Top 5 Best Gaming Keyboard for Small Hands Review in 2022

Buying a gaming keyboard is one of the most significant purchases you will make, as it is the critical instrument to becoming a better gamer. Many people don’t know that your keyboard has to be personalized to work for your preferred style. Larger keyboards can provide users with more functionality, but it can become difficult for people with smaller hands to use them comfortably. The best gaming keyboard for small hands comes in handy to provide a comfortable typing and gaming experience.

It is essential to find a keyboard that has the right size. If you are looking to invest in a mechanical keyboard, smaller units will prove to be better. Your typing and gaming experience will be improved and become more comfortable. These keyboards are not only suitable for gamers but also for people traveling or moving around a lot. They can be compact, portable, and take up less space in your bag or at your desk.

5 Best Keyboard for Small Hands

If you’re frustrated with your standard-sized keyboard and struggle to type on it, particularly if you have small hands, then this list is for you. We have done some key research to unearth the best keyboards for small hands on the market designed specifically with smaller fingers in mind. Take a look at our top recommendations and decide which one fits your needs best. Without further ado, let’s go through some of the options available on the market:

Razer BlackWidow TE Chroma v2 TKL Small PC Keyboard

Razer BlackWidow TE

High-Performance Razer Green mechanical switches
Tenkeyless compact design
Portable form factor
Fully Programmable Macro Support
Durable 80 million clicks
ModelBlackWidow TE Chroma V2
SwitchesRazer Switches
RGB LightingYes
Onboard StorageYes
Dimensions8.12 x 14.58 x 0.16 inches
Weight‎3.63 pounds

The Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition Chroma V2 is a gaming keyboard that has extraordinary features. The Razer Synapse 3 companion software handles its RGB lighting and programmable macros. Both functions are customizable based on ergonomic design and a step above the original Razer BlackWidow, due to its detachable wrist rest.

Keyboard Design

The design of the v2 TKL mini keyboard for gaming is excellent and gives you a comfortable feeling. It contains an ergonomic design based on flippable feet and has a slop at a downward angle. The magnets remain integrated there, and the detachable wrist rest can connect to them.

Mounting Switches

There are three types of switches available in the Razer BW TE Chroma V2. But the green ones are more common and tend to headline the Razer unit while marketing. No doubt they are pleasant to type on. They give you the feeling of Cherry MX blue, right down to the 50g actuation force. Just like the MX Blues, they are also clicky, and sometimes you may get a loud sound while gaming.

USB Passthrough

The Chroma V2 is a good gaming keyboard for small hands that provides you with two USB passthrough, one for 2.0 mm and the second for 3.5 mm for audio. These USB pass-throughs are very helpful for attaching mice and other gadgets. But I would prefer to have two USB pass-throughs instead of a 3.5mm jack because you may need two USB slots on the back to connect the peripherals.

Extra Backlighting

The Tournament Edition is the best gaming keyboard for small hands that is free from any odd clutter. There are extra lightings that decorate the keyboards for better aesthetics. You can choose any color according to your choice of lighting.

These best gaming keyboards for small hands have a drawback. The keyboard’s backlight fails to keep them illuminating in the dark, and as a result, you may not see the words properly. If you are not a fluent typist, then this may cause a problem for you.

Programmable Software

Just like the other Razer keyboards, the Tournament Edition is a gaming keyboard. The Razer Synapse is a software program that unlocks the gaming features, and it is fully compatible with all of the Razer keyboards. This software provides some of the features like macros, backlight customization. It is also responsible for delivering the setting for each profile.

Feature Benefits To Buy
Razer Black Widow Tournament Edition Chroma V2 is a full package that provides features of good quality. Although the keys are slightly louder, they still give you a good feeling while playing on them. There are no other interesting features besides the Chroma software that may be a thing that you can behold and give you an enjoyable experience.

Logitech G Pro Computer Keyboards for Small Hands

Logitech G Pro

Competition level speed and precision
Sturdy Romer G switches
70 million key press lifespan
Portable and sleek design
Three-step angle adjustment
Mac OS and Windows compatible
SpecificationsTested Values
ModelG Pro
SwitchesRomer G
RGB LightingYes
Onboard StorageYes
Dimensions14.2 x 1.4 x 6 inches
Weight2.16 pounds

The Logitech G Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a keyboard that has good features for users with small hands. This professional gaming keyboard provides an excellent experience while gaming. The speed, precision, and silent operation make it more prominent and a full package.

Design Compatibility

This keyboard for small hands gaming is especially suitable for eSport gamers. You may become a competitive gamer by enhancing your skills using Logitech G Pro. It has a good build quality crafted from high-quality plastic. It looks sturdy in design and also durable.

This keyboard also contains rubber pads that keep the keyboard firmly, with 2 feet for inclining position. The Logitech G Pro provides you with two types of feet so that you can adjust the keyboard according to your comfort.

Mechanical Switches

Logitech uses Romer-G mechanical switches in these keyboards. They are not much popular as the Cherry MX Brown. But still, they are familiar ones and also well-known for being tactile and quiet. These switches are fast and give you good feedback while pressing them.

Gaming Performance

Logitech G Pro is not only a good gaming keyboard but also for typing. The people who type a lot may find this keyboard as the best companion. Romer-G switches give a faster response as compared to the standard mechanical switches. It helps not only in faster typing but also give minimum errors.

RGB Lighting

The Logitech G HUB is software used to customize RGB lights, and there is a wide range of patterns for your aesthetics. Logitech G Pro provides you with brilliant effects of RGB lights that will catch your attention.

Extra Features

Logitech G Pro is a small gaming keyboard without a number pad. This feature is responsible for its portability and makes it ideal for travel. It has a detachable braided micro-USB cable and a three-pronged design that give you easy and secure connections.

It is worth paying for the features that the Logitech G Pro provides. It is an excellent gaming keyboard with a good price range. But for some users, the price may be too high because it is a little bit expensive. However, the features of this keyboard justify its price.

Make Buying Decision
Logitech G Pro is the best gaming keyboard for small hands. If you come across it while purchasing, don’t let it go. It offers plenty of features with customizations to suit your gaming needs. If budget is not an issue for you, it is a perfect choice for anyone looking for a smart keyboard for gaming needs.

Redragon K522 KUMARA Mini Keyboard for Gaming

Redragon K522

Durable and sturdy build quality
RGB backlit mechanical keyboard
Anti-ghosting and N key rollover
Compact TKL layout
Precision engineered keycaps
SpecificationsFeatured Values
SwitchesCustom Mechanical
RGB LightingYes
Onboard StorageYes
Dimensions13.94 x 4.86 x 1.46 inches
Weight1.98 pounds

The Redragon-K552 mechanical keyboard is the best gaming keyboard with a compact layout. It is a 60% keyboard with almost 87 functional keys with arrow keys. The ergonomic design provides you the countered keycaps that give a comfortable feeling and tactile.

Build Quality and Feel

The build quality is also remarkable and provides you with a compact design. There is no Numpad, and due to this, it becomes more compact and small in size. It has a metal construction that gives it a sturdy finishing. The design is space-saving because it contains small key buttons and a narrow space among these keys. It helps to enhance the design for the user with small hands.

Multimedia Keys

In its functions, 12 keys are multimedia controls, making it too easy to handle things simply. These keys give you easy access to multimedia functions and increase your gaming ability. You will love to have this keyboard as it is a good option if you have small hands and want to perfect grip at your game.

Redragon Backlighting

The RGB lighting ability of this keyboard is very good. Its LED lights illuminate the keys even in the dark. The fonts or letters on the keycaps won’t scratch off and also not become dull even after years of use. The backlight of this keyboard is very high, and you can adjust its brightness up to 6 levels. It helps you to work even in a dark environment.

USB Connection Port

This best gaming keyboard for small hands gives you a firm grip while working. You can also adjust its position according to your comfort level for your typing angle. There is also a slot for connecting USB. The body is gold-plated and also rust-free. It ensures you a reliable connection at all times.

Water Resistant Properties

With water-resistant quality, it may become more prominent than the others. K552 design enables it to withstand the typical liquid spill. There is also an extraordinary feature to remove all keycaps that let you clean your keyboard with ease. You can also switch them and customize your keyboard according to your desire.

summarized note
The Redragon K552 is most worthy for its price tag. All of the features give you an extraordinary feeling. It is the best competitor for all the high-end keyboards while coming at an affordable price. Its small size makes it perfect for anyone looking for a powerful compact gaming keyboard.

HyperX Alloy FPS Pro Mechanical Keyboard for Small Hands

HyperX Alloy FPS Pro

Cherry MX mechanical keys
Ultra minimum tenkeyless design
Detachable cable for portability
N key rollover and anti-ghosting
Solid steel frame for stability
ModelAlloy FPS Pro
SwitchesCherry MX
RGB LightingBacklighting
Onboard StorageNo
Dimensions14.1 x 5.1 x 1.4 inches
Weight1.80 pounds

If you want the best compact gaming keyboard, the HyperX Alloy FPS is the best choice. You may get so many features in one place, such as the compact design, build quality, and performance. It is the best gaming keyboard suitable for a small setup, and you can also bring it with you while traveling. 

Build Quality and Feel

Like the other models of HyperX, the design of FPS Pro represents well-balanced keys on the top of a flat metal deck. The top layer of metal is slightly thinner, and the base underneath the keyboard is plastic. But there is a steel frame within that gives durability to this keyboard. Overall the FPS Pro gives you a sturdy and rigid look with plenty of weight.

Cherry MX Switches

Due to their effective response, feel, and durability, the Cherry MX switches are preferred by gamers. You will get more satisfaction when using these FPS keys rather than trying the other red, blue, or brown switches. This keyboard offers you full-size keycaps in good shape and also has a gentle scalloped curve on top. The smooth finish of this keyboard is remarkable.

High-End Performance

Cherry MX switches give you an extraordinary performance while gaming. There is a wide range of these switches, but the Brown switches are preferable due to their quiet and clicky behavior. The linear motion of red switches gives you a calm feeling. The mechanical keyboards are very advanced, and incorrect key registration negatively impacts the user.

Driverless Keyboard

The FPS best gaming keyboard for small hands provides no software, and it is a driverless gadget. But a simple utility to adjust the lighting, programmable keys, and record macros would be appreciated. It is a keyboard that we cannot neglect due to the absence of the software.

RGB Lighting

The FPS Pro provides only red LED lighting, just like the other HyperX Alloy keyboards. You can change the five-level brightness and six lighting styles by holding the Fn button and using the arrow keys. This keyboard offers built-in lighting patterns such as always-on, wave, breathing, FPS, and explosion. You can select any pattern according to your desire.

Other Features

You will find a mini-USB plug for detachable and braided USB cables at the backside of this keyboard. The mini-USB plug is installed instead of micro-USB. It may be a setback for it because most of the electronic peripherals convert to micro-USB. But it is a nice thing to use these cables with this keyboard if you want.

summarized note
The HyperX Alloy FPS Pro is the best keyboard for gaming. You will not feel any fatigue during the long gaming sessions. But it may have a disappointing factor for MMO players as it lacks dedicated macro keys. However, there is limited customization for lighting because there is no software support for this.

Corsair K65 LUX RGB Small Gaming Keyboard

Corsair K65

CUE support for advanced macros
Software managed RGB lighting
Easy to travel portable design
Large font keycaps
Cherry MX Red precise switches
SpecificationsTested Values
ModelK65 Lux
SwitchesCherry MX
RGB LightingYes
Onboard StorageYes
Dimensions1.5 x 6.5 x 14 inches
Weight1.90 pounds

The Corsair K65 LUX RGB is among the computer keyboards for small hands with a compact design and a fantastic gaming experience. The TenKeyLess design on the keyboard should make it the right choice for an ergonomic computer keyboard for small hands.

Build Quality and Feel

It comes with a brushed aluminum chassis which makes it more durable. It also contains a separate palm wrest. This wrist rest is detachable and brings more ease and comfort for you during the long sessions of games.

High Quality Design Look

The noticeable thing about the design is its high-quality chassis and its lightweight model. The other thing that will catch your attention is the removable wrist rest that is a big source of comfort while typing and gaming.

The CORSAIR K65 mechanical keyboard for small hands is best for gaming and typing. It has a compact design that makes it more convenient for people with small hands. This small design gives it an edge as it can fit in a small place at the desk. Due to its small form factor, it becomes readily portable and provides you with more room for the movement of the mouse.

Reliable Switches for Fast Typing

Its counter and textured keycaps are fast in typing and also accurate than the others. The 100% anti-ghosting keycaps are more reliable for great performance. There are MX Red key switches with RGB lighting that have an audible click. This keyboard is not only perfect for gaming but also good for office use.

The Cherry MX switch is good for best performance and gives you the perfect feel when using these tactile keys. These keys give you great actuation and outclass gaming experience. You will get a good gaming experience, and typing also looks like a cup of tea for you.

Customizable Backlighting

The K65 LUX is the best gaming keyboard for small hands, giving you a wide range of customizable lighting effects. You can customize the per-key lighting effect. These lighting effect looks very brilliant while pressing them. Its Cherry MX switches give you a quiet and smooth typing experience.

Corsair Utility Engine has great software that can control lighting effects and improve your typing experience. This software is very helpful in controlling the function of keys and also very effective about their actions.

Quick Features Overview
There are much more features that will bring ease for you while using this keyboard. The USB passthrough allows you to connect any other additional USB like a mouse and speakers. However, this is the best tenkeyless gaming keyboard, and we recommend you to go with it if you are looking for a small-sized keyboard for small hands.

Buying Guide for the Best Gaming Keyboard for Small Hands

There are many mini gaming keyboards in the market, and sometimes it’s become difficult to pick up the best. We will try our best to give you some basic and important instructions that can help you to buy the best gaming keyboard for small hands.

This information will help you purchase the best gaming keyboard for small hands 2022 that also has good value for money. Now it’s time to have a look at the criteria for buying the best mini gaming keyboard.

Durability of Material and Functions

Whenever you want to buy a keyboard, the first thing that should remain under consideration is its build quality. The good material of any product determines its durability. The durability of the keyboard decides that how much force and pressure your keyboard withstand.

Some low-range gaming keyboards in the market are made of cheap plastic, which makes them fragile. These affordable mini gaming keyboards are not durable and have less lifetime. These are not suitable for gamers, especially for users who are disposed to anger outbursts.   

In contrast, high-end keyboards offer you good build quality and mostly come with steel reinforcement and aluminum chassis. Due to its good material, they are more durable, keeping your investment safe for a long period.

Type of Switches

Mostly the high-end gaming keyboards are equipped with mechanical switches. One of the most popular mechanical switches that exist in the market is Cherry MX switches. They are notorious for their exclusive color range.

The choice of choosing between the switches is your preference. However, if you like to have a keyboard that can give you a response on a slight touch, then Cherry MX Red switches are best for you. While on the other hand, if you prefer high activation force and want a stiff feel, then Cherry MX Black switches are a good choice.

If you want to have something in the middle, MX Brown can help you in this regard. MX Red switches come with a high actuation force, and MX Black gives you a tangible bump, while the MX Brown switches are in between the everyday task that will give you a great gaming experience.

Keyboard Pricing

Due to their extra quality features, gaming keyboards are a little bit expensive than usual keyboards. The best gaming keyboard for small hands comes with RGB lighting and is loaded with various features. Different companies offer different features in their keyboards, and sometimes it becomes a big challenge to choose one of the best. 

There are some of the membrane keyboards that you mostly expect in an affordable price range. You may get one of the impressive selections that may provide you with the feeling of mechanical keys.

If you want a small gaming keyboard cheap with RGB lighting to make your gaming experience more beautiful and elegant at night, find a keyboard with mechanical keys. They are more affordable and give you great aesthetics.

Keyboard Types

Both cheap and expensive keyboards are available in the market. It’s up to your budget and choice, which one you want to purchase for you. Generally, membrane keyboards are cheap, and mechanical keyboards are expensive.

Membrane keyboards work simply, as they run an electrical current through two mushy plastic membranes to work. While the mechanical keyboards work just like the old typewriters, and there is a mechanical switch under each keycap.

Although mechanical keyboards are expensive, they work more efficiently and give you an active response than membrane keyboards. Moreover, you may get some other elegant features in these high-end keyboards that can prove them worthy for this high price tag. The best one-handed gaming keyboard for small hands can provide a more ergonomic way to handle typing and gaming.

Customizable RGB Lighting

When it comes to RGB lighting, there are three main types of keyboards. They either don’t have any lighting, single-color backlighting, or they come with full RGB lighting. It comes to your preference what you like for your best gaming keyboard with small hands.

Generally, RGB keyboards are preferable among enthusiasts and gamers. This popularity is primarily due to their ambiance and vibrant looks. They provide extra functioning as you can recognize the keys in the dim light without any issues.

Key Rollover

Key rollover is the technology used in modern keyboards that allows the gamers to press so many buttons simultaneously. The key rollover is not a basic demand of every gamer. It may be important for those gamers who want to use keypresses or buttons to perform complex commands. This feature will help you press the “x” number of keys simultaneously and register on the computer.

So many key rollovers are in the market, but the NKRO is most common. NKRO on the best keyboard for small hands gaming allows you to press all of the keys on the keyboard simultaneously, and they will also get registered to the computer.

Macro and Media Keys

Macro and media keys are prevalent in most keyboards. When you buy a keyboard, make sure that these keys are present because the macro keys help users link complex commands to one key. You can enter spells and commands quickly at the touch of an icon in MMO-type games

The media keys are best for media settings such as play and pause, volume, previous and next. However, these media keys are not important for gaming. They are placed in many different shapes and give aesthetics to the keyboard.

Best Recommended Product
Although, it may become a difficult task to select a keyboard for small hands. Some of the necessary features should remain under consideration while buying a gaming keyboard for small hands. Here we set a list of the best ones that may fulfill your needs and requirements. Now it’s up to you which one you want to pick according to your expectations.

Although many options are available to purchase the best gaming keyboard for smaller hands, Logitech G Pro is the best gaming keyboard for short fingers in 2021. It has a compact design with mechanical switches to offer a layout that best fits small hand users’ requirements. The switches feel right for the gaming provide tactile feedback for an enhanced gaming experience.
Are smaller keyboards better for gaming?

Mini keyboards are handy, portable, and feel comfortable while typing or gaming. Especially they become more convenient for small hands. These keyboards provide you with a compact layout for the ultimate gaming experience for small hands. These mini keyboards also reduce clutter on your desk.

Do compact keyboards have smaller keys?

Having a compact layout does not mean that smaller keyboards have smaller keys. The keys are not smaller than normal, and they are fewer in number. It also depends on whether you want your spacebar wider than a single letter key or has it in its original size. However, a keyboard with smaller keys is also there in the market for more niche usage.

Why is a small keyboard better?

Gaming keyboard small size has many benefits due to its small size. It is more portable, and you can work on it easily without pressing any other extra keys. You can also use the mouse on the side of your keyboard without smacking its sides.

Why do gamers use small keyboards?

There are many reasons, such as you can easily access all of the keys due to their small size. It is also easy to travel with this small portable compact design. Moreover, they will also provide you with more space for your mouse at the desk.


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