5 Best LGA 1150 CPU – Mid Range, Flagship Gen 2022

Suppose you have the best PC with a good motherboard, but your CPU’s working is not good and not delivering your desired results. So, why not replace it with the best CPU for the 1150 Socket. Your PC will work well if you have a CPU that supports the LGA 1150 socket. Intel provides CPUs that support the LGA1150 socket.

So, if you are a gamer or in search of the fastest LGA 1150 CPU list, here I’m giving you brief information about the best budget LGA 1150 CPU for gaming. At the end of the article, I will provide you some buying tips that will help you to choose the best LGA 1150 CPU. So, to select the best one for your PC, read this informative article till the end.

5 Best LGA 1150 Processors List

Do you want your Custom PC to work fast? If yes, then I’ve best recommendation for you on the best LGA 1150 CPU 2022. CPU is considered a vital part of your system. It has to process all the information and data you entered in your computer’s memory. So, if you don’t have a good CPU then it might be difficult for you to process your data. So, here for you I gathered some information based on my personal experience on the best midrange LGA 1150 CPU.

Buying Guide for Budget LGA 1150 CPU for Gaming

There are many CPUs in the IT market, and it will be difficult for you to choose one. Choosing the right CPU matters a lot whether you upgrade an existing system or build a new PC. For this, you may need a mentor to guide you through buying the best flagship LGA-1150 CPU.

Here, I will provide you a buying guide to buy the Best budget LGA-1150 CPU. So, your money and time will be placed on the right thing and protect you from any ill investment. So, let’s get started with some relatively easy steps.

CPU Labels and Generations:

CPU generation matters a lot while you are buying a CPU. It will indeed affect your PC’s performance. So, here for your ease, I recommend you choose the core i5 or core i7. Because it will surely speed up your PCs performance with the latest generation. Newer CPUs are better than the previous one. So, choose wisely while investing in purchasing a CPU for your PC.

Cores and Threads:

While choosing a CPU for your PC, the number of cores and threads matters a lot. Because it decides if your CPU is working fast or not, the CPU that supports more cores will provide you better multitasking. And more threads mean you can do a variety of tasks at a single time. The more threads, the better quality your CPU will provide you.

Thermal Design Power (TDP):

TDP decides the maximum amount of heat that a CPU can generate that is usually measured in Watts. Try choosing a CPU with less TDP or making sure your CPU has a cooling fan. So, your CPU will work better and provide you better working with less heat.

Cache Memory:

The cache is a small memory inside your CPU that allows you to work fastest by keeping your most recently used data. When you request specific data, your CPU will search it in the cache memory; as it is the fastest memory. If it is not found there, it will go to RAM for the requested data.

Instructions per cycle/clock (IPC):

The IPC is totally dependent on the CPUs architecture. IPC is the clock speed of a processor. Most CPU manufacturers don’t mention it in their specification options, but you can read it from reviews of any CPU. So, that you can choose wisely according to your specified needs. Every CPU delivers different IPC instructions based on their architecture.

Top 5 Fastest LGA 1150 CPUs Detailed Review

When it comes to price, everyone wants to pick the product with least price and good performance. So, if you want the best mid price fastest LGA 1150 CPU then select one from below mentioned and compare their prices and pick one according to your range and protect you from any ill investment.

best lga 1150 cpu list

Intel core i5-4690K Processor Flagship LGA 1150 CPU

Intel core i5-4690K Processor

Intel AES new Instructions
Intel Identity Protection Technology
Intel My WiFi Technology
VTX with Extended Page Tables
Intel Anti-Theft Technology

Number of cores: Quad-core | Processor number: Core i5-4690K | Compatible Socket: LGA-1150 | Cache Memory size: 6MB | Max Turbo Speed: 3.9GHz | Cache Memory Technology: Smart Cache

The Intel Core i5-4690K processor is a game-changer for your PC. It has 4 cores with 8 threads, 6MB of cache, and can operate up to 3.9 GHz by default, but this amount increases if the workload is more than the actual speed of the processor.

Moreover, it consumes less power and provides you with decent cooling. Furthermore, it can also run programs that use Advanced Vector Extensions that boost the processor’s performance, boosting the performance for heavy applications.

Intel AES New Instructions

I have experienced that the Intel Core i5-4690K features AES new Instructions that allows me to encrypt and decrypt data through several rounds. This feature will protect my data by using some cryptographic techniques and some encryption algorithms.

These instructions are generated by default in some processors and provide better security with more incredible performance. Moreover, it gives my IT environment the most affordable security with better performance and excellent data protection in those areas where it is not previously implemented.

Intel Identity Protection Technology

The Intel identity protection technology safeguards your sensitive information like passwords, important emails, etc. This feature also protects you from fake emails and phishing attacks, which can easily break your computer’s security and steal all your data.

Intel uses this technology in their processors with rapidly increasing threats. So, use this marvelous feature and protect your sensitive data from being attacked by hackers from now on.

Intel My WiFi Technology

Every day, we share a lot of thighs with everyone. To share things, we may need a network that will connect us to our receiver. For this purpose, we use Wifi technology which wirelessly shares our data with others and connect us to the host using some radio signals. The Intel core i5-4690K is the best processor in that case.

It provides support for My WiFi technology, which wirelessly shares my videos, images, and music from my laptop to HDTV with Intel wireless display. With this technology, I don’t need any wire to connect my system with a network. So, use this LGA 1150 best CPU and take advantage of this feature.

VTX with Extended Page Tables

The Intel VTX is the second-generation virtualization technology for the memory management component. Sometimes this term is also explained as nested paging. This technology is used to virtualize the memory with Extended Page Tables of your PC more efficiently.

Moreover, Intel core i5-4690K has a series of extensions for hardware virtualization, which adds migration, priority, and memory handling capabilities for the Intel processors.

Intel Anti-Theft Technology

You may want to secure your computer or laptop’s data from an unauthorized user. The Intel Core i5-4690K Quad Core CPU features Anti-Theft Technology that will secure your computer and laptops safe and secure if it is ever stolen or lost.

I feel that it is an intelligent way to ensure my data even if the operating system is not running. It also controls when the system is stolen and what actions are taken. Moreover, it also recovers your lost data through its recovery option and displays a recovery message on the screen. So, protect your computer and personal data from being lost through Intel Anti-Theft Technology.

There are numerous reasons to choose this CPU because of its excellent features. It facilitates you by providing complete protection of your personal data through identity protection technology. Moreover, it has MyWiFi technology which helps you to boost your working. The enhanced SpeedStep technology will automatically adjust the voltage and frequency of the CPU. So, your PCs performed well even in most heavy games and applications.

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Intel Core i7-4770 Quad Core Processor Fastest LGA 1150 CPU

Intel Core i7-4770 Quad Core Processor

Enhanced SpeedStep Technology
Intel 64 Technology
Thermal Monitoring Technology
Intel virtualization Technology
Intel Advanced Vector Extensions 2

Socket: LGA 1150 | Integrated Graphics: Intel HD graphics | TDP: 84W | No. of cores: Quad Cores | No. of threads: 8 | Memory:  Support DDR3, dual channel | PCI express: Gen 3 | Transistors: 1400 million

I’ve used CPU earlier in one of my PC. The Intel Core i7-4770 Quad-core processor is the fastest LGA 1150 CPU, giving me the power to play, create, and entertain without compromising performance. It also has the most vibrant 3D visuals with the ability to multitask.

Furthermore, it has a CPU fan that keeps the CPU cool during high-end games. This Fan keeps my system cool with less noise, consumes less energy, and gives better performance. To get the CPU heat solution, read my another article on how to fix CPU overheating. Here you will find reasons for CPU overheating along with its solutions.

The Intel Core i7-4770 quad-core processor features built-in security that keeps my data safe from any unauthorized access. Below are some more features of this CPU written for your ease.

Enhanced SpeedStep Technology

The Intel SpeedStep technology is one of the best features that an Intel processor has. It allows me to dynamically adjust the operating voltage and frequency of the processor’s core. This feature automatically adjusts the heat and voltage wherever it is needed.

By reducing the voltage and speed of the processor, the power is also reduced; therefore, less noise and less heat will be generated. This is a dynamic technology that means it automatically extends the voltage and power supply whenever it is needed. When the system is idle, it automatically returns to average values.

Intel 64 Technology

Intel 64 Technology, more commonly known as x64, is an extended memory 64 technology that means it has a 64-bit extension that a central processing unit can process.

However, it has the advantage of allowing the installation of up to 16 EB (exabit) of RAM. This feature is widely used in Intel processors. So, if you have a 64-bit Operating system, you can easily take advantage of this best mid-range LGA 1150 CPU feature.

Thermal Monitoring Technology

Intel Core i7-4770 features thermal monitoring technologies that mean your CPU has a proper cooling solution that is appropriately mounted to the processor for adequate airflow and prevents overheating the CPU. Read the article about on best CPU temp monitor. Here you will find a CPU temperature monitor with a guide.

Intel Virtualization Technology

Intel processors feature virtualization technology, also known as Vanderpool. I can run multiple operating systems and environments with this technology, but a single processor will host it. It allows my computer system to run several operating systems at the same time.

If you want to run virtual machines on your PC and laptops, you would need this CPU because of its virtualization technology feature.

Intel Advanced Vector Extensions 2

Intel Core i7-4770 quad-core processor features advanced vector extensions 2, sometimes also known as Haswell new instructions. It is a set of instructions for doing single instruction multiple data operations on Intel’s CPU. It extends previous instructions by adding more features.

The 128-bit SIMD instructions have been developed to 256-bits. This technology will help you to make more efficient use of available storage resources.

The Intel Core i7-4770 quad-core processor is the best choice for your personal computers because of its extraordinary features. The anti-theft technology will protect your data from unauthorized access. The thermal monitoring technology will protect your best LGA 1150 CPU from being overheated, which will protect your PC’s other components.

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Intel core i7-4790K Quad Core Processor for 1150 Socket

Intel core i7-4790K Quad Core Processor

3-D Multitasking
Unlock Multiplier
Hyper-Threading technology
Built-in visual Enhancement
Turbo Boost Technology 2.0

CPU Socket Type: LGA 1150 | No. of cores: Quad Core | No. of threads: 8 | Integrated Graphics: Intel HD graphics 4600 | Thermal Design Power: 88W | Cooling Device: Heatsink and fan include | PCI Express: Revision 3.0 | Manufacturing Tech: 22nm

Currently, I’m using this CPU in one of my office PC. The Intel Core i7-4790K is a desktop processor that supports the best socket 1150 CPU list. The Core i7-4790K is a Quad-core processor that means it has 4 cores that will help your PC’s processing performance. The best thing about the Intel Core i7-4790K is, it can support all motherboards.

To find more information about motherboards, you can read my another article related to the best motherboards for AMD fx 6300. Here, you will get enough information about budget-friendly motherboards that suits best CPU for 1150 socket.

The Intel Core i7-4790K has 8MB of L3 cache and can operate up to 4GHz by default, but if you are doing any heavy work on your PC and your CPU has to bear any heavy workload, then this L3 cache will boost up to 4.4 GHz.

3D Multitasking

Like humans, our system can also multitask, but human multitasking is not as intense as your system can do. For this, you should have a sound processor that can do multiple tasks at one time. The Intel Core i7-4790K is one of these processors that features 3D multitasking, which means I can efficiently run numerous programs simultaneously on my PC.

The multitasking feature keeps my computer system’s components busy as much as they can. In addition, 3D multitasking helps me to keep my system efficient with some additional features. It helps me to save time and complete my work within the given time.

Unlock Multiplier

The unlock multiplier means I can easily change both multiplier and CPU frequency in my CPU settings to help overlock the system. As a result, overclocking my CPU can make my system run fast. In addition, the newer system’s CPU often has an unlocked multiplier.

So, if you want your system to run fast in most used applications and heavy-duty games, then use this CPU to make your system efficient in working that makes it the BEST LGA 1150 CPU.

Hyper-threading Technology

The hyper-threading technology is an excellent feature that adds more reliability to the Core i7-4790K. This feature doubled up the core count to 8 threads. This feature allows more than one thread to run on each core for better performance and better reliability.

In addition, the hyper-threading feature will enable you to work fast by splitting each processor core into physical cores that means you can run two instruction streams at once and save your time and systems performance.

Built-in visual Enhancement

The Intel Core i7-4790K supports the best graphics card that will increase the throughput of data. It has an Intel HD 4600 graphics card which means I don’t need any external graphics card. My CPU and GPU work together to give me desired results.

Your motherboard will determine how many graphics cards you can put in your PC. For this I’ve wrote another article for you: best motherboard for music production here you will find the best motherboard that will support CPU and GPU simultaneously.

Turbo Boost Technology 2.0

When your system does not respond to you the way it should, Intel Core i7-4790K will automatically allow the processor to run faster than the rated operated frequency if operating below power, current, and temperature specifications.

Your CPU will enter Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 when the workload is too high on the processor. The Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 will automatically continue to provide faster results.

There are trillions of reasons to choose this best 1150 CPU because of its extraordinary features, helping you increase the performance. The hyper-threading part doubled up the threads. Moreover, Intel built this CPU on a 22 nm production process using 1400 million transistors. It has a built-in graphics card, which means you don’t need to spend any extra amount on buying an external card.

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Intel core i5-4570S Processor Latest LGA 1150

Intel core i5-4570S Processor

Intel Active Management Technology 9.0
Support Streaming SIMD Extensions 4.1
Intel vPro Technology
Intel Transactional Synchronization Extensions
Support Idle States

No. of cores: Quad-core | Operating Frequency: 2.9GHz | L3 Cache: 6MB | Manufacturing Tech: 22nm | Memory Controller Speed: DDR3 | Thermal Design Power: 65W | Integrated Graphics: Intel HD Graphics | Supported Socket: LGA-1150

The Intel Core i5-4570S is the best LGA 1150 processor with excellent features. It is a 4th generation Microprocessor with Haswell architecture that improves the CPU performance.

Moreover, it features advanced power management that brings innovation in CPU technologies. If you already know about the CPUs but want some more recommendations, then read my best picks on the best CPU for RTX 3070 here; you’ll find the best mid range lga 1150 cpu according to your specifications and needs.

In addition, it features digital display repartition where digital display ports are wired directly to the CPU, and analog displays are handled by a Random Access Memory Digital-to-Analog converter located in the platform controller hub. Furthermore, this best LGA 1150 CPU list offers up to three independent displays like HDMI, DVI, Display port, VGA.

Intel Active Management Technology 9.0

Based on my personal experience that the Intel Active Management Technology is used to control hardware and operate independently on the operating system remotely. It is different from other typical management solutions as it can perform well even if the computer is not running an operating system.

When using an Intel processor, I may use the Intel active management technology; it will remotely configure, power on, and control computers. It helps me to keep an eye on my CPU performance by monitoring, maintaining, updating, and upgrading all the problems in the flagship LGA 1150 CPU.

Support Streaming SIMD Extensions 4.1

The Intel streaming SIMD extensions are a set of instructions used to increase the performance of the CPU and these instructions help me to perform a single operation on multiple data objects.

SSE4.1 sometimes known as SSE4 consists of 54 instructions having a subset of 54 instructions. It helps you to increase the performance and reliability of the processor by giving you more options.

Intel vPRO Technology

The Intel vPRO technology is the best feature I’ve used on it. This latest LGA 1150 CPU can support. It provides me an integrated, validated platform with built-in features that helps me improve performance, stability, security, and manageability.

Your PC will look business class when you put this best LGA 1150 CPU with its excellent features. Moreover, it also helps to minimize the risks that are associated with security threats. It is one of the fastest 1150 cpu.

Intel Transactional Synchronization Extensions

The Intel Transactional Synchronization Extensions determine whether threads of the CPU need to serialize through lock-protected critical sections or perform serialization only when required. It is one of the best processor for lga 1150.

This feature also adds in hardware transactional memory support and speeds up the execution of multi-threaded software through lock elision. It also provides 40% faster application execution through specific workloads.

Support Idle States

Sometimes I may want to run some specific applications on my PC and wish my CPU to work on these particular applications. So, in this case, I can turn off some selected functions on my CPU. Sometimes, this may also be referred to as C-states. Different processors support different numbers of C-state, which may turn off some tasks on your CPU so that your CPU will perform better on your required applications.

Because of its astounding features, this CPU is the best LGA-1150 in 2022. The idle State feature will enable you to adjust your CPU power on some specific applications. As a result, it will increase the performance of the CPU. Moreover, it will help you to control hardware features through its Intel active management technology remotely. This CPU also provides a validated platform with some built-in features to improve the stability and performance of the CPU. It will facilitate you with its remarkable features.

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Intel Xeon E3-1280 V3 LGA-1150 CPU Generation

Intel Xeon E3-1280 V3 LGA-1150

Support ECC Memory
Support Multi-Threading
Dynamic Frequency Scaling Support
Support SSE version 4.2

Generation: Xeon E3 (Haswell-WS) | Memory Support: DDR3&DDR4 | PCI express: Gen 3 | Frequency: 3.6GHz | Turbo Clock: Up to 4GHz | TDP: 82W | Die size: 160mm

The Intel Xeon E3-1280 is a part of the Intel Xeon E3 lineup. With the Haswell architecture, it supports socket LGA-1150. This processor supports DDR3 memory with a maximum memory capacity of 32 GB. To know about the best DDR3 supported motherboard, read my another article about it.

Moreover, it has a clock speed of 4.00 GHz, which is more than enough. This clock speed will help you play heavy video games, and your CPU does an excellent job of completing tasks within the given time and even more quickly. My brother has used this processor in its PC so i’ve a good knowledge about it.

Read below to know more features of Intel Xeon E3-1280 and facilitate yourself by using the latest technologies. It will also save your time and provide you with the next level of gaming experience.

Support ECC Memory

As we know, all the data we enter into the computer will automatically go to the computer’s memory. So, this technique is used to detect and correct these errors. The Intel Xeon E3-1280 V3 is a type of memory that supports ECC memory that uses an error correction code to detect and correct most unwanted errors which occur in memory.

This feature in this LGA 1150 CPU generation used the parity bit technique to detect and correct errors. That means an extra bit is added at the end of the typical eight-bit data that is used to represent values in the computer memory to detect an error.

Support Multi-Threading

The Intel Xeon E3-1280 CPU supports multi-threading technology, which means this feature will allow you to execute multiple parts of a program simultaneously. This feature will improve my CPU performance and give me the next gaming and video editing quality.

I can quickly run multiple programs by using this CPU in my personal computer. In addition, the multithreading feature allows me to use a more efficient way of computing resources. So, use this feature and take your system’s work to the next level.

Support Dynamic Frequency Scaling

This is a crucial feature of the Intel Xeon E3-1280 V3 CPU. This feature allows me to automatically adjust the frequency depending on the actual needs of the processor. This will help you to conserve the power for later use and reduce the amount of heat generated by the chip.

The frequency settings depend on the CPU, and it will enhance the performance of the CPU. I can easily modify my CPU’s current frequency according to the usage.


MMX is a unique feature that enhances the reliability of the Intel Xeon E3-1280 V3 CPU. It is designed to make my CPUs faster when using multimedia applications such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. It is one of the fastest 1150 processor.

It will speed up the tasks such as adjusting contrast, saturation, and hue of an image, or while playing music or games, it will fastly adjust the volume of your PC. So, speed up your PC and enhance the performance of your system by adding the best LGA 1150 CPU for gaming.

Support SSE version 4.2

I’ve also noticed that the SSE version 4.2 is an instruction set that will help you when using any video editing software like Adobe Photoshop. When you install Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, if you have a processor that supports SSE version 4.2, you can easily use these applications. So, to use these graphic applications, keep the Intel Xeon E3-1280 V3 LGA 1150 CPU in your personal computer.

The Intel Xeon E3-1280 V3 has stupendous features that will make your PC work fast in most heavy work like gaming and video editing. Furthermore, it will provide you with efficient work through its MMX and FMA3 feature that will help you to perform mathematical operations and Photoshop work well. It features ECC memory that gives you error-free networking through its error detecting and correcting feature. So, use these remarkable features and take your PC’s performance and speed to the next level.

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Top Reviewed
From a lot of research on the best LGA-1150 CPU I would like to recommend you to choose Intel core i5-4570S because of its remarkable features that enhance its quality. It helps you to improve the performance and management quality through its Intel Active Management Technology. Moreover, it also keeps your data safe from any unauthorized user access. So, let’s waste no further time and choose this CPU and make your work easy and perform well in most heavy applications and gaming.
Intel or AMD; which one is better?

The AMD CPUs were considered the best choice in the past, but for today’s needs, I will recommend you to choose the Intel CPU because of its better performance and more cores and threads. This will help you multitask better.

Is it possible to upgrade the CPU?

Yes, you can easily upgrade your CPU. If your CPU working is not as good as you want, you can upgrade your CPU with a compatible motherboard.

Do threads in the CPU matter?

Yes, it matters a lot. Because it decides how many tasks you can do at the same time. So, go for a higher number of threads that can bear high memory transfer load.

Will CPU affect game performance?

Absolutely yes, the good CPU decides speed of the game and the power it consumes while playing a game. A better quality CPU will provide you a better gaming experience.


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