8 Best Low Profile CPU Cooler for Overclocking 2022

Having a compact PC case with medium or small sizes impedes your way of choosing most of the time. I know how painful it is to choose something to cool your CPU and find it stopped at the gate. The clearance gate restricts using it because of sizing, and the technical disparity does not allow you to enjoy smooth gameplay. However, if you get the best low profile CPU cooler, I bet clearance will be out of the table.

Usually, more oversized, and full-size air coolers are more powerful, and most users get them for the ultimate cooling backup. On the other hand, the low-profile ones are helpful to get the required air cooling within compact and small sizes. Modern CPUs are lucky enough to get plenty of low profile CPU cooler options for no lack. I have studied and lived in the PC world for years and know this phenomenon pretty well. Let me tell you all I learned with some most excellent findings

Top 8 Best Low Profile Cooling Options

Usually, users don’t prefer a low profile CPU cooling solution, but things are changing rapidly. The newest models coming to the market are more sophisticated, slim, innovative, and compact. It is because users want their gaming rooms to look good and be unoccupied with more space. PC size matters and I have the most solutions to keep it within limits.

ARCTIC Alpine 12 LP Best Low Profile CPU Cooler 2022

ARCTIC Alpine 12 LP

I am opening the collection of the best low profile CPU coolers with the ARCTIC Alpine 12 LP CPU cooler.
Powers connector type4 pins
Voltage12 volts
Wattage75 watts
CompatibilityIntel Sockets 1156, 1155, 1151, 1150, 1200
RAM clearanceUnlimited
Noise level0.3 Sone

It has a lower power consumption configuration with the slightest noise. Its life span is superb, with a durable body and a premium quality bearing. The cheapest price range and the cooling setup you get are other great things about it. It is not luxurious but a well-balanced machine to take good care of your PC.

Lower Power Consumption with Least Noise

It has an updated motor with more power and makes your processor efficient in dealing with peak performances. It reduces vibration and decreases the temperature with its low profile cooling setup. The manufacturer is fully converted about the version, and you won’t find the pick compromising on any things, whether big or small.

Enhanced Life Span with Durable Body

Because of the low coil temperature, there is nothing that can damage the machine easily. It has a long life compared to most CPU coolers on the market. If I take a wild guess, you will enjoy at least four times more life span with the ARCTIC Alpine 12 LP CPU cooler. It is valid if I call it the best low profile CPU cooler 2022.

Premium Quality Bearing at a Small Price

The quality of this smallest CPU cooler is unbeatable. The lessened bearing is so helpful in achieving an efficient energy structure. The price range is so cheap, and I would say it is too small to believe. You won’t have to spend more than ten bucks for the ARCTIC Alpine 12 LP CPU cooler. I have used it myself, and it is quite a balanced pick with no significant shortcomings.

Improved Cooling Setup

The cooling setup is so good, and the air pressure you get is more than enough to eliminate heat. The extruded radial heat sink is the primary key to enhancing the cooling performance. I have established it as the best low profile CPU cooler at the smallest price you could imagine ever.

  • It is so cheap and super easily affordable for all types of users
  • Comes with a small and compact design
  • Allows you to replace the faulty cooling stock
  • It comes with a huge warranty of years
  • It is not a luxurious pick

Cooler Master MasterAir G200P RGB Best Low Profile CPU Cooler for Overclocking

Cooler Master MasterAir G200P

The Cooler Master MasterAir G200P RGB CPU cooler has no match on the market today. I can claim it as the best low profile CPU cooler for all reasons that come to users’ minds.
Compatible devicesDesktop
Cooling methodAir
Wattage300 watts
PWM Fan92mm
Noise level28 dB

It has the best cooling setup with RGB lighting, a cutting-edge body with extraordinary performances, and colorful lights that turn your mood ON. It offers an unbeatable combo of the heatsink and powerful airflow. You also get LED lighting with digital control for better usage. The price range is so cheap.

Best Cooling with RGB Function

It has the face to make your build an alluring object. When I first used the Cooler Master MasterAir G200P RGB CPU cooler, it made me feel so blessed to have such a unique and colorful cooler with excellent performance. It enhances the achievement level and allows any component to go down. It saves the details from melting due to heat. I can call it the best mini itx CPU cooler for all possible reasons. 

Best Combo of Airflow and Heatsink

A great mixture of airflow with a heatsink is a blessing for a user. When I first used the Cooler Master MasterAir G200P RGB CPU cooler, I found it the best low profile CPU cooler for overclocking and improving your performance. The compact build has small space, and cable management becomes an issue; to overcome it, you can give a read to the best pc case for cable management

LED Lighting with Digital Control

If you genuinely seek the sff CPU cooler, take a long breath and relax. The Cooler Master MasterAir G200P RGB CPU cooler has LED lighting with digital control, and the RGB effects add immense beauty to your PC and shape your mood towards excellence. It has a robust design with superpower under your palm.

Super Price Friendly 

The biggest concern while buying the best low profile CPU cooler is the price, and fortunately, you do not need to worry about this factor. The Cooler Master MasterAir G200P RGB CPU cooler asks for a minimal cost that is super favorable for all types of users. Whether you are a gamer, creator, beginner, or pro user, it can offer you the best cover in respect of performance and price.

  • Small and very useful cooler for better performance and space management
  • The fan speed is unbeatable
  • It gives the best value for your money
  • It enhances the performance level with a great kick
  • It needs to have some finishing touches

Noctua NH-L9x65, Premium Low Profile RGB CPU Cooler

Noctua NH-L9x65

If you are looking for the best low profile CPU cooler, the Noctua NH-L9x65 Premium Low Profile CPU cooler is the one that can get you a cover with its superb cooling system. It is quiet, calm, and noise free.
Compatible devicesDesktop
cooling methodFan
Voltage12 Volts
Maximum Rotational Speed2500 RPM
Noise level23.6 dB

The RAM compatibility is 100%, and other PCIe cards are super compatible with this device. I have used it various times, and it didn’t disappoint me a single time. It is slim, sleek, sharp, and powerful, and you get it all at a small price.

Offers Best Cooling Solution

It is an award-winning slim CPU cooler. The cooling system with proper height and compactness is the ultimate relief for the PC. If you check out the other siblings of this super pick, you will find it way better than the other ones. It won’t allow your CPU to hang at any stage and will get you cooling beyond your expectations.

Quiet, Calm, and Noise Free

The most fascinating and attractive thing about the Noctua NH-L9x65 Premium Low Profile CPU cooler is its calm, cool, and noise-free operation. It keeps the coil resistance to a minor level and gets your CPU an atmosphere that goes in your favor in all cases. It might not be a low profile RGB CPU cooler, but the best one without RGB effects.

100% RAM Compatibility and PCIe Cards

Regarding compatibility with the RAM and other PCIe cards, you will not find anything better than the Noctua NH-L9x65, Premium Low Profile CPU cooler. It has a 100% clearance level with no hurdle. It goes so smoothly with Intel models; if you have one, you can consider this great pick with full faith. I established it as the best low profile CPU cooler and didn’t find anything considerable to criticize.

  • The cooling performance is superb
  • It goes long way ahead with your CPU
  • The noise control is amazingly good
  • It gives the best value for your money
  • It has a bit bigger size

StarTech 1U 60x10mm SFF CPU Cooler

StarTech 1U

Having the best low profile CPU cooler is a blessing for those with compact and small PC cases.
Compatible devicesServer
cooling methodAir
Wattage2.64 watts
Noise level1 dB

The StarTech 1U 60x10mm is another balanced yet great device to perform for your CPU, and it has an ultimate heat dissipation setup with beautiful aesthetics and longevity. The price is super affordable, and I can bet it has the stamina to provide you with the best returns for your money.

Ultimate Heat Dissipation

The StarTech 1U 60x10mm is a compact CPU cooler for the ultimate heat dissipation. It knows how to deal with heating hazards to the max. The cooling performance you get along with is optimal, and I bet on this choice to fill your gaming room with the most delicate equipment.

Beautiful Aesthetics with Longevity

The aesthetics of the StarTech 1U 60x10mm excellent have no match, and you get max beauty to adorn your PC with the best. It might not be a low profile aio cooler, but it still gives the best control with super ease. I can also help you find some excellent CPU cooler options for Intel i9. If interested, you can read about the best CPU cooler for i9 10900k

Super Affordable Price

The price range of this best low profile CPU cooler is so minimal. You don’t need to concern about the price. I found the rapid dissipation system with reduced overheating redundancy super impressive. And getting something this genuine at a reasonable price is no less than a blessing.

  • It provides your CPU with the best low profile detail
  • It is the best low profile cooler in the budget
  • The compatibility is unbeatable with multiple CPUs
  • The price range is affordable for beginners
  • It is not a luxurious cooler

Be Quiet! Shadow Rock LP, 130W TDP, Compact CPU Cooler

Be Quiet! Shadow Rock LP

Be quiet! Shadow Rock LP, 130W TDPCPU cooler is one of my favorites, and there are multiple reasons behind it.
Connector type4 pins
Voltage12 volts
Wattage1.1 watts
Cooling methodFan
Noise level25.5 dB

It is the best low profile CPU cooler with high-performance heat pipes, premium cooling efficiency with durable aesthetics, and ultra-user friendly installation that makes things easier for the users. No complication comes your way while using it. Moreover, you get what it says if you give a view to its name. It has the power to get the noise down for a better experience.

High-Performance Heat Pipes                                     

The high-performance heat pipes offer a great capacity to deal with heating. It provides a 130W TDP rating for the ultimate compatibility with more than one motherboard. If you follow the best low profile CPU cooler gamers nexus reviews, you will find the Be quiet! Shadow Rock LP, 130W TDP CPU cooler leading from the front.

Premium Cooling Efficiency with Durability

There are 6mm heat pipes to carry overheating and get it out of the box to avoid any casualty. Sometimes the voltage gets down or up suddenly, and this situation can play havoc with your PC. To prevent such unfortunate incidents, a reliable and automated CPU cooler like Be quiet! Shadow Rock LP, 130W TDP is the need of the user. It is probably the best low profile CPU cooler am4. 

User-Friendly Installation and Usage

The installation prices of the Be quiet! Shadow Rock LP 130W TDP CPU cooler is user-friendly, and you do not need expertise or extra tools to mount it perfectly. When I was preparing the list of the best low profile CPU coolers, I could not ignore this one because it serves to be there. It is a compact CPU cooler at a small price.

  • Provides your PC with an excellent cooling performance
  • Warranty backup is good enough to get you a safe cover
  • The fans are super-fast
  • It has the strength to serve your PC for a long time
  • The size is a bit larger

Silverstone Tek Low-Profile Heatsink Slim CPU Cooler

Silverstone Tek

When you intend to buy the best low profile CPU cooler, pipes have quality to withstand overheating and a compact design with a strong body is inevitable.
Compatible devicesDesktop
Cooling methodAir
Wattage95 watts
Connector type3, 4 pin combo
MaterialCopper and aluminum
Noise level28.3 dB

Fortunately, the Silverstone Tek Low-Profile Heatsink cooler has it all to serve you with no lack. The performance you can enjoy with it is unbeatable, and the noise control system has another story to tell. And you cannot listen to that story because the noise has nothing to do with this machine.

Best Heatpipes to Deal with Overheating

It is a compact package with thick and powerful pipes to carry heating and get it out of your PC in the best way possible. If you search for the best low profile CPU cooler 2022, I hope you will find the Silverstone Tek Low-Profile Heatsink cooler in the top results. 

Compact Design with Solid Body

The design is superbly beautiful and durable. It looks like so slim CPU cooler with no shortcomings to destroy your CPU. If you own to Ryzen 9 CPU and want something genuine for the cooling, you can give read to the best CPU cooler for Ryzen 9 5900x. I have gathered the best choices in this article to help you find a full CPU cooler. 

Ultimate Noise Control with Excellent Performance

It has style and can control the movie to the fullest to get you reliable and smooth gameplay. It furnishes excellent support to provide your PC with an unrivaled cooling partner. When I used this best low profile CPU cooler, it was all over my senses because the performance was superb. It saves your pocket and allows you to play games or pursue creative work for hours nonstop.

  • It is compact and small
  • The cooling performance is decent
  • CPU cooler is super easy to install and use
  • There is no specific expertise required to get it on board
  • The aesthetics need to be reviewed

Cryorig C7-47mm Tall, SFF Best Mini ITX CPU Cooler

Cryorig C7-47mm Tall

The Cryorig C7-47mm Tall SFF is another best low profile CPU cooler. It has a robust backup to get the nose down for healthy operations.
Compatible devicesDesktop
Voltage12 volts
Wattage100 watts
Maximum Rotational Speed1350 RPM
Noise level14 dB

When there is heat during peak performances, the air pressure is enough to deal with the effects. A premium quality body with excellent aesthetics is another beautiful aspect. It provides you with a robust cooling setup with energy efficiency on hand. Above all, you do not have to spend much to get it in your gaming room.

Best Noise Control

If you seek the best noise control while the fan runs at its peak, the Cryorig C7-47mm Tall SFF CPU cooler answers this question. It is the best mini ITX CPU cooler with a rough and rugged face. If you are ready to compromise on aesthetics and want quality in your operations, this article can get you the desired outcomes.

Premium Quality Body with Excellent Heat Dissipation

The quality of body is of premium quality, and it goes a long way ahead with your PC for years. If you get it damaged during the installation or usage, don’t worry, you have. A warranty backup to get it back on track. It is the best low profile CPU cooler for overclocking and heat dissipation.

Robust Cooling Setup with Energy Efficiency 

The cooling setup is excellent, and the energy efficiency has nothing you can question. When I used this best low profile CPU cooler for the first time, I realized how important it is to consider the combo of cooling and energy efficiency without compromising on anyone. It can offer you the best repay for your money.

  • It submits effective cooling power
  • Highly affordable cooler for all types of users
  • It is so convenient to install and use
  • The size is compact and precise
  • Creates a bit of noise while operating

SilverStone Technology Smallest CPU Cooler

SilverStone Technology

The journey of finding the best low profile CPU cooler ends with the SilverStone Technology Smallest CPU Cooler.
Compatible devicesDesktop
Cooling methodAir
Wattage65 watts
MaterialAluminum, copper
Noise level28.98 dB

It is solid and made up of copper to avoid errors and pressures. The energy consumption pattern is so efficient. It keeps the noise under control to give your ears a smooth experience. I found it an extraordinary mix of quality and affordable price.

Solid Copper Body to Avoid Errors

Solid copper is one of the most acceptable and popular metals that can create the best and the smallest CPU cooler for reliable and durable outcomes. It has the strength to avoid errors and pressures to the fullest. The manufacturer also gives a considerable warranty backup to give you a cover. And it is a straight bonus to enjoy.

Energy Efficient Pattern

The energy consumption pattern is superb; no matter if the voltage goes down, it has a digital control system based on automation to survive in the fluctuating flow of energy. It can do the best beyond your expectations. I can confidently call it the best low profile CPU cooler 2022. Moreover, I recently wrote an article on the best cooler for i7 10700k. It can get you something genuine to support your usage.

Quality with Affordable Price

The SilverStone Technology Smallest CPU Cooler has a complete backup to support your PC with the cooling method you want with luxury picks. Moreover, the piece is cheaper, and you can afford it easily and save pennies to have a drink tonight. I found it one of the best low profile CPU coolers for all potential motives.

  • The cooling performance is topnotch
  • The variability factor is superb
  • It is easy to use with AMD and Intel sockets
  • It gives the best return for your money
  • The warranty backup is not enough for a safe use

Buying Guide for the Compact CPU Cooler

I have prepared this buying guide after investing my years in this field. I tried my best to get you a complete cover by showing all the major and minor technical details in the breakdown of the five points below. You will surely win if you make it up with all the details with the utmost care thing more that you want.

Your Budget for the Cooler

Budget is not an issue in buying a low profile CPU cooler if you know the market situation. However, it is the core factor that helps you decide whether a CPU cool will work for your PC or not. If you arrange to spend around 50 bucks, you are super safe to win the luxurious CPU cooler. 

Air vs AIO Cooler

When you search for the best low profile CPU cooler, you need to decide whether you want a cooler with an air pressure cooling method or liquid cooling. If I look at the general usage and popularity, the cooler with air cooking method is more popular. However, you can choose one that fits your PC the most.

Fan Height and Size

If you get a fan of 120mm, it is super good to give you results. It has a compact size that suits your low-profile system. Moreover, the height and size matter the most for a perfect fit. If you choose something bigger or smaller, you will not get it installed successfully and will have to go for replacement. So, to avoid such a hazard, keep an eye on the size and height.

Cooler Height and Size

The height and size of the cooler are also essential to consider while choosing the perfect match for your PC. It is better to grab a cooler that creates an unquestionable match with your pc case and gives you peace of mind with an unbeatable fit.

CPU Socket Compatibility and Clearance 

The CPU socket compatibility is the ultimate tool to test the reliability of your CPU cooler. It would help if you never went for the pick that differs from the CPU socket, or you won’t be able to use it. Moreover, clearance for RAM compatibility and PCIe cards is also inevitable. 

Product Recommendation
I hope you have enjoyed the picks for the best low profile CPU cooler and the buying guide that will surely put you in a win-win situation. And now I’ll take out the cool that I like the most out of the eight champions: the Cooler Master MasterAir G200P RGB CPU cooler.
It submits excellent heat sinks and airflow combo with digital control. It allows you to enjoy RGB lighting with LED and the cooling performance lacks at any level. It boosts your PC performance to new heights. Lastly, it is a low-profile but a quality budget CPU cooler.
What is a low-profile CPU cooler?

A low profile CPU cooler is the one that comes with the horizontal placement of the fan below the radiator. It is the best way to keep the space empty to take more components on board. It gives more space with its small and compact size and helps you achieve a standard performance with some great mixtures. However, it cannot compete with more oversized and full-sized CPU coolers.

How good are low profile coolers?

Without comparing, a low-profile cooler is the best option for compact and small builds. You can get easy-to-go performance with no apparent flaw. The noise control with a low profile CPU cooler is superb, allowing you to have a slight case without worrying about any shortcomings.

What should I look for when buying a low profile cooler?

It would help if you looked at a mix of things, such as a quality cooling setup with unbeatable compatibility, CPU socket, TDP rating, beautiful aesthetics, clearance, and noise control. You cannot benefit from all these facets if the size is not minor and compact. So, keep this thing on priority. Following these points, you can easily win a reliable low, profile CPU cooler.

Is a low profile CPU cooler worth it?

The answer has no face until and unless you decide on some things, such as whether you need a full-sized or compact build for your gaming or working setup. If it goes small and compact, the low profile CPU cooler is the best option and is way more than worth it. You can easily win a considerable pick within 50 dollars. So yes, it is worth it with its significant contributions to your build.


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