10 Best Silent Keyboards | Quiet Gaming Experience

If we compare the noise of the peripherals, keyboards come on the top of the list along with graphics cards and fans noise. For a peaceful working or gaming experience, the keypress sound of the keyboard can be devasting. Although some people prefer tactile feedback of the keyboard with slight sound, it becomes unbearable when it comes to the preference of most users. It originates the need for the best silent keyboards for people looking for a quieter typing experience.

Quiet keyboards for computers come in both membrane and mechanical switches. Each one has its perks associated so that you can rely on them according to your preference. I mostly prefer the best silent mechanical keyboards as my preference is mostly gaming with typing work as a secondary choice.

The quietest keyboards have minimal lag, fast typing, beautiful RGB lighting, and an ergonomic feel. The most silent keyboards has a high price due to the hardware and key switches but getting a budget silent mechanical keyboard is not a big thing in today’s market.

10 Best Silent Gaming Keyboards

Although there are plenty of the best silent keyboards available in the market, getting the right one can be challenging if you don’t know much about the switches and features. Don’t worry! I have searched and analyzed the best silent keyboard for typing and gaming.

Best Silent Keyboards

I shortlisted the top 10 best silent PC keyboards with gaming and work preferences to make things even easier. You can choose any quietest keyboard which falls in your criteria. Let’s get started without any delay with reviewing each best silent keyboard for office.

SteelSeries Apex 7 Best Silent Keyboards for Gaming

SteelSeries Apex 7

Switches: Mechanical Red
RGB Lighting: Yes
Connection: USB/Wired
Macros: Yes
Software: Yes

Apex 7 is an attractive keyboard of SteelSeries that offers excellent features with durable chassis and key switches. This keyboard is well illuminated and gives you beautiful lighting patterns. However, the setback of this keyboard is its spongy feeling while typing and an extra-large OLED screen that is needless. But still, it is a good choice if you want to have a keyboard with a silent keypress and provide you ergonomic design.

Quiet in Sound

I noticed that Black plastic is used in manufacturing and gives you an attractive look with great features. It comes with a low-profile base and elevated keycaps, and there is no sharp edge for making the design compact. There is a magnetic detachable wrist rest at the bottom of the keyboard, and at the top, there is an OLED screen. This OLED screen helps in recording macros and manipulating the lighting patterns.

Key Switches

I’ve experienced that there is a large range of choices, and you can choose among the Red, Brown, or Blue switches, all of these switches are in-house SteelSeries models. It has a 2mm actuation force, and that’s why you can type or input commands rapidly. The keys are good, but sometimes you may feel off about them because they are spongy, and there is no resistance in keys.

OLED Screen

There is an OLED screen, but it is smaller and harder to navigate. This screen facilitates programming the macros and manipulating the lighting, and it is useful when you don’t have two monitor setups. But the importance of OLED screens is not too much as the shortcuts of the keyboard can handle these functions.

Software Require

The engine software is the best option for gamers like me as it makes it easy to reprogram the keys, create macros, adjust the backlighting, and much more. This software also allows me to create the specific profile for individual gaming programs and sync the Apex 7 lighting with the rest of the RGB lighting. If I want to move my Apex 7 from machine to machine, then there are five onboard profiles for this purpose.

Tested Performance

The performance of the Apex 7 is extraordinary, and you will not disappoint by its performance. The keyboard provides you with the fly macro for recording, and it is very useful when you want to play MMO games and need to perform automated complex skill rotations.

You may need some extra keys for functionality as there are no extra macro keys, so you may need to add them at least temporarily.

9.9Expert Score
Make Purchase Decision

The Apex 7 Best Silent Keyboards for Gaming has a brilliant design with an attractive look that appeals to users. It will be a good pick if you want an OLED screen on your keyboard. You can also sync the RGB lighting with the other SteelSeries gadgets.

  • Different key switches choices
  • Software-based customizations
  • Aesthetically pleasing RGB lighting
  • It comes with magnetic wrist rest
  • Expensive choice
  • Keycaps needs improvement

Logitech MX Keys Best Rated Silent Keyboards

Logitech MX Keys

Switches: Membrane
RGB Lighting: No
Connection: USB/Wired
Macros: No
Software: No

Logitech MX Keys are the Best Rated Silent Keyboards with good work accuracy for gamers and office typing tasks. The MX keys provide you with great comfort, and you will also get a quiet keypress experience with comfort. My dad is using this keyboard and he is a satisfied customer.

Convenient and Comfortable

The design of this keyboard gives me great comfort. The keycaps are specially designed according to the shapes of fingertips so that you can feel single touch with a proper click. The Logitech MX keys are remarkably convenient than the other keyboards with a fast typing experience.

Build Quality

I explored that the MX keys is a steady keyboard that will help you perform your complex commands proficiently. Good quality material is used in its making and contains a robust design. It is a good choice for those who want to work with great accuracy and have constancy in their work.

Performance Factor

Logitech MX is a stable keyboard and gives you high-end performance. It is a quiet keyboard with great feedback than the others. The single plate inside the keyboard provides me with a good performance to enjoy their work with flexibility. It is one of the top silent keyboards.

Lighting in Keys

The lighting system of this keyboard is also very good and illuminates the keys very well so that you can see them in the dark. The keys’ lights will turn on when you move your fingers toward the keyboard. There is another option to turn off the lights when I don’t need them and, in this way, I can save the battery for ten days for further use on a full charge.

Connection Compatibility

The other exciting feature of this keyboard is its compatibility with multiple devices. I connect this keyboard with three devices at the same time. The MX Keys are also compatible with macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android systems.

9.5Expert Score
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If you want to have a silent typing experience, the Logitech MX Keys is a great pick for the best silent keyboards. The build quality is very good, and durable material is used in manufacturing. Its robust design brings calm for you, and everything from features to design is remarkable

  • Sturdy build quality
  • It comes with environment aware backlighting
  • Multiple device connectivity
  • Long battery life
  • Slightly expensive
  • Short key distance

Razer Black Widow Elite Razer Quiet Keyboard

Razer Black Widow Elite

Switches: Mechanical
RGB Lighting: Yes
Connection: USB/Wired
Macros: Yes
Software: Yes

Razer BlackWidow Elite is the most recognizable gaming keyboard in the market, and it is the best option for users. This Razer Quiet Keyboard corrects all of the small annoyances from the other Razer keyboards in this brand. I’m using this keyboard in my office. All of these advanced changes make it perfect for gamers and office workers like me.

Pattern Design

I noticed that its plain black plastic frame gives it an elegant look, and keycaps reflect the keyboard’s surface backlight. The BlackWidow Elite is a standard-sized keyboard that can easily fit on your desk. It comes without the dedicated macro keys, but it is still easy to reprogram the top row of function buttons to the same effect.

Key Switches

There are three choices for you to pick up the styles: loud, tactile Greens; quiet, tactile Orange; and quiet, linear Yellows. However, the appearance of these switches is different. The crosses are much larger and surrounded by a plastic circle instead of stand-alone crosses. I like the green one.

Extra Features

You can get the feature of these best silent keyboards in its baked right into a physical design. USB passthrough is almost present in every premium keyboard, but the audio passthrough is novel touch, and this is best for both gaming and non-gaming headphones that makes it the best quietest wireless keyboard.

RGB Lighting

There are many options for RGB lighting that I can change according to my needs. You can choose between a rainbow wave, a solid color, or anything in-between. Moreover, you can match these lighting effects with individual games, and the Razer also provides you with several choices to program the games with complex lighting profiles.

9.5Expert Score
Make Purchase Decision

The BlackWidow Elite is one of the best manufacturing products ever. It is also a competitive device due to its functions and features. All of the functions are best and compatible with advanced gadgets. It is a great companion for both gaming and typing purposes.

  • Excellent build quality
  • Supports full RGB lighting
  • Programmable keys
  • Different key switches types
  • Less pre-travel distance
  • Software support only windows
  • Slightly expensive

Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Soundless Keyboard

Microsoft Natural Ergonomic

Switches: Membrane
RGB Lighting: No
Connection: Wireless
Macros: No
Software: No

The Microsoft Ergonomic Soundless Keyboard is light because it has hollow plastic construction. Although it is lightweight, it will not slide around on your desk due to the rubber feet. Its excellent design makes it more prominent and gives it a modern look.

Keyboard Design

My sister is using this keyboard in her office and she experienced that there is a huge gap in the keyboard’s middle because the keyboard is split into half that knobs upward. This upward bulge makes sure that my hands don’t get tempted while typing on it and roam freely above the keys. A large-sized wrist rest is very soft and contains a bulge in the middle for hand separation that makes it the best quiet keyboard for office.

Build Quality

No doubt it has a great build quality and is made from a durable material. The black plastic chassis give it an excellent finish and classy look that is not sleek. You will appreciate the silver accent change that swooped up and down the wrist rest in the previous Ergonomic keyboard design. Its ergonomic design gives it considerable and sturdy feeling.

Key Pressing Feel

Microsoft Natural Ergonomic best silent keyboards provide me with an excellent typing experience and great comfort than the other mechanical keyboards in the market. It is good for office use as the keys are very quiet and will not disturb your co-workers. However, there is a wobble when I strike the off-center keys, but they will settle down while typing for long hours.


I explored that to customize the Ergonomic Keyboard’s features, download the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center app. This software helps you to perform different commands for various programs. It becomes easy for you to run a macro, copy the text in word, and go back to the previous page in a web browser.

9.3Expert Score
Purchase Decision Here

Its ergonomic design saves you from any strain on your muscle and brings lots of comforts while typing. It is a full package of comprehensive shortcut keys. But the drawback of this keyboard is the absence of the backlit. However, the advantage of typing on this quality design will make you willing to accept it.

  • Adjustable typing angle
  • Good design choice
  • Wrist rest for comfort
  • Include many shortcuts
  • It needs some time to adjust
  • Lacks backlit keys

Arteck 2.4G Wireless Best Silent Wireless Keyboards

Arteck 2.4G Wireless

Switches: Membrane
RGB Lighting: No
Connection: Wireless
Macros: No
Software: No

The Arteck 2.4G Best Silent Wireless Keyboards provide me an enhanced typing experience with a roomy layout, quiet keys, and sleek design. This keyboard is a good pick for you not only for home use but also for office work. Its ergonomic design and low-profile switches, and six months battery life make this keyboard more prominent than the others in the market.

Design For Working

The stainless steel design gives it remarkable quality and prevents any bend in the keyboard. Its layout is very reminiscent of a laptop keyboard. The low-profile keys with a backlight give it more visibility even in the dark.

Build Quality

I experienced that this keyboard is not fully made from stainless steel as it looks from its name. The bottom of the chassis has stainless steel, and the top half and keys are plastic. However, its overall look and durability are better than the other thin and light keyboards.

Typing Performance

These best silent keyboards have a roomy layout and give you enough space among the keys so that your finger will not be cramped. Its full-size layout looks familiar to your computer and has natural, smooth typing.


I found that the Arteck 2.4 has a USB dongle and connects through 2.4GHz RF. Although it works better with Windows computers, it can connect with Mac. It supports half of the hotkeys such as playback, brightness settings, and switching windows. The rest of the keys are dormant or mapped MacOS functions incorrectly.

Battery Power

Arteck 2.4G runs on a single rechargeable lithium battery, and it will take almost 3 to 5 hours for a full charge. The claims that the battery will last long for six months if you have two hours non stop use per day. The keyboard will hibernate when you stop work and start with a click of the key.

8.9Expert Score
Quick Purchase Decision

However, the Arteck 2.4G is incompatible with multiple devices and does not fulfill all the ergonomic design requirements. Anyone looking to switch out their current piece for something more streamlined and sexier should find it an agreeably unified change.

  • Easy to connect
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Low profile keys
  • Responsive and quiet operation
  • Lacks numeric keys
  • Lacks mac OS compatibility

Logitech K750 Wireless Best Quiet Keyboard for Gaming

Logitech K750 Wireless

Switches: Membrane
RGB Lighting: No
Connection: Wireless
Macros: No
Software: No

Logitech K750 Wireless Best Quiet Keyboard for Gaming is an advanced wireless keyboard that runs solar technology. Due to the solar batteries, this keyboard can work for several months without any second recharge. It is a self-powered device based on an ergonomic design and contains an ultra-thin body about 1/3 in thickness.

Design and Aesthetics

The design of this keyboard is best for hardcore gaming. The dedicated keycaps are concave in shape and specially made to overcome friction while gaming hardcore. This keyboard manufacturer is a leader in producing hardcore gaming gadget and give you the best design that is more than a keyboard.

Build Quality

I noticed that the best thing about this keyboard is its price and the build quality that you can get on your budget. It is a great option if you want to buy something competing with the mechanical keyboard. It is also the best quiet keyboard for typing.

It has all of the features parallel to the latest quiet keyboards. The keys are soft and sturdy in design, just like the mechanical keyboards. The alphabets are engraved with the latest laser technology and will not wear off even after use for a long time.

Addon Features

Features are great, and with an onboard power level display, you can see the charging position or the exact charging level with the Logitech Solar App. There is a USB 2.0 port for connectivity, and it supports wireless gadgets that can connect with the computer. This black keyboard offers radio frequency connectivity mode instead of slower Bluetooth connectivity.

Connectivity to System

I explored that K750 best budget silent keyboards come with a unifying receiver that will stay with the system every time and give you speedier connectivity. Its range of compatibility is far and wide. This keyboard supports all types of windows such as the window system, XP, Windows 7, 8, and 10. But this keyboard is not compatible with Mac and Linux devices, and keep in mind that don’t buy if you have a Mac system.

Performance Management

Logitech K750 has a cutting-edge and offers you a powerful 2.4 GHz wireless connection and make sure that there will be no delay and pairs with the gaming system in milliseconds. It will provide great performance and a faster and more reliable, uninterrupted connection for gaming mode.

8.9Expert Score
Make Purchase Decision

Logitech K750 has a compact build and comes equipped with comprehensive features. Moreover, the built-in features are great and also long-lasting. It is a trusted product that can fulfill all of your needs about gaming and satisfy its customers for a long time.

  • Relatively affordable price than competitors
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Improved wireless connectivity
  • Support all windows version
  • Not available for mac OS
  • Lacks backlit LED

HP Wireless Elite Keyboard v2 Wireless Silent Keyboards

HP Wireless Elite Keyboard v2

Switches: Membrane
RGB Lighting: No
Connection: Wireless
Macros: No
Software: No

The HP Wireless Silent Keyboards is a combo with a mouse and is inexpensive. Its quiet keys will give you a comfortable typing experience. The wireless mouse will prove a great upgrade over your factory mouse or trackpad. My cousin is using this keyboard since one year and he is in love of this gadget.

For Office Work

I’ve experience that this keyboard looks much sturdier than its thin and light design. The keyboards of this type mostly flex and bend with little effort and weight. But this keyboard gives me enough strong Elite plastic chassis.

Key feel on Press

The scissor-style of this keyboard gives me an elegant look, and the keys have good travel between them. The keys also give me great feedback on pressing the buttons and produce a bump halfway down with a nice springy bound. It is a quiet keyboard and perfect for office use.

Connectivity System

I noticed that the keyboard and mouse are connected through the HP link-5 receiver and plugged into the USB of your computer. You only need to press the blue button below the mouse and keyboard so that they can work. During my test, they work efficiently without any lags.

Keyboard Performance

The HP Wireless Elite v2 keyboard provides you with great performance. Keys have a small amount of resistance to knowing about the button tapped by you. Moreover, there is a small journey between the keys and increases the typing speed to some extent.

8.6Expert Score
Quick Purchase Decision

HP wireless best silent keyboards have a balanced style with functionality and comfort. The HP Wireless Elite v2 is an inexpensive keyboard that will prove a good addition to your desk. It will be a good pick if you have a better gaming and typing experience with quiet keys.

  • It comes with a battery life indicator
  • Ergonomic typing feel
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Easy to setup
  • Up to 5 device connectivity
  • No software customizations

CORSAIR Strafe Quiet Corsair Keyboard

CORSAIR Strafe Quiet

Model: Strafe RGB
Switches: Cherry MX Red
RGB Lighting: Yes
Connection: USB/Wired
Macros: Yes
Software: Yes

Corsair is a good brand and provides its customers with quality products, and Strafe is one of them. The Strafe Quiet Corsair Keyboard maintains solid durability with great performance and individual key customization for enthusiast gamers. But due to its low price, some of the features are absent from remaining affordable for gamers.

Design and Looks

Corsair is a well-known brand for its design and looks, and the Strafe is no exception. Although it has plastic construction, it still looks sturdy enough and gives you a sleek, shiny body that feels high quality. It has a textured design with black plastic and a striking bed of red color underneath the keys. 

Key Switches

I’ve experienced that Corsair’s best silent keyboards comes with Cherry MX Red mechanical switches 104 in numbers and provides you 100% anti-ghosting and full-key rollover. These Cherry MX switches provide me great feel without any audible click sound. Every single key is backlit. Although the color option is only red, it matches brilliantly with the background of the keys.

RGB Lighting

You can choose any pattern from six lighting options through the Corsair Utility Engine Software. These patterns include a wave that ripples out from each key, dashes back and forth across the keys horizontally and scatters the rain of lights from top to bottom. When you learn about the software, you can also create patterns that will appeal to you in many ways. 

Excellent Performance

The performance of this keyboard is excellent. The keys are very soft, and you can easily type on them, and it is not loud for a mechanical keyboard. My brother is using this keyboard and he is very from its performance. The Strafe is a responsive keyboard that can maintain the pace even for intense shooting and action games. It is good not only for gaming but also for typing and has a firm grip on the surface so that it will not move while gaming or typing.

8.5Expert Score
Quick Purchase Decision

The Strafe contains almost all mechanical gaming keyboards’ features and remains on budget with its affordable price. It will be a decent pick for you if you are looking for a sturdy, dependable gaming keyboard that also has plenty of customization options

  • Per key backlighting
  • Supports customizations
  • USB passthrough
  • Macros enabled
  • Affordable price
  • Lacks wrist rest
  • Only red backlighting

Logitech K780 Best Wireless Silent Keyboards

Logitech K780

Switches: Membrane
RGB Lighting: No
Connection: Wireless
Macros: No
Software: No

Logitech K780 Best Wireless Silent Keyboards are among the best keyboards competing with all gaming gadgets. It is compatible with all Windows such as Mac, OS, Chrome OS, Android, and iOS. The other exciting feature is its fast, effortless switching between computer, smartphone, and tablet.

Design Looks

Logitech K780 is a keyboard that has a great outlook. Although it is not a masterpiece yet, it looks pleasing. Its matte-black tray sits on top gives a soft touch. Its speckled white plastic provides a gutter to hold a smartphone or tablet. Personally I this best quiet wireless keyboard.

Key Switches

The distance between the keys is not long, and it is not except for a compact keyboard. The action of keys is positive and maybe slightly clicker. You may also get a hint of mush while pressing down the keys, and your typing speed will be getting fast when you are switching from the mechanical keyboard. I’m in love with its keys.

Connectivity to Devices

Two AAA batteries are inside the box for providing energy to the device. These batteries come packed inside the keyboard. Beneath the panel, you will also find the Logitech Unifying Receiver dongle. A full-size USB port will provide a reliable and lag-free connection, and it is more convenient than a connection via Bluetooth.

Battery Life

I explored that the battery of Logitech K780 best silent keyboards can last two years, but the company has no claim about the period. After using this keyboard for two months at working hours, the battery indicators didn’t change, which is a good sign. However, you have spare AAA batteries to avoid inconvenience because there is no USB connecter on this keyboard.

8.5Expert Score
Make Purchase Decision

Logitech K780 is a great wireless keyboard with unique features and has the quality to switch between multiple devices at a single button press. This keyboard is a good pick for a heavy typist who works on multiple platforms.

  • Wireless connectivity with USB support
  • Attractive design
  • Solid build quality
  • Quiet key switches
  • Long battery life
  • Lacks key backlighting
  • No lock indicators

Logitech K800 Wireless Logitech Quiet Keyboard

Logitech K800 Wireless

Switches: Membrane
RGB Lighting: No
Connection: Wireless
Macros: No
Software: No

Logitech K800 wireless is another quiet keyboard with a no-battery setup. It is a completely wireless keyboard with customizable illuminating lighting and an unbelievable price to complete my gaming setup and provides me immense pleasure.

For Gaming and Typing

Logitech Quiet Keyboard is based on an ergonomic design and has a built-in wrist rest. This wrist will add more comfort for you during the long sessions of games and typing. The keycaps are concave and have a perfect shape according to your fingertips. The design is sloppy and enables low-profile keys to a compact look.

Connectivity Options

I explored that it is a wireless keyboard, and the connectivity mode is through radio frequency signals. It comes with a dedicated USB receiver that provides a faster connection. The K800 is convenient to pair with the other Logitech gadgets through a single unifying USB.

RGB Lighting

The RGB lighting on this best silent keyboards is a great choice for you as you can type or gaming on it even in low light. The advanced lighting system is great enough because keys illuminate while fingers come in touch with keys. Every button will give you light when pressed. The keys are very soft and give me a great response without any hassle touch.

User Experience

This keyboard adds style with comfort, and its sleek lines, clear edge help in typing fast. The perfect keystroke will provide you AI system and make typing and gaming more convenient with even the distribution of pressure exerted by keystrokes. It is quiet, and due to wrist rest, you will feel no pain, and both stay at ease.

8.3Expert Score
Make Quick Purchase Decision

The Logitech K800 is a set of great features. With the maximum battery life of36 months on standby. Its low-profile keys are also an excellent feature and provide you with a thin profile and programmable function keys.

  • Extremely comfortable
  • Lightweight design
  • Support solar charging
  • Ergonomic keycap shape
  • Supports wireless connectivity
  • Lack mac OS compatibility

Features to Consider When Buying Best Silent Keyboards

Various features should remain under consideration while buying the best silent keyboards. The following factors can help you find the best gaming keyboard quiet without much hassle.

Switch Type

When looking for a quiet keyboard, the type of switches is very important as they can affect the keystroke noise level. There is a need to avoid the classical buckling-spring switches due to the louder noise of all. Instead of them, you can consider the membrane, scissor key, and mechanical keys.


It is a basic key switch type that you can find on most keyboards. It is a good option for home and office use. But if you want to go for high-end switches, it may not be a good option for you. Because the membrane keyboards are cheap in quality, they can wobble, make squeaks, and other noises. They also lack the feedback that a mechanical keyboard can provide.

Scissor Key

It is the upgrade form of membrane switches and provides you scissors like a mechanism that will improve the feel and shorten the distance among the keys to be pressed. It is responsive and quieter than membrane keyboards and hard to find in newer ones.


Due to its responsive feedback, it is most demanding among gamers and typists. Although they are not as quiet as membrane keys, still most of the gamers demand mechanical feedback. When looking for a quiet mechanical keyboard, there is a specific range for them.

If you want to have quiet keys, Cherry MX Red and Cherry MX Brown are the best options, and these colors are assigned for their designated actions. Cherry MX Red switches are linear in action that is smooth and silent, without needing extra pressure.

While Chery MX Brown is known for its tactile action with a bum, feel when pressing the keys down. However, you feel the bump without any noise because it provides quiet action and is popular among typists.

Backlighting in Keyboard

Backlight not only gives your board a beautiful look but also makes it visible in the dark. These RGB lighting will help you play games in a dark room for long hours and provide you with aesthetics.

Make sure that the best silent keyboards will provide you with customized backlighting according to your taste. Most keyboards come with the software’s utility that helps you customize the RGB lighting according to the gameplay.

Connectivity to System

The keyboard comes with wireless or wired connectivity options. But the wireless keyboards are not recommended for gamers as the connections are unreliable and may interrupt your gameplay. However, the wireless keyboards are good for typing. Because they will provide you with better ergonomics by moving further from the computer, they also allow additional devices.

Keyboard Size

When you want to buy a keyboard, then look for the keys offered by the keyboards. After this, make sure that the keys are according to your choice or not. Some keyboards come with the dedicated Numpad, while others are keyless or 60%.

Moreover, there are multimedia keys, and they will be important for the user if they are interested in entertainment. The number of keys and features about keys are vital and will be the priority for the buyers.

Programmable Keys

When you want to buy the best silent keyboards, make sure that the keys specific for gaming are present or not. These keys may include programmable macro key functions. These macro keys allow you to customize your experience for a top gaming experience.

Anti-ghosting and N-key Rollover

Anti-ghosting and N-key rollover are the main features of any gaming keyboard. The anti-ghosting should be part of your gaming keyboard because this will allow you to press multiple keys simultaneously.

The best quiet gaming keyboard comes with almost 8 to 12 anti-ghosting keys. These keys allow the gamers for multiple gaming. That’s why it is important to check the features before buying the best quiet gaming keyboard.

Corsair Strafe RGB Keyboard recommended
That’s all about the best silent keyboards for the ultimate gaming and work experience. After reading the review and buying guide, I hope you have already decided on your next keyboard purchase.

If you are still unsure and looking for a product recommendation, Corsair Strafe RGB Keyboard is the best choice for the quietest gaming keyboard. If you want a silent working experience without mechanical key switches, Logitech K780 quiet wireless keyboards are the ultimate choice.
What is the quietest keyboard?

The quietest keyboard is the one that comes with non-conflict switches. Although membrane switches are the most common switches with quiet typing experience, mechanical switches are not far behind. Some advanced mechanical keyboards have silent mechanical switches to do the typing close to zero noise.

Which keyboard switch is the quietest?

The Cherry MX Brown and Red series are less noisy when talking about the quietest switches. The other option for silent switches is the Razer Orange switches. However, the “whisper-quiet” is also found on most keyboards for a silent experience.

What is the quietest gaming keyboard?

Mostly the mechanical keyboards are preferred by gamers, but if you want to have a quieter keyboard, then the Cherry MX Brown is a great option for you. Red switches, Razer’s low noise mecha-membrane switches and “whisper-quiet” switch technology makes it super quiet.

How do I make my keyboard less noisy?

If you want to replace your existing keyboard with a quieter membrane keyboard or one with mechanical keys, then there are a few options for you. If you have a swappable keyboard, you can change the switches with silent switches.


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