5 Best Motherboards for AMD FX 8350 | AM3+ DDR3 RAM Support

If you are figuring out the best motherboard for AMD FX 8350, you are in the right place. It is not difficult to find the right choice for the 2022 FX 8350 processor, but having enough knowledge can make this easier. Although there are several choices out there, they are confusing for most users. These motherboards have several features that I will discuss later in this guide to help you identify and select the right choice.

The AMD FX motherboard 8350 is a reasonably old yet powerful AMD FX 8350 chipset. Since 2012 it is in the limelight for the users who want high-resolution gaming with stable FPS on budget. Despite its old technology, it is still suitable for modern gaming and general use. To find out the AMD FX 8350 supported motherboard, I have a personal experience of these motherboards and will guide you through the best choices available in the market to ease your ongoing research for the best available option.

AMD FX 8350 Compatible Motherboards

I have listed the 5 best motherboards for AMD FX 8350 that don’t have compatibility issues to make things easier. You can trust my hours of research to select the right choice for your FX 8350 processor.

As I already made it clear that finding the best motherboard for FX 8350 is not much challenging. The real challenge is the AMD FX 8350 motherboard compatibility with the processor, GPU, and other components.

best motherboards for amd fx 8350

Gigabyte GA-78 LMT-USB Best Compatible Mobo for AMD FX 8350

Gigabyte - ga-78lmt-usb3 - gigabyte motherboard ga-78lmt-usb3 am3+ 760g/sb710

Last Amazon price update was: August 5, 2022 3:15 AM

GIGABYTE Ultra Durable Technology

ATI Hybrid CrossFireX Support

Integrated DDR3 Memory Controller

PCI Express 2.0 graphics interfaces

Hyper Transport 3.0 Technology

The Gigabyte GA- 78LMT-USB3 is the best budget motherboard for FX 8350 that I have used before. It has AMD’s low-end 760G chipset packs with excellent overall performance. This budget motherboard for AMD FX 8350 supports FX, Phenom II, and Athlon II processors but has fewer features than higher-priced boards from the same manufacturer. However, I find it intriguing for the most part due to its excellent overall performance.

Storage Capacity

Gigabyte has omitted the SATA3 support on this board. However, there are six SATA2 ports for fulfilling the storage requirements efficiently. These ports are enough or supporting plenty of storage. Speed is a downside for these SATA2 ports as they are not much powerful than SATA3 ports.

The SATA2 speed may seem fast for the old-school mechanical discs because they can barely handle SATA3 speeds at optimum level. But when I used it with SSDs in my computer, these ports seem to provide limited speeds as they operate faster with the latest SATA ports and get the peak performance.

USB Connectivity

Without a doubt, the external media connectivity is superior on the Gigabyte 78LMT motherboard. It has USB3 support that can allow the data transfer at a higher speed for the external storage options. For a budget motherboard, this seems amazingly cool.

There are three USB3 ports on this Gigabyte motherboard. At the front, there is one, while at the back, there are two of them. Alongside the USB3 ports, there are USB 2.0 ports for even more connectivity choices.

AMD FX 8350 Memory Support

Like its competitors, Gigabyte 78LMT-USB3 is a good motherboard for FX 8350, and it supports DDR3 RAM. It is good to see there are four memory slots with each house DDR3 RAM on them. The total memory that these slots can hold is 32GB which is sufficient for most tasks.

If you want to know about my experience on AMD FX 8350 benchmark gaming, there is a decent performance on this motherboard. 1600MHz 4GB RAM of AMD FX 8350 memory support can score nearly 90 on the multimedia benchmark score, which is still impressive for an old chipset.

Best GPU Support for FX 8350

The integrated Radeon HD 3000 graphics means this motherboard is excellent for general desktop use and can handle intensive games. VGA, DVI-D, and HDMI outputs offer various connection options for the monitor, which is helpful.

Despite its conventional size of 244 x 244mm, the micro-ATX has little room for expansion. There is just one PCI-E x16 slot and a single legacy PCI slot that will block another full-sized card if used at all.

AMD FX 8350 BIOS Update

Although the latest processors have support on specific models, you may need to update your BIOS. To do so, make sure you’re using a compatible processor and visit Gigabyte’s website for full details about which version of BIOS will work with your model.

Feeling nostalgic for the old days? This motherboard has an Award BIOS instead of a UEFI. The interface is clunky, but it still works well and allows me to overclock my system when I need some extra performance out of my hardware.

Gigabyte FX 8350 Motherboard Specs
CPU CompatibilityAMD Athlon II, Phenom II, AMD AM3+, 760G Processor
ChipsetAMD 760G, AMD SB710
GraphicsOn-Board Radeon HD 3000
AMD fx 8350 Ram4 x DIMM, DDR3 (1600 MHz), Max. 32 GB
Expansion Slots1 x PCI Express x16 slots, 1 x PCI slot and 1 x PCI Express x1 slot
Storage Capacity6 x SATA 3Gb/s and 1 x IDE connector
USB Ports4 x USB 3.1 and 8 x USB 2.0

ASUS M5A99 FX Pro 2.0 Best AMD FX 8350 Motherboard DDR3

M5A99FX PRO R2.0 - Mainboard - ATX

Last Amazon price update was: August 5, 2022 3:15 AM

Native BIOS Support


Dual Intelligent Processors

Network iControl

USB 3.0 Boost Set

The ASUS M5A99FX Pro Motherboard is a perfect choice for the FX8350 due to its excellent support and features. The SATA 6G ports, PCI Express ports and eight-channel audio are enough to make it stand out in the competition. The USB 3.0 ports with ASMedia SATA controller provide enough leverage to make it the users’ best choice.

FX 8350 Driver Update

The BIOS or driver update on this motherboard is clean and straightforward. It is UEFI based setup where you can find the AI Tweaker, Boot, and Advanced Tools from the six primary tabs. One thing that attracted me is its handy F12 print screening feature native to the UEFI boards. It helps me out when i want to send the set to a friend for help during overclocking or just want to look at the settings for later use.

FX 8350 Memory Support

When it comes to storage, ASUS motherboard AMD FX 8350 that currently I’m using contains many options. It has seven SATA 6GB/s ports where five ports are gray, and two ports are navy blue. Besides that, there is one eSATA port to satisfy my storage needs. I feel the storage is excellent and high performance as it comes with an AMD SB950 controller and ASMedia PCIe SATA controller for better performance.

AMD FX 8350 Bundle for Video

I am a professional gamer and graphic designer and I like the PC to have more than one GPU, ASUS M5A99FX Pro has multiple GPU support. It shows compatibility with the latest NVIDIA Quad-GPU SLI and AMD CrossFireX technology. The result of the multiple GPU is impressive as I can use the best GPU for fx 8350 and get the ultimate performance.

FX Motherboard Audio

In the audio department, ASUS has done a marvelous job in this motherboard. It amazed me with the 8 channel HD audio codec and Blu-ray sound quality. The Blu-ray audio layer protection also offers an ASUS noise filter for a clear and loud sound. The support for different inputs is excellent as it features jack detection, jack re-tasking, and multi-streaming.

Compatibility with FX 8350

It is the main priority for every PC enthusiast to find a motherboard compatible with their planned setup. While supporting AMD 8350 motherboard, ASUS M5A99FX Pro is compatible with AMD AM3 + FX, Sempron 100 series, Phenom II, and Athlon II processors.

Besides that, it can support CPUs with 8 core and 140W power. Regarding chipset, the official recommendation is AMD SB950 and 990FX. Currently I’m using the dual-channel memory to install any compatible frequency RAM without any issues.

USB Connectivity

Due to its affordable model, there are no USB 3.1 ports; instead, you have 4 USB ports. Two of them are at the back panel, while two are at the middle board. There are 14 USB 2.0 ports that are overwhelming as most models don’t have such a number for the USB ports.

ASUS Pro AMD fx-8350 Motherboard DDR3 Specs
CPU CompatibilityAMD AM3+ FX, Phenom II, Sempron 100 Series and Athlon II Processors
ChipsetAMD 990FX or SB950
GraphicsMulti-GPU Support, NVIDIA Quad-GPU SLI Technology, AMD Quad-GPU CrossFireXTechnology
Memory (RAM)4 x DIMM, DDR3 (1866 MHz), Max. 32GB
Expansion Slots2 x PCIe 2.0 x16, 2 x PCIe 2.0 x16, 1 x PCI, 1 x PCIe 2.0 x1
Storage Capacity5 x SATA 6Gb/s and 1 x eSATA ports
USB Ports4 x USB 3.0 and 14 x USB 2.0

ASUS 970 Pro Gaming Mini ATX Motherboard for AMD FX 8350

Asus 970 PRO Gaming/Aura AM3+ 970 ATX SND+GLN+U3 SATA6GB/S, 90MB0PU0-M0EAY0 (ATX SND+GLN+U3 SATA6GB/S)

Last Amazon price update was: August 5, 2022 3:15 AM

Flawless Audio for Gaming

LAN Guard for Protected Networking

Dual USB 3.1 for Ultra-Speedy Data Transfers

Aura RGB LED Lighting

The ASUS 970 PRO Gaming is the good gaming motherboard for AMD FX 8350 with USB 3.1 and SSD connectivity, which should help bridge the gap until ZEN arrives. The board can handle itself nicely when overclocked to run at 5GHz. It has enough power for providing overclocking and customizations from a gaming perspective and i’m very satisfied with its performance.


The world’s first certified multi GPU platform from ASUS provides gamers like me with a sturdy foundation for their epic quests towards achieving full-on 1080p or 1440p glory. 970 Pro Gaming can work with NVIDIA SLI and AMD CrossfireX and is officially certified to allow two-way, quad GPU graphics supremacy. This utility in AMD fx 8350 GPU provides the users with a thrilling and high-performance visual and gaming experience.

Network Card

With an Intel Gigabit Ethernet (I211-AT) LAN, ASUS has equipped this board with a cutting-edge connection that reduces CPU workload for improved gaming. Reducing the load on the board allows for more resources for gaming performance. Game First IV Beta and LANGuard accompany ASUS 970 Pro Gaming to protect the game’s online traffic from lags and adding protection up to 2.5X from static electricity surges up to 15 KV.

Audio Support for Gaming

The gaming system that i’m using right now, its ASUS’ board is equipped with a Realtek ALC1150 codec and Nichion capacitors to provide the best audio quality possible. The shielded design and an EMI cover protect these components from noise interference while preserving the clarity and fidelity of sound output through a 300Ω headphone amplifier.

To enhance the premium sound, ASUS 970 Pro features Sonic Radar II. It is an overlay onscreen to help you identify enemies out of sight during the game so that you can be a hunter not preyed upon by others.

USB and Storage

It has two USB 3.1 Type-A which can yield up to 10 Gbps transfer speeds, allowing for faster data transfers from external devices such as USB hard drives and flash storage keys. At the same time, the M.2 SSD slots help with improved and speedy data transfers.

The M.2 socket can transfer the data up to 16 Gbps and works fine with compatible SSDs. I have tested the slot with the Samsung950 Pro, and the speed and performance amazed us on this motherboard.

AMD FX 8350 Chipset Drivers

I have always liked the ASUS BIOS because it is easy to use with an intuitive layout. The 970 PRO Gaming has everything you need for overclocking your CPU, including ample control over-voltage and power settings, plus features such as EZ flash to update the BIOS file. You can save your overclock work on the profile slot for later. You never feel underpowered as the BIOS does not limit the CPU performance.

RGB Lighting Option

The 970 PRO has customizable RGB LED illumination that makes my PC very catchy. This RGB lighting can be controlled with software bundled in the driver disc and will make it pulse to your music or set colors according to CPU temperature. Also included are presets which erupt from one color into another, pulsing beat by beat along with your songs.

ASRock 970M Pro Specifications
CPU CompatibilityAMD AM3+ FX, Sempron 100 Series, Athlon II,  Phenom II Processors
ChipsetAMD 970 or SB950
GraphicsNVIDIA Quad-GPU SLI Technology and AMD Quad-GPU CrossFireX Technology
Memory (RAM)4 x DIMM, DDR3 (2133 MHz), Max. 32GB
Expansion Slots2 x PCI Express x16 slots and 2 x PCI Express x1 slots, 2 x PCI
Storage Capacity6 x SATA 6Gb/s and 1 x M.2 socket 3
USB Ports2 x USB 3.1, 2 x USB 3.0, and 14 x USB 2.0

MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon AMD FX 8350 Motherboard DDR3

MSI Gaming AMD Ryzen X370 DDR4 VR Ready HDMI USB 3 SLI CFX ATX Motherboard (X370 GAMING PRO CARBON)

Last Amazon price update was: August 5, 2022 3:15 AM

Full Fan Control

Water cooling Ready

Color Scheme with RGB Mystic Light

HI-FI Sound with Audio Boost 4

Express DDR3 Boost

PCI-E Steel Armor

MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon Motherboard has a unique design that fulfills the gaming requirements for the AMD socket AM3+ processors. It has excellent RGB lighting near the front panel, which provides a mystic look.

With its lightning USB 3.1, Mystic light extension connectivity, and audio boost in this motherboard supported best fx processor for gaming. The motherboard looks promising for its performance and aesthetics.

MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon CPU Compatibility

This motherboard is best for AMD’s new Ryzen processors, and it can also run other CPU models compatible with socket AM3+. This means you won’t have to replace your entire system when upgrading in the future; only changing out your processor will be necessary since they’re all designed by one company. No doubt it is the best motherboard for AMD FX 8350 black edition due to its impressive compatibility.

AMD FX 8350 Hard Storage

The MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon has six SATA III ports for storage, two of which are facing the front instead of toward the side. This positioning may be problematic for cable management and can make using all those ports difficult.

X370 Gaming Pro Carbon has two M.2 slots, which is excellent since it enables users to run multiple storage devices simultaneously for improved performance and flexibility. However, the top slot may trap the heat instead of helping cool down components underneath – an argument that needs more research before concluding.

AMD FX 8350 Update BIOS

With MSI Click BIOS, there is excellent improvement happened in the implementation of the UEFI-based BIOS. These improvements are visible and speak for their effect on the performance and utility they offer.

I experienced that overclocking settings and other advanced system settings are easy to navigate through for beginners. However, I do like how AMD has standardized almost everything when it comes to overclocking its CPU. This makes things easier for users who want a quick fix instead of extensive research before setting up their computers.

RGB Lighting

MSI Gaming Pro Carbon series motherboards are characterized by their carbon-fiber pattern and black with silver accents. This motherboard will create a professional look for any kind of rig. The carbon fiber seems precisely similar to the carbon fiber we see in cars and their dashboard construction.

The MSI Gaming App allows users to control the RGB lighting on their motherboard, including The MSI logo, the rear of the motherboard, and the I/O shroud. This is a great selling point about the best mobo for AMD FX 8350 because it’s part of what helps make your gaming experience so awesome by providing extra customization through an app.

Audio Card Power

I’m fond of these gaming and enthusiast motherboards, sound processor isolation has implementation at a PCB level. There are even different layers for the left and proper channels. The Nahimic 2 offers a voice shaper and leveler at the microphone level with ten equalizer bands. It has four gaming presets, 6 EQ presets, and three audio profiles. On VOIP calls, the audio does not have any issues, no matter the background sounds.

Memory for FX 8350 Chipset

The X370 uses an 8+2 phase configuration for its VRM, which means that the motherboard should provide clean and stable power even under overclocked conditions.

The area around VRM’s is free of obstructions, making it easy to install large coolers without worrying about damaging anything else on your motherboard. It supports 64GB of DDR3 RAM, clocking at 3200 MHz at maximum to qualify as the best AMD FX 8350 DDR3 motherboard.

AMD FX 8350 Updated Specifications
CPU CompatibilityAMD RYZEN Series and 7th Gen A-series or Athlon processors for Socket AM3+
ChipsetAMD X370
best video card for amd fx 8350HDMI port(max resolution 4096×[email protected] 24 Hz), 2-Way NVIDIA SLI Technology, and 3-Way AMD CrossFire Technologies                                                       
Memory (RAM)4 x DDR3 (3200 MHz), Max. 64GB
Expansion Slots2 x PCIe x16 slots, 1 x PCIe x16 slots, 3 x PCIe x1 slots
Storage Capacity6 x SATA 6Gb/s and 2 x M.2 slots
USB Ports4 x USB 3.1 and 6 x USB 2.0

ASRock 970M PRO3 AMD FX 8350 DDR4 Motherboard Combo 8 Core

ASRock Micro ATX DDR3 1066 Motherboards 970M PRO3

Last Amazon price update was: August 5, 2022 3:15 AM

140W Support for CPU

AMD Improved Cool ‘n’ Quiet Technology

Untied Overclocking Technology

Support UCC Feature

Premium Blu-Ray Audio

For those who play games and want a motherboard on a budget with 8 core chipset availability, the ASRock 970M PRO3 is one of your best options. It’s capable of handling small voltage changes and can handle heavy use without any issues. It is one of the best motherboards for the AMD FX 8350 processor, and its compatibility is excellent.

AMD fx 8350 RAM Support

The ASRock 970M Pro3 is compatible with the AMD Socket AM3+ CPU. Any CPUs that use this socket is also compatible with it. ASRock operates at its maximum speeds due to its excellent DDR 3 2400 MHz capabilities and four slots for a total system RAM capacity of up to 64 GB. In my experience the RAM is enough to run heavier processes without any hassle.

AMD FX 8350 Storage Review

The ASRock 970M Pro3 has 6 x SATA hard drive slots, allowing for theoretical data transfer speeds of up to 6GB/s – double the speed found on standard SATA 2 ports. This speed is only possible if you’re using a high-performance solid-state drive like those used in top gaming computers, so most likely, your old normal one won’t be able to take advantage.

It’s still backward compatible, though, and will work with any regular drives as well while saving you money since it doesn’t require an expensive SSD upgrade. If you still want a high-speed motherboard for faster data transfer, ASUS 970 Pro Gaming Motherboard can fulfill your needs.

ASRock 970m Pro 3 Compatible GPU

It surprises me that ASRock 970M does not support any onboard graphics and needs separate GPUs for working on this board. Or you can use it with the processor, which has a graphics card on the same die.

There are PCIe slots that provide the capability to support the best video card for amd fx 8350. These 2 PCIe slots require a graphics card with an interface similar to the PCIe 2.x as without it, it cannot reach the potential performance. If you deploy anything above that level, it will slash the bandwidth to the maximum supported by the board.

USB Storage

The ASRock 970M Pro3 is a good motherboard for AMD FX 8350 with USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 slots. With the performance-oriented motherboard, you can expect to transfer data at 480 Mb/s on USB 2.0 while ten times faster up to 5 Gb/s on the USB 3.0 interface.

The USB 2.0 works fine according to my needs. But if you feel any urge to upgrade, then two USB 3.0 are there on the board to serve your needs. However, it is worth noting that USB 3.0 is backward compatible and will work fine with an older version without any issues in the data transfer quality.

ASRock 970M Compatibility

The ASRock 970M Pro3 is the perfect size for any compact build. Its smaller dimensions allow me to downsize, leaving room in my budget and space. But don’t expect many features as there is less room for expansion and fewer connection possibilities than the larger motherboards.

Specifications (AMD fx 8350 Good for Gaming)
CPU CompatibilitySocket AM3+ / AM3 Processors
ChipsetAMD 970 + AMD SB950
GraphicsNvidia SLI GPUs and AMD CrossFire Technologies                                                       
Memory (RAM)4 x DDR3 (2400 MHz), Max. 64GB
Expansion Slots1 x PCI Express x1 slots and 2 x PCI Express x16 slots
Storage Capacity6 x SATA 6Gb/s
USB Ports2 x USB 3.0 and 4 x USB 2.0

AMD FX 8350 Supported Motherboard Purchase Guide

When purchasing the best motherboard for AMD FX 8350, you need to consider some important considerations. They can include the memory size, dimensions, PCI slots, USB port types, and many more. It all depends on your personal liking and needs that which features you need the most.

I have reviewed top motherboards for AMD FX 8350 in detail to decide what you need for your usage. If you are still unsure about the features, read this guide, which will ultimately help you decide what components and parts you deem essential according to your requirements.

Form Factor

The form factor is generally known as a dimension of the motherboard. Dimensions are the most critical factor to consider, especially if you are planning to upgrade the rig. There are two common types of motherboards; ATX motherboards and Micro ATX motherboards.

The ATX motherboards are mostly more comprehensive and have more options for the expansion slots and adding new hardware to the motherboard. In contrast, the mini itx motherboard for AMD FX 8350 generally has less space and fewer options for expansion. So depending on your needs, you need to decide between the form factors which best suits you.

AMD FX 8350 Socket Type

Processor sockets are the connections that connect the processor to the motherboard. These sockets allow easy connection to the motherboards without soldering the processors. However, 3 types of these sockets decide the processor’s compatibility with the motherboard.

The most common types of these sockets are LGA, BGA, and PGA. The first two are more common, while the third one is not much common. LGA has computability with Intel while PGA with AMD. BGA, in this case, is not much popular due to its non-upgradable nature as it bonds directly to the motherboard.

FX 8350 RAM Speed

If you are using the computer for a while, you must be familiar with the RAM, its types, and its importance. RAM is one of the motherboard’s essential parts, and its compatibility in sense of fx 8350 ram speed with the motherboard is a big concern. Some AMD fx-8350 motherboard comes with DDR3 RAM while newer ones with motherboard am4 and DDR4 RAM. The latter one is better to have on the motherboard due to increased speed and power.

Similarly, the RAM size is also crucial while selecting the motherboard. For regular use and lighter tasks, 8 GB of RAM can work well. If you require the motherboard for gaming and heavier tasks, consider at least 16 GB RAM. Buying a motherboard with a larger RAM capacity also makes them future-proof.

PCI Slots

AMD fx 8350 PCIe lanes directly link with the form factor of the motherboard. If you have an ATX motherboard, the chance is there that it contains more PCI slots. But what actual function do PCI slots perform? They provide the place to attach disk controllers, sound cards, network cards, and modems.

PCI slots provide space for the expansion slots to connect. The type and number of slots decision depend on your usage requirements. For gaming, multiple PICe x16 slots are much better and ideal.

FX 8350 Memory Support (SATA Ports)

To use your hard drive and SSD with the FX 8350 chipset, you must ensure 6 GB SATA ports. These provide better speeds than others on a motherboard which may not be up to date or compatible with newer hardware as they support fast transfer rates.

There are two common types of SATA in the AMD FX 8350 supported motherboard. SATA 2.0 are older ports that are almost ten times slows than the latest SATA 3.0 ports. However, to get the faster speed, SSD with the latest SATA is the best option.

Additional Features

Besides the primary features on the motherboard, it is better to look for more options. If you are a gaming enthusiast, then you may prefer a board with RGB lighting and fx 8350 integrated graphics. Having RB lighting gives an excellent feel to the overall PC rig and video card provide high performance.

Similarly, getting WIFI connectivity with the onboard network card is also a bonus. In general, few models offer good WIFI connectivity for the best streaming and browsing the internet. Additional perks like RGB and WIFI connectivity are worth looking for in the best motherboard for AMD FX 8350 for a good experience.

Hopefully, this guide for the best motherboard for AMD FX 8350 black edition will help to improve your decision-making and make it easier to select the right choice for your PC. However, I will recommend Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 for all users looking for a reliable, faster chipset with eight cores. The DDR3 RAM supports faster bandwidth which improves overall functionality for your gaming and work needs.

AMD FX 8350 uses an AM3+ socket to support the VAM phases with 32GB of RAM. If you are looking to save money on your energy bill, then it is a perfect choice. It supports enough RAM and VRM phases to overclock an AMD FX 8350 CPU, which consumes 125watts of power (making it a green choice).

The gaming industry is evolving and getting faster with the introduction of Ray-tracing, MSAA. With a motherboard from ASUS combined with AMD’s new FX 8350, you can play online games at incredible speeds while consuming less power than ever before. If you want to take your game experience even further, consider buying one of these newer models.

MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon Motherboard is best for the AMD FX 8350, and it comes with excellent RAM support. It also features a VRM that can take its clock speeds to the maximum without any throttling issues. The integrated graphic chipset ensures you always have display output for BIOS updates during booting up your system.

If you’re overclocking your AMD FX 8350 CPU, ensure it doesn’t exceed the maximum temperature of 60c. If necessary, get an overclock-friendly motherboard to ensure that you don’t damage the hardware or reduce its lifespan. Using temperature monitoring is essential, especially during the overclock, to avoid any toasting of the components.

When it comes to processors, the AMD FX and Intel i7 are both strong contenders. They have fast speeds and excellent link security. However, when you consider hardware graphics processing units (GPUs), only one of them has a superior product. I7 has embedded GPUs and gets the edge over AMD FX and beat it in competition.


Hi, I am Robert. I made myself expert in all PC components. I tested and taken reviews from users, specially Gamers to make a reliable buying guide and best product descriptions. It will help to find compatible parts and save your money on PC custom build.

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