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The i5 8600K is arguably the best motherboard for i5 8600k processor Intel currently offers for budget gamers. Like it’s more expensive sibling, the i7 8700K, the Core i5 8600K has six physical cores and can effortlessly be overclocked to over 5GHz if you have a Z370 motherboard with overclocking performance.

Generations of Intel processors and motherboards with the Z370 i5 8600k chipset have flooded the market, so it is difficult to distinguish a regular motherboard from a motherboard suitable for serious gaming. It is beneficial for gaming, video streaming, and high-quality videos. If you want to create a reliable and fast PC setup, finding the best budget motherboard for i5 8600k. Luckily for you, I’ve done some research, and here’s my picks of the 3 best motherboards for the i5 8600K.

3 Best Budget Motherboard for i5 8600k

A good and durable motherboard is what all gamers want, but gamers are confused when they start looking for products. They look at so many products and can’t decide which one is best for their intended use. This article was written after a lot of research and personal experience, and in the end, I am able to suggest the best budget motherboard for i5 8600k that I think is best for you.

GIGABYTE B365M DS3H Good Motherboard for i5 8600k

GIGABYTE B365M DS3H WiFi-Y1 (LGA1151/Intel/Micro ATX/USB 3.1 Gen 1 (USB3.0) Type A/DDR4/Motherboard)

Last Amazon price update was: September 23, 2022 10:27 AM
  • It Has Multiple Warning and Detection System
  • Full Power Management of PCB Platform
  • Seven Colors of RGB Fusion and LED Strips
  • Sulfur and Surge Protection
  • Gaming LAN with Bandwidth Management
GIGABYTE B365M FeaturesSupportive Specs
CPU CompatibilitySupports the 8th and 9th Gen i9/ i7/ i5/ i3 Intel® Core™ / Pentium® Gold / Celeron® processors
ChipsetIntel® B365
GraphicsHDMI (max resolution 4096 x [email protected] 30 Hz)
DVI-D (max. resolution 1920  x 1200  @ 60 Hz)
D-sub (max. resolution 1920  x 1200  @ 60  Hz)
Memory (RAM)4 x DIMM, DDR4 (2666 MHz), Max. 64 GB
Expansion Slots1 x PCI Express x16 slot, 1 x PCI Express x4 slot and 1 x PCI Express x1 slot
Storage Capacity6 x SATA 6Gb/s and 1 x M.2 slots
USB Ports6 x USB 3.1 and 6 x USB 2.0

Realtek LAN provides users with the complete set of functions and the fastest and smoothest Internet access. In addition, I enjoyed true HD viewing with digital output technologies commonly found in today’s HDTVs and monitors. This network chip has automatic bandwidth allocation to ensure the high network priority for applications and software’s.

Cooling Header with Fans: 

Different models have different numbers of fan and temperature sensor headers. Therefore, the smart fan 5 functions may differ depending on the model. Smart Fan 5 receives second flow rate information through the hybrid fan pins, giving me complete control over my PC. 

It recognize the type of cooling device with various PWM or voltage modes automatically. It keeps the fan quiet. Use Fan Stop to designate any fan to stop completely when the temperature drops below the set threshold. Fan stops are based on the readings of which sensor and temperature that makes it the best cpu cooler for i5 8600k.

High Quality Audio Support Unit:

GIGABYTE good motherboard for i5 8600k features an acoustic noise shield separating the onboard analog audio components from potential noise pollution at the PCB level. These high-quality capacitors helps to produce high-resolution audio, providing gamers with the most realistic sound effects possible. I’m a gamer by profession and loves its audio output quality and i5 8600k overclock guide.

Virtual Reality Mode: 

GIGABYTE i5 8600k best motherboard offers the best features to make your virtual reality look like yours to create the perfect virtual reality experience. With technologies like NVMe supported via M.2 or U.2, it’s clear that GIGABYTE has the tools I need to start my VR journey. GIGABYTE motherboards feature RGB Fusion technology that puts me in the center of the action to set the mood.

RGB Multi Color Lighting: 

It didn’t just make my computer shine, but turn it into a work of art my friends will envy. Users can control lighting on their gaming PC with GIGABYTE RGB Fusion mobile app to adjust color and speed for different modes.

All this can be done directly from the keyboard and monitor of your PC. Different light bars sometimes have different definitions of RGB pins. RGB Fusion software can reposition each pin for better compatibility. Seven amazing colors are ready to make your system unique. 

Protection Level: 

Sulfur compounds in the air can penetrate through small built-in resistors, cause chemical changes, and causing these resistors to open or short-circuit. If anything happens, the motherboard will not work. So they are equipping these resistors with a sulfur-resistant design.

BIOS Upgradeable:

GIGABYTE Ultra Durable motherboards feature GIGABYTE DualBIOS ™, which is GIGABYTE exclusive technology that helps protect your BIOS, arguably one of the essential components of your PC.

GIGABYTE DualBIOS ™ means your motherboard has a “main BIOS” and a “backup BIOS,” protecting users from BIOS crashes caused by viruses, hardware failures, incorrect OC settings, or power outages during the update process.

During initial setup to ensure the most optimal setup. With a new graphical interface and easier-to-use features, GIGABYTE has reinvented the BIOS to provide users with more options when setting up a new system. 

Extra Utilities: 

The GIGABYTE App Center provides easy access to a wide range of GIGABYTE apps to help you get the most out of your GIGABYTE best motherboard for i5 8600k. You can check online for relevant updates and download the latest applications, drivers, and BIOS.

In addition, 3D OSD automatically detects and displays your system information as you play, allowing you to get your system information without switching screens quickly. Extra utilities makes any PC more useful.

ASUS Prime B560M-A i5 Motherboard

ASUS Prime B560M-A LGA 1200 (Intel 11th/10th Gen) micro ATX motherboard (PCIe 4.0,2x M.2 slots, 8 power stages, 1 Gb LAN, DP, dual HDMI,USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C,V-M.2-Key E slot for Wi-Fi,Aura Sync RGB)

Last Amazon price update was: September 23, 2022 10:27 AM
  • High Quality Protection from Voltage and Corrosion
  • Beautiful RGB LED Bright Trace Path
  • Ultra-Fast Storage Speeds of M.2 Support
  • Lower Memory Latencies at Equivalent Voltages
  • Multiple Temperature Sources with Excellent Cooling
ASUS Prime B560M-A SpecificationsFeatured Values
CPU CompatibilitySupports the 8th and 9th Gen i7/ i5/ i3 Intel® Core™ / Pentium® Gold / Celeron® processors
ChipsetIntel® B365
GraphicsHDMI (max resolution 4096×[email protected] Hz)
DVI (max. resolution is 1920  x 1200  @ 60 Hz)
D-sub (max. resolution provided 1920  x 1200  @ 60  Hz)
Memory (RAM)4 x DIMM, DDR4 (2666 MHz), Max. 64 GB
Expansion Slots1 x PCIe 3.0 x16 (x16 mode) and 2 x PCIe 3.0/2.0 x1
Storage Capacity6 x SATA 6Gb/s and 2 x M.2 slots
USB Ports7 x USB 3.1 and 4 x USB 2.0

The Prime 500 series Asus i5 8600k for gaming motherboard offers the solid foundation for your first build custom PC, as well as the flexibility to grow with your desires. We combine the power of the latest 8th Gen Intel i5 8600k motherboard compatibility chipset with ASUS design and engineering. 

So you can get benefit of automatic system tuning, cooling control, and immersive onboard sound technologies. Creating the ASUS Prime 560 M-A motherboards lets you build smart, simple, and affordable PCs.

Connectivity Options:

Just plug in the USB 3.1 Gen 1 when you need it with two SuperSpeed ​​connectors. I’ve experienced the data transfer speeds up to 10 times faster than USB 2.0 with instant plug-play connectivity and avoid the fatigue of finding hard-to-reach rear ports. In addition, it protects my network with advanced EMI shielded surface capacitors and signal bonding for a more reliable connection and better performance. 

RAM Support: 

ASUS OptiMem maintains the integrity of the memory signal by guiding tracks and paths to the optimal PCB layer, and our Topology tracking system supports signal timing by matching the length of the trace signal between memory slots. Two and four slot DIMM kits provide the stability you need to tackle any workload, whether gaming or intensive applications.  

Industrial Protection:

The Prime 500 series motherboards are engineered with industry-leading 5X Protection level III using the finest components, premium circuitry, and rigorous standards to ensure quality and durability. It means stability & protection for structure comes with engineering experience.

SafeSlot Core is an ASUS finest PCIe slot. SafeSlot Core provides 1.6x more secure fit and 1.3x more cut resistance than standard expansion slots, thanks to a reinforced design that attaches to the motherboard with a dedicated hook.

Power Structure:

ASUS DIGI + VRM technology effectively powers the processor in real-time, decreasing power wastage and increasing system stability. The built-in voltage protects the motherboard from damage caused by unexpectedly high or low voltage levels. In addition, a built-in self-adjusting fuse prevents overcurrent and short circuits.

Motherboard Compatibility: 

Best budget motherboard for i5 8600k, ASUS Prime 560M-A outstanding compatibility, proven by our extensive compatibility list with thousands of compatible components, as well as an Approved Vendor List (AVL) defining memory compatibility. I prove this personally by subjecting each board to over 8,000 hours of rigorous testing.

A set of environmental, compatibility, software, safety, and multiple experiments confirm that our motherboards are remarkably powerful. It also proves that ASUS reliability exceeds industry standards, as every component is designed to perform flawlessly in any environment.

Durability and Sound Unit: 

ASUS is the world’s leading motherboard manufacturer and thoroughly tested the compatibility over 1000 of components and devices. Each new model undergoes at least 8000 hours of rigorous testing, giving you the confidence that your ASUS Yours motherboard is suitable for any environment and application that you will do it yourself. 

The premium hardware and design supply quality sound unlike any other Mobo I’ve ever experienced. Premium components deliver superior surround sound quality. It also provides me minimal crosstalk between audio channels.  

VR Compatibility:

The best motherboard for i5 8600k of Prime’s VR is perfectly tuned for maximum performance with i5 8600k drivers. Plus, ASUS beyond VR Ready opens up a new way to confidently customize and build your dream system.

MSI MAG B365M Mortar Best Mobo for i5 8600k

MSI MAG B660M Mortar WiFi DDR4 Gaming Motherboard (mATX, 12th Gen Intel Core, LGA 1700 Socket, DDR4, PCIe 4, 2.5G LAN, M.2 Slots, Wi-Fi 6)

Last Amazon price update was: September 23, 2022 10:27 AM
  • Premium Level Gaming LAN Network Solution
  • Mystic Lights are Available in Rainbow Strips
  • Mystic Lights are also controlled by Mobile App
  • Dragon Centre Software Has Multiple Useful Tools
  • Inspiring and DIY Friendly Design and Features
MSI MAG B365M SpecsSupporting Features
CPU CompatibilitySupports the 8th and 9th Gen Intel® Core™ / Pentium® Gold / Celeron® processors
ChipsetIntel® B365
GraphicsHDMI (max resolution 4096×[email protected] Hz)  
Memory (RAM)4 x DIMM, DDR4 (2666 MHz), Max. 64 GB
Expansion Slots1 x PCIe 3.0 x16 slot and 2 x PCIe 3.0 x1 slots
Storage Capacity6 x SATA 6Gb/s and 1 x M.2 slots
USB Ports6 x USB 3.1 and 6 x USB 2.0

With decades of experience, MSI is no stranger to high-performance motherboards. Our R&D engineers and technicians have reviewed countless projects, evaluated a wide variety of high-quality components, and designed products to ensure reliability even under extreme conditions and durability inherited from MSI Arsenal GAMING. These best motherboard for i5 8600k look and feel like robust and battle-ready military hardware.

Memory Performance: 

I’ve used this motherboard for gaming purpose. The XMP (Extreme Memory Profile) in MSI BIOS has been tested and certified by MSI OC Lab. It’s easy to turn on with automatic power settings for maximum speed and memory stability. Optimized layout and fully isolated memory circuitry ensure flawless stability and performance. As a result, I never have to worry about my system crashing while playing MSI DDR4 BOOST games. 

Storage Device Support: 

Storage Booster detects your storage devices automatically that are connected to your system. When it is enabled, Storage Boost optimizes my SSD to keep my system running fast and maximizes storage performance while saving tons of load or transfer time.

Gamers and PC enthusiasts can now enjoy the performance of SSDs versus hard drives when paired with the new Intel® Optane ™ memory device. Intel® Optane ™ technology delivers an unprecedented combination of high performance, low latency, high-quality service, and high resistance. 

RGB Mystic Light:

I noticed that the RGB male connector provides me up to 3A (12V) power to RGB 50 LED strips on a single color display up to 3 meters long. The Mystic Light extension gives me a more attractive way to decorate my gaming platform with LED strips that remain under the control of the Mystic Light app. You can control the RGB peripherals supported by the Mystic Light app. An integrated open-source SDK of Mystic Light with RGB devices for developers. 

Audio Component Quality: 

Separate PCB sound circuitry provides the same original sound for the left and right audio channels. You can get the highest sound quality with premium audio components and the ultimate immersion in sound while gaming. With MSI motherboards, I enjoyed the impressive and changeable sound while gaming.

Your CPU can be used more efficiently, giving you more FPS while playing. So get ready to wipe out your enemies on the battlefield with the MSI GAMING LAN.

CPU Core Boost Tech:

Core Boost technology links MSI’s premium and optimized power designs to produce high accuracy, more durable, distortion-free CPU current. Not only does it support a multi-core processor, but it also creates the perfect environment for your processor. High-quality materials and intelligent fan optimization keep all significant components cool, which is the key to keeping your system stable and performing at peak performance. 

Cooling System:

The MSI best mobo for i5 8600k provides speed and temperature control for all CPU and system fans. Total Fan Control allows me to check key system characteristics in a simplified graphical interface. You can set up to four temperature targets by automatically regulating the fan speed for the CPU and intel core i5 8600k chipset best motherboard.

For processors with more cores, thermal design and power are more important to maintain lower temperatures. MSI’s extensive PWM heatsink and innovative circuit design ensure that even high-end CPUs run at full speed with MSI motherboards. 

MSI motherboards are designed to make building your system as easy as possible. The various system setup functions and troubleshooting tools are available to facilitate installation and setup.

Buying Guide for the Best Motherboard for Intel i5 8600k

When you think about buying a product, there are some basic things to keep in mind that can help you accomplish the task a little better, sometimes you get very confused when buying a product, thinking which one to buy and which one. But that won’t happen anymore.

Here are some essential features and factors that you should consider for buying the best motherboard for i5 8600k. This will make it really easy. 

Price Compatibility: 

First of all, you should consider the budget, or rather the price. It is very important to consider the amount you can afford. Once you set your budget in one go, you can then find products that fit that budget.

There are many options for you in the market, but if you don’t know your budget and fix it before the right time, it will create a big problem for you. You shouldn’t buy products that are much more expensive, because you will get the best product you need, even at a low price. 

Slots Availability: 

There are two types of slots: one with a long slot PC1 x 16 and a short slot PCl x 1. You should be aware that some PCI slots can be connected to some non-short length rails, and you should also be aware that the distance between the slots is very important if you are inserting more than one or two expansion cards.

Memory Slot and Form Factor: 

The i5 8600k best motherboard with small size has two RAM slots due to insufficient board space. If you need more, you can opt for a board with at least 4 DIMM slots. Many motherboards are mostly based on a fully circular high-performance 8-slot chipset.  

The form factor of the motherboard must also match the form factor of your PC; otherwise, it won’t fit in it. Motherboard form factor varies with shape, size, connectors and ports, location and type, power interface, and mounting holes.

Yes, all sizes and shapes are not suitable for your system, so when you buy an i5-8600k motherboard combo for yourself, try to keep in mind that the motherboard must match the i5 8600k 2021. In addition, there are different types of motherboards for different systems, and this really needs to be considered.  


Motherboard compatibility is also an important factor to consider. First of all, it should be noted which products are compatible with your processor, although not all processors are compatible. 

Generally, you can only overclock i5 8600k CPUs that end with the letter “K” in your model name. Luckily for you, the i5 8600K falls into this category. In this case, you need to find an overclocking motherboard.

These motherboards have Z370 and Z390 chipsets. All of the motherboard recommendations in this guide are overclocked compatible, so you don’t have to search too long to find the best option. 

Addon Features: 

You should also check the features section before purchasing your motherboard. If you don’t ask, the product will not be helpful to you. To make your digital life better, buy features like RGB and Game Enhancement Buttons, AI overclocking, which makes it the best gaming motherboard for i5 8600k.

GIGABYTE B365M DS3H is our best motherboard for i5 8600k and recommended product due to its classic features which are Premium Level Gaming LAN Network Solution,Mystic Lights are Available in Rainbow Strips, Mystic Lights are also controlled by Mobile App, Dragon Centre Software Has Multiple Useful Toolsand Inspiring and DIY Friendly Design and Features.


Hi, I am Robert. I made myself expert in all PC components. I tested and taken reviews from users, specially Gamers to make a reliable buying guide and best product descriptions. It will help to find compatible parts and save your money on PC custom build.

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