5 Best Keyboard for Big Hands and Fat Fingers in 2022

Typing with big hands and fat fingers is not easier due to the standard keyboard layout. People with fat fingers can make errors when typing on the keyboard because of less keyspace and standard keycap size. The best keyboard for big hands and fat fingers comes in handy in this situation as it provides an ergonomic layout for oversized hands. It has a larger keycap to work with and a layout that is fully supportive for large hands.

Whether you are looking for a keyboard for gaming or work, a Bluetooth keyboard for big hands is a true blessing. They offer the same feel and precision that most standard keyboards provide. On top of that, some models even have a large footprint with slightly bigger engraved key marks to help you facilitate spotting the keys. Along with the backlit and RGB options, these keyboard helps you take full advantage of the functionality like any other keyboard available in the market.

5 Best Extra Large Keyboard for Large Hands

If you are tired of struggling to type on your current keyboard because it’s too small for your big hands, then you might want to check out the top 5 best keyboards for people with fat fingers.

After searching and evaluating each keyboard for its features and functionality for fat fingers, we compiled the list. You can go through each product and find the best one that suits your needs. Let’s dig deep into each of the keyboards for large hands and fat fingers.

Logitech K350 Best Small Gaming Keyboard For Big Hands

Logitech K350

Manufacturer: Logitech
Model: K350 Wireless
Switches: Standard Membrane
RGB Lighting: No
Connection: Wireless
Onboard Storage: N/A
Software: N/A
Dimensions: 18.9 x 2.9 x 9.9 inches           
Weight: 3.05 pounds

Cushioned palm rest

Constant curved layout

Logitech Unifying receiver compatible

Longer battery life

Multimedia keys for easier access

Logitech K350 is the best gaming keyboard for large hands and is ideal for users with long and fat fingers who need more space to type comfortably. The wireless compatibility feature and long battery life add more flexibility for their users.

Design Support for Big Hands

Logitech includes more elements in its design that make this best keyboard for big hands and fat fingers. The first incredible feature is the keyboard’s design that mimics a wavy look providing a good hand posture. The height varies between the keys and gives a more matchable look to the digits naturally.

Its unique curved design makes it more comfortable for users who have long nails and fat fingers. We observed the Logitech K350 natural curve’s fast learning curve to master the layout within a few minutes of testing.

Wrist Support

A semi cushioned nondetachable wrist rest makes your work more convenient on this keyboard for big hands. Additionally, this contains adjustable feet with a separate standing stance that creates a sloping effect and gives you a more unique and ergonomic upright posture.

Innovative Connectivity

This brand-new Unifying receiver lets you connect a single USB plug to as many as six devices that work with Unifying technology. Each device contains its receiver, so if you have mice and keyboards from other Logitech products, they can be plugged into any number of compatible computers at home or the office.

Media Controller

Another feature that makes it stand out is the circle of hotkeys control for volume and media playback along the top edge. Other keyboards lack this convenient setup, but Logitech took note and made sure its K350 keyboard comes with these buttons as standard equipment. These multimedia keys are responsive and snappy to make it even better.

Gaming Performance

Overall the performance of this keyboard for large hands may give you a relaxed result, but it only depends on what you want to see in your gaming keyboard. This keyboard contains a curvy design that may ease use with big hands, and wrist rest gives you a natural posture while working.

Make Purchase Decision
Finally, after going through all of the features, we conclude that this is the best small gaming keyboard for big hands that will satisfy your need for an ergonomic keyboard. The K350 is a good keyboard for big fingers as it gives space to adjust your finger to type with the flow.
Although the design of this keyboard is straightforward than the other products in this list, still, it is a good option as an ergonomic design on a budget.

Logitech MX Keys Keyboard For Big Hands

Logitech MX Keys

Manufacturer: Logitech
Model: MX Keys
Switches: Standard Membrane
RGB Lighting: Backlighting
Connection: Wireless
Onboard Storage: N/A
Software: N/A
Dimensions: ‎17.76 x 5.87 x 1.65 inches
Weight: 1.90 pounds

Combination of comfort and stability

Precision and accuracy for fat fingers

Multiple device connectivity

Smart hand proximity detection

Satisfying feedback with precision cut keys

Logitech MX Keys is the best wireless keyboard for big hands with productive features and great work accuracy. It is the best keyboard for users who have long nails and big hands. MX Keys provides them with a great facility so that they can enjoy their work with comfort.

Perfect KeyStroke

The features of Logitech MX Keys are admirable and make it more convenient than the other wireless keyboards. The shape of the keys is matchable to your fingertips and contains a superb keystroke that will help you to type fast. You will get an instant and excellent response on every tap.

Stability and Precision

MX Keys is one of the stable and precise keyboards that will help you execute your complex task proficiently. The material used in its manufacturing is of good quality and based on robust design. This keyboard is specially designed for people with a big hand and fat fingers who wants to work with great accuracy, coziness, and constancy.

High-end Performance

Due to its stability, the Logitech MX keyboard gives you a high-end performance. The low noise keypress makes it a desirable and more responsive keyboard than the other ones in the market. Only a single plate inside this keyboard helps it to give a high-end performance so that the users enjoy their work with flexibility.

Maintain the Workflow

Workflow is one of the important things for the users while looking for the best keyboard for big hands and fat fingers. This keyboard comes with flow cross-computer control features inside.  The keys on it have enough space between them so that you can easily press the button even with fat fingers.

Multi-color Lighting

The lighting system is also great, and the lights will illuminate when you move your fingers towards the keyboard. There is also an option to turn off the lights if you don’t need them. You can save the battery by turning off these lights for up to 10 days for further use on a full charge.

Multiple Connectivity

Multi-device compatibility is another exciting feature of Logitech MX Keys. It helps you to connect this keyboard with three devices at the same time. MX Keys is also compatible with operating systems including macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android systems.

Features Rich

It is a feature-rich keyboard that helps you to manage your work with comfort. All of the above features are good, but the most exciting feature of it is the backlight. These lights automatically adjust to the lighting condition, and you can also turn off these lights if you don’t need them and save the battery for further use.

Choose to Buy Now
The Logitech MX Keys Wireless keyboard is the best option among oversize keyboards for fat fingers and big hands. The build quality is also good and made from a durable material. The structure of this keyboard gives you a robust design that will bring calm while working on it. However, all of the things from build quality to typing on it are up to the mark.

Corsair K70 Keyboard For Fat Fingers

Corsair K70

Manufacturer: Corsair
Model: K70 RGB MK.2
Switches: Cherry MX Speed
RGB Lighting: Yes
Connection: USB/Wired
Onboard Storage: Yes
Software: Yes
Dimensions: ‎17.24 x 6.53 x 1.53 inches
Weight: 2.76 pounds

Cherry MX speed high-quality switches

Brushed aluminum frame

Storage for profile and macros

Dynamic multi-color RGB lighting

Convenient USB passthrough

The Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 best gaming keyboard for big hands improves your typing and gaming experience. This keyboard comes with RGB backlit keys in black and white color. Its keys are completely revamped with RGB lights with excellent aesthetics and visibility in the dark. To increase your comfort level, it also contains a wrist pad.

Build Quality

The build quality of this best gaming keyboard for big hands is excellent. It is made from a durable material of aircraft-grade and anodized aluminum frame, making it more reliable. The keyboard is readily portable and lightweight for usage on the lap.

The other important thing about this keyboard is its contoured and textured keycaps. These collectively provide good grip and work efficiency for the fat fingers. It provides dynamic gameplay due to the full key rollover and anti-ghosting that perfectly matches most proper typing ability.

Design and Features

The K70 MK.2 is based on an aluminum surface instead of a plastic one, making its design more durable and reliable. This best keyboard for big hands and fat fingers are perfect for both home and office desks. The slightly elevated keys make it more aesthetic and give it a flair look.

It is a full set of dedicated media controls, and the K70 also features the USB passthrough. There are a few buttons on this keyboard to help you control the keys and their performance. These textured and smooth keys are perfect for quick and dead-on shots needed in an FPS or MOBA game. It’s also great that the space bar is texture by default, while we found it curious that we can switch between these two different patterns whenever we like.

Key Switches

There is a wide range to choose from the key switches as K70 RGB MK.2 provides you with five different Cherry switches: speed, brown, red, blue, and silent. The Corsair K70 RGB Mk.2 delivers amazing performance with virtually unlimited customization directly from the keyboard. Considering most other keyboard models have one type of switch or two, this one comes in handy because it offers several options.

Reprogrammable Software

The software that runs customizations on K70 RGB MK.2 is Corsair Utility Engine. There is no doubt that the CUE has a learning curve. However, once you get your bearings just right, using this keyboard’s many settings is a piece of cake. You can program macros, set up keyboard profiles for individual games, and reprogram practically any button you want on the fly.

Playing Performance

The performance as a gaming keyboard is great. Its responsive switches and comfortable keycaps add more comfort while gaming. These keys worked like a dream on different games such as Overwatch and PUBG. These soft, comfortable keys allow you to shoot down your enemies easily. The media keys make playing music in the game easy when you are grinding for experience points. The K70 is a compact gaming keyboard for all your gaming needs.

Take a Summary Note
This best keyboard for fat fingers is expensive, but the features it offers are worth the investment. The software of this corsair keyboard makes it more close to flawless. From durability to various switches, all the features make the K70 RGB Mk.2 the right choice for your gaming and work needs.

Redragon K556 Best Gaming Keyboard For People With Big Hands

Redragon K556

Manufacturer: Redragon
Model: K556 RGB
Switches: Red switches
RGB Lighting: Yes
Connection: USB/Wired
Onboard Storage: Yes
Software: Yes
Dimensions: 20.24 x 10.12 x 3.27 inches
Weight: 2.60 pounds

Linear and quiet Red switches

18 backlit modes for aesthetics

Ergonomic and sturdy design

Removable custom keycaps

Wide compatibility with OS

A few brands come to mind if we talk about the best gaming keyboard for people with big hands. Redragon K556 RGB backlit mechanical gaming keyboard comes with brown tactile switches. These switches offer macro functionality. It is a keyboard that has great features and is also affordable compared to the pricey options.

Build Quality

Redragon K556 is completely robust with its metal structure. The upper material with its anodized body protects it against rust. The four rubber feet at the bottom of the keyboard give it extra strength, keep it in place firmly, and don’t slide around.

Design and Keycaps Style

This Redragon K556 is similar to the other mechanical keyboards, but it contains other new feature that aesthetically enhances the keyboard. The metallic top and side plates, with chamfered and polished edges and a plastic bottom frame, are the basic parts of its chassis. The top plate helps to support the mechanical switches, with keys floating on it. You can see the Redragon logo at the right above the arrow keys on its metallic badge.

A high-tech font on the keycaps containing primary and secondary characters printed towards their top edge. The sides of the keycaps are glossy black and give them a partially reflective look. Overall the design of this keyboard looks high-end quality and appeals to the buyers.

Key Switches

In this Redragon best keyboard for big hands and fat fingers, there are dust-proof switches beneath the keycaps that OUTEMU makes. Just like the Cherry switches, they also use clear plastic for the switch housing for their RGB variant switches. Redragon also copies Cherry’s cross-type support for the large keys.

RGB Lighting

The RGB lighting of K556 is vibrant and well applied. Mostly the basic colors are used that give a bright and clear look. The minimal backlight bleeding around the keys. The glossy keycaps of Redragon also reflect some of the LED light. But this may not look pleasant, especially when seen from the side angles and not from the user’s point of view.

Programmable Software

The Redragon K556 is a programmable keyboard and comes with basic software for programming which doesn’t even have a name. But still allows you to choose the lighting effects, and there is an option for per-key programming. Moreover, it can store up to three profiles at the same time. Users can choose one of the 20 lighting effects, adjust its direction, brightness, and speed. All of these adjustments are easier to handle from the left side of the keyboard.

Final Decision to Take
K556 is a good keyboard for big hands with RGB lighting in the market. The basic software and per-key programming make it more unique among the others. But at the same time, these simple functions show that the Redragon doesn’t want to pay attention to something that will backfire.

Logitech Ergo K860 Big Finger Keyboard

Logitech Ergo K860

Manufacturer: Logitech
Model: K860
Switches: Standard
RGB Lighting: N/A
Connection: Wired / Wireless
Onboard Storage: N/A
Software: N/A
Dimensions: 17.95 x 9.17 x 1.89 inches
Weight: 2.56 pounds

Perfect stroke keys

Curved pillowed wrist rest

Naturally curved typing layout

Convenient and reliable connectivity

Adjustable palm lift

Logitech Ergo K860 is also an advanced and well-known big finger keyboard that can comfort users with fat fingers. This keyboard gives an extraordinary typing experience with a great stance. There is a split keyframe inside the keyboard that will help you to work in a comfortable zone. It will also relax your neck, wrist, and forearms. All of these features make it expensive, and the price may disappoint you.

Curved Design

The curved design of this keyboard copycats your natural posture and gives less stress to your fingers and nails while typing. There is a pillow wrist rest with this keyboard that will help you remain in your comfort zone. It is a certified keyboard for low muscle pain and enhancing posture. 


The memory foam layer underneath the keys will help you to work in comfort and relaxed environment. There is another layer of high-density foam that gives a firm and calm feel. The above layer of stain-resistant fabric material gives a silky smooth look to the keyboard.

Key Strokes

The keystroke provided by K860 best keyboard for big hands and fat fingers is matchless and perfectly made in the shape of your fingertips. It offers comfort, even for the big hands. These keys’ shape helps you work with ease, and you can type confidently, even with fat fingers. The beauty of this keyboard amplifies due to its keys.

USB and Bluetooth Connectivity

The connectivity features of Logitech Ergo are unusual as you can connect it with a USB receiver and Bluetooth wireless technology. The range of this wireless keyboard is up to 10 meters. This keyboard has a full-size layout, FN function, and a caps lock indicator. The keys are quiet enough that you can enjoy working on them.

Palm Lift

This keyboard will give you full comfort for wrist position in any situation, no matter whether you are sitting or standing. You can handle this keyboard in any type and a natural posture as well. There is a different quality of this keyboard that you can adjust its position according to your position and comfort even you have fat fingers without any issue.

Battery Power

The battery life only depends on that how much you use it. But the manufacturer of this keyboard claims that the battery life will last long for 24 months. However, if you use it for long hours, it may last for 10 to 12 months before replacing the AAA batteries.

Final Verdict Before Buy
All of these features in this extra-large keyboard are perfect for people with fat fingers. If you want to buy Logitech Ergo, it may become a good choice for you because it will suit your fingers position while typing, and pillow wrist rest also brings ease for your hand and forearms. It is smaller than the other common keyboards, but it provides the best features and functions. All of these features will increase the quality of your work.

Buying Guide for Best Computer Keyboard for Big Fingers

Some key points will help you to find the best small gaming keyboard for big hands. If you are unsure what to look for when buying the keyboard for big hands, these points will help. You can determine your needs and find the best keyboard for big hands and fat fingers.

Key Shape

There are three main shapes in the keyboards: flat keys, mid-size keys, and high shapes. The flat keys are more comfortable for flat fingers and give you the best response. Mid-size keys make it easy to reach the keys with an average reaction time. The high keys are more visible than the other and may take some time to reach down after pressing. That’s why it may slow your gameplay and response time.

Lighting Options

These days best computer keyboard for big fingers comes with a backlight that makes them more visible even in the dark. These RGB lights give you an impressive gaming experience. No doubt, the backlit keyboard looks even cooler than the others. Furthermore, these lights make a boundary line among the keys, and these separate keys are better as you can see them properly during fast playing.

The other important feature of these backlit keys is getting high-quality keys as they won’t get stuck while typing, giving you an enlightened feeling. They make it possible for fast and efficient typing because the premium keyboards can last long. Some of the keyboards have no backlight, and they only have a base light that provides you the backlight impression, just like the mac keyboard for big hands.

There is another option in some gaming keyboards to turn off the lights if you don’t need them. You can change the colors according to your choice and with the game mood. However, people love to choose the lighted keyboards as they give aesthetics and visibility for typing in dim light.

Ergonomic Design

The standard keyboards in the markets come in smaller sizes and may cause difficulty for big fingers. Sometimes it may become impossible to fits the big fingers on the rectangular keyboards with basic design.

If you want to buy the best keyboard for large hands, only prefer the models with ergonomic design. People with big hands may feel depressed to suffer from difficulty and poor posture while typing on a standard keyboard.

These ergonomic keyboards come with designs that give you a natural posture and automatically encourage proper hand positioning. If the hands are in the right position, it may give you less strain on your wrist and forehands. The difference between the ergonomic and standard keyboard is their shape. Now it is up to you which design you prefer a lot.

Keyboard Size

In the market, several varieties of gaming keyboards are available. Based on your need and requirements, you can choose the optimum gaming keyboards for your system. Selecting a proper gaming keyboard is vital to emerging as an efficient and professional player.

Tenkeyless keyboards don’t have the num pad but offer you the space for directional keys and special function keys. However, these are perfect for strict gaming. In contrast, the compact ones have a minimal keyboard that packs tight keys. And it is not a good option for those who have big hands due to their small size.

Good-Value Pricing

It is not important to buy expensive things. Price doesn’t matter as the quality of the product matters for the most part. The premium keyboards don’t have to be pricey. But it is vital to consider the specs and features while buying a mechanical keyboard for fat fingers as they are worthy of this price or not.

Most of the keyboards contain capable designs and offer great functions. The keyboards with a high price tag provide good quality products and come in a durable material. They also bring the best performance. That’s why it is important to think about the price and note that it should be proportional to the overall value of the keyboard.

Product Recommendation
Choosing the best keyboard for big hands and fat fingers is not an easy job. We have picked the best choice to help you type with precision and comfort to cut your research time. You can choose any of the above options without any hesitation as all the keyboards are best suited for big hands and fat fingers.

We liked Logitech MX Key for its ergonomic shape and bundle of features if you want an editor’s recommendation. It comes at a reasonable price considering its options for people with fat fingers. The RGB lighting and connectivity options are right on the spot, while the material selection is excellent for a long-term investment in the ergonomic keyboard.
What is the best fat fingers keyboard?

Logitech MX Keys is the best keyboard for big hands and fat fingers. With its high price, this keyboard gives you high-end features. The light’s illumination, the durability of the material, connectivity options, and other exciting features make it preferable for people with big hands.

Which type of keyboard is the quietest?

Hybrid keyboards are the best bet when it comes to the quietest keyboard for typing. These keyboards are less noisy than the mechanical keyboard. In contrast, the mechanical keyboards are more tactile and clicky. If you want to have the quietest keyboard, choose the keyboard with less noise of keypress to make less noise while working.

Which switches are best for gaming?

The linear switches are best for gaming because they are smooth and steady in working. There is little keypress noise, and there is no bump in any keystroke, making it more ergonomic to type. If you want to press many keys daily, these switches prove a better choice for you as they will not spoil the experience.

How can I eliminate having a fat finger while typing?

Some time the keyboards create a problem as they are not compatible with your finger shape. Choosing the best keyboard for big hands and fat fingers is best as it has space between the keys. Most of the keycaps are higher and help you improve your speed. For the fat fingers, the keyboards with high keys are better. They will give you good space for typing and improve efficiency.


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