3 Best Motherboards for Intel Core i7 8700k 2022 [Review Guide]

Intel’s 8th generation processor, also known as Coffee Lake, has created a powerful multi-function processor perfect for any high-performance system in 2018 and beyond. Although the i7 8700K is not as fast as Intel’s i9 product, it definitely provides better value than the Core i9 and should exceed your expectations in anything you bet.

Intel Core i7 8700K is a massive improvement over its predecessor Kaby Lake i7 7700K, providing an overwhelming base and standard clock of 3.7 GHz and 4.7 GHz on 6 cores and 12 threads. When building the game console of your dreams, choosing an enthusiast and the best motherboards for i7 8700K is not easy.

Since the CPU itself pays excellent attention to performance and requires the motherboard to provide a clean and stable power supply, I will recommended you only choose a motherboard with a well-built power supply system and VRM components. Overclocking is another factor in this decision, but the motherboard we recommend for i7 8700k should also handle this process with a different success rate.

3 Best Motherboard for Intel Core i7 8700k

If you decide to use the best motherboard for Core i7 8700K to build a system, you must combine it with the appropriate components to take full advantage of this powerful processor. The components that need attention and have a significant impact on the performance of the i7 8700K system are the selection of the correct motherboard, CPU cooler, GPU, and DDR4 memory.

MSI Z390-A PRO Motherboard for Intel i7 8700k


CPU Compatibility: 9th and 8th Generation processors of Intel® Pentium® Celeron® processors
Chipset: Intel® Z390
Graphics: DisplayPort (max resolution 4096×[email protected] 60Hz) VGA port (max resolution 2048×[email protected] 50Hz) DVI-D port (max resolution 1920×[email protected] 60Hz)    
Best RAM for i7 8700k: 4 x DIMM, DDR4 (4400 MHz), Max. 128GB
Expansion Slots: 2 x PCIe 3.0 x16 slots and 4 x PCIe 3.0 x1 slots
Storage Capacity: 6 x SATA 6Gb/s and 1 x M.2 sockets
USB Ports: 8 x USB 3.1 and 6 x USB 2.0

The MSI DIY-friendly motherboard is designed with many intelligent functions that are easy to customize and use. Choose from a large number of smart and easy-to-use home designs, a large number of system customization and troubleshooting tools to take your system to a new level and meet the needs of even the most demanding customizers. It allows me to easily install my own motherboards compatible with i7 8700k and I’m very satisfied from its performance. 

Compatibility Options: 

All MSI motherboards have passed strict mechanical certification. The convenient headless area, SATA, and USB-friendly placement are compatible with various components and devices, so DIY enthusiasts can get the components they want. It is one of the best i7 8700k compatible motherboards.

Therefore, we provide a dedicated qualified supplier list (QVL) to store the most important parts. It is combined with MSI’s DDR4 Boost technology. It ensures maximum compatibility so that I can verify and choose any game platform I want.  

Cooling System: 

I noticed that it is designed to support the most popular All-in-one and customized water cooling solutions on the market. The unique PIN-coded water pump head supports up to 2 amps, allowing me to fully control the pump speed. Simple and safe assembly, the perfect fit is essential for cooling down your PC for reliable operation.

MSI’s best motherboards for i7 8700k have excellent performance design and durable and heavy heat sink. We make sure that there are enough fan ports for full control so that you can cool the system as much as you want. The MSI best i7 8700k motherboard allows me to control the speed and temperature of all fans in the system and processor.

Total Fan Control allows you to check the performance of the primary system in a simplified graphical user interface. You can also set up to 4 temperature targets for the CPU and motherboard, and they will automatically adjust the fan speed.  

Updated BIOS:  

With years of experience developing easy-to-use productivity tools, only the highest quality applications are available for you to use. Use these tools to make the most of your motherboard and win your game. Make sure our BIOS is up to date and easy to use. A wide range of functions allows you to fine-tune the system for reliable top performance.  

Storage Capacity:  

This best i7 8700k motherboard automatically detects storage devices that are connected to the system. When this setting is enabled, XBoost will optimize your SSD to keep your system running fast and maximize storage performance, thus saving you a lot of time. However, startup or optimization can be very daunting. This is why we created M.2 Genie, an excellent feature that makes it easier to set up RAID 0 for M.2 and U.2 in a shorter time.  

Audio Performance: 

Uses a separate layer on the board to provide the same perfect sound quality for the left and right audio channels. The EMI shielded high-definition audio processor allows you to enjoy the purest sound quality through the front and rear ports. Bring studio-quality sound to your ears.

MSI Audio Boost provides the highest sound quality by using high-quality audio components. This allows you to enjoy the stunning studio-quality sound for an immersive audio experience.  

Lighting Effect:  

Each MSI best motherboard for Intel i7 8700k is based on a specific theme to suit different tastes and preferences. In addition, MSI has adopted a modern style in the design of the heat sink. The large surface area and sleek but simple cutting make the heat sink and appearance look sharp and powerful.

The MSI motherboard is matched with neutral colors such as black, gray, and silver, perfectly adapting to various RGB LED effects as the main background, clearly showing the player’s melody.

GIGABYTE Z390 UD Motherboard for Core i7 8700k


CPU Compatibility: 9th and 8th Generation Intel® Core™ i9, i7, i5 and i3 processors of Intel® Pentium® Celeron® processors
Chipset: Intel® Z390
Graphics: HDMI port(max resolution 4096×[email protected] 30 Hz) AMD Quad-GPU CrossFire™ and 2-Way AMD CrossFire™ Technologies                                                     
Memory (RAM): 4 x DIMM, DDR4 (4266 MHz), Max. 128GB
Expansion Slots: 3 x PCI Express x1 slots and 3 x PCI Express x16 slots
Storage Capacity: 6 x SATA 6Gb/s and 2 x M.2 sockets
USB Ports: 8 x USB 3.1 and 2 x USB 2.0

AORUS is a premium gaming brand under Gigabyte, providing a full range of gaming products, from gaming laptops, motherboards, graphics cards, mechanical gaming keyboards to other gaming hardware and devices, providing the ultimate gaming experience for gaming enthusiasts all over the world.

I’ve experienced that the AORUS series and GIGABYTE Z390 have advanced feature sets, and each board provides the best performance/cost ratio. Use AORUS to build your next PC and start with a solid foundation because every best motherboard for i7-8700k is made of durable materials.  

Heat Dissipation: 

Smart Fan 5 enables users to ensure that their gaming computers keep cool while maintaining good performance. Smart Fan 5 allows users to replace the fan connector to view different temperature sensors at different locations on the motherboard. Smart fan introduces 5 hybrid fan headers, supports ​​PWM and Voltage mode fans, making the motherboard more liquid-cooled. 

Fan Control:  

It has complete control of your liquid cooling. Smart Fan 5 receives information about water flow and temperature through a hybrid fan connection or an external thermistor sensor for up to one second, giving you an absolute advantage over a PC. All hybrid fan connections can use different PWM or voltage modes to automatically detect the cooling device, fan, or pump. 

With the fan stop function, you can set each fan to stop completely when the temperature is lower than a certain level and stop which fan according to which sensor and temperature. Everything can be set according to your wishes.  

Connectivity Options:  

I explored that Realtek 8118 LAN is a powerful and easy-to-use network chip that provides gamers with automatic bandwidth allocation to ensure the highest network priority for games or applications. It provides users with the most complete functions and the fastest and smoothest Internet access. 

Current and Surge Protection: 

The integrated circuit used in the Gigabyte motherboard has three times the ESD resistance level of traditional integrated circuits, which helps protect the motherboard and its components from damage caused by static electricity.

As a result, it protect my motherboard and computer from possible power surges, and help protect my computer from potentially unstable and incompatible power supplies.  

Incredible Optimization:  

Intersil Digital PWM + MOSFET with Lower RDS Gigabyte UD series motherboard adopts the following 10+2 phase PWM + RDS(on) MOSFET design, integrating the latest Intel® Core CPU 8-Core™ precision power supply.

As a result, the incredible performance accuracy supports the most sensitive and power-hungry motherboard components and improved system performance and maximum hardware scalability. 

Audio Components: 

I noticed that Gigabyte motherboard uses high-quality audio capacitors. These high-quality capacitors provide gamers with high-quality, high-definition audio and the most realistic sound effects.

The GIGABYTE motherboard uses a sound insulation design, which essentially isolates the sensitive analog audio components on the board from the potential noise pollution at the PCB level. The path tracking LED lights to indicate the delamination of the board.  

BIOS Configuration: 

The BIOS is important for users to provide the best configuration during the initial setup. With a brand-new graphical interface and more user-friendly features, Gigabyte can reinvent the BIOS to provide users with a more convenient way to configure their new devices. 

The GIGABYTE BIOS application allows me to update my Windows system BIOS through a simple and elegant graphical user interface. The BIOS can automatically download the latest version and update the file on my computer. I can also save the current BIOS to a file, restore the previous BIOS from the image, and back up the BIOS.

ASUS ROG Maximus X Code Mobo for i7 8700k

ASUS ROG Maximus X

CPU Compatibility: 8th Gen Intel® Core, Pentium® Gold and Celeron®  Processors
Chipset: Intel® Z370
Graphics: Display port(max resolution  4096 x 2304 @ 60 Hz) HDMI port(max resolution 4096×[email protected] 24 Hz) NVIDIA® 2-Way SLI® Technology                
Memory (RAM): 4 x DIMM, DDR4 (4133MHz), Max. 64GB
Expansion Slots: 3 x PCIe 3.0/2.0 x1 and 3 x PCIe 3.0/2.0 x16 slots
Storage Capacity: 6 x SATA 6Gb/s and 2 x M.2 sockets
USB Ports: 6 x USB 3.1 and 6 x USB 2.0

Based on more than ten years of experience, the latest version of the Maximus X-series complements the Intel Z370 chipset, with all the enhancements needed by enthusiasts. In addition, each model has a unique combination of features designed for different audiences.

Maximus X-series motherboards are one of the best mobo for i7 8700k I’ve ever used and it brings the octane to your build, from overclocking and cooling options to please stubborn fans to pure refined aesthetics highlighted by RGB lighting.  

ROG Maximus X Code combines the unique ROG Armor design with AURA Sync RGB lighting effect customization to provide me the ultimate gaming experience. Unlock complete system calibration and performance through 5-band optimization, dual M.2, built-in Wi-Fi 802.11AC, front USB 3.1, and built-in 8-channel high-definition audio.  

Heatsinking Ability:

I explored that ROG Maximus X Code is equipped with a slim, angular M.2 radiator to keep my SSD cool. By effectively dissipating heat from the M.2 area, ROG Maximus X Code minimizes the possibility of performance degradation. Maximus X Code allows me to fully control fans, water pumps, and even all-in-one (AIO) coolers through Fan Expert 4 or our award-winning UEFI

Auto Tuning can intelligently adjust all parameters with just one parameter, whether you are cooling air or cooling water. For example, a quiet mode reduces all fan speeds below a preset minimum value and keeps the system quiet during light tasks.  

RGB lighting:  

Maximus X Code has a pair of built-in 5050 RGB connectors and a pair of addressable connectors, which can be plugged into compatible light bars, fans, coolers, and PC cases, creating a new world of lighting options. The addressable RGB connector supports WS2812B addressable RGB LED strips (5V/data/ground), with a maximum rated power of 3A (5V) and 60 LEDs. 

Aura Sync:

The Aura RGB strip head supports RGB 5050 LED strips with a maximum output of 3A (12V). To obtain full brightness, the strip length should not exceed 3 m. It includes addressable RGB LED and RGB extension cords, LED strips, and Aura Sync compatible devices sold separately.

Best ASUS motherboard for i7 8700k Aura provides me complete RGB lighting control, built-in RGB LEDs, and light strips connected to various presets of built-in RGB connectors, all of which are in sync with ASUS’ growing portfolio of Aura-compatible hardware products.  

Audio Quality: 

I noticed that ROG SupremeFX’s incredible audio technology has been enhanced to provide an excellent 113dB SNR at the line input, which means better recording quality. We also added a lower slider. It provides cleaner power transmission for the SupremeFX S1220 codec. 

ESS® Sabre HiFi ES9023P D/A converter offers front-panel output, and Texas Instruments® RC4580 amplifier provide high gain and low distortion. Sonic Studio supports virtual HRTF (Head Related Transfer Function) sound for VR headsets, creating a huge soundscape that will engage you in action.  

5 Way Optimization:  

All these complex adjustments can be completed with one click. ASUS 5-point optimization makes your PC smarter. It dynamically optimizes the primary features of the best motherboards for i7 8700k system and provides overclocking and cooling suitable for your device. 

PCI Slots:  

The first slot is neatly located under the PCH heat sink and supports M.2 drives up to 110 mm in length. The second slot is located on the lower edge of the circuit board and is designed for vertical installation because it uses airflow from the housing. It is one of the best coffee lake motherboard.


ASUS OptiMem maintains the integrity of the memory signal by guiding the memory tracks and paths to the best PCB layer. Our topology design provides time synchronization signals by balancing the track length between the memory slots. The DDR4 memory speed is 4133 and higher, and all slots are occupied.

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Buying Guide for Gaming Motherboard for i7 8700k

Motherboards are some of the most essential components of gaming PCs or workstations and can provide you with a primary platform to lay the foundation for your specific build. However, since they do not directly affect the performance indicators displayed on the screen, it is easy to forget their meaning and spend less or more on the chart.

Therefore, it is essential to find the perfect balance in this process, as this will keep your build safe and reliable for years to come while still providing excellent value for money. Buying the best motherboard for i7 8700k includes the following factors to consider.

Upgrade Path: 

One of the factors to consider in your purchase decision should be the upgrade path you invest in. In many cases, the motherboard is not a component that affects performance. However, people tend to use the same motherboard for a long time because of their specific construction.

In this case, it is important to plan ahead and choose a platform that will release the full potential of your current processor and allow you to upgrade to the next generation in the future.  

Intel Core i7 8700k Compatibility:  

First, you need to decide which processor you want to install on your computer. Always choose the best i7 8700k motherboard compatibility before choosing the processor. In the processor market, we have two main competitors, Intel and AMD, each offering high-core processors from entry-level to extremely powerful, capable of handling the most demanding games and workloads.  

Features and Connectivity: 

Today’s motherboard market is full of marketing terms and absurd slogans. You only need to look at the back of any motherboard retail box to find them. Therefore, this should be taken into consideration during the purchase process.

The Wi-Fi activation, improved connection to 2.5 GbE or even 10 GbE LAN ports, reliable onboard audio, BIOS flashback, clear CMOS, and onboard load/reset buttons. They are very important and will provide a lot of convenience in the future.  

Memory Slots:  

The number of memory slots on the motherboards compatible with i7 8700k is another aspect. Most desktop motherboards come with four RAM slots as standard, but there are also cheaper motherboards that only have two RAM slots. So unless your budget is very tight, the best way is to get a motherboard with four RAMs. This will ensure that you can use the current save set on the board while preserving future upgrade paths.  

Aesthetics and Design:  

Of course, the motherboard is basically just a beautiful circuit board, but there is no reason to believe that it will look ugly in your PC case. In fact, as we move away from the green PCB technology trend, motherboard manufacturers have recently made impressive improvements in the aesthetics of their motherboards.

Today’s motherboards usually provide circuit boards in neutral colors, such as black, and other circuit board elements are white, silver, or grey. Therefore, the lighting and other colored elements in its body are the safest choices. Many motherboards also have built-in lighting, which also looks fantastic.  

VRM and Power Supply: 

The VRM or voltage regulator is a power supply component that can provide your CPU with a clean and stable power supply. The cleaner and more stable the diet, the better the performance of the CPU, especially under stress conditions.

VRM draws power from your power supply and then optimizes it for the CPU. VRM components are actually some of the most important electronic components on the motherboard and are extremely important in overclocking.

How to Install Motherboard?

People who can use the best motherboard for 8700k are Video Editors, gamers, Scientists, Students, IT professionals. In fact, any person who needs to do some browsing, searching information doing IT-related jobs and research.

Tools: Screw Driver Kit, A PC Case, Motherboard

Estimated Time: 30 Minutes

Cost: 450 USD


Unscrew the Case

Turn off the power and remove all the cables from the PC case. Open all the necessary screws of the case.

Unscrew the Case


Unlock the motherboard

Now you can see the motherboard, remove all the cables from the motherboard. Remove all the clips and screws to unlock the motherboard.

Unlock the motherboard


Change with new purchased motherboard

Place the new motherboard and clipped it nicely. Attached are all the cables to the motherboard.

Change with new purchased motherboard


Test your new Installation

Close the case and screwed it back. Power the PC and check its working status.

Test your new Installation
I will recommend using the ASUS ROG Maximus X Code because of its brilliant features like ROG Armor Shield for Robust Durability, Sonic Studio III Produces High Fidelity Audio, and RGB Has Multi-Color Rainbow Glow, Multiple Temperature Sensors and Sources, High-Speed Connectivity with MU-MIMO Technology and a lot more to offer. It is a good motherboard for i7 8700k.
Does i7 8700K work on Z490?

No, the 8700K is a processor compatible with the LGA 1151 Rev2 socket, and the Z490 board has an LGA 1200 socket, which means that they are not physically compatible.

Does my motherboard support i7?

Z370 motherboard can support i78700K, while Z270 motherboard cannot be used with 8700K, only i77700K or other seventh-generation processors. Since these processors are “K” variants, Z-series motherboards are an excellent choice to realize the full potential of such processors.

Can I upgrade the CPU without changing motherboard?

The answer is yes. The compatibility of the CPU and the motherboard is essential. You need to make sure that your motherboard is compatible with the new processor.

Can old motherboards use a new CPU?

You cannot install a new processor on the old motherboard. G4560 requires Intel 100 or 200 series motherboard. It has a 1940s motherboard. You will need a new motherboard (the B250 chipset is a good choice) to install this CPU, RAM, and graphics.


Hi, I am Robert. I made myself expert in all PC components. I tested and taken reviews from users, specially Gamers to make a reliable buying guide and best product descriptions. It will help to find compatible parts and save your money on PC custom build.

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