How to Keep Airpods from Falling Out of Your Ear? 4 Tips

Apple AirPods are undoubtedly aesthetically superior and provide a feel that other premium options lack. However, specific issues like no sound and Bluetooth connectivity can hinder the user experience. If you have ever faced such issues, you know how annoying they can get. This article will focus on “How to keep your AirPods from falling out” and list the reasons and possible solutions to this annoying problem.

Apple is one of the innovation leaders, but it did well for the AirPods in this department. But the problem arises with the Apple one fit for all policy for these gadgets. People have different ear sizes, and depending on the size, they need a different size for the AirPods to fit well insides the air and prevent any slipping. The one-fit design does not sit well in this case, and the AirPods falling out of ears remain an issue.

Apple has later corrected the design model of Airpods and introduced an in-canal design in the latest AirPods Pro. It also comes with three replacement tips that can suit different canal sizes, including small, medium, and large canals. But for the regular AirPods, the dilemma remains the same, and it keeps adding to the frustration among the users.

Does this mean that you throw away your old AirPods and reinvest heftier amounts in getting the latest Airpods Pro? Or you should look for the reasons for AirPods slipping out and find the solution on how to keep Airpods from falling out. We have listed the reasons and the possible solutions to help you enjoy the seamless listening experience without worrying about the Airpods falling.

How to Keep Airpods from Falling Out

4 Major Reasons

Reasons for Apple AirPods Falling Out of Ear

Apple has always focused on innovation that addresses the needs of the people. Therefore they are currently one of the leading tech giants worldwide. However, the innovative idea of AirPods does not go well for some people.

There are many complaints of Apple AirPods falling out of ears, causing inconvenience to the users. But there has to be a reason why they fall out of ears while still being the top choice for many people.

We have identified the top reasons that cause the Apple Airpods to fall and are not a snug fit for everyone. Here are the main reasons that contribute to the AirPods slipping.

  1. Size Issues
  2. Excessive Sweat
  3. Slippery Material
  4. External Force

1) Size Issues

First of all, the earbuds must fit properly in your ears. If they fall off while you’re out and about, there’s a good chance they don’t fit as well as they should. Airpods are known to fit snugly into most ears without incident. That’s because Apple made sure that their earphones would be a good fit for 90% of its customers by providing a design that fit most ear sizes.

The design address the need of a big portion of the users, but what about the remaining 10% that remains clueless about why they left out into the void. The struggle for getting a snug fit for their ears is real, and they seem to get affected by the AirPods size issues more than the rest of the users.

The size of each person’s ear is different. Some people’s ears are big, some people have small ears, and some have in-between-sized ears. Studies even show that ears can show more variations than fingerprints. Therefore, AirPods may not be as ergonomic of choice imaginable because they do not adequately fit every person on earth. It flaws out the AirPods one-fit design.

2) Excessive Sweat

The AirPods are great for people who do not sweat excessively. However, if you’re someone who takes up running or jogging to burn off some energy, you might face some problems with the earbuds, like falling out of your ears.

Excessive Sweat airpods

It happens because they tend to slip too much while sweating excessively. Especially if your arms are moving quite fast or if your headphones aren’t fitting quite tight enough in your ears due to prolonged use and a little build-up of sweat.

3) Slippery Material

When they released their AirPods Pro, Apple made headlines with interchangeable silicone ear tips. The improved tip in their new earbuds was intended to fix the disconnection issue that many users experienced with their standard AirPod with plastic tuning.

For a while, everyone thought Apple had found the right solution, but it turns out that it was an interpretation error on their part. The invention of silicone ear tips was a giant leap forward when dealing with the problem of AirPods slipping out from your ears. The tips themselves come in three sizes, which cater to all ears worldwide.

So It means that anyone can use them easily. It turned out that these silicone earbuds are generally very slippery, especially for those who are prone to sweating a lot, and this makes it hard to stabilize the Airpods in the ear. New AirPods falling out of ear is a common problem as they have a slippery surface to make adjustment difficult.

4) External Force

There are several reasons why AirPods keep falling out of our ears. One reason is that they can get physically hit by an external force. If the earbuds fit snugly in your ears, this might not be a problem, but getting hit hard can dislodge them from the opening in your ear.

Aside from this, you may pull out your AirPods when doing some tasks. Many people might accidentally hit their AirPods when pulling out their earbuds while taking off the heavy workout clothes after the gym or straightening up their hair in a hurry as they are late for an important meeting. Sometimes pulling off the facemasks can hit the AirPods and dislodge them.

The best way to prevent the AirPods from getting hit is to be mindful and prevent any hassle while removing the facemasks or straightening your hair. Ensure the proper way to wear AirPods and have a quick look for any loose fit that can result in falling out.

How to Stop AirPods Falling Out? Simple Solution

It can get annoying when your AirPods keep falling out. But don’t worry! We found some of the best ways to keep them in your ears so that you can enjoy listening to your music for hours and hours on end.

These techniques include simple DIY, changing habits, and buying cheap accessories. Each method is equally effective, depending on the practicality of your situation. Furthermore, they can help you fix the issue without investing in a new AirPod Pro. Here are some tips and methods to stop AirPods from falling out of the ear.

  1. Wearing them Right
  2. Changing Wearing Style
  3. Adapting Memory Foam Tips
  4. Using Accessories
How to Stop AirPods Falling Out

1) Wearing them Right

The AirPods and AirPods Pro have different designs, and they vary in shape and size. The Airpods feature the same design that has been known to the users for years. In contrast, the Airpods Pro features a distinct design with silicone tips that ensure a much deeper setting inside the ear and fit quite well.

Wearing AirPods Properly:

Wearing the AirPods is not rocket science. However, following these steps will ensure that you wear them in a way to fit your ear perfectly.

Clean off any dirt or residue on the surface of Airpods before using them. Take a dampened clean cloth or use any cleaning agent to remove any dirt. Proper AirPods need to act slippery with the oil and dirt on them. Don’t use heavily soaked cloth for cleaning as it can cause water damage to the Airpods.

Don’t force the Airpods inside the ear and use a gentle approach to fit them. Vertically align the stem with your head position and parallel contact with the face’s chin. It is essential to take care of alignment as it can affect the fitting of the Airpods in the ear.

Ensure that the pressure you apply for inserting the AirPods is not till the level of discomfort. You can end up having pain in the ear or getting injuries and infections in your ear.

After AirPods get a snugly fit, ensure to rotate and wedge them for a more secure fit. Rotate the AirPods to the point that you can feel the presence of these gadgets tight and secure. You can feel the lock happen as the AirPods get parallel to the chin and jawline of the face.

Get a perfect view of your fit by taking a selfie or seeing yourself in the mirror. It will help you adjust the AirPods properly next time you wear them without hassle.

How to get AirPod Pros to Stay in Ear?

AirPods Pro has an ergonomic design and has fewer users’ complaints about problems with AirPods falling out. The design fits incredibly fine as it has silicone tips. Here are the steps that help you get a snug fit for the AirPods Pro, no matter the ear size.

Ensure that your silicone tip size is according to your ear size. Take our AirPods Pro and check whether the silicone tip is according to your size or they require replacement. You can change them with other sizes and proceed to the next steps.

How to get AirPod Pros to Stay in Ear?

The aligning of the sizing letter and black vent is crucial. It may sound hack to you, but it works. If you want a perfect fit, aligning the sizing letter and black vent offers a good fit. You can hear a click when you have turned it on properly.

If you are hunting for more ways on “how to make AirPods Pro fit better,” You can utilize the feature provided by Apple names as the “Ear Tip Fit Test” option. It helps in checking the comfort fit for your ears. If your iOS device does not show the option in the Setting>Bluetooth, updating the software can do the trick.

2) Changing Wearing Style

Here is a quick hack for the users who want to adjust the AirPods into the ears. This hack involves wearing the AirPods upside down. The style seems comfortable and works if other tricks do not work for you, especially if you have a problem with AirPods falling out of ears when smiling.

The method is also useful, especially for the users who use the AirPods for jogging and exercise. Try wearing the earphones upside down in the ear. The outer edge of the earphone will fit inside the ear, giving a good fit against falling.

Wearing the AirPods upside down is not new, as we have tried this trick for the wired old-school earphones. However, it looks slightly awkward as no one wears the AirPods upside down during normal use.

3) Adapting Memory Foam Tips

Silicone tips intend to prevent the AirPods from falling out from the ear. However, there are certain problems associated with them. One such issue is excessive sweating that can cause them to slip out from the ear. How to keep Airpods from falling out even with the silicone tip?

Memory foam is the answer, as it can absorb excessive sweat while maintaining a good shape to fit inside the ear. Many AirPods and AirPods Pro users switched from silicone to memory foam, and the reason is pretty obvious. Here are the steps that involve changing the Airpods tip to memory foam quite easily.

Choose the right ear tip to prevent Airpods falling out of one ear. As a rule of thumb, your silicone tip and your memory foam tip should be the same size. If you want to ensure a secure fit, we recommend that you check out products made by Foam Masters, which are advertised to fit with Airpods.

Squeeze and push the tips inward until they are locked. Push pressure into the memory foam tips as you would with silicone ones, letting you know once they get secured by a clicking sound coming from within the earbuds where the tip are viewable.

Installing AirPods can be an efficient process. However, before you put your memory foam ear tips in, it is vital to take a few seconds to squeeze them first. The squeezing will allow the tip to expand rather than just trying the standard push-rotate-wedge technique. Once you get squeezing and subsequently putting on, please take a moment to get used to how they feel for about a few seconds.

4) Using Accessories

If you’re still having trouble with your AirPods, several smartphone accessories can help fix the problem. These are intended for users who find it difficult to keep the original design in their ear or for people who need additional help keeping their device stable during sudden activities like running or moving around. Airpods falling out while running needs these accessories to keep them placed in your ear.

DamonLight Anti-Slip Covers:

There are many DIY projects to keep your AirPods in place, but there are a variety of covers and cases out there that can help you achieve the same effect without so much hassle. It may seem like a small decision, but you don’t want to remove any cases or covers once your device gets paired with your iPhone.

These covers from DamonLight™ are a great replacement for your AirPods cover. Due to their design, these covers can be tricky to apply, and you may have to do this more than once to attach them correctly, but after doing so, you won’t need to worry about them coming off again. ​

Thanks to the silicone surface, the DamonLight covers are shockingly comfortable and help keep your AirPods in place. Available in a few different colors and as a two-pair pack on Amazon for $8.99.

AhaStyle 4 Pairs AirPods Silicone Earbuds Cover:

The AhaStyle Silicone 4Pairs AirPods and EarPods Cover allows you to listen to your favorite tunes without having to hold on. This lightweight cover made with soft silicone has a design with a handy ear hook that hangs off your ear, so they stay put while running or working out.

This clever design also includes a cutout so you won’t have any trouble. Similar to other covers, you must remove these covers to re-insert your earbuds into the charging case.

Fortunately, the AhaStyle’s are easy to insert and remove, so there’s no need to worry about getting them accidentally stuck on the charging case. I’ve used these at the gym several times and can personally attest that they do their job. AhaStyle sells an $10.99 4-pair pack at Amazon in several colors.

Final Conclusion
AirPods are one of the best accessories that you can with money. It has many advantages, but some flaws can affect the user experience. One of the primary flaws in the AirPods is the slipping out of the ear when exercising or casually listening to the music while you are chilling in your leisure time.

The Apple AirPods have been a breath of fresh air – especially for those who have grown tired and fed up with regular earphones. Although their design is stellar in many ways, many users find the putting-on process a bit tedious. We recommend checking out the solutions mentioned above to help with your AirPods falling out of your ears to get back on track.

Most people hate how they fall off when running or just walking while not paying enough attention. Well, now the question is solved — let everyone know what you do and how you managed to keep your AirPods in place by commenting below! We will read through all the responses and collect the best ones too.


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