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A system can work well if you are using a reliable DDR3 ram motherboard. It reduces 40% power consumption as compared to DDR2. I know you want one, so you have to read my this article till the end. It will help you to find a motherboard DDR3 according to your system’s specifications. There are numerous DDR3 supported Motherboards available in the market, but it won’t be easy to find the best one.

I’ve used all of these motherboards in different PCs in my office setup. So, for your ease and save your money, time, and system, here is a brief description of some of the best DDR3 motherboards. In this article, you will get much about the DDR3 compatible Motherboards, and you can select the best one from loads of DDR3 motherboards. But for this, you have to go through the minor details in this article.

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Top 5 Best Budget DDR3 Motherboards

Suppose you have the best-looking PC with the best size, but you are not enjoying it much. Do you know why? Because a lousy motherboard makes its performance low. So, to solve this problem, here in this article, you’ll learn a lot about motherboards specs and Key factor’s guide to get one.

Tosuny Desktop Computer Motherboard

Tosuny Desktop

Support Intel E/L5430 processor
Fully integrated sound card
Support older Hard Drives and Optical drive
Support DDR3 1333/1066 memory
Feature SupportSpecifications
CPU socketLGA 771
RAM technologyDDR3
Memory clock speed1333 MHz
Main power connector type24-pin
Graphics card interfacePCI -Express x4,PCI,PCI-E

This motherboard adopts an Intel E/L5430 processor to help in multitasking and multithreading. It keeps a sound card and a graphics card, which enhances its working.

It comes with a CPU jumper. And the Tosuny comes with 2G memory modules that support best DDR3 memory 1333/1066. It has excellent features, which you can read below. 

Support Intel E/L5430 Processor

This motherboard supports Intel E/L5430 Processor. This processor is best known for its superior performance, high-quality hardware, and enhanced technology. I’ve used this processor and a big of its performance.

This processor has multi-socket capabilities, ECC memory, and enhanced computing power, making it unique. This processor bus speed (FBS) is 1333MHz, and Thermal design power of 50 W. This feature is best in this best ddr3 motherboard.

Support Intel E/L5430 Processor

Fully Integrated Sound Card

A sound card is one of the most important physical components of hardware that make up my PC to turn the digital code into sound. Not used to listen to music but also for better quality video games sound and to watch your favorite YouTube video. I love its sound performance because I’m a gaming enthusiastic and loves the detail of every sound.

A good sound card can make your PC’s sound quality at an extraordinary level. You don’t need to pay any extra for an external sound card. If you are a good gamer and want to listen to that gunfire sound in good quality, you must take it. it is one of the best ddr3 motherboard for gaming.

GMA4500 Graphics Card

A sound graphics card can take my image and video quality of videos to the next level. Intel GMA 4500 Graphics card is the best choice in graphics card. Tosuny mobo has GMA 4500 Graphics card, which has all the features a sound quality graphics card should have.

You don’t need to buy an external graphics card if you have this motherboard. So, if you are a good gamer or your work depends on graphics like me, this motherboard is only for you.

Support Older Hard Drives and Optical Drives

Most motherboards don’t support older hard drives and optical drives, but theTosuny motherboard supports older hard drives and optical drives. In addition, the IDE parallel port supports old-fashioned hard drives and optical drives.

This feature provides good compatibility. Are you interested in using CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs to listen to music and watch movies? Yes, then have a look at this super quality motherboard.

Support DDR3 1333/1066 Memory

One of the best features of this device is its 1333/1066 memory. Tosuny DDR3 gaming motherboard supports 2G Memory modules. This feature enhances the computing performance of other motherboards.

It is good to buy a dual memory module because it is tested and compatibility is verified. Some motherboards don’t support this feature, but Tosuny supports this feature, and it is best to take it now before it may run out.

Summary to Quickly Get Key Points
If you want the best processor, good quality sound, multitasker, and smooth runner, you must take it. Or you are fed up with a lousy quality Graphics card and memory management; you must buy it now.
If you read all the above features, you will find why this is the best ddr3 amd motherboard. You will love this motherboard once you use it. Intel processor’s superior performance and sound quality have made it the best in the motherboard market.

MACHINIST X79 Desktop AMD DDR3 Motherboard


Support nvme m.2 SSD reg memory ECC
Support Xeon e5 processor
CPU supported
Audio: Realtek alc662 audio codec, 5.1 channel sound supported
Feature IncludeSpecification Values
ChipsetIntel X79
Maximum memory capacity64GB
Memory SupportedDDR3 & DDR3ECC
Memory Slot 4
Storage interface type3*SATA 2.0, 1*SATA 3.0, 1*M.2 NVME
Socket typeLGA 2011
Onboard LANRJ45

This motherboard is designed for high performance and good stability and I’m its witness. Machinist X79 motherboards have good processors, ensuring smooth computer running, especially in games and other heavy applications.

In addition, this motherboard comes with RAID technology which means once the user’s data is damaged, the backup information can help restore damaged data. Literally I got my data back in case of malware attack and my lots of data was lost.

Do you want internet surfing easy and smooth? Wireless Router runs smoothly on your PC?? If yes, then this best ddr3 motherboard and cpu is for you. X79 motherboards, every piece is tested to provide you with the best quality and reliability.

Support NYME M.2 SSD Memory

It is the best feature of this motherboard because it supports nvme m2 SSD memory, the latest memory technology with higher speed. Nvme is the newest technology used by some m.2 drivers, with a latency of just a few nanoseconds.

This blazing-fast new bus type uses the PCIe data transfer lenses on the motherboard, similar to modern graphics cards. So, if you want high speed, then you must purchase it.

 Support Xeon e5 Processor

 CPU Supported
 CPU Supported

The Intel Xeon processor belongs to the E5 family. These processors provide high performance, better quality, and multi-socket configuration support makes it the best motherboard ddr3.

In addition, the new hyper-threading technology allows the processors to run multiple programs simultaneously without slowing the system down. So, get rid of the old technology motherboard and try the new one.

 CPU Supported

The machinist x79 desktop motherboard is fully CPU supported. Not all motherboards are CPU supported, but this mobo has this feature. The CPU-supported quality helps me to you use this motherboard in the long term without facing any speed issues.

If you put an unsupported CPU motherboard, your system will slow with time. Therefore, it is an important feature when choosing a good motherboard. This feature also helps you when you are installing the BIOS.

Realtek alc662 Audio Codec

The ALC662 is specially designed for Windows Vista desktop and mobile PCs. Its performance and functionality exactly meet Microsoft Windows Vista premium requirements.

I love its friendly user interface which is for 2-foot or 10-foot remote control applications. The additional feature of it is the Emulation of 26 sound environments that enhance the gaming experience. You will love this motherboard because of its excellent sound quality.

If you want an excellent speed motherboard with maximum memory, then you must use it. Moreover, it holds onboard Wi-Fi that supports a wireless connection and makes internet surfing easy for you. In addition, the dual-channel DDR3 ECC memory and one M.2 slot ensure a smooth computer experience. 
If you are a gamer and fed up with the slow working of your motherboard, then this is for you as it holds all the qualities that a good motherboard should have. It also provides the best sound quality and gives you better sound for gaming and videos. So, there is no reason left behind to ignore this excellent motherboard.

Gigabyte AM3+AMD TOP DDR3 Motherboard

Gigabyte AM3+AMD

Humidity Protection
USB 3.0 Support
Electrostatic Protection
Norton Internet Security
Power Failure Protection
DVI Support
CPU Socket TypeAM3+/AM3
ModelGA-78 LMT USB3
ChipsetAMD 760G
Number of memory slots4X240 pin
Maximum Memory supported32GB
Audio chipsetRealtek ALC892
LAN chipsetRealtek GbE LAN chip
Form factorMicro ATX
Operating System SupportWindows 7/XP

This motherboard is designed to offer high-speed data transfer with Gigabit ultra-Revolutionary technology. It is based on the AMD 760G chipset that supports the latest AM3+ AMD processors. The 78-LMT USB3 can provide user-friendly computing to everyone.

Gigabyte AMD motherboards are ready to help a new generation of 32nm AMD/ AM3+ multi-core processors. This motherboard also delivers the best platform for multitasking, multimedia, and high-performance gaming.

Humidity Protection

Humidity can play havoc on the motherboard’s circuitry as it is considered a silent killer to a motherboard’s circuit.

But gigabyte’s new glass Fabric PCB design helps protect against electrical shorts due to humidity by reducing the gaps between PCB filaments. So, if you are worried about your motherboard’s circuit being damaged due to water or moisture, then use this motherboard with ultra-best features.

 USB 3.0 Support

 USB 3.0 Support

This motherboard comes with this remarkable feature. The Gigabyte motherboard supports the latest generation superspeed USB 3.0 technology.

USB3.0 technology also provides new power management, including increasing maximum bus power and current device draw to accommodate power-hungry devices better. This new technology has increased better performance and better transferring rate as compared to legacy technology.

Electrostatic Protection

This motherboard comes with this exciting feature. Gigabyte AM3/AMD Classic motherboards feature High ESD Resistance ICs, which help protect the motherboard against electrostatic discharge.

The traditional ESD resistance ICs don’t protect motherboards from electrostatic discharge, but gigabyte motherboards have this feature which gives motherboards up to 3x higher electrostatic protection than conventional motherboards. 

Norton Internet Security

I’ve experienced that this best ddr3 motherboard has this feature that protects my computer against online threats. This new feature safeguards my computer, network, and essential information without slowing my computer down.

If you are fond of online shopping and banking and get excited to play online games, you must use it. Because of its security feature, it protects your computer from malicious viruses and makes your internet surfing easier than before.

Power Failure Protection

The Gigabyte motherboard gives power failure protection. This feature protects motherboards from voltage spikes by limiting the voltage supplied to an electrical device. Additionally, it enables a secondary, back up BIOS. Due to this feature, the BIOS file is protected from being lost. 

Gigabyte also uses Anti-Surge ICs to protect the motherboard against power surges. This feature can save your computer’s motherboard from being damaged and also enhance its lifetime.

DVI Support

This motherboard has this feature which helps me to watch videos at HD level. Digital Visual Interface (DVI) is a video interface standard designed to carry uncompressed digital video data and maximize the visual quality of digital display devices, such as LCD monitors, digital projectors, etc.

In addition, the DVI interface is compatible with High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP). If you are fond of watching YouTube videos and HD movies, this is for you, as it enhances your PC’s monitor quality, resulting in better video streaming.

Make Your Purchase Now
There are tons of reasons to use this motherboard. Its best internet security feature safeguards you from online threats. The humidity protection helps to protect the motherboard from being damaged due to H2O. This motherboard provides USB 3.0 Support that is the latest technology with a higher transfer rate.
If you want the best security and higher protection of your device from being hot and electrostatic discharge, you must use it now. There is no reason not to choose the Gigabyte AM3+AMD motherboard; it also supports DDR3 memory, giving enough slots to put memory.

ASUS Micro ATX DDR3 Motherboard AMD 2021


ASUS 5x protection
USB 3.0 BOOST (UASP Support)
Network iControl
Fan Xpert
Crash free BIOS3
AI Suite 3
Features IncludeSpecification Values
Memory slot4×240 pin
Memory supportDDR3 1066,1333, 1600 MHz
Memory capacity32GB
Channel architectureDual-Channel
Supported Operating SystemWindows 7, Windows 8/8.1
ChipsetIntel B85
CPU SocketLGA 1150

Like the human body has the backbone to control all the functions, a computer has a Motherboard to control all computing functions. ASUS MicroATX DDR3 mobo has 5x protection which provides the best quality and reliability.

It allows me to build a compact Window system and a B85 chip that supports Intel 4th generation Haswell processors. It would help if you tried this at least once. Your system will work faster than before. 

ASUS 5x Protection

ASUS Motherboards guard my systems components with 5x protection. The 5x security is a hardware safeguard that ensures long-term durability. It has stainless steel shields as compared to ordinary panels, which provide long-term usage life make it the best motherboard for ddr3 ram.

Furthermore, ASUS uses components such as DIGI+VRM that provide precise digital power control and long-lasting stability to the CPU. In addition, ASUS has solid-state capacitors that ensure more reliable connections and better throughput.

USB 3.0 BOOST (UASP Support)

The USB 3.0 feature enhances the performance of the ASUS mobo. Just like USB2.0, USB 3.0 is also powered, which means you can connect external peripherals and power them without giving any external power adapter.

USB 3.0 BOOST (UASP Support)

In addition, I can transfer my data much faster than before by using the USB 3.0 feature of this Motherboard. If your transfer rate is low, you should surely need it like I choose it.

Network iControl

My PC runs multiple internet-connected applications at a given time, so to find which application occupies much bandwidth, ASUS has network iControl.

ASUS Network iControl feature also ensures that my most vital application gets the required bandwidth or not. Furthermore, it is a customizable feature that means I can enable and disable it according to my needs.

Fan Xpert

I noticed it as a unique feature that you can find only in ASUS motherboards. Fan Xpert is a software developed only for ASUS computers and laptops that allows the user to control fans’ speed.

Thanks to this clever technology which only comes with ASUS motherboards.ASUS Fan Xpert is a perfect balance between efficient system cooling and low noise. Apart from physical fan controls, I found that the ASUS Fan Xpert is the best in the market.

CrashFree BIOS 3

The ASUS CrashFree BIOS3 is an auto-recovery BIOS tool that allows me to restore the BIOS file when it gets corrupted or fails during the updating process.

I can convert a corrupted BIOS file using a motherboard support DVD or a USB flash drive containing an updated BIOS file. Once you insert an updated BIOS, your system automatically check it. 

AI Suite 3

The AI Suite 3 feature allows users to launch and use these utilities together. AI Suite 3 is an excellent feature in ASUS motherboards.

The main point of this feature is to improve the performance of PCs, especially when you are running resource-intensive applications such as high-end games, video processing, and intensive multitasking. 

Make your Shopping Mind
There are tons of reasons to choose this best ddr3 motherboard. If you want to have good networking speed, then this Motherboard is best for you. The Fan Xpert technology is the best feature of all as it lets you control the CPU fans.
Moreover, it gives you low noise system cooling. The AI Suite 3 feature supports your PC’s performance during high-end games and graphics work. You will love this Motherboard once you use it. Network control features control networks’ bandwidth so every application can use the web according to needs.

ASRock Micro ATX, Good DDR3 Motherboard

ASRock Micro ATX

Support for Socket AM3+/AM3 processors
Solid Capacitor design
Support Dual Channel DDR3 2400+ (OC)
Supports ASRock Full Spike Protection
High-density glass fabric PCB
4x DDR3 DIMM Slots
Feature DetailSpecifications
RAM65536 MB DDR3
Memory Speed1333 MHz
Number of USB 2.0 ports6
CPU TypeSupports Socket AM3+ Processors
CPU Socket TypeAM3/AM3+
ChipsetAMD 970
Channel SupportedDual-Channel
Maximum Memory Supported64GB
Audio ChipsetRealtek ALC892
LAN ChipsetRealtek 8111E

This motherboard offers a powerhouse unit without breaking the bank. ASRock Micro ATX Motherboard 970M PRO3 supports AMD AM3+ series CPU. Some sensitive digital components are vulnerable to power surges; the excessive current may cause your system to be damaged immediately.

Support for Socket AM3+/AM3 Processor

This motherboard supports AM3 processors that means they support socket AM3 and AM3+. The best advantage of the AM3+ & AM3 socket is it supports DDR3 SDRAM. AM3 & AM3+ sockets are the latest technologies. Asrock provides me both sockets on their motherboard that make my PC work fast.

Solid Capacitor Design

This motherboard comes with a solid capacitor design. The ASRock-applied solid capacitor design with this feature allows this motherboard to perform more stable and ensures longer life. Low capacitor chips can make your system go down.

So if you are worried about the slow speed and bad performance of your system, you must choose this motherboard. ASRock provides the best quality motherboards with its solid capacitor design.

Solid Capacitor Design

This feature also increases my system’s lifetime as a lousy motherboard can make your system’s working worse, but this will give me a better life with better performance.

Supports ASRock Full spike Protection

This feature of this motherboard has increased its performance. With this feature, the user is always protected from lighting and ESD damage, which is comforting when using a motherboard in a challenging environment.

In addition, with ASRock complete spike protection, audio, USB, and LAN ports are always safe from unexpected power, if you want to protect your PC from unexpected power surges, this best ddr3 motherboard is for you.

High-Density Glass Fabric PCB

ASRock motherboard is fully covered with high-density glass fabric, protecting the motherboard from being damaged with water. What you have never understood about your computer is that it is scared to death of water.

So even though you don’t see the water actually, there may be lots of excessive moisture in the air that silently kills your motherboard. But wait, luckily, ASRock has High-Density Glass Fabric that reduces the gaps between PCB layers to protect the motherboard against electrical shorts caused by humidity, H2O, or whatever you call it.

Follow Quick Summaries Note
There are several reasons to choose this motherboard for your PCs; the ASRock complete spike protection protects your PC from unexpected power surges. The high-density glass fabric protects the motherboard from being damaged due to water or humidity.
Its solid capacitor design makes it unique, which helps to make the PC run fast and also increases its lifetime. Furthermore, it supports dual-channel DDR3, which speeds up the transfer rate by adding more channels between memory and memory controller. So, don’t miss this exciting product at such a reasonable price.

Purchase Guide for Top Good DDR3 Mobo (Factors to Follow)

It is challenging to buy a good motherboard for your PC because a lousy motherboard can affect your PC’s performance and create a problematic situation for you.

However, the motherboard is an essential component of a computer system as it determines many other features to choose from simultaneously, such as the processor you need, the RAM, etc.

After picking the CPU, the very next component to choose is Motherboard. You should choose a motherboard that provides what you need. If you think you might expand your PC in the future, you will make sure your motherboard will support your needs as they grow. Let’s break down your motherboard selection procedure into a few relatively easy steps.

Other Platform Support

Perhaps, the first decision to make is which CPU you want to serve as the brains of your PC, which means choosing between two companies: INTEL and AMD.

Both offer CPUs ranging from entry-level options good enough for web browsing, productivity, and low-end gaming and also can run today’s most demanding games. Once you select the CPU, the next step is to choose a motherboard that uses the right socket and suitable chip.

It’s not so important to understand everything that goes into making a chipset, but it’s vital to know that you need to select a motherboard with the right chipset and the right socket for the CPU you plan to purchase.

It’s also important to know that different chipsets support different combinations of components such as RAM, GPUs, and others.

Motherboard Expansion Option

Motherboards can connect various components and the CPU, including graphics cards, sound cards, networking cards, storage devices, and much more. Unfortunately, there have been many kinds of expansion ports over the years, but fortunately, things have gotten much more uncomplicated.

PCIe is the most important port and the one you’ll use to connect most components today. There are four PCIe slots, and the latest standard in everyday use is PCIe 3.0, with PCIe 4.0 available on the latest Ryzen and Intel Comet Lake compatible boards. You should make sure you have enough expansion slots that will meet your todays and future needs as well.

GPU Support

All PCs need a way to output information in a visual format that we humans can utilize. In its simplest terms, that means displaying images on a monitor.

The component that performs this function in a typical PC is the graphics card or GPU, and you’ll need to make sure that your motherboard can support the kind of GPU you need for your intended uses.

So if you want to play games and do some graphic work, you must choose a motherboard that supports Graphics cards. If you’re going to play more high-end games and use video editing software, you must go for a best ddr3 motherboard that can make the GPU run fast.

Suitable RAM

Today PCs are usually equipped with at least 4GB memory of RAM. How much RAM you need for your PC depends on how you plan to use it, and 8GB is typically a safe recommendation for lighter users, with 16 or more GB being a good bet for heavier users.

If you want to use heavy applications and heavy programming software, I recommend you choose at least 16 GB RAM. For this, you must select a mobo that is compatible with 16GB RAM.

Storage Types

To use your PC, you’ll need somewhere to store the operating system, applications, and data when the power is off. Today that means choosing between a hard disk drive (HDD) with spinning platters that store data and solid-state drives (SSD) that store data in much faster flash memory.

HDDs are typically less expensive for more storage space, while SSDs are more expensive but offer extra speed and are great for holding the operating system and applications.

To save your money and your pc, I must choose a motherboard that supports SSD connections. As it is the latest technology and also provides higher speed than HDD.

Motherboard Manufacturer

Now that you’ve identified what kind of motherboard you’ll need to build out your specific PC, or that should serve as the foundation of that pre-built PC you’ll be picking up, you’ll want to give some thought to its manufacturer.

Some companies focus on providing motherboards aimed at gamers, with tons of space for adding GPUs and LED light systems, while others focus on more mainstream methods.

So before selecting a motherboard, make sure why you need it or what working you may want to perform with this motherboard. Some of the best-known motherboard manufacturers are ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI, and ASRock. You can view the different options from those companies, as well as others.

Price Affordability

Everything that you may want to know before purchasing a motherboard for your device is mentioned above. However, everyone wants a motherboard with the lowest price and better performance when it comes to prices.

So for this, you must visit the website of different companies, compare the specifications and costs, and then find the best one for your device and be pocket-friendly.

Recommended product
After testing so many companies’ motherboards, for me, the best choice is the ASUS MICRO ATX DDR3 1600 LGA 1150 B85M-G motherboard. Because of its sleek design, good networking speed. The top feature of this motherboard is its Fan Xpert technology, as it helps you control your PC’s CPU fans.  Moreover, it gives noiseless system cooling, which helps you run video games and some other applications such as video editing smoothly without being a heat-up device.


Hi, I am Robert. I made myself expert in all PC components. I tested and taken reviews from users, specially Gamers to make a reliable buying guide and best product descriptions. It will help to find compatible parts and save your money on PC custom build.

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