chromax-Black, Dual-Tower cooler has a higher compatibility version and features excellent RAM clearance with unbeatable PCIe compatibility. What else do you need when you get unlimited customization options? And this pick has it all. Moreover, it furnished excellent noise control to make you feel you are using this best 240mm AIO for 5900x. Let’s find out the details in the points below.

Higher Compatibility Version

The Noctua NH-D15S chromax-Black, Dual-Tower cooler comes with a higher compatibility version and all the advanced features and perks you get. It provides your PC with a state-of-the-art performance regarding the heatsink. It offers multiple compatibilities at once, and you can enjoy the same outcomes with any of the devices you use it on. It is certainly the best value CPU cooler I have ever used so far.

Excellent RAM Clearance with Unbeatable PCIe Compatibility

The RAM is another excellent attribute that attracts me a lot. The lower fins are super good for providing you with RGB function, and it helps make the cooler compatible with most models. If you have a high-end CPU model from the Ryzen 9 series, you will have a blast in your gaming room. Meanwhile, you can also give a read to the best motherboard for i7 11700kIt will help you get the desired board for i7 models.

Ultimate Customization Options

The customization alternatives are always helpful, and you get max freedom of setting things up as you need with the Noctua NH-D15S chromax-Black, Dual-Tower cooler. You can increase or decrease the fan speed and boost the airflow pressure if required in the given situation. Moreover, you can change the lighting affects you  need with the gameplay genre. 

Award-Winning Noise Controls

The close control feature is a top-notch factor that melts my heart. I have never been this impressed with the Noctua NH-D15S chromax-Black, Dual-Tower cooler until I got to experience the performance of noise cancellation. It is incredibly smooth and quiet. It is true if I call it the best Ryzen 5900x air cooler. I have tested it thoroughly, and it didn’t disappoint me at any level.

  • It offers the super easiest installation
  • The compatibility and clearance of the pick are unbeatable
  • Design is gorgeous enough to attract your eyes and gives you an exciting atmosphere
  • The price range is easy to afford for beginners
  • When you use the low noise tool, the speed of the fan goes down

ASUS ROG Ryujin II 360 RGB Best AIO Liquid Cooler for Ryzen 9 5900X

Cooling methodWater, Fan
Compatible devicesRadiator
Noise level29.7 dB
Item weight6.34 pounds

The ASUS ROG Ryujin II, 360 RGB cooler delivers exceptional performances with extensive compatibility and digital control. The solid body for long-lasting, reliable gameplay. It is a good air cooler for Ryzen 9 5900x. The airflow is supremely powerful in diverting heat from sensitive areas. It knows how to deal with heating scenarios and how the performance goes up magically. It is certainly the best AIO liquid cooler for Ryzen 9 5900X.

Delivers Exceptional Performance

The ASUS ROG Ryujin II, 360 RGB cooler, is no less than a blessing for enthusiasts, and it has a robust setup that gives an excellent airflow to avoid heating effects. You can do personalized animation, designing, or any other job by relying on this device. Moreover, the control of speed and other components such as lights, airflow, etc., is in your super easy access. Let’s get to know more about this best cooler for 5900x.

Extensive Compatibility and Digital Control

The compatibility of the ASUS ROG Ryujin II 360 RGB cooler is unquestionable, and you get the ultimate clearance for the CPU socket. When you build a PC yourself, you must face compatibility issues. However, you can avoid the difficulties by learning how to make a motherboard. In this article, you’ll find all the details about making a motherboard with perfection.

Solid Body for Long Lasting Use

An excellent CPU cooler is not enough until and unless it offers longevity. The ASUS ROG Ryujin II-360 RGB cooler is a luxurious pick that can deal with every pressure you throw at it. There is no substitute for durability and longevity; you get this combo with this device super quickly. You also get years of warranty backup to get you a cover from all potential losses before the expiry of the device.

Powerful Airflow to Maintain Cool Environment

When your PC works at peak level, and it gets you optimum outcomes, that is the time you need a powerful cooler to lessen the heating effects. Because the CPU produces a lot of heat, it can go wrong for your PC. The ASUS ROG Ryujin II-360 RGB cooler is the one that knows how to maintain a relaxed and calm environment inside of your PC. It is probably one of the best CPU coolers for Ryzen 9 5900x. However, it is a bit expensive, and beginners might have difficulty affording it.

  • It comes with a 3.5 LCD screen to let you the real figures
  • There is an embedded VRM fan
  • The quality of dealing of heating is super good
  • It extends the limits of performance with its unique design and mechanism
  • It is so expensive and not so good for beginners

Buying Guide for the Best Budget CPU Cooler

Preparing this buying for the best budget CPU cooler was not easy. It took me a couple of years to learn what I wrote in this guide. I have added all that can help you find the best at a small price. A CPU cooler is an influential component in PCs; you can ignore them. It keeps your PC safe from heating hazards and allows you to enjoy peak performances without worrying about PC malfunction. So, let’s get started with the pint coming this way.

Your Budget/ Price

Your budget is the critical point that leads you in a direction. If you have extensive stretches, you can go for luxury coolers. On the other hand, I have also added some budget picks, and you can choose one from the list. Overall, if you spend around 200 bucks, you can safely earn a CPU cooler that goes miles for your PC. So, before anything else, you need to assess the budget lines and move forward.

Aesthetics with Durability

Aesthetics with durability is rare, but there is no other better option than this one. So, whenever you are out shopping for a CPU cooler for Ryzen 9, you need to keep the shine, beauty, body, and overall outlook in due consideration. But you should also not compromise on the durability factor at the cost of anything you read above. It is certainly the best AIO water cooler.

Unquestionable Compatibility Option

Compatibility is a pivotal element in a CPU cooler. So, whenever you buy a CPU cooler, never underestimate the value of compatibility options. You need to ensure unquestionable compatibility and clearance of the CPU socket. Otherwise, it might cost your pocket another CPU cooler’s price.

Air Cooling vs Liquid Cooling

Air cooling and liquid cooling are other things to talk about. When you buy a CPU cooler for Ryzen 9, make sure it furnishes the best possible cooling method. Liquid cooling is better if you want it for gaming and heavy workflow. On the other hand, for routine work where you do not have to go on the peak, you can rely on the air cooling safely. 

More Fans for Better Cooling

The more you get fans, the higher the airflow will be. And in the cooling process, an essential thing that plays a pivotal role is the fan count. So, never go for the cooler with a single can’t, and always grab the one that submits two or more fans. It always pays you the best way possible.

Exact Matching with TDP Rating 

Exact matching with the help of TDP rating is another tool that helps you win a reliable CPU cooler. It would help if you got cooler with no less TDP rating than the CPU. So, if you want to win a genuine piece of support for your CPU, you need to keep an eye on the TDP rating. The six points you read above can make you earn a CPU cooler that will not disappoint you.

Product Recommendation
After reading the list of the best five coup coolers and the buying guide to learn the art of winning a dependable cooler, I hope you’ll surely get something severe. However, if I tell you about the cooler, I like the most out of these five: Be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 BK022 250W Cooler.
It gives a subtle performance, as its name says. Moreover, it delivers powerful airflow with excellent noise control. You can install it yourself. And it is a budget CPU cooler that saves money and your CPU.
Is the Ryzen 9 5900x worth it?

If you are a gamer, you might not find anything better and more potent than the Ryzen 9 5900x. I have experienced its superior performances, and it has the best backups to save your gameplay in horrible conditions. It is super safe to invest in this pick, and it gives you back way more than your invested sum. So, it is entirely worth it.

What is the Ryzen 9 5900X good for?

Whether you need a CPU for advanced rendering, editing, designing, or other work, the Ryzen 9 5900x dares to make it up with all these. However, when it comes to high-end gaming sessions, it can do wonders for you. It is freakin good to serve you with the best and to get the most out of your gameplay.

Is the AMD Ryzen 9 5900X overkill?

If we look at the cores count, which is 12, and threads are 24, it sure looks an overkill for gaming. On the other hand, you can find it on top of the gaming CPUs with no flaws on board. So yes, the AMD Ryzen 9 5900X is overkill for gaming but delivers more than any other competing processor. It knows well how to take the gaming performance up. 

Who needs a 5900X?

The answer should be deliberative, but I clarify that it is superb to serve your editing, designing, rendering, and gaming jobs to the fullest. If you are an enthusiast, gamer, or professional, the 5900X will be your finest choice. It gives you the best return for the money and gets the outcomes beyond your foresight.


Hi, I am Robert. I made myself expert in all PC components. I tested and taken reviews from users, specially Gamers to make a reliable buying guide and best product descriptions. It will help to find compatible parts and save your money on PC custom build.

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