5 Best Horizontal PC Cases 2022 | Sideways MOBO Chassis

Evolution is not only changing the human race but also affecting the PC master race. These days, innovations are happening to target a specific niche. The best horizontal PC cases are innovations that are a blessing for gamers and enthusiasts who want minimal gaming setup. They are more comfortable to use and blend well with the room environment due to good build quality and sleek design.

Desktop PC case horizontal placement is not unidirectional as you can use most of these cases vertically too. This freedom of placement attracts users who continuously keep changing their setup. You can save space compared to the large ATX PC case while having the option to change the style anytime. The majority of these horizontal computer cases come with high performance with a little sacrifice on cooling options which we will discuss later.

5 Best Horizontal Gaming PC Cases in 2022

There are many options available in the market when I search for the best horizontal PC cases. Some have compact build with less space for extra bays and cooling, while some have plenty of space to set both cooling options.

However, for better liquid cooling, you may consider the best cases for water cooling. I have selected the top 5 sideway cases after personal usage experience you can trust to select your best horizontal PC case 2022.

Cooler Master HAF XB EVO Horizontal Gaming PC Case

Cooler Master HAF XB EVO

Ideal for overclockers and enthusiasts
Powerful airflow with dual fan mechanism
Spacious for extra SSDs and HDDs
Modular design allows easy component swapping
Lightning-fast plug and play
Form FactorMid-Tower
PSU SupportATX
Motherboard SupportATX, Micro ATX, Mini ITX
Expansion Slots7
I/O Ports2x USB 3.0
HD Audio In & Out
Fan Mounts1x 120mm
2x 120mm, 2x 140 mm (front)
1x 120mm, 2x 80 mm (rear)
Drive Mounts4x Internal 3.5″
4x Internal 2.5″
2x Internal 5.25″
Radiator Support240 mm (front) , 120 mm (rear)
Dimensions17.4 x 13 x 16.7 inches

Cooler Master HAF XB EVO is an excellent horizontal gaming PC case with a unique and flexible design. It is a durable and well-built case that fulfills the user requirements quite well. It hails from the High Airflow series of the manufacturer so that you can expect a solid design with maximum cooling and airflow options.

Container Design

The case contains a large mesh grill at the front with dual 120mm fans at the disposal. The design is modular and offers a better upgrade of these fans to the 140mm model. Currently I’m using this case to build my PC. It offers easy adjustment and switching the hard drives with the modular bays.

Overall the front of the case is nicely done with a simple but robust design. It has two USB 3.0 ports at the front accompanied by the power buttons. The reset button, headphone jacks, and microphone jack look great on the front beside the power button.

Panel Build Quality

I noticed that except for the front panel, these best horizontal PC cases are entirely steel. It makes them a little bulkier, it also makes them significantly more resilient if something comes into contact. There are a couple of good cooling options, seven expansion slots, and room for the I/O panel on this horizontal PC case.

Air Cooling

I found that Cooler Master HAF XB EVO has two fans that spin at 1800 RPM, which can get noisy due to the lack of an integrated controller. Undoubtedly, cooling performance is a significant consideration in this case. However, there is a workaround for it. You can use your fan control for a quieter experience.

It is easier to replace 120 mm fans with 140 mm ones on a Cooler Master case. Even though the necessary screw holes are in place, replacing them with larger fans does not make much sense because the outside wall will block a large portion of the outside edge. 

Water Cooling Radiator

As a result of the HAF XB’s well-thought-out interior arrangement, it is possible to attach a pair of closed-loop or water cooling radiators. First and foremost, there is space behind the two front fans for a 240 mm radiator. In some cases, depending on the unit you are using, you may be able to add two more fans to create a push-pull configuration. 

Cable Management

I explored that the tower configuration of XAF EVO differs from other standard tower designs as it has a unique design that makes handling cabling manageable. Since cables are easy to route out of sight, you can expect a clean setup. It provides significant space for cable management on the top, bottom, and sides of the motherboard.

All Components Versatility

The configuration of the case prevents the internal components from getting hotter. There is enough margin for an even higher overclocking attempt to be successful. Airflow from the front of the case may pass through it to cool the graphics cards because it has adequate space to accommodate. 

Even at modest fan speeds, Cooler Master XAF EVO can maintain enough cooling for all components. I also believe that there is potential for improvement. For example, the addition of a small liquid cooler would almost certainly help to reduce noise.

Silverstone Grandia Series GD06 Horizontal ATX Case

Silverstone Grandia Series GD06

Ideal expansion card support
Good high-speed USB options
It fits well in compact spaces
Positive air pressure design
Silent fans operation for cooling
SpecificationsTested Values
Form FactorMicro ATX
PSU SupportSFF
Motherboard SupportMicro ATX, Mini ITX, DTX
Expansion Slots5
I/O Ports2x USB 3.0
1x Audio In & Out
Fan Mounts2x 120mm (right)
1x 120mm (left)
2x 80mm (rear)
Drive Mounts4x Internal 3.5″
1x Internal 2.5″
1x External 5.25″
Radiator SupportN/A
Dimensions‎22 x 17 x 10 inches

Silverstone Grandia Series GD06 is a horizontal ATX case that allows for more cooling options inside the chassis. It comes with a powerful airflow system that monitors the temperature of the cases and keeps components cool for gaming on the big screen. This case is still in use in my office. From construction quality to cable management, this case is ahead of its league.

Pro Build Quality

The GD06 is primarily composed of steel with a coating of black paint all over the case for the exterior. The interior does not have any paint protection like most computer cases. There is a plastic panel with a thick aluminum door to access the internal panel on the front once you unlock it.

Overall, the case gives a more streamlined look for an HTPC user, and it utilizes aluminum well in the places. There is a nice color contrast with the curves that this case offers on its sides for a better combination for a home theater setup.

Excellent Design

The design looks pretty straightforward on Grandia Series GD06. It houses a pair of 3.5″ hard drives once I lower the door. A 5.25″ optical drive bay comes along with the case for HTPC needs. However, you can simply use cover with the case if you are not planning to use it soon.

Besides the basic design on the front, there are I/0 ports. As the case comes in a horizontal configuration, there are few options for ports on the front. It offers a standard headphone and microphone jack, two USB 3.0 ports, a reset button, and a power button.

Storage Options

I experienced that installing the hard disk using the bay is quite simple among all the best horizontal PC cases. However, I find it clumsy when it comes to removing the bay. A metal bracket would be a nice addition for the bay as I won’t need to fear breaking something in the process.

The storage is unique on Grandia Series GD06 horizontal case as it comes with a USB 3.0 to USB 2.0 adapter. This addition is exemplary as I have not seen this utility on other PC cases. The drive bay comes with permanent LED lights that indicate that the hard drive is installed properly in the bay, which is a nice addition.

3 Fans for Airflow

I explored that the airflow system in Grandia GD06 is remarkable with the inclusion of three fans. This system helps to maintain the temperature of the system checked and take the heat and hot heat air away from the internal component while remaining silent.

The ventilation system is predominantly best for a horizontal mobo case. Its three fans work simultaneously to create a positive airflow inside the case. The air vents out from the grills on the rear and sides while keeping the rig cool.

Compact in Space

Grandia GD06B offers a compact space for the components, but it cannot house a full-sized ATX motherboard. However, it supports Micro ATX, Mini ITX, DTX boards with ease.

Overall, you can use the m-ATX motherboard easily, but it may pose issues for keeping the build clean and tidy. It offers space for an 11″ graphics card with a good room for airflow.

Cable Management

Managing the cable in these PC cases depends on the motherboard and components used. However, with mini-ITX motherboard provides good cable management. You can either bundle the cables between the power supply and motherboard or tuck them under the hard drive bays when installing the motherboard.

Thermaltake Core P3 Horizontal PC Case Full ATX

Thermaltake Core P3

Three-way placement layout
Customizable modular design
Open frame tempered glass view
Supports various motherboard size
Vertical PSU and GPU mounting
SpecificationsFeatured Values
Form FactorMid-tower
PSU SupportATX
Motherboard SupportMini ITX, Micro ATX, ATX
Expansion Slots8
I/O Ports2x USB 3.0
2x USB 2.0
1x Audio In & Out
Fan Mounts3x 120mm, 3x 140 mm (left)
Drive Mounts2x External 3.5″
3x External 2.5″
2x Internal 2.5/3.5″
Radiator Support1x 360 mm or smaller, 1x 420 mm or smaller (left)
Dimensions20.2 x 13.1 x 18.5 inches

Thermaltake Core P3 is an unusually attractive horizontal PC case full ATX with its unique design. It showcases an excellent design, with one side covered with the metal cover while the other side exposed to the transparent panoramic view. It is a full ATX case that is easy to use as a normal mid-tower without any issues in the component performance.

Case Dimensions

The Thermaltake Core P3 comes as a mid-tower horizontal ATX case with a spacious layout. It is one of the most spacious PC cases with a design for a potential upgrade that we have seen during our reviews. Its dimensions are good for housing a custom rig for gaming with quiet ease.

Build Quality

P3 is available in two color options available: black and snow white. Both of these models have transparent side glass that allows you to see your complete system’s components from the left side of the chassis. Besides that, steel is predominantly the most used material in the build, followed by ABS plastic and rubber components. 

Storage Capacity

Other than the optical drive option, there are various storage disc choices available on Thermaltake P3. You can install two  3.5″ discs while making them visible from a transparent cover. Inside the steel component of the chassis, you can house 2.5″ or 3.5″ drives inside the hidden drive trays to continue with the list of configuration possibilities.

Ports for Extra Components

The Core P3 best horizontal pc cases have a front I/O panel, which has a pair of USB 3.0 ports, a pair of USB 2.0 ports, and HD Audio jacks. Besides that, it has a standard reset button and a power button. Unlike the competitors, the front panel on this horizontal PC case has an I/O panel on the same steel section.

Concerning the power supply, the P3 accepts any conventional power supply, regardless of its length. Depending on the motherboard used, it hangs with the fan directly facing larger ATX motherboards, whereas smaller boards allow the PSU to face the left glass panel due to more space.

Liquid Cooling Setup

Cooling inside this PC case is easier to handle with two 120mm and 140mm fans while keeping the storage drives potentially cool. The location of the fans is perfect for supporting the water cooling, AIO, or custom setup. You can install 360mm and 420mm radiators for a better liquid cooling setup. Overall, there is no issue with temperature rise in this PC case for most gaming setups.

Motherboard Tray

The Core P3 has a tray area for the motherboard with a while logo of Thermaltake. It suits Mini ITX, Micro ATX, ATX motherboards and allows easy wiring through the last backplate access hole and six holes.

The GPU installation space is under the motherboard tray, a module design with included expansion slots and brackets. This bracket also supports expansion slots. However, you can set these slots in standard orientation.

Noise Level

The Thermaltake Core P3 does not have any dedicated sound dampening and insulation. In our test setup, there was a clear hum of the fans. However, the sound of the fans and cooling system can vary according to their number and speed. The lack of fans makes the stock rig much silent in operation, which implies that individual components can decide the noise levels.

Fractal Design Node 202 Horizontal Mini ITX Case

Fractal Design Node 202

Sleek and elegant design
A highly versatile case
Extremely small footprint
Smart thermal interior design
Easy horizontal and vertical placing
Form FactorMid-tower
PSU SupportSFX
Motherboard SupportMini ITX
Expansion Slots2
I/O Ports2x USB 3.0
1x Audio In & Out
Fan Mounts2x 120mm (optional)
Drive Mounts2x Internal 2.5″
Radiator SupportN/A
Dimensions3.46 x 14.84 x 13.07 inches

Fractal Design Node 202 is another amazing horizontal mini ITX case from a Swedish manufacturer. It is one of the smallest horizontal cases that we review in this article. The case carries a slim design that is native to many other HTPC use cases. However, you may get amazed by the fact that it can house a full-size graphics card for making it a compact gaming machine.

Horizontal Case Dimension

The Fractal Design Node 202 has a compact and smaller form factor than most other ITX gaming cases. It stands 3.25 inches tall, 13 inches deep, and 14.85 inches wide in dimension. Their resulting volume calculates to 10.2 liters which seriously forbids many modifications that you can accomplish in ATX cases.

At first glance, you may consider Fractal Design 202 as another HTPC case with a slim form factor. However, it contradicts its visuals as it can accommodate a 310 mm long full-sized graphics card with quiet comfort. This spacious accommodation is more than a standard 280 mm graphics card that we usually see in high-end brands.

Material Build Quality

The Node 202’s physical dimensions and form are reminiscent of an old-school video cassette recorder (VCR). There are only straight lines and simple geometric patterns in this design, which is minimalistic in appearance. Due to its rubber feet, you can use the case for both horizontal and vertical use.

A hard-wearing matte black paint coat covers most of the case, making it extremely resilient to getting stains or fingerprints. However, the lower portion is almost 180 flip off the upper part with flashy paint and a glossy look that can catch up fingerprints.

Compartment Capacity for Attachments

An effective CPU, conventional graphics card, and one or two SSDs may be accommodated in the Fractal Design Node 202 without difficulty, resulting in an exceptionally good gaming setup. If you do not have an expansion card attached, the left compartment remains empty inside the chassis.

Because of the wall between the compartments, sophisticated liquid cooling methods accommodation is not possible. There is no way to accommodate 3.5″ drives without changing the casing. Because of this, it is perfect to use this case as HTPC or server with massive internal hard drives.

No. of Ports for Connections

The I/O ports in these best horizontal PC cases are on the left of the faceplate, which houses two USB 3.0 ports, a power button, and two 3.5 mm headphone jacks. That’s for the front, while there is no place for the PSU on the rear, which can be alarming at first for you. However, the manufacturer placed the PSU compartment on the front side of the case.

There is no extra space for the fans and vents in the I/O panel above the motherboard. However, the expansion slots have white covers that come in handy for a clean look if you won’t use expansion slots in your horizontal setup.

Cooling and Noise Control

The limited ventilation for each piece of hardware put inside the Node 202 will result in greater running temperatures even when operating at standard performance levels. This can lead to heating and throttling concerns as a result of insufficient airflow through the system.

Node 202 performance depends on the custom fans you plan to use with the build regarding noise levels. It has space for two optional 120 mm fans that can regulate the temperature. However, you may hear a buzz of the fan operating, which is quite bearable for most users.

SilverStone Technology GD09B Sideways PC Case

SilverStone Technology GD09B

SilverStone RA02 rackmount ears
Multi-purpose drive cages mounts
Incredible depth to fit comfortably
Positive air pressure design
Excellent cooling with dust protection
SpecificationsTested Values
Form FactorMid-tower
PSU SupportATX
Motherboard SupportSSI-CEB, ATX, Micro-ATX
Expansion Slots8
I/O Ports2x USB 3.0
1x Audio In & Out
Fan Mounts2x 120mm (right)
1x 120mm or 1x 80 mm (left)
2x 80mm, 1x 140 mm (rear)
Drive Mounts1x External 5.25″
2x Internal 3.5″
1x Internal 2.5″
Radiator SupportN/A
Dimensions14.09 x 17.32 x 6.69 inches

SilverStone Technology GD09B is clean looking and sleek sideways PC case that everyone admires when looking at it. It has one of the best build quality with finishing that makes it dust go away easily. Besides that, it has good cable management and enough housing space for the components to make it a powerhouse for everyone’s needs.

Attractive Design

The design of the case looks stylish, sleek, and elegant for a horizontal PC case. We liked the way it looks and fits with the other gaming setup. The panels have brushed paint that gives the impression of chrome. Besides that, the premium looking cases has durable rubber feet that increase its aesthetics compared to the features it offers.

Build Quality and Paint Finish

On the plus side, the build quality and finishing of this case are exceptional. The paint job has a textured appearance, which we presume was done on purpose to prevent dust mixing. We were particularly taken by the chrome-plated screws, which add a sense of elegance.

The case has a steel construction except for a front plastic panel mimicking a faux aluminum finish. It helps to lower the cost of the case compared to the real aluminum. If you want a better-looking case, then you can choose GD06 with a bucks increase in price.

Storage and Ports

Taking a closer look at the front of the case, you’ll notice the USB 3.0, HD audio, reset, and power, followed by the handy multi-purpose disc tray located in one of the case’s corners. The ports and front buttons are pretty standard like other best horizontal PC cases we reviewed here in the article.

In addition to one 3.5′′ hard disc or two 2.5′′ drives, this tray may accommodate one 5.25′′ external optical drive. If you are not planning for an optical drive, you can use this space for a 3.5″ bay. Surprisingly, there is a 3.5′′ drive bay concealed beneath the case vertically for more functionality.

Fan Cooling System

SilverStone contains a standard 120mm fan for cooling near an inlet near the CPU installation location. It is possible to put two more 120mm fans in the chassis for better airflow. You can install one fan next to the stock or preinstalled fan while the other near the end of the case next to the power supply

With only one fan preinstalled, it lacks the high-tier performance spinning at 1000 RPM. Certainly, the single fan performs well if you only want to use the GD09 for a lighter task. If you intend to create a gaming setup, you should consider the possibility of fitting other fans as things might quickly heat up.

Cable Management

Because of the tiny size, there are few things to be aware of when putting together the components for the first time. Installing the power supply will be the first thing you’ll want to accomplish when putting together a system in this situation.

If you try to do conventional cable management by installing the motherboard first, you may end up with regrets. It has a design flaw that left no space behind the motherboard. So, before choosing traditional cable management, count your outcomes first.

Noise Control

The anti-vibration cushioning in the hard drive trays, in particular, performed an excellent job of dampening internal noises. They are not optimal for thermal performance due to less airflow, but they are excellent for noise reduction of the fans and components.

Buying Guide for the Horizontal Motherboard Case

It is important to buy a good PC case as it is responsible for the performance of the internal components and overall build. Do you know how to buy the best horizontal PC cases for your computer. Don’t worry, we are here to help you to buy the best horizontal motherboard PC case. This buyer’s guide will enable you to know what is important for selecting your computer case.

Horizontal Vs Vertical:

We can discuss all day about horizontal vs vertical pc case difference. Normally there are two types of orientation available: one is vertical, and the second is horizontal. Orientation doesn’t matter much for some people, but design and orientation are a must when buying the PC case.

Both of the cases have equal performance and features. But the horizontal cases are very popular among the users as they occupy less space and look beautiful. You may go for any type of orientation you like to use s there is no evident orientation effect on the performance.

Durability in Build Quality:

The second thing that matters a lot when buying a PC case is the build quality. Build quality means that how durable is the PC case. The chassis, mostly made from good material, protects the motherboards, graphics card, and other expensive components quite well.

You should go for only those PC cases with a strong frame to last longer. All the PC cases included in our list are good quality and sturdy material with a great build.

Dimensions of Case:

The size of the PC case only depends on the hardware requirements, so choose that one that meets all the requirements. The motherboards have different specifications and sizes, so the PC cases need to match the specific motherboard sizes.

That’s why you may go for a full tower, mid-tower, and mini ITX cases that are more common. Horizontal cases may give you extra options for standard ATX, micro ATX, Mini ITX, E ATX, etc.

Ease of Installation:

Since old time screws are the main tools for the installation, but in the modern age, there is no need for any screw as the manufacturers switched to tool-free design. Now you can set all the PC components without screwing anything.

There are many other benefits of the best horizontal PC cases. They have a tool-free design that you can easily disassemble anytime by yourself without any special tool or needing an expert to use their specialized tools to make changes in the setup.

Cable Management:

Cables are the most important part of any horizontal ATX case as they connect the components to the motherboard. There are many cables to deal with, which you need to connect from the motherboard to the GPU, drives, and other components.

Sometimes assembling the cables becomes a difficult task if you do not have a proper place for them. A spacious PC case can solve this problem very well. So, choose that case that has enough space to keep the cables intact and properly managed.

The proper assembling of the cables is very important because it gives a clean look and saves them from any damage. There are tie points and even amazing chambers to hide the wiring in some of the PC cases.

Drive Bays:

The number of the drive bays is all about the matter of personal preference. It depends upon how many and what kind of drives you want to use with it. The PC cases which we have reviewed in the list have different drive bay options. So, it only relies on your decision while buying the right case for your motherboard.

Now, all of the latest models of ATX computer cases have drive bays, making the process easy for the placements. These drive bays are perfectly matchable with 2.5-inch, 3.5-inch, and 5.25-inch drives.

However, there are some models which have extra space for HDD/SSD. If you want to increase the ability and features of your case, then investing in a spacious and pricier case can work for most users.

Airflow System:

Good airflow for the PC case is an essential thing. In a horizontal mini ITX case, the airflow can get restricted due to the compact design of the case.

Make sure that before making a purchase that your PC case doesn’t restrict the airflow in any case so that your system remains cool and performs well during playing games without interruption.


Everyone wants a PC case that looks beautiful in design. There is a large range of horizontal PC cases available in the market which offer attractive designs. Find out the tempered glass sides as they look stunning while you start them for gaming. You may set for RGB lighting options if you need a gaming-centric look.

These PC cases are in different price ranges. When you want to buy a horizontal case, you may look first for your budget. We try our best to cover horizontal motherboard cases for every budget. It is up to you to find the case that meets all the requirements and matches your budget.

There is a broad range of PC cases starting from $100 and may go more than $500 or more depending on the features. The price range may vary with cooling features, the gaming rig, and the capabilities you want.

Best one Recommendation
Among the best horizontal PC cases, there are plenty of decent options. Your buying decision can get affected by the features you want and product pricing. All the cases offer diverse features with good overall performance.

If you have no budget limitation and want some solid horizontal PC case for all-around needs, Cooler Master HAF XB EVO Horizontal Gaming PC Case fits well. During our testing, we found this case an excellent choice for gaming and graphics-intensive use. It fit well for everyone due to better airflow, storage options, and good cable management.
What are horizontal PC cases called?

ATX cases that reside parallel to the table or ground are known as horizontal PC cases. They are best for users who need a small place. Aesthetically they look excellent according to the room environment. They also give a clean look and have sufficient space inside them with the good build quality.

Is it OK to put your PC sideways?

There is not even any problem with the placement of the computer while lying on its side. You can convert the tower case to horizontal without any problem. But you may face a problem when you want to insert a disc into the computer while it is sideways. It is better to select the best horizontal PC case if you want to put them horizontally.

Can you put a liquid-cooled PC on its side?

Airflow matters more than the orientation of the cooling system. For most cooling systems, either fan or liquid cooling, orientation does not matter much. You only need to ensure that there is no blockage or extra pressure on the liquid cooling pipes.

How big should a horizontal PC case be?

The size of the best horizontal PC cases depends on the motherboard. A huge E-ATX card takes up a lot of space for the large PC, so a large space is required. These large cases can handle all sizes of components. If you want to go with a smaller motherboard, you can choose a compact horizontal PC for a sleek look.


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