Best White Motherboards – Perfect for PC Gaming

Purchasing a white PC motherboard is a complicated and time-consuming endeavor. Many people find it difficult to determine the qualities they want in a motherboard, which is a crucial step in the process. To make things even more complicated, obtaining the best white motherboards with all of the characteristics you want might seem like an almost impossible task. Especially it gets tricky when the market is full of grey and black motherboards.

The best White motherboard for PC will offer the best aesthetic value to your gaming setup. High-speed PCIe and RAM slots and rapid networking and customization choices are among the features that make a good PC with adequacy and flexibility to run anything you want with convenience. It is crucial to consider the best motherboard that is economical and offers the best performance. Getting all the characteristics makes the decision-making more complex when the options are limited.

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Table of Content:

  1. ASUS Prime white x570 Motherboard
  2. AsRock Steel Legend White B550M motherboard
  3. ASUS Prime Z590 White Motherboard
  4. MSI white B450 Motherboard Mortar Titanium
  5. GIGABYTE Z590 White Motherboard

5 Best White Motherboards for Ryzen

Best White Motherboards

Getting your hands on the best white motherboards will be more challenging than the other motherboards, which are readily accessible on the market today. That is why we have compiled a list of some of the finest white motherboards available, each with its own set of unique and excellent characteristics. The following are the best white motherboards 2022, along with a short explanation of why they deserve to be on our list of the best white gaming motherboards.

1) ASUS Prime white x570 Motherboard

ASUS Prime white x570 Motherboard
SpecificationsTested Values
ModelASUS Prime X570-P
Memory SlotsFour slots and up to 128GB DDR4
PCIe slotDual PCI-E 4.0 M2 Slots
ChipsetAMD 570X
USB port2x USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports
Display portYes

The ASUS Prime 570-p is a powerful motherboard intended to provide outstanding performance. Also, the name implies a high-performance white gaming motherboard developed by ASUS for use with the AM4 socket. Furthermore, this white x570 motherboard is an excellent choice for an ATX motherboard with several features compatible with the Ryzen CPU.


As the entry-level variant of the X570 chipset, these best white motherboards can deliver the first-level capabilities of the chipset, such as USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports and PCI-E 4.0 support, at a lower cost. The PCB layout on this motherboard is the most visually attractive device.

It is worth mentioning that the PCB is visually appealing due to its mix of white and black colors, which distinguishes it from the other X570 chipset motherboards currently available on the market.


The Prime X570-P has a total of four memory DIMM slots, each of which can accommodate up to 128GB of DDR4 expandable memory, with a memory speed of up to 4400 MHz. This quantity of memory allows gamers to get the most out of their CPUs and GPUs by using them to their full potential.

Power Structure

With the support of PCI-E 4.0 X 4 Drives, this motherboard can support two M.2 storage devices. In addition to this, the board has six SATA ports, which allow the user to connect a suitable number of storage devices. Consequently, this is an excellent board for gamers and overclockers alike, and it has the potential to be upgraded in the future.

Compatibility and Connectivity

PCIe 4.0 and two M.2 slots support up to 128GB of RAM on the Prime X570-Pro, which works with AMD Ryzen 3rd Generation CPUs. Even if you overclock this board, the 12+2 phases and VRM will keep things stable, and the heat dissipation is excellent.

The PCB is painted in an aesthetically pleasing variation of white and black, with white covering most of the board and heatsinks and black covering the rest. In short, Asus prime x570 is the best am4 white motherboard.

If you are an AMD customer or are considering purchasing an AMD Ryzen gaming rig, you should get this motherboard since it is one of the finest motherboards for Ryzen CPUs available. The pricing of this board is little more than the other AMD-based boards now available on the market, but it is a strong contender nevertheless.

  • Compatible with all latest AMD Ryzen processors
  • Suitable for AMD crossfire
  • Attractive PCB design
  • Powerful in performance
  • This motherboard does not support Nvidia SLI.

2) AsRock Steel Legend White B550M motherboard

AsRock Steel Legend White B550M motherboard
SpecificationsFeatured Values
ModelAsRock Steel Legend B550M
Memory  DDR4  and up to 4733 MHz speed
AMD Ryzen SupportSupports up to 3rd and 4th generations of AMD
AudioRealtek ALC 1200 and Nahimic Audio
ChipsetAMD B550
USB portsTwo USB 3.2 Gen 2 and eight USB 3.2 Gen. 1
Display portYes

ASRock Steel Legend B550M developed this model to provide clients with a combination of stability, robust features, and an attractive aesthetic at an affordable price. It is one of the best white motherboards out there, with plenty of connectivity and robust build quality. The features make it desirable amongst PC enthusiasts.


The Steel-themed white b550 motherboard is robust and sturdy in its performance. There are 3rd-generation AMD Ryzen CPUs, like the Ryzen 7 5800X, and 4th-generation computer systems that work with it. This motherboard has been able to attract the attention of gamers mostly since it is equipped with the B550 chipset and is also one of the most affordable B550 motherboards currently available on the market.

Built Structure

It has a contemporary and refined look. It has aluminum-alloy heatsink top covers that significantly reduce heat dissipation and dual M2 sockets for SSDs, one of which is a HyperM2 socket that helps support PCI-E Gen 4/4a and the other of which is an m2 socket that can run PCI-E Gen 3/3a.

Performance Design

B550M best white motherboards also have dual M2 sockets for SSDs, one of which is a HyperM2 socket that helps support PCI-E Gen 3/3a. A total of three chassis fan headers, a processor fan header, and a processor water pump header are available.

It has an AL 1220 Nahimic, a DAC with a 120 DB SNR, and a NE5532 amplifier for audio output. It also contains a 60A power choke, 2oz copper, Nichicon 12k blackcaps, and other components.

Other Features

On the top of the motherboard are two RGB headers, and on the bottom, there is one RGB header. It is compatible with AMD’s Crossfire technology and multi-GPU configurations, among other things. The AS rock superalloy feature and 2.5GB LAN are also present.

It also has a 7.1 CH HD audio system. A total of 128 GB of DRAM may be accommodated on the motherboard using up to four RAM modules. ASRock B550M Steel Legends are the best white motherboards AMD chipsets. Embodies the philosophical condition of rock-solid durability combined with compelling beauty and appeal.

The Steel Legend series, built around the most demanding specifications and features, is aimed at everyday users and mainstream fans. Delivering the right mix of materials and components guarantees stable and dependable performance.

  • AMD Crossfire Support
  • Supports the latest AMD Ryzen processors
  • Relatively cheaper B550 chipset motherboard
  • Sleek and Unique Design
  • It does not support Intel processors
  • Nvidia SLI is not supported

3) ASUS Prime Z590-A White Motherboard

ASUS Prime Z490 White Motherboard
Series PRIME Z590-A
RAM DDR4,  expandable up to 128GB
socketLGA 1200
Memory Speed4600 MHz
ChipsetIntel Z490
USB portsUSB 3.2 Front Panel Type-C
Display portYes

The ASUS Prime Z4590-A has a meticulous design to maximize Intel CoreTM processors’ performance from the 10th generation. The ASUS Prime Z450-A is robust with a good build equipped with an LGA 1200 white motherboard, a wide range of cooling solutions, and advanced tuning choices. This distinctive white motherboard gives everyday users PC builders a variety of performance customization possibilities.


With twin M.2 and fourteen DrMOS power stages, the Asus white motherboard Z590-A sports a white ATX motherboard with 6 Gbps HDMI, DisplayPort, and SATA ports. Additional features include Thunderbolt 3 support, Aura Sync RGB lighting, and second Gen USB 3.2 Type-C connector compatibility. Compared to the previous motherboards, this one is a little more expensive. However, it is in the top white motherboard list because of its extraordinary characteristics.


The Intel platform’s 10th generation CPU contains the Z590 chipset. When it comes to compatibility, the white motherboard intel and LGA1200 so, and the motherboard components are highly compatible with all processors from the 10th generation, including the Core i3, i5, and i7 models. It’s conceivable for customers who don’t mind spending a little extra to upgrade their computers to Pentium Gold or Celeron CPUs.

Power Design

The processor’s power design supports these best white motherboards and supports 12 + 2 builds of the CPU and memory. An integrated ON Semi system offers 45A of overall power consumption every run, resulting in 540A for the CPU’s power usage. Four DDR4 memory slots are available to overclock the processor that can run at speeds of up to 4800 MHz.


2x PCIe 3.0 x16 Slots are responsible for managing the development from the processor. Using the 6x SATA III ports, Ultra M.2 storage configurations can be created, with two slots available, one of which is highly desirable. Local Area Network functions get handled by the intelligent Intel i22-V processor, which has an M.2 slot that can accommodate optional LAN cards such as the AX200 or AX1650.

Realtek’s chip-go ALC1220 chipset, which controls the sound in the system, has a built-in amplifier and is responsible for delivering 7.1 surround sound. Prime Z590 has a reliable and stable power supply to get the most out of these high-core-count CPUs. As a plus, for experienced overclockers, a variety of flexible options are accessible, while an auto-tuning option is also available for newcomers.

  • Compatible with 10th Gen Intel Core processors
  • Hi-tech connectivity
  • Attractive design for gaming PC
  • Exceptional cooling system
  • Only 1 Memory Slot

4) MSI white b450 Motherboard Mortar Titanium

MSI white b450 Motherboard Mortar Titanium
Model: MSI B450M Mortar Titaniu
Memory Slots: Four  DDR4 slots and memory is expandable up to 128GB
Crossfire AvailabilityYes
SLI AvailabilityNo
ChipsetAMD B450
USBRear: Two USB 2.0 Front: Two USB 3.1 and four USB 2.0,
Display portDVI

The MSI B450M MORTAR is a gaming motherboard with the excellent build quality and a reasonable price for a budget build. The board provides respectable performance and moderate overclocking for its price range. Although it is pricey, MSI provides a decent bundle of gamers-oriented software packages such as RAMDisk, multi-purpose GamingApp, and XBoostin addition to M.2 compatibility and control over RGB lighting through two onboard RGB headers.


The white b450 motherboard from MSI is the first motherboard to appear on our list to discuss the best MSI white motherboard. This motherboard is a dream come true for AMD users since it supports all three generations of Ryzen processors, including the Ryzen 9 5900x, Ryzen 9 3900x, and Ryzen 5 3600x.

The MSI B450M Mortar Titanium is one of the finest Micro-ATX white motherboards available, which means that it will not provide you with any difficulties throughout the installation process. You may also just put this in a micro-ATX chassis, which is far less expensive than the more significant cases currently available.


The B450M best white motherboards titanium has four memory slots to accommodate 128 GB of DDR4 memory. Managing the rams should not be a problem for this motherboard. This motherboard can support four fans, one of which is specifically for the CPU, and the rest are for general cooling reasons.

Physical Appearence

The color scheme on this motherboard is the most eye-catching and visually attractive element. However, the B450M mortar has a standard black appearance. This one has a silver PCB and silver heatsinks, which distinguishes it from all other boards now available on the market in terms of appearance.

Power Design

Because it supports AMD 2-way crossfire, this motherboard is a true delight for AMD users. Hence, you can pair up two GPUs to get the best possible gaming performance, with the primary slot being PCI-Express 3.0 at X16 and the second slot being PCI-Express 2.0 at X4. Additionally, this motherboard also has two PCI-Express 1.0 lanes at X1 speed.

The B450M titanium is an excellent option if you use it with AMD Ryzen 7 2700X processors and AMD GPUs. This motherboard fully supports AMD components in every manner while also providing excellent value for money with smooth and satisfying performance.

  • It supports all Ryzen generations
  • Crossfire supported
  • Up to 128GB DDR4 Memory
  • Budget-friendly pricing
  • Not for NVIDIA users, because of no SLI support
  • Lacks heatsinks

5) GIGABYTE z590 White Motherboards

GIGABYTE z490 White Motherboards
ModelGIGABYTE Z590 Vision G
Memory SlotsFour DDR4 slots which are expandable up to 128GB
Crossfire AvailabilityYes
SLI AvailabilityNo
ChipsetIntel Z590 Express
USB portsFour USB 3.2 and four USB 2.0
Display portYes

Gigabyte made the Z590 white motherboards in their vision series, a white gaming motherboard that makes things with pictures. It has more performance, connection, quick storage, and graphics options. Z590 chipset: It has a Z590 chipset and does well in all areas while staying under the price point.


Z590 offers peak performance on a grand scale Intel Core series CPUs from the 11th and 10th generations with DDR4 non-ECC unbuffered memory in a dual-channel configuration with four DIMMs. The VisionLINK I/O architecture allows you to go farther without using additional wires.

Intel provides network support that is both high-bandwidth and low-latency. 2.5GbE LAN is available. Front and rear USB3.2 Gen 2×2 Type-C ports, PCIe 4.0 hardware architecture, and a memory capacity of up to 128GB are all included on this motherboard.

Thermal shields unique to each NVMe PCIe x4 M (ultra-fast NVMe) 2 connection provide an efficient cooling system. Intelligent Fan 6 comes with hybrid fan headers and many temperature sensors. Q-Flash Plus is a BIOS updater that does not need the CPU, memory, or graphics card installation.

Power Design

When you have four PCIe M.2 SSD slots, you don’t have to wait for the power of your ideas to catch up to you. With four PCIe M.2 SSD slots on the Z590 motherboard, you can boost your productivity. This system provides 7X quicker data transfer rates than traditional SATA solid-state drives, thanks to the increase in bandwidth provided by this update.


Fins-Array heatsink and Direct Touch Heatpipe components are crucial to establishing the right balance between aesthetic and performance. Because they increase the surface area for heat dissipation while looking stylish, you can also play the latest AAA games without worrying about your computer shutting down.


GIGABYTE VisionLINK enables you to multitask seamlessly between your PC and your mobile devices, allowing you to work like a pro. Leveraging the high-speed USB Type-C connection will allow you to send data, charge your device, and provide visual output.

The quick data transfer will enable you to stream films and play games while connected to a 2.5GbE network with no delay. It is possible because the Intel2.5G LAN is 2X faster than its predecessor and provides much higher total bandwidth and performance.

If your system has the latest CPUs, the Z590 white motherboard is a fantastic choice. Thanks to the system’s faster internet connectivity, M.2 slots allow you to play without interruption. Cooling technology, which helps keep the temperature in check, is the cherry on top. Adding to that, these best white motherboards give you the ability to play games in a whole new way.

  • Exceptional data transfer rates
  • Supports AMD crossfire technology
  • VisionLink connectivity for streamers and gamers
  • Latest 11 Gen processor support
  • Built-in Wi-Fi missing
  • Lacks Thunderbolt 4.0

Purchasing Guide for All White PC Motherboards

White motherboards unquestionably outperform their conventional counterparts in quality and aesthetic appeal. As a result, understanding a few critical aspects might assist you in either building a machine of your choice or upgrading your existing one. Before purchasing the best white motherboards, there are several factors to consider.


You must first decide on the sort of CPU you wish to use before proceeding further. Either AMD or Intel will suffice. The AMD brand should be your first choice if you want a motherboard to support apps that need several cores.

However, if you want to play high-end games, you should consider purchasing a white Intel motherboard since the fastest single-core CPUs provide the most significant gaming experience available today.


Both AMD and Intel provide a diverse selection of chipsets. However, it is crucial to note that you should consider the number of chipsets that will fit into the motherboard while selecting a chipset.

Each chipset has its own set of pros and disadvantages. You should determine how many features you need and how many chipsets will be sufficient to meet your requirements.

Form Factor

The form factor is critical for the construction process of the best white motherboards. A typical ATX motherboard is available in larger PCs or traditional PC mid-towers, and it is the most prevalent motherboard. They feature more expansion slots than the MicroATX or the Mini-ITX form factors.

The micro and tiny ATX/ITX boards often feature fewer slots, enabling you to combine a video card and several additional cards, but that’s about it for the amount of space they provide. These are more compact and intended for use in tiny constructions. Before selecting a motherboard, it’s a good idea to think about what size would be appropriate for your desired PC.

Socket for the Processor

BGA sockets are the least common of the three socket types available: LGA, PGA, and BGA. Intel employs the LGA socket type, while AMD uses the PGA socket type. You must be aware of the socket type that your motherboard uses since it must be compatible with the processor.


Another essential element to consider is the kind of work your PC will be doing for you and how much RAM you will need to complete that task. The standard 8GB of RAM is adequate for everyday home and business usage in most cases. To play high-definition games, though, you’ll need more RAM, such as 32 or 64 gigabytes.


All you need is an essential gigabit ethernet connection, for starters. Still, fiber optics are becoming more widely accessible, so always think about your connectivity alternatives before deciding on a purchase.

The majority of motherboards include at least a 2.5 Gbit controller, which will be sufficient for most users. It’s also beneficial when the motherboard has an inbuilt Wi-Fi module, so always consider investing a little extra money on Wi-Fi functionality models.


Generally speaking, the built-in audio systems are sufficient for most purposes. If you desire a more advanced audio experience, you may require a dedicated sound card to accomplish your goals. If you need a dedicated sound card, ensure that the PCI slot on the best white motherboards you want to purchase is compatible with the soundcard you wish to use.


First and foremost, while attempting to choose the ideal motherboard for your next build, you should determine a budget for yourself and your project. Entry-level boards are a fantastic option for individuals on a tight budget since they are inexpensive.

Increased investment in the CPU and GPU will be possible. However, many projects with high-end components are jam-packed into low-cost mini-ATX boards.



Motherboards are the backbone of a PC and are necessary for the adequate functioning of your PC system. There are a lot of potential best white Motherboards available in the market but choosing the one that suits you the best might be tricky. We believe that ASUS Prime Z590 all white motherboards are among the best for your PC.
Although these are excellent options, they may not be what you’re looking for in a motherboard. As a result, various things must be kept in mind when purchasing a white motherboard for your PC. You must evaluate the type of usage, compatibility, and budget to ensure that it will not be a financial burden.