Do Motherboards Come with WiFi, Antennas & Bluetooth?

Usually, a few motherboards come with WiFi, and the rest do not have this incredible technology in the given budget. You may build your PC on your own to have all the high-tech tools. Building a PC is fun; collecting the exact pairs takes a lot of research and experience.

However, I’ll clarify all your doubts relating; Do motherboards come with WiFi or not? All you need to do is to stick with the lines below. If you want to acquire WiFi built-in with your pc, you may have to pay extra cost for that. An excellent motherboard with the built-in facility of WiFi can make you happy.

Usually, users prefer to have it on laptops as they are portable devices, and when it comes to desktops, most users prefer Ethernet connections. However, let’s begin the exploring journey with the table of content below.

What is A WiFi Motherboard?

A motherboard with a built-in system to connect your PC with the network without attaching any other additional component, usually, you can locate the set up close to the IO panel, and there you may also find antennas out of the case for better signaling. So, you need to keep in mind while buying one: not all boards come to switch this facility.

Do Motherboards Come with WiFi

Some would ask for extra costs for the installation. So, I hope you can answer the question: do motherboards come with WiFi? Yes, you may have some, but it takes a lot of care, knowledge, and experience with some surplus money. However, having WiFi with the motherboard has various advantages, and you may also have to sacrifice something; let’s find them all below.

Advantages of Motherboards with WiFi

There are some great benefits to having a motherboard with WiFi, and I gathered them all in four simple steps for easy understanding. If you want speed and think built-in WiFi is not suitable for the job, you might be wrong because you can enjoy 9.9 Gbps speed. Moreover, the transfer speed is also great, and whether you are a gamer, streamer, editor, or creator, you may find the max kick out of built-in WiFi motherboards.

1) Satisfactory Performance Level

If you have nothing to do with large storage setups and work on a small scale with no extensive data, you are good to rely on the board with WiFi. On the other hand, extensive configurations with massive data storage prefer Ethernet connections to ensure stability, strength, and stamina.

Overall, a motherboard with WiFi delivers satisfactory results and can provide you with the best Netflix streaming backup. Overall, having a motherboard with WiFi features a credible performance with satisfactory outcomes on board.

2) Easy to Use and Install

It is so easy to use a motherboard with WiFi. There is a mess of wires you can avoid by having WiFi built-in. If you do not get WiFi on board, you will have to go through a complicated procedure of opening the PC case, finding the PCIe slot for installation, and then the induction of the card into the system.

It takes a lot of care, and if you fail to do so, you may have to lose your card or any other part there. So, to avoid this irritation and discomfort, it is good to have a motherboard with WiFi. It takes no special effort to get this comfort, and I found it the easiest way for the ultimate connectivity. Having it on board also eliminates worries of installation, connectivity, and compatibility.

3) Offers Max Portability

For better portability, you need to minimize components; if you do not make it up with them, the portability will go down. Getting a board with a PCIe slot will add weight to the overall PC’s body. It will also require special care to deal with the slot and other components. On the other hand, having an Ethernet connection asks for long wires, and the best option you remain with is acquiring a board with WiFi. It doesn’t add any weight to the motherboard and feels light while moving.

4) Ideal for Office Use

There is no doubt that Ethernet is a reliable source of getting your PC connected to the internet. Still, it is unsuitable for office use where dozens of employees are working and need to connect their laptops and PCs with the WiFi router. It will hardly furnish 4 to 5 ports for connection, and what about the rest of the employees? So, having a built-in motherboard with WiFi can compensate for this issue, and there is no limit for the device you connect to now.

So, if you are a manager and have to manage a team of dozens of employees, you are good to rely on the built-in WiFi setup. On the other hand, if you are a gamer and your friend circle is limited, you can have an Ethernet connection to enjoy unbreakable connectivity.

Do All Motherboards Have WiFi?

The answer is No. All the motherboards do not have this facility, even though most motherboards do not come with WiFi. You may have to pay an additional cost for the facility. Moreover, if you are confused about; does my motherboard have WiFi or not? You need to check the WiFi icon in the taskbar in the right bottom corner; if it is not there, it means the motherboard has no WiFi option.

Another question that may tickle your mind is how to use built in WiFi on motherboard? There is no hard and fast rule; all you need to do is click on the icon I mentioned above and make it ON, seek the internet options, and go for the connection immediately.

WiFi Causes Miss On Something

Look, there is nothing that you get without a price, and a motherboard with WiFi charges a hefty fee. Moreover, it always comes with some disadvantages. So, in a case of motherboard with WiFi; you may have to sacrifice a VGA port.

So, there is nothing that you get free, and it is how you pay for the motherboard with WiFi. A great setup of vast memory, excellent graphics card with an ultra-premium processor, and networking can earn you a reliable PC. You can also check out the most authentic NVidia RTX 3090 ti vs 3080 Ti comparison to pick a robust, healthy graphics card.

Motherboards with WiFi Costs Higher

It is a fact that motherboards with WiFi facility costs higher, and the boards with no WiFi are cheap enough to save you a handsome amount. Moreover, a question that may annoy you is how to use built-in WiFi on a motherboard. But, it is not that difficult and takes no less than a minute to know.

You can also check out some great board options with RGB and WiFi facilities; if you are interested, you can give a read to the best RGB motherboardsIt has a great mixture of WiFi and without WiFi motherboards with RGB lighting effects. Coming back to the topic, the gaming pc motherboard with WiFi is a great tool, and it makes you avoid long cables and enjoy your gameplay to the max.

Ethernet is Better

There is no specific saying that can ensure that the Ethernet is better. However, it depends on the usage and environment you use your PC. Ethernet is more reliable for gaming and streaming, while WiFi is a good option for places where dozens of users have to sit together and use the network. 

As far as the conclusion is concerned: Do motherboards come with WiFi? Yes, they do, but not all the motherboards have this technology. There are some advantages that you can enjoy with a motherboard with WiFi and some disadvantages as well.
It gives you freedom, enhances the portability of the PC, and allows you to connect dozens of devices simultaneously. On the other hand, it charges an extra price; it can make you sacrifice VGA ports and others. So, various factors play a role in deciding whether you should go for the motherboard WiFi or not.
Do WiFi Motherboards Come with Antennas?

There is no hard and fast rule for motherboards with WiFi to get an antenna because a WiFi chipset can do this for the board. However, in some cases where it is required, you may find an external antenna device such as a WiFi PCIe card for the job. So, usually, motherboards do not come with antennas.

How to know if a motherboard has WiFi?

It is effortless to check whether your system has a WiFi setup or not. All you need to do is check the right bottom corner of the taskbar, and there you can find the WiFi icon; if it is not there, it means your motherboard is not submitting to the WiFi facility. There is no rocket science for the play, and it is so simple to know its usage.

Do motherboards come with WiFi and Bluetooth?

Usually, you do not find Bluetooth connectivity on the desktop. However, you can find some specific systems that offer this facility. On the other hand, WiFi has the same case, but you can have it on an average motherboard by paying an extra sum, and the same goes for the Bluetooth facility. The counterparts without Bluetooth and WiFi charge less price. So, consider the pricing factor while buying a motherboard.


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