5 Best Intel Core CPUs for Gaming and Streaming Review

If you are looking for the best Intel CPU for streaming videos, you have come across the right place to find the one for yourself. The processing power is necessary when discussing the Best Intel CPU for gaming and streaming. So, here for your ease, I am giving you some tips to monitor the best CPU.

Memory and speed limits also affect the performance of the CPU. Intel series has the capacity of cache memory. Let’s be fair with the provisions you plan to have in your CPU, write them out, and create a comparison of all those with outstanding qualities of CPU I am going to tell you about it.

For a processing task, Intel is above all type of competitions. In this article, I will explain the Best Intel CPU software that will protect you from any loss. First, I’m giving you some basic information about the best Intel CPU. For obtaining the full details on CPUs, keep reading this article. So, let’s begin the game.

Hi, I am Robert. I made myself professional in all PC components. I tested most of the products and taken reviews from users, especially Gamer’s Community to make best list of products with a reliable buying guide factors for knowledge.


Top List of Best Intel Processor for Gaming and Streaming

  1. Intel Core i7-10700KF Desktop Processor
  2. Intel i5-10400F Processor
  3. Intel Core i9- 9900k Desktop Processor
  4. Intel Core i7-11700K Desktop Processor
  5. Intel Core i9-10900X Desktop Processor

Choosing the best CPU with the best socket is quite difficult, but we are here to make things easy for everyone. When you select your processor, your requirements are very important. The main purpose of this review is to tell all the options. Intel CPU has many features, and the series of Intel CPUs is best. Be sure to read the buying guide for getting the best processor for gaming and streaming.

1) Intel Core i7-10700KF Best Processor for Gaming and Streaming

Processor base Frequency3.80GHz
Turbo Frequency5.10GHz
Cache Memory16MB
Bus speed8GT/s
Memory typesDDR4-2933
Socket typeLGA 1200
CompatibilityIntel 400 series chipsets
Processor3.8 GHz core _ i7
Configurable TDP-Frequency95 w
  • Coresthreadss
  • Compatible with motherboard
  • Intel turbo boost maximum technology
  • Intel optane Memory support
  • UHD Graphics
  • Socket type LGA
  • Up to 5.1Ghz unlocked

The Intel Core processorhas a quality of unlocked graphics. The 10th generation is designed and optimized for the gamer. It enhances the quality of performance. When a person uses it for gaming, it generates heat, but more powerful vents are used for cooling purposes. In addition, it has the features of Turbo boost technology. The purpose of this Best Processor for Gaming and Streaming review is to consider all the options on the processor.

8 Core Processor

The CPU is the brain of the computer. All the performance of the computer depends on the processor. The same likely core is the brain of the processor, and each core works independently. Therefore, the version of the body is very important for processors.

It performs all tasks very sharply. The i7-10700 Intel core processor has 8 Cores. It is a big and incredible feature that increases the performance. You can also enjoy the elements by selecting a CPU from my recent article the Best AM3 CPU, read all the instructions from there.

Compatibility with Motherboard

Compatibility is very necessary for every processor. When any processor is compatible with the motherboard, then the performance is going well. If you want the Best Intel CPU for gaming and streaming, you should read this review. However, if you’re going to buy Intel, then, first of all, you should check the generation of the processor and its compatibility with the motherboard.

Turbo Boost Technology

The cores in processors must run fast is very important. Turbo technology is the technology that helps the body run automatically faster than marked frequency. So when there are the features of Turbo core technology, it increases the performance of both applications. Intel i7-10700kF is the Desktop processor that has Turbo technology. It operates all functions within limits and cannot damage the processor.

Intel Optane Memory 

As we know, there is traditional memory and storage memory. The main purpose of Intel Optane Memory is to make a differences between both memories. So you can get conventional and storage memory both in the Intel CPU.

It supports Intel memory that is much helpful in the performance of applications, calculating the data, and gaming and streaming. It also gives the redirect data to your most-used program.

Intel UHD Graphics

As we know that there is a very attractive improvement in the Graphics. Intel i7-10700KF Desktop processor is the best Intel processor for gaming and streaming. Before a few years, there was not a good experience of gaming on the Intel CPU, but nowadays, we can say that it is the best gaming and streaming CPU for gamers. In this review, we discussed the proper performance of Intel processors. We can say that it is the best CPU for gaming and streaming 2022.

Socket to Put On

The Intel i7-10700KF desktop processor supports LGA 1151 socket. LGA 1151 is also known as H4. You know it comes into two versions. The first one supports Intel and Kaby Lake, and the second version supports Coffee Lake.

It is very important to understand that the 10th and 11th generations used the socket LGA. The manufacturer explores the wide range of LGA 1151 sockets. When you want to be a good gamer, then you should read this review.

Make Buying Decision: 

You would love to use Intel CPU i7-10700kF, and it is as impressive as you can imagine. It has the features of Turbo boost technology that increase the performance of gaming and streaming. There is no reason to avoid this super processor, as it will provide you maximum satisfaction.

2) Intel i5-10400F Recommended Processor for Streaming

Intel i5-10400F Recommended Processor for Streaming
Graphics4GB of GDDR5
Processor base Frequency2.90GHz
Cache Memory12 MB Intel Smart cache
Turbo Frequency4.30GHz
Bus speed8GT/s
Hard Drive512 GB Flash memory
Computer Memory typeDDR4 SDRAM
  • Tempered glass side case panel
  • RGB case lighting, RGB colors
  • Performers and Graphics
  • Connectivity technology
  • Performers NVidia Graphics processors
  • High Resolution

Intel i5-10400F comes in the market with many additions and features such as High Turbo Frequency, bus speed, Intel Optane Memory. It has a base clock speed of 2.9 GHz and exists in Intel Hyper-Threading technology. It is also a good processor that has very compatible features. So, you know, if you want to choose an Intel CPU, it increases the performance of your PC.

Cores and Threads

Cores are the very important components of the processors. We can say that cores are the brain of the CPU. Each core performs its function independently. For example, the Intel i5-10400F Desktop processor contains six cores, which is sufficient for gaming.

If you want to buy the Best Intel CPU for gaming and streaming, you should keep all its features in mind. Threads are the code in the processor that can be divided. In addition, these codes can be divided into multiple virtual cores.

Performance and Graphics

Intel Core i5-10400 is the best Intel CPU for gaming and streaming. It offers the performance of applications. It also performs a task for the gaming program. It has 630 graphics. It has the specification of TDP at 65 Watts. Intel CPU has a clock speed of 4.1GHz and 4.8GHz. Therefore, we can say that it is also the best CPU for gaming and streaming in 2021 and 2022.

Support Gaming Keyboard

Intel Core i5-10400F is also known as a gaming keyboard processor because it is very suitable for gaming procedures. If you are working and spend most of your time editing and calculating the sheets, then i5 Intel core is sufficient for all their purposes.

The best feature of this Intel series is that it has multi-threads. It is very beneficial for clock speed. We can say that bundles of Intel CPUs are out of the box nowadays.

High Resolution

Higher Resolution means the images with more pixels. For playing games, high resolution is very important because of making a standard in gaming. You can enjoy all these features by attaining the article of Best Motherboard for AMD FX 6300, also get the benefit of choosing the best resolution motherboard.

Connectivity Technology

Connectivity Technology is one of the units on the internet along with processing the data. The best advantage is that it works slightly faster than the other connections. Intel CPU is best for the connectivity Technology for all users that are interested in playing games. If you want the best CPU, you should be aware of all techniques for choosing the processor.

Front Port Access

Ports are the holes on the motherboard in which we plugged the external device. Dow’s vintage port is the best. Intel CPUs have the quality of ports through which the performance of the processor increases. When you select it for gaming, the most important thing you need to ensure is that it provides fast and quick performance.

Make Buying Decision:

Suppose you are looking for the Best Intel CPU; in that case, you will conclude that almost the desired performance of an excellent CPU whether you need graphics, compatibility with motherboards, and cores. When you have all these features in the Intel i5 CPU, you will be glad that you are playing with that processor.

3) Intel Core i9- 9900k Best Budget CPU for Streaming

Intel Core i9- 9900k Best Budget CPU for Streaming 2021
Intel UHD Graphics630
CPU speed5Ghz
Turbo Frequency5Ghz
Cache Memory15MB Smart Cache
Processor base frequency3.60GHz
Memory typeDDR4 – 2666
Graphics video64GB

8 Cores and 16 threads Cache Memory support Compatible on Intel 300 series chipset Intel Optane Memory supported Intel UHD Graphics 630 Compatible with motherboards LGA 1151 CPU socket

It would help you if you don’t compromise the multitasking of the CPU, and this one comes with excellent tasking performance. To explain that further, the bus speed facility makes it more powerful for calculating the data.

Although you usually do not find it, it is a rare feature to perform the task. Its best quality is that it has LGA 1151 maximum thermal design power. It is also known as the best Intel CPU for gaming budget.

Turbo Frequency Boost

Turbo boost technology increases the speed of cores. Cores are fitted in the Processor and make the speed of the processor faster. Frequency also maintains the temperature of the CPU; it helps a lot for making the vents work properly for cooling the CPU. It is the best for gaming and also has the features of turbo frequency. It has a 6.3 GHz turbo frequency. In addition, the manufacturer can increase it on demand in increments of 6.3GHz.

Compatible with Motherboard

When different components are assembled, then a computer program is designed. All members of the Computer must be compatible with each other. Tell you this Intel PC is consistent with the motherboard based on Intel 300 Series Chipset for your great information. You can get the best performance from the Best Motherboard for music production and also enhance the quality.

Intel Optane Memory Supported

Other performances of other memories are not much better than an Intel Optane Memory. However, it provides speedy access to our PC. So if you want to get the best Intel CPU for gaming and streaming, you should go with this CPU.

This CPU has the Memory of Intel Optane. When the memory of any processor is best, then the user automatically attracts to it. It also has the features of cache memory.

Intel Graphics 630

It is essential for all Intel CPUs; it provides the best performance on PC for gamers. All the people who are interested in playing games must read this feature. I want to tell you that modern games run on the UHD Graphic 630.

This i9 Intel CPU has the quality of UHD Graphics. It is best for gaming and streaming if the GPU operates the function on low frequency from this feature, the frequency increases.

LGA Sockets

When two programs are running on the internet, the sockets are the endpoint of communication between them. It has an LGA 1151 socket that increases communication quality. I want to tell you that LGA 1151 is the replacement for LGA 1150. There are two types of Intel versions. First, one supports the Intel CPUs and the second one keeps the Coffee Lake CPU. This i9 processor has the quality of LGA 1151 Socket.

Cores and Threads

As we know, cores are the Processor’s brain, as the CPU is the brain of the Computer. Intel CPU has the quality of the best core and threads. I9-9900F has eight cores and 16 threads.

Threads are the codes that divide the physical core into multiple cores. When a CPU has 16 threads, then it enhances the performance of the Processor. Based on threads and core, it is recommended processor for streaming.

Make Buying Decisions:

Suppose you look at the detailed features of this CPU. In that case, you will conclude that it offers all the most desired and anticipated qualities of a Tube Frequency, Cores, and Threads whether you need maximum memory.

You can conveniently have all these features on your bucket list. It adds all value to your processing speed and enhances the standard of your PC. It will help if you read all the qualities of the Processor then make a buying decision for a gaming CPU.

4) Intel Core i7-11700K Best Processor for Streaming Videos 

Intel Core i7-11700K Best Processor for Streaming Videos
Clock speedUp to 5.0Ghz
Thermal Design Power125W
FrequencyIntel Turbo frequency 3.0
Intel Smart cache16M
CompatibleWith 400 Intel series
Bus speed8GTs
  • Engineered for play
  • Customized performed
  • Compatible with Intel 500 series
  • Intel Turbo boost technology
  • PC’s Gen 4.0 Support
  • Intel optane Memory support

It is full of features, with high-quality performance, and you will be glad to hear that it is budget-friendly for beginners and professionals. You need to try this unique and Best Processor for Streaming Videos as Desktop processor.

You can enjoy the speed of resolution when you are playing games. It is budget-free for the beginner, and all the performance is based on the cores and threads. We can say that it is a recommended processor for streaming.

Engineered for Play

Intel Core i7-11700k CPU is best for playing games and streaming videos. It has a high bus speed that increases the capacity of playing games properly. In addition, its fast pace delivers high rates—a more immersive experience for playing games and video streaming.

If you are trying to get the Best Intel CPU for gaming and streaming, do not worry about this. Instead, keep reading this article and focus on the features.

Crowd Game 

Real-time Crowd is one of the unique researches about the Crowd games in the computer. It also mentioned the movies and virtual reality of Wang. It is important for playing games on the PC. The 11th Generation Intel Core processor increases the quality of streaming. It also maintains the high FPS while gaming. It is real-time quality for the gamers.

 Performance Customized 

The clock speed of 3.5 GHz is the best speed for gaming that increases the performance of a PC and gaming system.

It is very important to know that your Processor is performing the single-thread task. If it serves a single charge, then your CPU is doing a good job. If you want to buy a CPU with all these features, you read the article of Best CPU for RTX 3070.


You make sure that your Processor is compatible with the motherboard. Compatible PCs with sockets and speed are very important and good for gamers. It also enhances the capacity of playing games properly.

This Intel i7-11700K is compatible with the Intel 500 Series. This processor is also compatible with the 400 Series chipset-based motherboard. When you are searching for gaming, then it is very good for all the gamers.

PCIe Generation

PCIe stands for Peripheral Component Interconnect Express. PCIe has a series of generations. It is used to connect the motherboard to your PC. It also connects the motherboard with Graphic cards, SSD cards, and other hardware.

This Intel CPU has the potential of PCIe with the 4.0 Gen. The 4the generation is very rare when we find a CPU with a good interface. It is a good CPU for streaming.

Thermal Solutions

Most of the CPUs come with thermal solutions. The thermal solution is the solution of heat. When a person plays games and works for a long time on the PC, the Processor generates heat. Heat can slow the performance of the PC. Intel Core CPU comes with the thermal solution. But it does not come with a thermal solution. So it would be best if you used a cooling pad for your laptop while using it.

Make Buying Decision:

It is the versatility of the Processor to enhance the performance. So make sure the performance, compatible with the motherboard, bus speed, and frequency of this Intel CPU. So feel comfortable and make decisions while comparing all the features.

5) Intel Core i9-10900X Best for Multitasking and Streaming

Processor base frequency3.70GHz
Turbo frequency4.5GHz
Cache19.25MB Intel Smart Cache
Bus speed8GTs
Memory TypeDDR4
Maximum memory bandwidth94GB/s
Socket typeLGA 2066
Unlock capacity4.7Ghz
Compatible withIntel ×299 chipset

This CPU reads the instructions known as threads. Intel Core i9-10900X performs a lot of multiple tasks. It enables the processing of the lines for speedy performance. It performs all the actions which are dedicated to it.

The i9 processor is the 10th generation CPU. You will be glad to know that it has the potential to perform multiple tasks. For getting the best Desktop, keep reading the article about this CPU.

Integrated Cache

I9-10900 X is the Intel Core processor. It has 19.25MB integrated cache memory. It includes various functions and enhances the performance of the CPU. You know it also boosts the version of Desktop. It gives you the same benefits that provide the world with the fastest gaming chip. It is a very good processor for gamers, and they can play very well.

Discrete Graphics

Discrete Graphics are the separate memory from the processor. It has a faster memory than others, and it is very useful for games. This Intel CPU cannot work without Discrete Graphics. If any CPU has not benefited from graphics, a user must buy a graphic card to work with that CPU. Multiple tasks are performed through graphic cards like video editing.

Intel Speed Technology

It is a power base technology that provides multiple CPU performances. According to the computing needs, users can choose different cores. Intel CPU with the speed technology offers improved technology. You can easily get the Best Intel CPU for gaming and streaming from reading the features.

Content Creations

Content creation is the development of different entertainment and educational materials on the Internet. If you want to purchase a CPU with the quality of content creation, you should do all performance on a PC. If you want to buy this type of processor, you should read the Best LGA 1150 CPU article and read all its qualities.

10th Generation Desktop

Intel 10th generation Desktop includes all the variety of i3, i5, and i7. Intel CPU has the quality of significant updates. CPUs with ten generations are more powerful and reduce power consumption.

Intel i9-10900X along with significant improvement and also increase the performance of PC. It is best for gaming and streaming and also includes the function of performance that enhances the speed.

Chipset Compatibility

Users will need to buy the CPU, which is compatible with graphic cards. This CPU is consistent with the Intel ×299 chipset. It is the best quality through which a user can play the games with high frequency. We can say that it is the Intel CPU with gaming and streaming. It also increased the performance of video streaming.

Make Buying Decision:

Although, there are many reasons to choose this Intel CPU if you see the cores and threads, bus speed, content creation, and compatibility with the chipset. This super powerful processor makes your dreams come true and provides you with more results.

Shopping Guide for Best Intel CPU for Gaming and Video Streaming

Now, it’s time to give you full confidence and a good understanding of the best Intel CPU. Usually, with the good-looking features you pick up, you have to handle the consequences. So, the best way for buying the Intel CPU is to search about it and then purchase it. If you want to save time, you can go through the proper details about Intel CPUs. So read it with diligence and patience.

No. of Cores and Threads

As I have told you earlier, cores are the brain of the processor and individual processors of their own. Each generation of the Intel has more than six cores. The chipset of cores are fitted on the processor, and they perform one task at each time.

The CPU can conduct several tasks at any one time. Intel CPU has the quality of multithreading, and it is the best one. Modern CPU performs with eight cores and ten threads.

Integrated Graphics Support

It also includes integrated graphics. Graphic cards make the processor capable of performing the function independently with F designation which is typically powerful.

Graphic chips like 620 UHD can do between 60 and 30 per second. If you want to buy the Best Intel CPU for gaming and streaming, you should check its speed.

Power and Thermal

 The best performance of Intel CPU is necessary for gaming and streaming. Laptop and computer with low wat perform the function within a few seconds. But Intel performs the process with a max of 120 WATT.

Thermal power is necessary when a CPU generates heat. For the cooling system, there are vents and fans. It would help if you bought that CPU, which has the quality of thermal power.

Gaming and Streaming Need

Gameplay streaming is an important part of the features of CPUs. Most people use the Intel processor for gaming and video streaming. Streaming requires a type of processor that can perform multiple tasks. You will be able to perform many functions if the PC has more cores and threads.


Multitasking is a method through which multiple tasks are performed. Speed clock must be checked out in the processor. When the speed clock increases, the applications run fast. Intel CPUs are very rare, and more importantly, they have all components which are good for performing the functions of gaming and streaming smoothly.

Clock Speed

Clock speed is a significant part of the processor. It depends upon the cores because clocks’ rate means each body runs fast. If you want to buy the Intel Core CPU for gaming, you should check the clock speed. If the speed of the processor is high, then you will play games smoothly.

Memory and Storage Unit

Memory is the date that can be stored in the storage unit. The data which has been added to the storage unit is determined in the form of Bytes. The memory of each processor is measure in MB and GB.

Two types of memory can be used in the CPU. All the information related to the games and other documents was added to the Memory unit. If you want to buy the Best Intel CPU for gaming and streaming, you should check the memory out.

How to use the Intel CPU for Gaming and Streaming?

Once you have purchased the best Intel CPU for gaming, often people invest a lot in CPU, but cannot get favorite findings due to the lack of data about utilizing the same.

There are few steps you need to follow if you want to buy the desired CPU.

  • First, make sure your CPU has more cores and threads, which enhances the performance of the processor.
  • Intel CPU has a lineup with a plastic indent on the socket. Use that lineup on either side of the processor.
  • After that, you will need excellent graphics that build on the same die as the CPU.
  • After buying it, you need to read the process of using the CPU for gaming and streaming.
  • Once you are done with it make sure your CPU is of excellent features, for availing, one click on the Best CPU Temp Monitor and choose one to keep its life long.


After writing and using these five included in the article, and many other CPUs, I concluded that Intel Core i9-10900X Desktop Processor is the best option for you, it is the best for gaming and streaming videos. You can increase the performance of your PC by a specific margin, as it gives a quality of bus speed, integrated graphics, and multitasking. I have used the Intel CPU and found it to be an excellent performance for gamers.