Why are the PC Graphics Card Fans Not Spinning on Startup?

Building your PC is fun but with various shortcomings one or the other ways. Graphics card fans not spinning on startup is one of the most significant issues, and you need to deal with it at the earliest possible. The issue of GPU fans not spinning may also arise during usage at any time. There are multiple causes of malfunction, and the solutions are numerous.

Here, I have come up with all the possible threats and hazards that stop GPU fans from spinning and the solutions. Without rectifying this issue, your whole machine is at risk, and you may have to bear losses in one way or another. You must read this article carefully to avoid such unfortunate incidents and frustration. However, all GPU fans do not spin all the time, which is the usual case. Let’s uncover all the secrets down below.

What is a Video Card Fan Not Spinning?

Graphics card fans not spinning is the issue one cannot deny. It is so frustrating and causes anxiety for the users. When your PC doesn’t support the display, and things get heated or go the wrong way to react, you need to be careful. It is a sign of warning about something fishy happening inside your PC. 

It is not about the GPU fan not spinning at startup only, but it can cause hurdles during usage. Not all GPU fans spin, but most of them do. First, you need to figure out the difference, and then you will be able to realize the issue in the best possible manner. Sometimes you get to face that the GPU fans spin and then stop; it is another type of issue that gives birth to irritation and frustration.

So, this article is for you only if you get an issue related to the GPU fan spin. You’ll find the reasons and solutions along, and I’ll also share my learnings through some extra tips.

Issues Behind GPU Fan Not Spinning

If you conduct a GPU fan test, you will get to know the reasons for malfunction with accuracy. When I studied GPU fans not running, I learned a lot and concluded all my exposure and findings in a few points to help you within a short spell. So, let’s get started with the first most potential issue. 

1) GPU Fans Not Spinning Overheating

There could be various reasons for the stoppage of GPU fans, and the most popular one is overheating. When you run a heavy load application or a game and enjoy it all with HD premium quality display, you might have to face issues with the fan’s performance.

The more you focus on getting an intense display, the more the GPU fans have to put in the effort, which gives birth to overheating. And if one or more than one fan stops working, it can play havoc with the display.

2) Software Bugs Issues

Sometimes it is not the hardware or anything related to physical disconnection but a virtual malfunction. So, you need to assess whether it is a software bug or anything like that. When you install the wrong software or an outdated one, it can cause issues in the smooth working of the GPU fans. Usually, an outdated GPU driver is a reason that pushes your GPU fan into hell, and it stops spinning.

3) Hardware Issues with the GPU Fans

Another potential reason that can make your GPU fan stop working is a hardware malfunction. Getting the wrong pair of GPU fans for your CPU will indeed cause trouble during the gameplay. Moreover, some issues could be related to the damaged cables and fans.

4) Wrong Power Connection Modes

Another hazard that plays havoc with the GPU fans is wrongly connected power cables. When you open up the PC case and observe the cords connection physically, you can easily spot this issue. If it exists there, you won’t be able to start the GPU fans until you resolve the risk. 

5) Dusty GPU Fans

When you check out the GPU card and fans, you find the fans full of dust due to an open PC case. It is not suitable for the smooth functioning of the GPU fans. So, before the dust accumulates in a quantity that is dangerous enough to stop the fan from spinning, you need to remove it all immediately. 

Fixes/Solutions for the GPU Fan Not Spinning

In this section, I’ll discuss the fixes and solutions for the Graphics card fans not spinning reasons I discussed above. I’ll ensure you get all the solutions in the simplest form for a better understanding. However, before you go further, you can also learn about how to tell if ram will work with your motherboard. It is full of credible information. Let’s start with the first way forward of our original topic.

1) Keep An Eye On Temperature

When you find a video card fan not spinning, you need not rely on your estimations only but check things physically. When you feel pressure from GPU fans, you can either improve the airflow modes or turn it off for a while so that thing gets settled. It will surely help you release the overheating and to save your GPU fans and whole panel. However, contemporary GPU fans are super good at managing heat with automatic controls.

2) Conduct Tests and Change the Settings

You can gauge the problem with your GPU fans by running a heavy load game. You can also conduct a stress test to get an accurate idea of the disruption. And if you find something fishy, you can go for the antidote respectively by moving toward settings. I hope it will help you deal with GPU fans not spinning on startup and during the gameplay. 

3) Correct Connection of Power Cables

Once you have found an issue with the wrong connection of power cables, you can quickly fix it. All you need to do is to open up the PC case, detach the cables, and attach them all to the relevant ports as the manual says, and you will find everything back on track in moments.

4) Removal of Dust with Tools

Dust and debris are unsuitable for the GPU fans and the whole card. If you find the fans are stuck due to dust accumulation, you need to remove it all with a cotton swab or with compressed air. Both mediums are helpful to get the dust off your GPU fans.

5) Update GPU Drivers

Suppose anything is wrong with GPU drivers, and you find them failing on their part because of an outdated version. In that case, you need to update it immediately by visiting the manufacturer’s website. Most manufacturers offer this facility free of cost. 

And it is how you can get rid of graphics card fans not spinning, no display issue. All these five points are enough to get you a complete cover for the seen and unseen hazards.

Why are the RTX 3060 Fans Not Spinning?

Regarding the RTX 3060 fans not spinning issue, you need to know it is normal because the RTX 3060 fans do not spin all the time. When the temperature goes up to a specific level, fans start spinning. And if you face RTX 3080 fans not spinning issues, you can also consider the same suggestions for this case. So, you need not worry, and keep calm. Follow the procedure, and get your GPU fans out of danger quickly. 

Final Words
After reading this excellent elucidating article on graphics card fans not spinning, I hope you will get help to avoid this difficulty. There can be issues with the software, hardware, power cable, dust proliferation, outdated drivers, etc. And you can solve them all by following the five simple steps I explained above. Moreover, proper cleanliness, updated drivers, and fixation of power cable accurately can minimize the issue to the lowest level.
Why is My GPU Fan Not Spinning?

It is not a fact that GPU fans spin all the time because most GPU fans start spinning at a specific temperature. So, if you get anything other than the ordinary course of dealing, there could be dust, wrongly attached power cables, outdated drivers, and hardware malfunction behind it. There is the major player to stop your GPU fan spin.

How Do I Avoid GPU Fans Not Spinning?

There is no rocket science to avoid this issue; all you need to do is take good care of your PC case. You must ensure it provides an excellent passage to your GPU fans for good airflow. Moreover, you must keep fans clean, cables on the spot, and proper hardware and software technical detail. It is how you can avoid GPU fans not spinning issues to the fullest.


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