How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Xbox One? Guide

Xbox is one of the leading platforms to play games with your friends and family. Although it comes with many perks, some shortcomings sometimes make it difficult for the user to get the most out of it. One of those complaints that have not been addressed for years is the issues with Bluetooth connectivity.

Connecting the Xbox One Bluetooth headset can be extra frustrating as sometimes a simple measure is not enough to connect your device. If you have recently bought a headphone pair and found it incompatible with your Xbox, there are still ways to do so.

There are many fixes for connecting Bluetooth headphones to Xbox One, whether compatible or non-compatible. We have listed all the measures you can take to connect the headphones with Xbox one. You can go through each step to connect the headphone and enjoy gaming sessions with your friends and family.

how to connect bluetooth headphones to xbox one

Is there a Way to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Xbox One?

You can use Bluetooth headphones with Xbox One as connecting the Bluetooth headphones to the Xbox One does not require cables and other stuff as it is a simple job. However, the frequencies range can vary from the normal 2.5 GHz radiofrequency. It needs a higher RF that results in reduced latency and helps in the improved listening and connectivity experience.

You may wonder that does Xbox One have Bluetooth? Microsoft has a specific preference when it comes to wireless technology. It has launched a technology-specific peripheral that lacks Bluetooth features. However, the compatibility to Xbox headsets is in a handful of numbers. They have two types when it comes to Xbox compatible headsets.

Is there a Way to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Xbox One

The first headset connects using a dongle that users attach to one of the Xbox controller’s USB ports. The other type connects directly to the console with no dongles necessary, bypassing the controller. However, this kind is slightly more expensive, but it is a top-of-the-line headset in its own right.

Procedure To Follow

How to Connect Wireless Headphones to Xbox One?

Connecting the devices to the Xbox Wireless Technology is something that everyone gets annoyed about when confronting the issue for the first time. However, following steps can help you understand the process to connect a compatible headset.

We have listed some simple steps on how to connect Bluetooth headphones to Xbox One without compatibility issues.

  • Hold down the power button and press it until you see LED light. It will turn the headphone into pairing mode.
  • Turn on the console by hitting the power button.
  • Locate the pairing button on the console and press it till the LED starts to blink. It will pass into the reading mode after blinking.
  • Now on your wireless headset, find the Connect button and press it. Hold down the button till the LED starts to blink rapidly. It indicates that the device is ready for pairing with the controller.
  • Wait a few seconds for LED lights to get steady on both devices. Watch the console as it gives you a note about “Headset Assigned.” After that, you can hear the sound of connectivity from the headphone.
  • Once you connect the headset to the Xbox, you can listen to the sound without any issues.

Follow These Steps

How to Connect Non-Compatible Bluetooth Headphones to Xbox One?

Connectivity is not a big issue if your headphone is compatible with the Xbox One. However, for non-compatible headphones, you need to follow a whole new process to connect the headphones to the controller.

How to Connect Non-Compatible Bluetooth Headphones to Xbox One

There are additional requirements when connecting the non-compatible Bluetooth headphones to the Xbox One. Your process slightly differs from the standard procedure and requires you to utilize a few additional tools.

No matter what set of equipment and tools you have for your Xbox One setup, connecting the Bluetooth headphones is only possible using 5 methods.

1) Using PC Connection

Connecting headphones to your PC is one of the most common means of using your Bluetooth headphones with your Xbox One console. While your PC serves as the end-user device, the Bluetooth device can effectively serve as the audio tethering device. One of the advantages is that the Xbox One and Windows are compatible since Microsoft developed them.

To connect your PC with Xbox One, you have to meet two conditions:

  • You must ensure that the devices are on the same network
  • Use Xbox companion app for convenience

Getting your hands on the Xbox companion app is very easy as it is already present in Windows for ease and a better user experience. However, if it is not already installed on your PC, you can easily download it.

Perform the following steps to connect Xbox One to your Windows PC successfully, 

  • Sign in to your Microsoft account for accessing the App
  • Click the Connection button in the Xbox app’s left-hand menu to enable the Xbox One app on your PC. 
  • Search for the ‘Connect to your Xbox One’ window. Click on the ‘Add a Device’ icon, which is present in the top right corner.
  • Windows can automatically search for your Xbox One console. Click the Connect button once the windows detect the console.
  • You can also search for console manually by using the IP address in the box and then connect
  • If you find it difficult to connect both devices, go to Xbox settings, look for choose Devices & Streaming, and go to Device connections. For streaming, ‘Allow Play to Streaming’  and check for the Xbox in the connections tab.

Once you get through the steps and connect to the PC, you can start controlling the PC’s functions.

2) Connect Using TV

As long as you have a TV with Bluetooth capability, you may utilize it to bridge the distance between your incompatible headset and your Xbox system. First, you need to link your Xbox 360 and television and connect your Bluetooth headphones and TV so that you may listen to music while watching television.

Connect Using TV

It is important to note that the primary disadvantage of this strategy is that you will be unable to converse through party chat while wearing your headset. If you choose this strategy, your Bluetooth headphones will only playback game audio.

Follow the steps outlined above to connect your headset to participate in the chat party.

  • If you have a Bluetooth-enabled television and are not interested in interacting with friends through the Party chat feature, follow the steps below to connect your incompatible headset to your BT-enabled television.
  • The BT-Ready TV must get correctly connected to your console prior to moving forward.
  • Use your TV remote to pick the appropriate input source after the connection gets established. Start your Xbox console and see whether the console signal is visible on your television to confirm the connection.
  • Next, connect your Bluetooth headphones to your television using the provided cable. First, go into the TV’s settings and make sure that Bluetooth is on for this to work.
  • Set your headphones to pairing mode, then initiate a search for accessible Bluetooth devices on your television, choose the appropriate headset, and wait for the connection to finish.
  • Once connected, switch the Input Display to the HDMI port on your Xbox Console and begin playing. While you will be unable to converse through party chat, you will get the finest in-game audio experience possible with your incompatible headphones.

If you do not have a Bluetooth-enabled television or seek a connection option that enables party chats communication, go the next way below.

3) Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Xbox One Using Remote Play

If you find all the above workarounds non-convenient for your situation, using remote play is the best option for most gamers. You can look into connecting the Bluetooth headphones to Xbox using Xbox Android or iOS application. It is the best resort to connect with friends for fun and party chat.

However, you cannot hear the in-game sound like other methods. You can find a workaround and make things work for you by re-routing the connections. It only needs to connect the audio to the TV and chat using headphones.

These are a set of instructions that can let you connect your Bluetooth headphones with Xbox One using a smartphone.

  • Give a quick look at connecting your headphone to the Android or iOS device utilizing the simple steps. It only takes a few steps, like enabling the Bluetooth on the smartphone and entering the pairing mode on your headphone. Your device will scan and connect with the headphone.
  • After pairing the devices, the next step involves going to the App Store or PlayStore on iOS and Android. Remember to download the authentic Xbox App from the store and download.
  • Watch for the successful app download and go to the social menu. You can easily access the menu from the bottom of the screen.
  • Inside the Social tab, find the headset icon and tap on it.
  • If you are trying to connect the headset for the first time, make sure to give the Xbox App permissions. It requires audio permissions to make the App functional for use successfully.
  • After the successful permission granting, the App will redirect you to the party chat. You can now connect to the parties and start playing the games with your friends while remaining connected to the teammates using the App.

A downside to this method is the latency issues. You can face high latency than other methods. So, expecting a delayed sound and high latency is normal for this method. If you want to have a faster chat without latency issues, the next step is more relevant.

4) Connect to Xbox One Using Bluetooth Transmitters

This procedure is final in the list for connecting the non-compatible headphones with the Xbox One. You can use this method to rule out the Microsoft Bluetooth restrictions. You need a Bluetooth transmitter to connect the headphones to the Xbox console to implement the method successfully.

Connect to Xbox One Using Bluetooth Transmitters

Although the method is quite popular, there is a downside to it. You cannot get into the conversation with your teammates during the gameplay. However, you can hear the sound from your teammates and friends. This problem happens as the transmitter only allows the sound for hearing but does not transmit the microphone voice.

If you have a compatible Bluetooth transmitter and are prepared to make adjustments according to these instructions, follow the steps below for connecting it to your console:

  • You first need to start the transmission by pushing the power button and long-pressing it.
  • Some Bluetooth transmitters need you to press the power button for three or more seconds. However, you can get the indication from the flashing LED light. These lights signal the user that the controller is ready for the pairing.
  • You need to plug the Bluetooth transmitter into the Xbox using a 3.5mm port.
  • Turn on your headphone once you connect the Bluetooth transmitter. Put the headset into the pairing mode. Follow the instruction of your headset manufacturer as instructions for the pairing will differ from one model to other. For the most part, the pairing is simple, and you only require too long-press the power button.
  • Next is the final step, which requires you to long-press the function button on your Bluetooth transmitter. It will pair with your headphone after getting into the pairing mode.
  • Sometimes it requires trying the pairing more than once to get successful. If you don’t succeed on the first attempt, try bringing the Bluetooth transmitter and headphones closer. It will push the devices to connect as there are no options for the preference, and it only connects the connections based on signal strength.

Verify the connection by listening to the headphones. You are now ready to kill the enemies or raid the bases with your teammates on Xbox one.

5) Connect Headphones to Xbox One Using Optical Connection

You can add Bluetooth capability to your Xbox by ensuring you have the right hardware infrastructure, such as an adapter that requires connecting via its support for digital optical connections. This connection is most prevalent for the soundbars, but you can use this connection for connecting Xbox headphones using Bluetooth.

Some transmitters may include at least two different connections: digital optical and a 3.5mm Xbox One controller headphone jack. There’s S/PDIF optical audio out port at the back of your Xbox One, and this is where you can plug in your transmitter’s cable.

Follow these simple steps to connect Bluetooth headsets to Xbox using an optical cable.

  • Connect the digital optical of Bluetooth transmitter to the port labeled as S/PDIF at the backend of Xbox.
  • Now check and change the transmitter mode to S/PDIF from 3.5m input.
  • Utilize Bluetooth to connect your headphones to the transmitter.
  • Remember that this option is only suitable if nothing works as it only supports output. This method won’t work if you want to chat with your friends on Xbox One.

Furthermore, you will have a limitation when connecting to certain Xbox models like Series X or S as they lack digital output connection. If you have a modern TV, you are not out of luck as most of these devices have an optical port that helps you connect with the transmitter.

Having Bluetooth headphones compatible with Xbox consoles can be convenient. It’s a lot less annoying than buying a fancy new set of gaming headphones, and it saves you money in the long haul. Enjoy gaming with your favorite old but gold/premium headphones.

As long as you have this guide and a pair of Bluetooth headphones, it will remove the hassle of buying headphones for your Xbox console. When experiencing a connection issue with your Bluetooth headphones, the first thing you should try is to reset them.

It will resolve the problem entirely in most cases, so we recommend trying it before anything else. If not, make sure to check out our guide to fixing Bluetooth connectivity issues with Xbox. There’s not just one solution that works for everyone, so chances are you didn’t read the most helpful guide in how to fix Bluetooth audio problems.


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