How to fix CPU Overheating? 10 Cooling Solutions to Avoid Heat

It’s been more than several years since we have been active in processors and getting knowledge about the symptoms of CPU Overheating. Over this period, we have learned so many things people don’t know about its reasons.

Based on this vast experience, I will explain all the causes of Overheating. You know very well that the CPU is the computer’s brain; you are comfortable with its processing speed when it works properly. So, here I am telling you that how to fix CPU overheating. For this, here in this article, I am giving you some basic information about fixing cpu overheating causes and symptoms.

How to Avoid CPU Overheating? 10 Solutions

CPU is the computer’s brain; when it doesn’t work correctly, it means something is wrong? Overheating is a hazardous problem in processors. After a short period, the system boots up and shuts down automatically.

A significant symptom of CPU overheating is that the fan noise is very unnecessary. I will tell you all the causes and overcome processes in detail.

How to fix CPU Overheating Check and Avoid Startup Symptoms

Computer Vents

Computer vents are usually known as computer fans. These fans are attached to the computer for cooling. Fans enter the cool air inside and deport warm air outside of the computer. Cooling is essential for a processor. So, first of all, you must clean the computer’s vents.

Computer vents are fixed on the computer, and they are used to help it cool itself. The problem starts when fans located on the computer are blocked. As a result, air cannot move inside or outside the computer properly, heating your laptop.

Make sure that your computers have many complications around them. If the fans or vents create problems, then you should be careful about it. Suppose most people use their laptops on their beds and then rest them on the blankets. Blankets inhibit the ventilation of the computer.

For the sake of best results, you should use your computer on the hard things. It is essential to know that your computer’s vents work correctly.

Use Cooling Pad

The cooling pad, more incredible pad, laptop cooler is an essential mat for laptops computers. The cooling pad expels the heat of the computer temperature. When a computer makes heat, we can use a cooling pad, and the cooling system doesn’t work correctly. The cooling pad drops the temperature of the laptop by degrees.

Use Cooling Pad to avoid Overheating laptop

It is less expensive and the best option for overheated laptops. Keep in mind properly, the cooling pad is a good option but does not have as much of a good for internal components. Therefore, it is beneficial only for external or outside of the computer.

Instead of using the laptop on the beds and blankets, use these on the cooling pads. Then, when you realize that your computer is overheating, you can fix it in a more incredible place.

Avoid Using Inactive Programs

Graphics cards, cases, and other programs can decline the overflow and cooling system of the computer and turn it into heat. If the heat sink is not seating correctly, then your CPU makes the temperature.

If the computer system shuts down automatically after a few minutes, it is a primary symptom of overheating. The Best LGA 1150 CPU is the best and latest chipset in the market. It has the quality of avoiding extra programs.

If the computer continuously runs programs, it affects the internal components of the computer. All the internal components forced the laptop to work in overdrive. When it is performed, the overheating process starts.

However, when you are using a computer or computer, you should avoid using programs. Make sure that your computers have enough capacity to run the CPU with:

  1. Antivirus Program
  2. High Memory Application
  3. Utility Software
  4. Activity Monitoring Apps like CPU Temp Monitor

These programs mainly cause overheating. You can see which programs involved in making computers more heated. We should avoid using the plan if we want that our computer or laptop does not produce heat.

Clean the Heatsink

The Heatsink is a metal component; it is located on the processor. This piece of metal is used to expel the heat from the computer and laptops. The Heatsink transfers the heat of the processor into the air.

The Heatsink also fitted near the computer’s vents and helps the fans make the cooling. The Heatsink and fans are both very necessary for the cooling system.

If a fan of the processor is running very well, then there is no problem with overheating. For this, make sure that fans are working correctly. If the PC is covering with dust and vents also have dust, then you should clean them.

Clean the Heatsink

You can clean them with cotton and also blow out the dust with your mouth. It would be best if you were very careful about the cleanliness of vents. You cannot clean fans with a vacuum because a vacuum may cause damage to your system by shorting out your motherboard.

Suppose your computer’s fans are covered with dust; it could block the flow of air. It would help if you used a cotton wipe for the dusting of holes. If you cleaned fans to avoid CPU overheating, then there is no problem with overheating.

Follow the Steps: How to Clean a Motherboard?

Change Computer Settings

Depending on what computer you have, because having a robust and specific PC is very important. If you want to check the CPU overheating, then you should take a good model of PC. You can search for a particular computer model and its heightened performance.

The performance of any PC is significant. If you have a specific computer, make sure you are changing its setting after a few times. Here is the question what is considered overheating CPU? Check your processor is latest. One of the CPUs in market is the best AM3 CPU.

If you want to increase the performance of a computer you can change the settings of the computer. Adjust these settings because these reduced pressure on the internal components of the computer.

Shut Down the Computer

It is essential, and most people do not focus on turning off the computer properly. When we ignore it, then the problem of overheating starts here. You should shut down your computer properly.

If you want to know and interested in cooling down your PC, you should shut down your system. The more reliable and easiest way to avoid your PC from high temperature is to shut it off completely.

Computers are not entirely different from us, as we need to relax from work for our good health. Computers also need rest from work for best performance. If you want your computer to work correctly without overheating problems, then you should shut it down after the computer works on it. Remember, you should always keep your laptop away from the window.

Fix Air-Flow System

There are two types of cooling systems, the first is airflow, and the second is the liquid cooling system. Airflow is significant and very common in computers; it has two parts:

  1. Cooling Fans
  2. Heatsink

Fans and vents are fitted near the Heatsink on the processor. The heatsinks are the metal components. They are with the fans and also help to reduce the heat from computers. Make sure the Heatsink is efficient, the fan is working correctly. You can a good PC Case for Better Airflow.

Fix Air-Flow System in laptop

We must check that air circulation is high and flowing correctly. Air circulating in the computer reduces the heat. If fans are not working correctly, you should change them with new ones as soon as possible. Damaged vents affect the performance of the computer.


Overclocking is a way to increase the speed and performance of the CPU. Through overclocking, we can run the computer fast. Overclocking also increases the speed of the GPU and helps to perform more operations in a few seconds.

You can read the other article about the best DDR3 Motherboards to read and enhance your PC performance. Overclocking is a big reason for CPU overheating on startup.

When a computer runs fast, then components of the laptop generate heat very fast. When you are overclocking the computer and heat generated, you should be very careful about this and throttle back the overclock. You should stop overclocking to avoid CPU overheating on startup

Sufficient Batteries

Luckily, nowadays modern computers have sufficient batteries, and their performances are infrequent. So batteries are an essential component of the computer. If the battery of any computer works flawlessly, then it means the computer’s performance is excellent.

Mostly People use computers and laptops for gaming, for these batteries play a vital role. It would help if you were very careful about your battery life. Old batteries were not running fast and caused overheating.

When you are on your computer, then you should check that your battery is not so hot. When your battery is about to die, then you should change. If you changed your battery on time, then you are aware of the problem of overheating.

Next, you should find the best-recommended motherboard to keep safe CPU overheating symptoms. Read the article best motherboard for AMD fx 6300, you can find all guidelines about this.

Thermal Paste

Thermal paste is a chemical compound that is used between the heatsink and heat source. It is used to eliminate the air space. When your computer discharges the heat, you should check the thermal paste fixed in the processor. The old thermal pastes were not more reliable is one of the reasons for overheating the CPU.

To check out the thermal paste is the best solution when your PC is overheated. If your thermal paste increases the heat, you should replace it with a new one. Damaged thermal paste cannot be transmitted to the fan leading.

summaries Note
After doing a lot of research, I concluded that excessive CPU temperature could make your CPUs slow. Do take proper care of your computer and clean the vents of a computer with cotton. If you can maintain the Airflow of the CPU continuously, then your computer can not overheat. I recommend thermal paste and the best vents to cool down your laptop and PC.


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