10 Best Thermal Paste 2022 – Non Conductive Liquid Compound

Suppose you are an intensive gamer or use your PC profusely. Once in a while, you may have experienced overheating owing to overclocking and minuscule holes or inconsistencies between the cooler’s surface. To do so, you’ll probably need the thermal paste to fill up the cracks and gaps. Many rivals on the market claim to offer the best thermal paste, but it is essential to pick cautiously.

The thermal paste may significantly improve computer performance by allowing your CPU to transmit more of its waste heat to your cooler, keeping your processor cool. Using the thermal paste is also vital if you overclock your system. Even the most dominant gaming CPUs can usually overclock with the suitable thermal paste. The thermal paste offers heat dissipation in all sorts of machines, including CPUs, GPUs, PS4, XBOX, laptops, etc

Table of Content:

  1. ARCTIC Thermal Paste MX-4
  2. Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut Top Thermal Paste
  3. Noctua Thermal Paste NT-H1
  4. Arctic Silver 5 Best Thermal Paste for Gaming
  5. Corsair XTM50 Best Thermal Compound Paste
  6. SYY 157 Best Thermal Paste for GPU
  7. Noctua NT-H2 Best Non-Conductive Thermal Paste
  8. Cooler Master CryoFuze Good Thermal Paste
  9. MoneyQiu HY883 Best Thermal Paste for PS4
  10. ARCTIC MX-5 Liquid Metal Thermal Paste

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Top 10 Best Thermal Paste in 2022

Thermal paste is critical in extending the life of a CPU or a GPU, even though its design and application seem to be straightforward. Thermal paste benchmark is available in several different forms, and several manufacturers claim to provide the best product.

The following are the top thermal pastes and the best thermal paste for gaming laptops and Xbox. Also, the differences between the most commonly thermal paste products available on the market.

Best Thermal Paste

1) ARCTIC Thermal Paste MX-4

ARCTIC Thermal Paste MX-4
CompatibleCPU, GPU – PC, PS4, XBOX
Density2.50 g/cm³
Electrically ConductiveNon-conductive
Viscosity870 poise
CompositionCarbon microparticles
Volume-Resistivity3.8 X 1013 Ω-cm
Temperature Resistance50 to 150 °C

The Arctic MX-4 is a highly in-demand thermal paste on the market and the improved version of its predecessors in terms of higher thermal conductivity. The overall composition of this paste is of carbon micro-particles with high thermal conductivity of 6.0 W/mK. In addition, this thermal paste demonstrated its ability to withstand high temperatures under heavy strain during gaming and is known to be the best thermal paste for GPU.

Thermal Conductivity

Carbon microparticles in ARCTIC thermal paste fill all the gaps left after the paste’s application. As a result, the thermal conductivity of the chip is extraordinarily high. Furthermore, it also ensures heat dissipation because of GPU or CPU, which is fast and effective.

Because of its fantastic performance, the MX-4 is not only a good option for overclockers and enthusiasts, but it is also an excellent choice for other applications that need heat transfer as well.

Easy Application

MX-4 is simple to use, especially for those new to the sport, because of its consistency. Using the video below, you can see how to prevent air pockets between CPUs and coolers using the proper application method.

Secure Usage

A metal-free and electrically non-conductive paste, ARCTIC’s MX-4 differ from other pastes based on metal oxides or liquid metal since it does not include any metal. It also removes the possibility of short-circuiting and the need to be concerned about corrosion damage to the radiator floor due to the presence of liquid metal.


The ARCTIC MX-4 is available in various sizes ranging from 2 to 45 grams in weight. The use of resealable packaging helps keep the thermal paste from drying out. If you compare it to metal or silicone thermal pastes, you won’t have to make any concessions with the MX-4. Once applied, it has a lifespan of up to 8 years.

Final verdict

The MX-4 demonstrates that high performance does not always need a high price. MX is the best thermal paste for ps4, outstanding performance, and quality. Additionally, it comes in environmentally friendly packaging and targets CO2 emission reductions to make a positive contribution to the environment

  • Durable with a lifespan of 8 years
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • The usage is easy and secure
  • Applicable on both CPU and GPU
  • A bit more pricey than its competitors

2) Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut Top Thermal Paste

Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut Top Thermal Paste
Compatible devicesLaptops
Noise Level14db
Viscosity 120-170 pas
Voltage0.09 Volts
Compositionnano-aluminum and zinc-oxide
Cooling MethodAir, Water
Temperature-250°C / +350°C

The thermal grizzly paste compound is explicitly for the most demanding applications and the most stringent requirements of the overlocking community. Kryonaut is a top-of-the-line solution for essential cooling systems in the industrial sector, according to industry experts. It is currently the best thermal paste for gaming laptop in the market.


Kryonaut makes use of a particular carrier structure that prevents drying processes from starting even at temperatures as high as 80°C. This carrier structure guarantees that the nano-aluminum and zinc-oxide components present in the paste mix correctly and that there is no unevenness in the heat carrier throughout the heating process. The high thermal conductivity of the material and the heat sink ensures that they are appropriately adjusted.

Thermal conductivity

Because of its very high thermal conductivity of 12.5KW, Kryonaut material is suitable for even the most demanding setups and utilizable in industrial cooling systems.


In case you wish to maximize the performance of your CPU. Kryonaut by Thermal Grizzly is a top-of-the-line thermal paste for cooling performance. Even a grease-based compound has a very high thermal conductivity of 12.5 W/mK. Because of this, it may transmit a lot of heat between the CPU and the cooling system.

Easy Application

Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut is a simple product and is the best thermal paste for AIO. Thanks to the inclusion of a syringe with a spatula for spreading thermal grease and a specially designed tip. It ensures that the CPU or graphics card is easy, pleasant, and appropriately performing at its highest.

Final Verdict

In addition to being easy to work with and preventing drips and runs, Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut is a slightly viscous thermal compound with excellent stability, making it a viable choice for various applications. Due to the ease with which this paste can be applied and cleaned up is a favorite among system builders.

  • High-performance when it comes to overclocking
  • Exceptional thermal conductivity
  • Long-term stability with no curing
  • Not electrically conductive
  • Price is per gram purchased

3) Noctua Thermal Paste NT-H1

Noctua Thermal Paste NT-H1
Platform Not Machine Specific
Density2.50 g/cm³
Electrically Conductive Not electrically conductive
Overclocking Yes
CompositionThe hybrid compound of various micro-particles
LifespanFive years
Temperature Resistance-50 to 110°C

Noctua NT-H1 Thermal Paste has exceptional ease to use, long-term stability, and remarkable performance. It has quickly established itself as a popular choice among overclockers and enthusiast users throughout the globe. The NT-H1 premium paste is a tried-and-true premium paste to produce excellent results in various areas, including overclocking, air and liquid cooling, quiet systems, and CPU and GPU applications.

Conductive and corrosive

Certain high-end thermal compounds and pads’ electrical conductivity and corrosion features are dangerous to use. However, NT-H1 ensures zero risk of short circuits and is secure for any CPU or GPU.


The outstanding spreading qualities of NT-H1 eliminate the need for manual spreading before installation of the cooler: Firstly, apply some paste to the CPU, then place the heatsink on top of it and done.

NT-H1 is one of the most straightforward thermal compounds to clean available on the market. Simply wipe it off the CPU and heatsink with a dry tissue or paper towel, then wipe them clean with a damp tissue or paper towel to remove any remaining residue. There is no need for cleaning alcohol or solvent.


The unique formula of NT-H1 is remarkably stable throughout time, even when used for extended periods. Also, the lifespan is quite good with three years period. Because of the compound’s unusual bleeding, curing, thermal cycling qualities, and dry-out, it can be utilized for up to five years or even longer than that.

Break-In and Burn-In

A more extended break-in or cure time is required for some thermal compounds before they reach their maximal performance. In contrast, some thermal pads require a specific burn-in procedure before reaching their peak performance. NT-H1, on the other hand, is ready to use straight away and does not need any further preparations.

Final Verdict

Noctua thermal paste offers the most fantastic possible heat transfer from the CPU or GPU to the heatsink, resulting in the most effective cooling solution possible. However, obtaining even lower thermal resistance and a thinner bond-line thickness is possible at typical mounting pressures. The NT-H2 incorporates a newly developed fine-tuned combination of metal oxide micro-particles into the design. 

  • The most effective cooling solution
  • Eliminates the risk of short-circuit mishaps
  • Professional solution for overclocking
  • Shelf life of 3 year
  • Some might find cap design inconvenient

4) Arctic Silver 5 Best Thermal Paste for Gaming

Arctic Silver 5 Best Thermal Paste for Gaming
SpecificationFeatured Values
PlatformNot machine specific
Thermal conductivity> 350,000 W/m2 °C (0.001 inch layer)
Thermal reisstence< 0.0045°C – in2/Watt (0.001 inch layer)
Material99.9 % pure silver, aluminum oxide, sub-micron zinc oxide, boron nitride
Long-Term Temperature –50°C to 130°C
Peak Temperature–50°C to >180°C

Silver 5 is one of the most well-known thermal paste producers due to the wide range of products they provide. The Silver 5 thermal paste solution is now one of the most popular options available on the market. It incorporates ceramic particles and micronized silver to provide high performance and stability.


Arctic Silver 5 composition is 99.9percent pure silver. Particle-to-particle contact area and heat transfer efficiency improve the employment of distinctive shapes and sizes of pure silver particles.

Thermal Conductivity

Silver 5 has a thermally conductive filler that accounts for more than 88 % of its weight. The Arctic also includes sub-micron zinc oxide, boron nitride particles, and aluminum oxide, along with micronized silver. As a plus, the thermal conductivity enhances a couple more folds.

Controlled Triple-phased Viscocity

Silver 5 thermal paste is a unique polysynthetic oil combination that includes silicone. Different stages establish when these elements act together. When Arctic Silver 5’s first comes out of the syringe, it’s easy to apply.

It is vital to notice that the thermal paste thins out during the initial application to the CPU to fill in the tiniest gaps. Also, it ensures that the heatsink and CPU core has the best possible physical contact. Later, during 50 to 200 hours of usage, the compound thickens somewhat to reach its ultimate consistency, optimized for long-term stability.

Reliability and durability

The Arctic employs three distinct sizes and shapes of pure silver particles. Hence, optimize particle-to-particle contact area and heat transmission while minimizing thermal transfer. Additionally, the Arctic uses aluminum oxide sub-micron zinc oxide and boron nitride particles along with micronized silver particles.

The combined effect of all of these substances improves overall performance. They also aid in the stability of the paste over a lengthy period. Also, Arctic Silver 5 will not run, bleed, separate, or migrate, and it will not rust.

Final Verdict

Micronized silver and thermally conductive ceramic particles in Arctic Silver 5 have a unique high-density filling. Also, the performance and stability have improved to a greater degree than ever before.

Silver 5 is the industry-standard premium thermal compound used in high-temperature applications. Furthermore, this thermal paste intends to work with various platforms, from contemporary high-power CPUs to high-performance heatsinks.

  • High density and triple-phased viscosity for high performance
  • It provides first-rate thermal conductivity
  • The composition is 99% micronized silver particles
  • Easily applicable and safe to use
  • It might be challenging to handle for the first time

5) Corsair XTM50 Best Thermal Compound Paste

Corsair XTM50 Best Thermal Compound Paste
Platform Desktop
Conductive Non-conductive
Viscosity 2300K cPs
CompositionZinc Oxide thermal compound
Thermal Conductivity 5.0 W/mK 
Thermal Impedance 0.009°C -in2/W

The CORSAIR XTM50 is a high-end thermal compound based on Zinc Oxide. Because of its low viscosity can fill minor abrasions and channels fast and ready for maximum heat transfer. XTM50 comes with an ultra-low thermal impedance which decreases CPU temperature compared to other standard thermal paste.

Easy to Apply

The Corsair XTM50 high-performance thermal compound is the only item in this collection with an application stencil and spreader. It comes with a stencil to make sure not to spill the paste on the CPU socket or any adjacent components.

All you have to do is put the stencil on the CPU IHS, apply a large quantity of paste on the IHS and use the spreader to distribute the paste uniformly. It’ll ensure a thin layer of paste on the IHS, and the surplus paste flows over on the stencil, safeguarding the socket and other components.


CORSAIR XTM50 high-performance thermal paste is the best option for cooling PC components. As, even while overclocking at a fast pace, it keeps your PC cool. A high-quality thermal compound based on zinc oxide is employed to provide the best possible thermal performance. As a result, the temperature drop due to high heat transfer.

Gap Filling

TM50 can quickly fill tiny abrasions and channels, allowing maximum heat transfer. It is possible because of the low viscosity of CORSAIR XTM50 thermal paste. The gapfilling provides an excellent heat transfer without any issues.

Secure and Reliable

XTM50 boasts a variety of features and benefits. One includes a high-stability compound that dramatically outlasts other materials at the same price. This property also makes it non-conductive and guarantees not to crack after years of use.

Final Verdict

The XTM50 intends to provide high-performance CPUs, and it’s one of the most delicate thermal paste you can get right now. It’s certainly incredibly effective when it comes to cooling and is relatively straightforward to operate.

  • The stencil comes with the package for easy Application
  • Best for filling gaps due to its low viscosity
  • Provides ultra-low thermal impudence
  • Non-conductive with no volatile material
  • Available only in one size

6) SYY 157 Best Thermal Paste for GPU

SYY 157 Best Thermal Paste for GPU
Thermal conductivity15.7W/m-k
Density2.9 g/cc
Viscosity200.000 cps
Materialcarbon micro-particles
Temperature-50 to 200°C

SYY 157 Thermal Paste is a thick, non-conductive substance with a high degree of flexibility, spreading more slowly than other non-conductive compounds. Consequently, sound heatsink installation will need more attention to detail to apply constant stress and guarantee correct dispersion. The utilization of carbon particles in the compound’s composition enhances the overall performance.


With a Thermal Conductivity of 15.7W/m-k, SYY outperforms liquid metal thermal paste in terms of performance. It is made up of carbon particles and has an extraordinarily high heat conductivity due to its composition. When the CPU or GPU is running, it ensures that the heat created is adequately dispersed.

Safe and Secure Application

SYY 157 is devoid of non-conductive metal, which avoids the possibility of a short circuit. Additionally, it provides safety for the CPU and video card. Furthermore, the SYY 157 thermal paste is straightforward to apply due to its consistent density and viscosity.

Heat Dissipation

Heating and Cooling SYY thermal paste Edition 2020 recipe provide high component heat dissipation performance while maintaining system stability and operating at maximum capacity. It minimizes the heat build-up due to its excellent dissipation properties.


SYY thermal paste does not degrade over time, unlike the latter. Since, in contrast to other metal and silicon thermal conductive adhesives, it is pretty consistent in its thermal conductivity. After applying, you can even save the remaining paste since it will be valid for at least 5 years.

Final Verdict

As a result of the presence of carbon micro-particles, SYY-157 has an exceptionally high thermal conductivity and the best non conductive thermal paste. It also boosts speed and efficiency by dissipating the heat produced by the CPU or GPU, making it more appropriate for overclocking applications.

With outstanding performance, SYY-157 is one of the best thermal compounds, thermal pastes, or thermal greases available on the market.

  • Secure and easy to apply
  • Provides high heat dissipation performance
  • Composed of thick, vicious, and non conducted material
  • High thermal conductivity due to micro-carbon particles
  • It might be challenging for beginners

7) Noctua NT-H2 Best Non-Conductive Thermal Paste

Noctua NT-H2 Best Non-Conductive Thermal Paste
CompatibleDesktop PC
Electrically ConductiveNon-electric conductive
Density2.81 g/cm³
Materialmetal oxide micro-particles
Temperature-50 to 200°C
Cooling MethodAir, Water

The NT-H2 provides first-rate thermal conductivity, especially for graphic cards. In addition to being repeatedly chosen by overclockers and enthusiast users throughout the globe, NT-H1 has established itself as a gold standard for high-quality thermal interface materials (TIMs).


The award-winning Noctua thermal paste enhances the employment of a new, finely tuned blend of metal oxide microparticles in the NT-H2. Hence, lower thermal resistance and reduces bond-line thickness even at low pressures. Because of this, it can achieve even more outstanding performance.

Simple Application and Cleanup

You won’t have to manually distribute NT-H2 before putting it in the cooler because of its outstanding spreading characteristics: Apply some paste to the CPU, then place the heatsink on top of it, and you’re ready to go. For cleaning, all you have to do is wipe away any remaining paste with the wipes (sent with the thermal paste).

Temperature, Conductivity, and Corrosion

Short-circuiting with high-end thermal compounds and pads is a risk because of their corrosion or electrical conductivity properties. However, there is no such risk, and it is entirely safe to use with any CPU, either copper, aluminum, or nickel-plated.


The unique formula of NT-H2 is exceptionally stable throughout time, even when used for extended periods. Furthermore, the lifespan is also quite reasonable with three years shelf life. Because of the compound’s bleeding, remarkable curing, dry-out, and thermal cycling qualities, it can be utilized on the CPU for up to five years or even longer than that.

Final Verdict

A prolonged break-in or curing time is necessary for some thermal compounds before they reach their maximal performance. In contrast, some thermal pads require a specific burn-in procedure before reaching their peak performance. NT-H2, on the other hand, is ready to use straight away and does not need any further preparations.

  • High stability rate with long lifespan
  • Easy to clean even with wipes
  • A professional solution for overclocking
  • High heat resistance than some of the other thermal paste
  • Some might find cap design inconvenient

8) Cooler Master CryoFuze Good Thermal Paste

Cooler Master CryoFuze Good Thermal Paste
PlatformNot machine specific
Thermal Conductivity14 (W/M.K)
Grease CleanYes
Materialnano-diamond particles
Temperature -50°C to 250°C
Cooling TypeThermal release

In conjunction with exceptional thermal paste, Cooler Master launches CryoFuze, which provides more excellent bonding for your processing capabilities. CryoFuze is the best thermal paste for GPU and CPU.


Because it includes nano-diamond particles, it has an extremely high thermal conductivity, rated at 11W per meter of temperature difference. Additionally, the paste provides outstanding performance with only  2.6 grams per cubic centimeter of paste in the temperature range of 10 degrees Celsius to 140 degrees Celsius.

Thermal Conductivity

In addition to providing outstanding thermal conductivity on all processing components, CryoFuze also uses nanoparticles to ensure adequate heat transmission. With a K value of 14W/mK, even the most extreme system setups are manageable.


The non-corrosive and oxidation-resistant qualities prevent solidification and metal contact surfaces from being affected. This product offers a wide temperature range of performance, retaining stability at temperatures ranging from -50°C to more than 250°C

Easy and Safe Application

The MasterGel Maker is packaged in a small 1.5ml bottle, containing 4 grams of the active ingredient in total. It can run around 10-12 apps on a medium-sized CPU and a comparable number of GPU applications on a similar-sized processor.

The grease cleaner and scraper included with this thermal compound make the application much more pleasant. Some customers have complained that the diamond particles produce scratches on the bare silicon. However, Cooler Master has categorically denied this claim. 

Final Verdict

Cooler Master fires up the lanch CryoFuze is only available in a single package size, which might be a bit of a letdown for those expecting more. Overall, this thermal compound is an attractive choice while saving money yet receiving superior performance.

  • First-rate quality with high performance
  • Outstanding thermal conductivity
  • No-corrosion formula to ensure reliability
  • Anhygroscopic means it is non-moisture absorbent
  • It might be challenging to handle for beginners

9) MoneyQiu HY883 Best Thermal Paste for PS4

MoneyQiu HY883 Best Thermal Paste for PS4
CompatiblePC CPU GPU LED PS4
Thermal conductivity6.5 W/MK
Materialcarbon nano-grade, aluminum, and zinc oxide
VoltageAbove 10,000V

Composed of super carbon nano-grade super thermal conductivity silicone grease, HY-883 has a thermal conductivity of 6.5 W/m-k. Each package includes a spatula, two-finger cots, and a cleaning wipe cleaning the silicone grease. Make it as simple as possible for you to utilize.


The composition of HY-883 is of nanoparticles with a fine structure. It is possible to achieve outstanding thermal conductivity by interpolating the modest unevenness of the heat media such as the CPU and heat sink with fine-grained aluminum and zinc oxide included inside the paste.


It is necessary to employ the best thermal compound that does not dry at high temperatures of 80 degrees Celsius to preserve stable qualities without curing for an extended period. Because of the non-conductivity, there is no fear of shorts.


HY883 offers high Insulation performance that is non-conductive and can resist over 10,000 volts. However, it has unfortunate heat resistance yet retains its paste condition for a lengthy time. Also, the operating temperature gives a steady performance in temperatures ranging from -30°C to 280°C.


HY883 intends to suit the high demands of the overclocking community. It has outstanding heat transmission performance and can use the capabilities of a high-performance cooling system to its full potential.


The CPU, GPU, PS4, and LED are the most common applications. Even for novices, the HY883 thermal paste is incredibly simple to use because of its excellent consistency and ease of application. The video demonstrates its many applications and the most efficient method of preventing voids between the CPU and the cooler.

Final Verdict

In short, the HY883 is a good thermal paste as it will not degrade over time. After you apply, you will not need to reapply since your application will be valid for many years. HY833 is the best thermal paste for Peltier. Connecting temperature sensors, thermoelectric modules, and other things to cold plates enhance the heat transfer between the neighboring surfaces.

  • First-rate thermal conductivity
  • High insulation performance
  • High reliable and durable
  • Compatible for a variety of devices
  • Challenging to handle the application amount when using for the first  time

10) ARCTIC MX-5 Liquid Metal Thermal Paste

ARCTIC MX-5 Liquid Metal Thermal Paste
SpecificationFeatured Values
CompatibleCPU, GPU – PC, PS4, XBOX
Viscosity550 poise
Density3.2 g/cm³
Voltage250 V/mil
Materialcarbon micro-particles
Temperature-40~180 ℃
Volume Resistivity1.9 X 1013 Ω-cm

MX-5 provides even higher thermal conductivity as compared to MX series other products. The Arctic is among the best thermal paste for Ryzen 5 3600. The novel thermal paste has carbon micro-particles. Hence, this thermal paste offers an unusually high thermal conductivity of 6.0 W/mK due to the presence of these particles.


ARCTIC’s MX-5 thermal paste has the composition of carbon microparticles that fill the voids created by the arctic blasting process. During lower temperatures, the subtle blue hue and smooth, dense viscosity of the compound make it simple to apply and clean up.

Thermal Resistance

The surfaces of processor chips and cooling system floors have slight dents, so heat dissipation is necessary. Consequently, heat dissipation becomes more effective due to lower thermal resistance.

Safe to Use

MX-5 Arctic thermal paste, in contrast to pastes based on metal oxides or liquid metal, does not conduct electricity and does not have a capacitive response. Hence, it avoids the possibility of discharges, short circuits, and corrosion damage to the cooling system base due to liquid metal.

Easy Application

MX-5 is simple to use, even for those new to it, because of its constancy. Using the simple procedure, you can prevent air pockets between CPUs and coolers with the best thermal paste application.

Final Verdict

In addition to having a low minimum bond line thickness, the MX-5 also has a low thermal resistance, which results in too little thermal resistance when combined with its high thermal conductivity. Hence, best thermal paste for gaming and overclocking.

Its non-drying and non-bleeding qualities ensure that it will provide long-term solid performance for a long time. Also, the ARCTIC MX-5 is available in various sizes ranging from 2 to 50 grams in weight.

  • Life-span of eight years
  • Available in various sizes
  • Affordable solution for overclocking
  • Easy and safe to use
  • A bit more expensive than other manufacturers

Buying Guide for the Best Thermal Paste for PC

Selecting a thermal paste with the appropriate thermal conductivity levels is critical. At the same time, it considers adaptability and dependability throughout the process. When choosing thermal paste for your device, keep this in mind as you weigh your options.

Thermal Conductivity

Each thermal paste has a different thermal conductivity rating, indicating its effectiveness in transferring heat from the CPU. Whenever a paste’s thermal conductivity is higher than the combined temperature of its components, the paste’s thermal conductivity decreases even more.

There are significant differences in conductivity between liquids and non-metallic substances. The conductivity of the liquid thermal paste is usually 70W/mK. In comparison, the conductivity of non-metallic substances ranges from 4 to 10 W/mK. In general, the better a material is in transferring heat, the higher its conductivity.


Choosing a thermal paste with the appropriate density is critical for optimizing the application process. And also to make it easily applicable on the CPU. Although, It is challenging to apply the liquid thermal paste as it has a substantially low-density than standard thermal paste.

The appropriate paste has a consistency suitable for application directly to the CPU or GPU without harming any component.


The greater the viscosity of the combination, the thicker it will become, giving it the appearance of a proper paste in appearance. This paste form is usually more effective at adhering the heat sink compound to the processor’s heat sink.

Lower viscosity compounds are often more liquid, and when a large amount of the compound is employed, the result is that the chemical leaks onto the motherboard more readily.


You must exercise extreme caution while applying a thermal paste to the CPU or other components of the computer since it is possible to encounter severe short circuits if the paste may conduct electricity.

A carbon-based compound devoid of electrical conductivity requires applying the compound to avoid short circuits during application. However, the compound with low conductivity ensures that the paste is spread without causing any shorts, even if it comes into contact with any electrical components.


Overclocking is the process of boosting the clock rate of a component, allowing it to operate at a faster pace. Overclocking is most often associated with the CPU or GPU, although it may also apply to other components.

While it is true that the cooler you choose for your CPU or GPU is the most critical aspect in keeping your components cool, there are other factors to consider. While thermal paste for overclocking is beneficial, it is not required.

In reality, a poor thermal paste application might result in heat not being adequately transferred from the CPU to the heat sink of your cooler’s cooler. However, this may significantly restrict your time overclocking the CPU before experiencing heat and stability difficulties.

Thermal Design Power (TDP)

The thermal design power indicates the amount of energy a CPU will use throughout its design phase. TDP is to make an educated guess on how hot it will become in the upcoming days. A CPU with a greater thermal design power uses more energy and creates much more heat.

In addition, while selecting the best thermal compound, ensure that it can manage the heat produced by the components to remain safe and cool while functioning at their highest levels. Any thermal paste alternative doesn’t have TDP, which is less effective.

Solution for Cooling

Even with the most advanced thermal compound available, a system’s temperature is almost hard to bring down, especially when the cooling solution is inefficient. Users of personal computers must ensure that the cooling system they are utilizing can deal with the amount of heat generated by their CPU. If this is the case, the kind of thermal compound used will not make a difference.



Now that you have an overview of all the best thermal pastes available in the market, It is evident that different thermal pastes offer distinctive traits and lifespans. There are many thermal paste recommendations though our top pick for the best thermal paste is its versatility and high thermal conductivity.
We recommend ARCTIC MX-4 Thermal Paste since it has a remarkable shelf life and high heat resistance with vast platform compatibility. Although this is our recommendation, it may or may not be suitable for you, depending on the circumstances.
Therefore it is better to choose wisely considering the circumstances and type of platform to which you are applying the thermal paste. Hopefully, you can find the best thermal paste suitable for your overheating problem for a better experience.