How to Connect 2 Motherboards Together? Run On 1 Computer

A motherboard is the main circuit board in a computer that connects the various parts of the computer together. It has connectors for CPU, RAM, and expansion cards and links to hard drives, disc drives, and front and backports using cables and wires.  

To build custom PC, Modern motherboards include:  

  • CPU sockets that can accommodate one or more processor motherboards.  
  • Memory slots, in which main system memory will install, usually in the form of a DIMM containing a DRAM chip, DDR3, DDR4, or DDR5. The chipset forms the interface between the CPU, main memory, and other devices.  
  • A non-volatile memory chip (usually Flash ROM on modern motherboards) contains the system firmware or BIOS.  
  • The clock generator generates a system clock to synchronize various components.  
  • Expansion card slot (communicates with the system via chipset-powered buses).  
  • Power connector draws electrical energy from the PC power source and allocates it to the processor, main memory, and expansion cards. Therefore special connectors for direct connection to the network were introduced to combine two motherboards one PC in Parallel.
  • Connector for hard drives, optical drives, or solid-state drives, now typically SATA and NVMe.

Functions of Motherboard

Functions of Motherboard
It is also responsible to distribute power to the various components of the computer. The role of the motherboard is to allow all the components to communicate with each other. It is responsible for managing the traffic of information within the computer system, which it does by means of the motherboard chipset. The function of the motherboard chipset is to direct the flow of data that the computer components require.

The computer’s system board performs the following functions:  

  • The motherboard acts as the central backbone of the computer in which other modular components such as the CPU, RAM, and hard disk are installed.  
  • The motherboard is a platform with many expansion slots to accommodate other devices/interfaces.  
  • The mainboard is in control for allocating power to several components of the computer.  
  • They are also used to coordinate the various devices of a computer and maintain an interface between them.  
  • The motherboard comes in different sizes: BTX, ATX, miniATX, microATX, LPX, NLX, etc.
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How to Run Two Motherboards in One Computer?

How to Run Two Motherboards in One Computer

If you have multiple computers at home or in the office, you can connect them all as one, which unites computers and allows you to use all their power and functionality from one screen and keyboard. This requires a special adapter and many modifications. But you can connect all computers without assistance even if you are not good at computers. In addition, assistances of dual CPU motherboards mostly provide to servers, enhanced workstations, and gamers.

  • Motherboard has a BIOS, an IDE controller, an AGP / PCI controller, a math co-processor, a southbridge & northbridge controller, and so on. It usually communicates with the processor. If you are trying to connect two motherboards together, you will first need a way for the CPU to communicate with every component on the second board. 
  • One way to power the second board, which means a different power supply will be required, and you have to combine two so that they both turn on when the power button is pressed. If both motherboards have Ethernet, you can connect them using a crossover cable. If they still have a serial port, you can use an empty modem cable. If they have FireWire, you can use it to connect to the network.
  • Connect any computers you want to plug into an available power outlet or power strip computers close together. Place the network adapter near your computer and connect it as well. You can buy these adapters at most computer stores. 
  • Connect one end of an Ethernet crossover cable to the Ethernet port of one of the computers you want to link and then on the back of the adapter. Repeat the process for the rest of the computers. There are several Ethernet ports on the back of the network adapter.  
  • Connect the cable from the computer monitor to the display cable connector on the back of the adapter. You can connect the end of the keyboard cable to the keyboard cable connector on the back of the adapter. Turn on all computers and monitors. View all computers on one screen and control them from one keyboard.
how to connect 2 motherboards together
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Final Words
In conclusion, it is important to note other tasks of computer. Also, there is no game designed to use two processors at the same time. Just ten years ago, when multi-core processors existed, most game developers didn’t even bother to optimize their games for dual motherboards. Thus, when playing on a motherboard with two processors or connect 2 motherboards together, one of those processors will sit idle or manage other tasks.


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