6 Best Ducky Keyboards For Gaming Experience (2022 Review)

When buying gaming keyboards, several brands come into mind. Some of these brands have a better build quality with mechanical switches for the ultimate gaming experience. Such an example is the best Ducky keyboards that are versatile while performing edge to edge to the premium brands. Ducky aims to revitalize the gaming experience while offering a nice collection of keyboards to match the mechanical action you miss in low-profile keyboards.

Ducky is one of the most prominent brands when it comes to mechanical keyboards. They have catered to their customers by offering only the highest quality keyboards in both design and performance. It is no wonder how highly regarded Ducky is among gaming geeks. They have indeed built up a solid reputation for their range of fantastic gaming keyboards. They are very attractive-looking on top of being tactile, dependable, and durable.

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Table of Content:

  1. Ducky One 2 Mini Keyboard for Gaming
  2. Ducky One 2 SF Keyboard for Typing
  3. Ducky Miya Pro Koi Keyboard Girls
  4. Ducky One Mini RGB Keyboard Office
  5. Ducky Blackout One 2 Mini RGB Keyboard for Gamers
  6. Ducky Miya Pro Flare Star Keyboard

6 Best Ducky Keyboard for Gaming and Typing

When it comes to buying a new mechanical keyboard, the process can be difficult. While you may not know how to tell if a keyboard is good or bad without even using it first, there are some things that you can watch out for, so look through them closely. But don’t skip ahead if you want to know more about what makes Ducky keyboards different than your typical ones. This article will guide you with reviews and buying guides.

1) Ducky One 2 Mini Keyboard

Ducky One 2 Mini
ModelOne 2 Mini
SwitchesCherry MX Brown
RGB LightingYes
Dimensions13.5 x 6.1 x 1.9 inches
Weight‎1.31 pounds

The Ducky One 2 Mini is one of the best keyboards on our list from the Ducky collection. This keyboard comes equipped with the PBT keycaps. The side of the keyboard has an engraved pattern with laser technology that makes it more prominent. It may become a great choice for those who prefer a clean desk space. The minimal size of this keyboard eliminates the standard functions, navigation, and arrows keys and gives you a compact design as a result.

Sturdy Quality Build

This mini Ducky keyboard has a good build quality and gives you a sturdy and rigid feel without any flex in the board. It also comes with a dual-color ABS shell and follows the same way of construction as the Ducky One 2. The compact design and downsize to a smaller keyboard make it the first choice for those who want enough free space on their work desk.

Due to its small size, this board is very lightweight and portable that become very beneficial in various ways. You can fit it in your bag in a cozy way so that you can take it with you easily. This keyboard also frees up a lot of space on the desk for the other gaming gadget in front of the monitor.

Cherry MX Switches

The One 2 Mini best Ducky keyboards use the Cherry MX Switches and feature double-shot keycaps. This keyboard comes with silent Red and Black switches, and these keys are illuminated with the backlight and make them visible in the dark. These shine-through legends have a clear accent to brighten the keys.

The stabilizers look decent straight out of the box, and there is no rattle or shake that you can see in the other low-range products. Furthermore, you can feel the same with the larger keys such as the Shift, Enter, and Delete that will give you a good sound while pressing and bring a reliable typing skill.

Software Macro Version

This Ducky One 2 Mini keyboard doesn’t support the latest versions of RGB V1.31 and Ducky Macro V2.0 software when it comes to software. However, you can customize all of these features from the onboard controls. But this may feel like a time-consuming process.

RGB Back Board

This keyboard has a plus point: all macros and LED settings will be back to the PCB board and save all of your settings when unplugged. You can program per-key RGB modes and six macro profiles just like any other Ducky keyboard.

Get Summary Note

Due to its sleek and sturdy design, you will feel comfortable while playing on it, even in the long sessions of games. This Ducky mechanical keyboard makes your game more adventurous for you. The RGB lighting gives you an awesome feeling and attractive look while playing games in the dark with beautiful lighting patterns. It also has great durability that you will not buy another keyboard very soon.

2) Ducky One 2 SF Keyboard for Typing

Ducky One 2 SF
SpecificationsTested Values
ModelOne 2 SF
SwitchesCherry MX Black
RGB LightingYes
Dimensions16.61 x 7.4 x 2.28 inches
Weight‎1.40 pounds

The Ducky One 2 FS is a low-profile keyboard with a simple and decent look. All keys have RGB lighting, and you can customize these lights according to your need. This keyboard comes in a standard layout with 65 keys with improved functional keys. It has a similar design, just like One 2 Mini. However, it has Arrow keys, Delete key, and Page up/down keys.

High Build Quality

The quality of the material is very good and follows the same construction rules as the ducky One 2 and Ducky Shine 7. Metal plates surround the case, and these plates give it extra strength and make it much heavier than you think. Due to the heavyweight structure, the board contains a little bit of jangle, and you can feel that this is the finest product at all.

It comes with three-stage feet that allow you to comfortably position and height according to your desire. These feet make it heavier so that you can attain different levels of comfort. Although it has a full-size structure, the USB connecter aligns to the left side beneath the ESC key instead of the center.

Excellent Touch Switches

The Ducky One 2 has high-quality PBT keycaps and Cherry MX Switches. The shine through the accent keys gives it an excellent touch. Another package, along with the best lighting switches, is the ten additional keys and the extra Zodiac space bar that will give extra marks to this keyboard.

The Cherry MX Brown switches with a petite bezel design are featured in this keyboard. The other excellent feature is the 1000 Hz polling rate, which will help you decrease any delay in transferring the signals. All of the keycaps have the side-printed symbol and signify all of the keycaps an alternative capability. 

Upgradable Software

The FS doesn’t support the latest software that you will find in the other TKL and full-sized keyboard models. That’s why you can only customize all of the features by accessing the onboard controls. If this is your first mechanical keyboard then you will love the Ducky One 2 SF. Its 65% layout hits the sweet spot, and you will find it the best pick for you.

Summaries Note

This gaming keyboard Ducky will prove a good pick for you and give you a standard-designed keyboard with a great gaming experience. The backlighting of this keyboard makes it more attractive for its users. It comes with a USB cable that makes the connection easy. You only need to connect this cable with your system and start to use it.

3) Ducky Miya Pro Koi for Girls

Ducky Miya Pro Koi
SpecificationsFeatured Values
ModelMia Pro Koi
SwitchesCherry MX Blue
RGB LightingWhite Backlighting
Onboard StorageYes

The Ducky MIYA Pro Koi are among the best ducky keyboards with compact size and dedicated arrows keys. This keyboard has an excellent build, and the Dye Sub PBT keycaps and stable keys add more efficiency for accurate typing. The board comes with white-only backlighting but still supports lighting effects.

Ergonomics Design

Ducky MIYA Pro has beautiful ergonomics, contains only one incline, and doesn’t have a wrist rest. Although this keyboard doesn’t come with a wrist rest, it still feels comfortable typing on it. It is because it is not too high, and you will not feel any fatigue during a long session of typing and give you a natural posture.

This keyboard is very well-built. The frame is made of aluminum with a plastic base. It feels long-lasting and rigid. The Dye Sub PBT keycaps feel very sturdy, and the keys are stable.

The rubber bases aren’t very grippy, so the keyboard can slides around easily. Also, our unit slightly wobbles when using it without any incline setting, which seems to be due to one of the rubber feet being shorter.

White Backlighting

This Ducky Miya Pro Koi for Girls supports only white backlighting. These lights reside at the top of the switches, and the effects are customizable with the software according to your desire. The keycaps are not shine-through, but you can see the lighting through the red keycaps. The page and Page Down keys are the light indicators and help you remember whether you are using the number keys or the function keys.

Feel and Experience

MIYA Pro gives you a relaxing feeling with every touch, and when you touch the PBT keycaps, you will get a nice feel. All keys are stable and give you the right feedback and comfort during the long typing sessions.

But the spacebar may create a bit annoying experience due to a different feel from the other keys. But the other keys are comfortable to use and well-spaced. The arrow keys on this keyboard make it easy to navigate along with the text.

Customizable Software

There are no media keys on this keyboard, but it is easy to program the macros through software that will help you remap some of the keys to media keys. The other benefit is that you can lock the Windows key with Fn+Windows, which is great while gaming. MIYA Pro provides you with a lot of commands. For this, you only need to read the manual to know which combo of keys offers you which command.

Make Buying Decision

The Ducky MIYA Pro is a great Ducky white keyboard. MX Blue switches with short travel distance and low operating force makes it a more responsive and light feel keyboard. The PBT keycaps will remain for a long time and will not wear off with time. The backlighting supports you playing in the dark, and no matter that the keycaps are not luminous. You can also map macros on all of the keys. 

4) Ducky One Mini RGB Keyboard for Office

Ducky One Mini RGB
ModelOne Mini RGb
SwitchesCherry MX Silver
RGB LightingYes
Onboard StorageYes
Dimensions13.4 x 6.1 x 2 inches
Weight‎1.95 pounds

The Ducky One Mini RGB is another best Ducky keyboard included in our list. Just like the other models of the Ducky, this keyboard also follows the footsteps of the brand’s perseverance. This keyboard also gives its user durability, good quality, and great performance.

Design and Build Quality

Mini RGB comes with a beautiful design and also contains a good build. It feels like a package of comfort with a nice-looking gray frame and two adjustable feet at the bottom of the keyboard. You can adjust any height from these feet so that you can get a natural posture for yourself.

There is not a wrist rest with this keyboard. But due to its form factor, design, and adjustable height option, you may not feel any need for the wrist rest. With this keyboard, you will not experience any fatigue and hassle during the long sessions of games and typing.

PBT Colored Keycaps

The frame of Ducky One Mini RGB Keyboard for Office balances all of the colors of keycaps. The PBT keycaps of this keyboard come in grey, black, and blue shades. The Ducky provided excellent response and also maintained their performance and durability for long years. They are very competitive with their other ABS counterparts at this price, which is a great thing. This keyboard contains the PBT keycaps and gives you a great performance that stands the test of time.

High-end Switches

You will get low force, and soft actuation with the high-end Cherry MX Silver switches to provide you with a great gaming experience. However, when it comes to tactile feedback, these switches are not at the counterpart, but they offer you the best speed and are also smooth and quiet in use.

Macros and N-Key Rollover

Mini RGB supports the programable macros and all that happens without any dedicated software. However, you can still set up some commands for media control so that you can open some tabs on your system. The keyboard contains a USB-N-key rollover feature that will help you press multiple buttons simultaneously without any problem to improve your gaming skill.

Final Verdict on Purchase:

The Ducky One Mini RGB keyboard is one of the best Ducky keyboards that will prove a good choice for you and worthy of its price tag. There is no compromise on quality and performance. All of the features are very helpful and provide you with a great experience while gaming or typing. The PBT keycaps and mechanical switches are great in their work and make the Ducky an ideal gaming keyboard.

5) Ducky Blackout One 2 Mini RGB For Gamers

Ducky Blackout One 2 Mini RGB
SpecificationsTested Values
ModelBlackout One 2 Mini
SwitchesCherry MX Brown
RGB LightingYes
Onboard StorageYes
Dimensions11.88 x 4.25 x 1.57 inches
Weight‎1.30 pounds

If you want to have a full-size keyboard that will not feel like clutter on your desk and is also great in performance, then the Ducky Blackout One 2 Mini RGB is a great pick for you. It only lacks wireless connectivity, but otherwise, it is the best Ducky gaming keyboard. If you go through all of its features, you may get a great choice for you.

Long Lasting Quality Material

Just like the other best Ducky keyboards, the build quality of Blackout is also remarkable. It has a solid plastic body with PBT double-shot keycaps that are long-lasting. This keyboard has no wrist rest, but it will give you a comfortable feeling during playing games without any fatigue. Due to its dual incline setting, you will not feel any kind of fatigue even typing for long hours.

Double-shot Key Caps

Keycaps are the feature where Ducky beat the competition in that they offer you the best quality keycaps with steadiness. They are good in high-quality keycaps and provide you with a product that will stand the test of time. Moreover, Ducky Blackout One 2 Mini RGB For Gamers comes with the PBT double-shot keycaps that make gaming and typing more enjoyable.

Blue Colored Key Switches

Ducky has the best thing for the Cherry MX switches, and the Ducky One 2 model is no exception, like Ducky One 2 mini v2. Mostly, they come with Cherry MX Blue switches that will prove the amazing tactile and audible feedback for this keyboard.

The 2mm actuation point also proves that there is no need to apply a lot of pressure on the keys to perform a specific function. It is a great feature to get an exact result without any extra force, attracting most gamers and programmers.

Programmable Software

Just like the other models of the Ducky, the Blackout also doesn’t have any dedicated software. However, you can go through with lots of customizations without any problem. You can program the macros and remap the keys according to your need, with onboard settings. There is only a need to press some buttons on the keyboard, and it will be all done.

RGB Lighting in Panel

Rather than the RGB, there is an LED white backlight in the area of backlighting. However, it also provides a beautiful look when it comes to various lighting patterns. You will properly see that all light is evenly spread out across the keyboard when working in the dark. This light gives dual-tone bezels and also provides an attractive outlook for your keyboard.

Make Your Final Decision

The Ducky Blackout One 2 is a great performer for both the game and programmers. It has a good build quality and design, and with Cherry MX Blue switches, this keyboard will not let you down. Although this keyboard lacks dedicated software, they provide many customization options to compensate.

6) Ducky Miya Pro Flare Star Multi-color

Ducky Miya Pro Flare Star
SpecificationsFeatured Values
ModelMiya Pro Flare Star
SwitchesCherry MX Brown
RGB LightingN/A

The Ducky Miya Pro Flare Star is a 65% Ducky wireless keyboard. This keyboard comes with Cherry MX switches, PBT keycaps, and a white backlight. With its super-smooth stabilizer and switches, this keyboard provides you with great gaming and typing practice. There are various types of designs provided by the MIYA Pro that will impress you in many ways.

Beautiful Rainbow Design

It has a sturdy plastic frame with no flex and gives you a brick-like feel. The side profile of this keyboard is slightly angled and gives you ease while typing. There is also a single kickstand that will help you to adjust the position. There should be more multiple adjustments in this Ducky Miya Pro Flare Star Multi-color in this price range.

You can easily connect the power cable with the USB port at the back right side of the keyboard. The aluminum frame of this keyboard provides more durability and makes it more reliable for a long time.

Textured Feel Key Caps

When it comes to keycaps, there are lots of things to consider. However, this keyboard comes in 65% layout, and the bottom row is standard. The standard row allows you to swap the keycaps almost for any aftermarket set. These kinds of changes are highly common with this large size of keyboard. Moreover, the arrow keys are detached, and it becomes easy to find and press them.

There are PBT plastic and durable keycaps on this keyboard and giving a textured feeling. The PBT plastic will not keep the legends and keycaps top to fade up with time. The sub-legends are also printed on the front of keycaps so that you can easily see which key to press at the lower layer. The design of the keycaps is very good and makes sure that your fingers will not feel any kind of strain while typing for long hours.

Premium Cherry Switches

Cherry MX switches on these best ducky keyboards are known for their premium. The Cherry MX switches offer almost 100 million strokes. These are enough for any user and should last for a long period without even thinking about breaking them.

Final Featured Summary:

The Ducky MIYA Pro Flare Star is the best Ducky keyboard with a good typing experience. It has an interesting design with the PBT keycaps, Cherry MX switches, and a unique form factor that will provide you with outstanding gaming and typing.

What Features the Best Ducky Keyboard Offer?

The best Ducky keyboards are notorious for their quality and features. They excel in build quality and responsive Cherry MX switches to outperform many competitors. Some features make the Ducky keyboards more prominent. These specific features are below.

Compact Design

There are various keyboards in the market, but most of them don’t have a compact design. All of the keyboards of Ducky are very good and provide you with a compact design. That’s why the Ducky’s all of the models stand out among the others. They are compact, comfortable, and reliable in use. Their detachable USB Type-C is removable for easy portability.

Custom Lighting

Its become a trend nowadays to have gadgets with RGB lighting as they give an attractive look. These lighting patterns provide a great feel in the dark. So that most of the Ducky keyboards also come with these RGB lighting and allow their users to customize these lights according to their taste.

While on the other hand, due to these RGB lighting, these keyboards become more visible in the dark, and it’s become easy to press the buttons with great accuracy in a dark environment. It will not only increase the visibility but also enhance the look of the keyboards.

Good Quality Materials

The other reason for the popularity of Ducky keyboards is their build quality. A good kind of material is used in manufacturing to make it possible to provide their user with a durable product. The PBT makes all keycaps the best material for the keyboards because of their durability and sturdiness.

However, all of the things from frame to keycaps are of good quality so that it will remain possible to use them for a long time without any damage.

N-Key Rollover

The N-key rollover is a feature that makes it possible to give you a quick keystroke. It is the most wanted feature for the gamers, and they are very fond of this in the keyboards.

With the N-key rollover, the gamers can press multiple keys simultaneously, and the Ducky keyboards also provide this feature in their keyboards. These keyboards provide this facility so that all of the buttons pressed simultaneously are also registered accurately.

Cherry MX Switches

All of the keyboards of the Ducky brand use the Cherry Mx switches. Gamers mostly use these switches. There is a wide range of these switches, such as Cherry MX Brown, Black, Blue, Red, Silent Red, and Silver. All of the switches have their unique feature and also provide a comfortable experience for their users.

Buying Guide for Best Ducky Keyboard for Gaming

When you want to buy the best Ducky keyboard for gaming, some important things remain under consideration to get the best gaming and typing experience. It is better to have all of these features or at least maximum features to get the most out of your best Ducky keyboards.

Size of Keyboard

Size is an important factor that should remain under consideration while purchasing a gaming keyboard. It only depends on your needs and the space on the top of your desk to place your keyboard. There are three types of sizes from which you can choose such as the 60 percent, tenkeyless or 80  percent, and full size or 100 percent.

The 60 keyboard Ducky is the mini keyboard and lacks function keys, arrow keys, insert cluster, and Numpad. In the e80 percent comes without the Numpad. While in the full-size or 100 percent, all of the keys are present. Now it’s up to you, which one you want to have according to your needs and space.

Switches under the Keycaps

Switches are an important feature of a mechanical keyboard. The switches under the keycaps are responsible for feedback on every press. There are various types of switches in the mechanical keyboards, and they also may vary from one board to the other. Such as the lucky keyboards use only Cherry MX switches that are brilliant in use and provide a great gaming experience.

Keyboard Build Quality

Build quality means that from which material constitutes the keyboard. When we want to buy anything, we always prefer that one which can last for a long. The durability of any product depends on its material. Material of keycaps and cases may be different, so it is vital to pay importance to the overall build quality of the keyboard. And keep in mind to buy the keyboard, which is good quality and offers you more durability.

Keycaps Performance

It is the most important part of any keyboard because all of the performance depends on these keycaps. Make sure that the keycaps are of good quality, as all of your typing depends on them. The legends printed on the keycaps, the shape, and profile, and the process of removing and installing the keycaps are all vital features that will remain in mind while purchasing.

Also, find out the keyboard that will match your fingertips and give you comfort while typing. That’s why the keycaps are the most critical feature that demands more attention while buying a gaming keyboard. 

Multi-Color Backlighting

Most of the keyboards come with backlighting nowadays. These RGB lights not only give aesthetics to the keyboard but also make it visible in the dark. When you want to play in the dark, this backlighting increases visibility and gives an attractive look to the keyboard.

It is a major point in any purchase that can make you step back from your desired product. That’s why make a budget first, then find out the keyboard that can fulfill all your needs. Go for the keyboards that offer premium features while remaining affordable. You can spend the money saved from purchasing to upgrade your gaming rig.



Having gone through all of the above best Ducky keyboards, you may have realized why Ducky keyboards are the top choice for gamers. Every product is artistically crafted with unique designs that hold up through time. These keyboards provide great gaming experiences, and the Cherry MX switches are beyond amazing. Whatever you need- a full-size keyboard or a tenkeyless (TKL), you will find them all in Ducky One series.
After reading the buying guide and going through the reviews, we are sure that you can pick the best choice among the Ducky keyboards. However, we recommend Ducky One Mini RGB as a top performer among the best Ducky keyboards. It comes with Cherry MX switches and RGB lighting to give an amazing performance and aesthetics alike.