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If you plan to build a custom PC or look for the budget and parts suggestion for your next custom build, the best custom PC builders are the ultimate choice. They offer a wide range of options to check the compatibility and information about the parts. However, every website is not trusted or provides accurate stats to check the compatibility and get the available options’ details.

Not finding a trusted custom PC builder website can add to the confusion in the whole process and cost you big time. Although building the custom PC is not much challenging. When you build your own PC without guidance and a custom PC builder website can take more time. It can also take more effort, and you may end in a compatibility loop if you miss a slight detail. So, what is stopping you from using these custom PC builder websites?

Even if you know about compatibility and computer parts, good prebuilt PC companies can help you precisely carry out the process. It is human nature to miss out on tiny details that can lead to complications later. So, using the best custom PC build websites is inevitable to avoid any problem and mishandling during the component selection.

Selecting between the PC parts is somewhat challenging because thousands of components choices are available. It becomes a headache for newbies and people without prior experience to select the right parts for the rig. So, we have written this guide about the best custom PC builders. Once you get through the guide, you can easily select the best custom builder website, and it will ultimately help you choose the best parts for making the dream gaming computer rig.

Best Custom PC Builder

Why Use PC Building Tools?

Many PC building tools can help you make a PC if you don’t know-how. These tools are very helpful as they can help you to find out whether the parts of your PC are compatible with each other or not. 

With these PC tools, you can easily figure out the compatibility and availability of various components such as processor, motherboard, graphics card, SSD, memory, etc. these tools are helpful for a variety of cases.

If you have any difficulty buying a gaming PC for yourself, you can use the best custom PC builders 2022. There is another benefit of these tools. You can get them easily and reduce the cost of a PC. At the same time, these tools also manage all of the work without any assistance on the website. 

10 Best Custom Builders in 2022

Many custom PC builders give you accurate details about the components and their pricing. They also give you an idea of the rig’s compatibility and potential. However, we are writing about the top 10 custom PC builders to provide you with the components, compatibility, and pricing.

1) iBuyPower

iBuyPower is one of the favorite brands if you’re looking to buy a customized gaming rig. It has been creating awesome custom gaming PCs since 1999, and its headquarters are located in California. They are currently a competitor of Connecticut’s CyberPowerPC for the “best bang for the buck” niche. The company currently focuses on winning over its biggest competitors by making excellent deals.

iBuyPower offers a 1-year warranty that covers parts and 3-years for labor. However, they offer an extended warranty of 4-years and 5-years. They do not cover shipping costs associated with your purchase. The company allows returns within 30 days with no questions asked.


iBuyPower’s products are not focused on casual gamers who carry a more modest budget. But that gives them an edge over the competition as it seems to be the market trend lately. However, something is interesting on the company’s official website, Easy Builder Tool, which helps newcomers or “noobs” craft their gaming rig of choice but at a very competitive price, given their budget and personal needs. The online tool is user-friendly and makes researching a new machine much easier.

iBuyPower allows customizing each specification according to individual needs, from the power supply, storage capacity, and graphic processing unit (GPU) to sound card, keyboard, mouse, and monitor. The custom PC rigs and laptop are not the only adventure of the iBuyPower as the company offers other options. One of these options includes gaming gear selling that is quite popular in the eSport world.

2) CyberPowerPC

With their impressive 24 years of experience, it’s no wonder why CyberPowerPC has become one of the best custom PC builders in our books. CyberPowerPC was founded in 1998, one year before its competitor iBuyPower. CyberPowerPC is located in California and is known for producing high-end, proficient gaming desktops suited specifically to accommodate your customized requirements and preferences.

CyberPowerPC is a well-known player in the world of custom PCs, but what sets them apart from their competitors is CyberPowerPC’s online configuration tool, which allows you to easily configure your custom PC by choosing from a wide variety of hardware options. CyberPowerPC also offers their customers the best system integrators PC with one of the best warranties in the market.


If you look at the products listed on their website, it becomes rather obvious why CyberPowerPC is the best-prebuilt PC company and more celebrated PC builder in the world. They offer a wide array of machines to suit almost any budget, and not many companies out there have warranty coverage like them covered.

CyberPowerPC also offers lifetime tech support which few others can match. They offer a 1-year warranty for parts but 3-years for labor. It is a one-stop-shop for true gamers as its custom PCs, and components get designed with this type of user in mind. Like many PC component manufacturers, CyberPowerPC offers both pre-configured bundles and custom builds, allowing the user to customize a system’s hardware components in all kinds of ways.

Users can choose the computer case to add or remove water cooling components to overclock the processor to get even more performance. One nice thing about CyberPowerPC’s website is that new users aren’t intimidated by its advanced tech lingo because there’s also an option for making builds for noobs who may be less informed.

3) OriginPC

OriginPC is a relatively fresh brand than the above two brands. At its inception, three former Alienware employees who had previously worked at Dell on the Alienware line of high-end gaming PCs decided to start their own company. While working with Alienware, they enjoyed much of the success carried over to OriginPC.

They initially tried marketing themselves as another Alienware clone and direct competitor, even though they were now being developed in areas very far away from Silicon Valley. If you are looking for the best PC customization, it would be worth checking out Origin gaming PCs and laptops.


They are the best place to buy custom PC with all of the latest hardware you need to run the most advanced games and other professional use applications like animation, design, engineering, etc. The Chronos, Millenium, and Genesis models have mini ITX, Micro ATX, ATX, and eATX cases.

The interior and exterior design and some hardware parts are customizable with different patterns, colors, and lighting. However, suppose you want to customize the computer or its cooling system individually. In that case, you might need to pay extra attention when choosing your options because these are non-refundable upon purchase.

While some people may argue that OriginPC doesn’t have the same selection as you would find at CyberPowerPC or AVADirect, there are many reasons why one should consider Origin PC over other competitors. For example, OriginPC offers exclusive case designs you won’t happen upon anywhere else



BLD is among American top custom PC builders situated in the Digital Golden State, otherwise known as California, in 2017. It has since quickly grown to be a low-cost competitor for PC builders, presenting budget-friendly alternatives to high-end gaming and workstation PCs.

BLD is not a push-around because NZXT has founded it, which had been around for over 15 years in business. NZXT’s focus remains on computer cases and cooling solutions, but the company has branched out into other technological areas. They are now attempting to expand their reach beyond the world of technology with the acquisition of BLD.

BLD is one of the best custom PC builders that has designed an effective system for evaluating apparent FPS for various games so that its customers can be sure that they are getting what they pay for. ​BLD guarantees that even users who don’t have IT knowledge can get the best quality equipment and service possible. ​

They offer hand-selected components at a flat rate of only $99, and shipping takes 1-2 working days. In addition, customers get 2-year parts and 3-year labor warranties on all BLD custom-built gaming PCs. NZXT BLD lets you configure your system with every option imaginable and let you build your own gaming laptop.

You’ll be able to choose CPUs, GPUs, and RAMs as well. You can even choose the storage stuff such as SSDs and HDDs. Aside from the hardware components, you can also get peripherals, cooling systems, RGB lighting, and color schemes separately.

But the thing I dislike most about this website is the limited number of products to choose from. Although it lists popular components, it also has its line of products available for purchase, so it’s best to gather your research before selecting anything.

Overall, though, I find the experience pleasant and would recommend this website as a starting point for someone looking to build a computer but has little to no knowledge of what they should be buying or what kinds of parts are compatible with each other.

5) Maingear


Since 2002, Maingear has built custom PCs and offers a wide selection of gaming machines, workstations, and laptops. Their customers include both the PC gaming community and highly-focused professionals alike. It is the best website to build a gaming PC for customizations.

All the systems are highly customizable and configurable, giving customers many options when it comes down to choosing their specific rig. The customer can choose anything from the CPU and GPU down to what interfaces they want in the device to add multiple hard drives or SSDs and more. They also offer RGB lighting and custom paint jobs on PC cases which is always a nice touch that makes people happy and prouder of their units.

In addition to their website, Maingear sells its high-end gaming setups via Amazon. A lot of their systems meet the requirements for Amazon Prime shipping which ensures quick delivery. They also have a budget system that starts at $825 called the Vybe.

All custom gaming computers come with a 1-year warranty for parts and a 3-year warranty for labor. The company offers an industry-standard warranty that can extend as high as $400 if needed. Still, you will receive several benefits like remote diagnostic software, phone support, and 24/7 tech support via chat.

6) Xidax


While the title “Best PC Builders” might be hotly contested in the PC hardware community, Xidax is nonetheless one of the most popular companies selling custom desktop computers and parts. Established players (like Maingear or iBuyPower) are prominent when building high-performance and highly customizable PCs.

Although it is normal to pay extra for high-performance parts, Xidax is one of the few best custom PC builders that can offer amazing machines on a budget. Xidax is also a suitable option for gamers and professionals who want to be gaming-ready at any time. All systems are customizable and easy to tailor to suit your needs, whether you’re looking for high-end hardware or just something that will run games with ease.

Furthermore, suppose you’re on a tighter budget. In that case, Xidax is also offering financing options through Affirm, which means you can pay the amount owed in monthly installments instead of paying everything upfront. Sure, Xidax has some cool-looking PCs that may appeal to people who like the look and feel of a custom-built computer but prefer to get all their parts for the same price as a pre-built system.

But the real benefit of choosing Xidax is their lifetime warranty with most desktop gaming systems. While AMD GPUs come with a 2-year warranty, most other components come with one-year warranties on parts and labor. If something goes wrong, in many cases, your defective parts will be replaced by either refurbished or new ones.

7) Falcon Northwest

Falcon Northwest

Falcon NW has a unique perspective on the computer building business. The company is over 20 years old and has been making high-performance computers for that entire time. They are focused on building both desktop and gaming machines and can target a wide swath of consumers due to the diversity of their product lineup.

I think Falcon does an exceptional job of offering consumers high-quality products with great aesthetics and performance, especially considering what you get in return. When you first look at the price of a Falcon Northwest computer, you will probably wonder why there is such a high price.

Looking at what the company offers regarding the overall quality and the materials used, you will see that this custom-built PC is worth every penny. A gaming rig created by Falcom Northwest will stand out from most others in style and design. They mainly use industrial-grade paints in the automotive industry, making amazing designs found only with them.

Falcon Northwest only offers a handful of computers, and each features a custom case design made by the company. The company also offers tech support seven days a week which is unique compared to other computer companies. Falcon’s machines tend to be more expensive than other customized systems, although it is clear that they are well worth the price because of the high-quality craft put into each machine.

8) AVADirect


If you want a high-quality gaming PC, AVADirect is the company to go to among the best custom PC builders. They offer a wide range of custom PCs ranging from $800 to $8000, with 1-3 year warranties. You can choose between processors and motherboards from elite brands like AMD or Intel.

These guys even offer customization options such as overclocking your CPU or GPU out-of-the-box for a bonus that will help you work faster without worrying about hardware failure in the middle of an important project. Many models come with a 3-year warranty and high-quality tech support, depending on the hardware you choose. It is especially beneficial to those who don’t know much about computers.

The catalog is well stocked, and components are also available for purchase, so it’s possible to create a custom setup or keep adding upgrades like more memory or bigger hard drives. The company offers financing options that are helpful as they are currently the best custom gaming PC builders.

AVADirect’s selection-wise website makes shopping easy as customers can choose from hundreds of choices and often not have to worry about too much information overload in one section. It is important as products like memory come with multiple options to change from the most basic ones to the higher end ones with all sorts of nifty.

AVADirect’s pricing, in terms of their tier system and that of other companies, is a bit on the lower side. But you could expect their prices to be around the same as CyberPowerPC’s for a comparable structure of a computer. Of course, custom paint jobs are handled on a quote-by-quote basis so that pricing will vary by customer expectations.

9) Digital Storm

Digital Storm

Digital Storm was founded back in 2002, and the company has a head office in California. It specializes in gaming laptops, PCs, and workstations with high specifications backed by a 1-year warranty for parts and 2-years of labor.

There is also an extended warranty pack that offers customers more protection out of the box (a 4-year extended warranty on parts and six years on labor). The customers get lifetime tech support Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, which is a great bonus when purchasing custom rigs.

We recommend making your purchase from Amazon because Digital Storm offers many affordable financing options if you’re not in a position to pay it all upfront. There are configurations available for purchase and an option to customize the PC model further.

Not only that, but depending on your budget, one can choose a higher-end model that offers free customization options or a more affordable entry-level model with a few permanent design adjustments.

10) Puget Systems

Puget Systems

Puget Systems is among the best custom PC builders to build high-performance and aesthetically appealing custom PC systems. They have an expansive selection of myriad gaming rigs, workstations, multimedia, engineering, and scientific systems available to customers who can select from several options within each product category.

Pricing varies depending on the models you choose; some are cheaper than others, while more expensive sets come with beefier configurations. They provide finely detailed custom builds for unique use cases like database servers or engineering workstations.

Puget Systems has a reputation for producing finely-tuned machinery that promises to last. A lot of their hardware is custom made, and they come with software that keeps track of temperatures inside the machines, so you know if your machine is running at peak performance or needs a few more tweaks to get it running at its best.

If you’re in the market for a rig and you’re looking for something that feels stealthy yet powerful, Puget Systems is the way to go. With lifetime labor technical support, Puget Systems offers 1-year standard desktop PC replacement warranty.

They offer an extended version of the customer option, including the two-way shipping appeal. It remains available for 30 days after the guaranteed purchase date, making returning a machine that needs repairs easy.

Things To Consider When Choosing a Custom PC Builder

Some important key points can help you find the best custom PC builders. When you want to buy a PC from a custom builder following points, remain under consideration for better choice. 


While building a custom PC, most people think that it becomes cheap when you build a PC on your own instead of buying it from a custom builder. But this may not be true for all time. All of the custom PC builders get some discount on the components.

That’s why they get all of the components at a lower price than someone buying retail. So, this is why the custom PC builders get some profit with all of the same specifications as you buying components separately from the store. 

There is a wide range of prices for these custom PCs, and no doubt this price only depends on the components that you want to have on your PC. The manufacturers offer different types of computers with different combinations of components. All of the custom PCs come with keeping different budgets in mind so that anyone can get something In their range. 


The product’s warranty plays an important part and no doubt it is a vital selling point. If you want to build your PC, you can get a warranty on an individual part.

It means that if any part breaks down, you can figure out which part went wrong and separate it from the PC, then go to the manufacturer of this component for claiming its warranty. When you get your entire PC from a custom PC builder, it becomes simple for you to bring it back to the builder with the warranty.

It depends on the warranty while purchasing whether the parts and labor are in this service process or not. The companies offer mostly a 1-year warranty for parts and a 3-year warranty for labor, but it may vary with the system you ordered or possible warranty packages offered by manufacturers. 


It is also a very important point for any user to customize your PC according to your needs. There are so many customizations that you can do with your PC, but unfortunately, we cannot cover them in this article. There are lots of websites that can help you customization your PC.

If you are serious about them, you should visit these sites and see what you can customize. Some companies give you all about customization, even for chassis, hardware components, paint, etc. But some of them remain limited to the components, so it is good to have research about it. 

Brand Customer Service

It is important to know why you want to go with your custom build PC, and the reason is that you can talk with someone in a better way while having an issue with your PC. When you build your PC on your own, you can talk about it better. 

The best custom PC builders provide you with dedicated customer support and technical support lines. This information is available at your disposal so that you will know about any issue with your PC. At the same time, some of the sellers go above and provide you lifetime phone support, give you any information about the gadgets, and help if you need it.

However, every custom PC builder has its specific stander for customer service. That’s why personal experience may differ from one company to the other. But all of the companies listed above are very trustworthy and respected in the industry. 

What component is important to start the PC building process?

Every component is of equal importance. However, certain components like CPU and GPU are of critical importance when starting to build the custom PC. Things that need consideration include a motherboard, RAM, cooling options, and selecting the right peripherals to match the compatibility.

How hard is it to build a PC?

Nowadays, there is no more difficult to build a custom PC on your own. There are lots of information and guidelines for you on YouTube that will help you to step by step for building your PC. You can use the best custom PC builders’ websites to build the PC. They help improve the components selection and check the compatibility before purchase.

What tools are needed for building the PC?

You need a magnetic Phillips head screwdriver for handling the screws. An anti-static bracelet is highly recommended when building on carpet or in the prone static area. It is also better to have the thermal paste for the conductive parts. Having zip ties or Velcro strips can help you tie the cables.

What size PC should I build?

The size of the PC is very important because it determines the limitation of components. Small form factor PC limits the components used in your PC and gives you a challenge while arranging them. However, ATX or mid-sized PC is common, as they provide enough space for your components. Finally, E-ATX gives you more than enough room, but at the same time, they need large space for setup.


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