New World System Requirements to Run the Game Smoothly

If you are excited about New World after playing the beta release, the first thing you need to check is whether you can play the stable release on your PC or not. The New World system requirements can help you understand the hardware requirements. Fulfilling these requriements can help you play the game at full potential and take advantage of your competition.

If you are excited to dive into the world of Aeternum, you need to fulfill the minimum hardware requirements at least. Although the game is not demanding regarding hardware, it still requires decent hardware. Your computer rig can play the game on minimal graphics without having any performance lags when on minimum hardware requirements.

The New World requirements are not much demanding according to today’s standards. Most gaming PCs can handle the gameplay without much hassle when playing on low to medium settings. You can expect stable FPS without much fluctuation on average. According to the official requirements, a bit more power than recommended can help you stay on the safe side. In the long run, it also helps you as the games usually get frequent updates, making the minimum specs run for more push.

Before heading onto the minimum and recommended specifications, we encourage you to look at your system specification. If you have no idea how to look for the system specification, you can visit online websites to run the New World system requirements test or use any tool like CPUZ to get an idea.

New World System Requirements

New World Released Date

The initial release for the New World is set to happen on 28 September 2021. After the game release, it became a huge success, and gamers liked the decent gameplay it offered. The game received a November update, which increased the adventure in the gameplay. Developers introduced new weapons and enemies to improve the gameplay further and make it enjoyable.

New World Gameplay

Explore a dangerous, open-world filled with magic, mystery, and mayhem. All sorts of opportunities fall in your lap when you are shipwrecked on the enchanted island of Aeternum, which lures you in to forge your destiny as an adventurer. It’s exciting because there are always new things to be explored; however, it also can be very dangerous!

New World Gameplay

The gameplay involves a battle between the enemies to get maximum benefits. You can fight the enemies alone, make the team or play in a huge army to get the job done. It involves channeling the supernatural forces and wielding deadly and dangerous weapons. The gameplay also involves classless and real-time combat modes, with the battles themed on PvP and PvE mechanisms. It all depends on your choice how you yield and take advantage of extensive open-world gameplay.

For thousands of years, Aeternum has been the destination for thrill-seekers looking to tell stories filled with magic, adventure, and mystery. But legend or not, you’ve found it, and now you shipwrecked and without supplies or allies. In a world where whatever you make of it depends on the decisions you make, your destiny is entirely in your hands.

New World Can I run it?

Running the New World on PC needs you to fulfill the minimum requirements. We have provided the new World system requirements below to give you an idea of what hardware can run the game on different settings.

To answer your query ‘Can new world run on my PC”, New World system check is what you need. We have already mentioned the tools to help you check the PC specifications.

New World Minimum System Requirements

ProcessorIntel Core i5 2400 or AMD equivalent (AMD with 4 Physical Core Count)
Graphics CardNVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 or AMD equivalent (AMD Radeon R9 280)
Storage50 GB HDD
Operating SystemWindows 10 64-bit
NetworkHigh Speed Broadband
Direct XDirectX 12
Vertex Shader5.0
Pixel Shader5.0

The processor requirements for the New World are not demanding like we have seen in other titles this year. The Intel Core i5 2400 can easily handle the game without any lags. If we pair the processor with the Nvidia GeForce GTX 670, the result is smooth gameplay. However, you cannot expect to run the game on high graphics settings for these recommendations.

New World Minimum System Requirements

The RAM requirements are straightforward as it only needs 8 GB of memory. It is pretty standard to have this amount of RAM in a gaming PC these days. Any 3 to 4 years old PC can handle the game with decent specifications.

The developers recommend using 64-bit Windows 10 to get the game’s true essence without any hitches regarding the operating system. You need to have a fast broadband connection for playing the New World with your friends in PvP or team modes. Besides these requirements, DirectX 12, Pixel 5.0, and Vertex shader 5.0 are what you will need the most.

ProcessorIntel Core i7 2600K or AMD equivalent (AMD Ryzen 5 1400)
Graphics CardNVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 or AMD equivalent (AMD Radeon 390X)
Storage50 GB SSD
Operating SystemWindows 10 64-bit
NetworkHigh Speed Broadband
Direct XDirectX 12
Vertex Shader5.1
Pixel Shader5.1

To get the real taste of gameplay in high graphics settings, you need to meet the New World recommended system requirements. These requirements are more demanding than the minimum requirements but not on the scale of some AAA gaming titles.

The Core i7, a second-generation processor, is not a big deal to get started with regarding today’s standards. You can alternatively use AMD Ryzen 5 1400 if budget is your concern. Besides the processor, the role of GPU gets central on high graphics settings. Therefore anything less than Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 or AMD Radeon 390X can cause performance issues.

New World Recommended System Requirements

These cards are not the latest, and they are easier to find on budget pricing these days. The RAM increase is considerable, with 16 GB required for running the game smoothly. New World size for storage remains at 50 GB. Hard disk drives are not what you aim for at recommended requirements, as they are slower. It gets replaced with the SSD in the recommended New World system requirements.

Besides the hardware part, you need to get the standard setup for the software and OS. The game requires you to have installed Windows 10 64-bit with DirectX 12. Broadband is an essential requirement to get stable connectivity and gameplay without lags.

The New World system requirements PC are more than enough to give you insight into the hardware requirements. However, our professional recommendations can help you figure out the budget for the builds and what you can expect regarding the gameplay on these builds.
If your aim is the run the game on 1080p with the lower graphics settings, any $600 build can work for you. Playing on the higher graphics settings requires the hardware to have a decent processor and graphics processing unit.
You can invest into the $1000 build for the gaming PC for New World to play the game on higher graphics on 1080p resolution. This PC build will reduce your chances at 1440p gaming as it bottlenecks on higher 1080p settings.
Investing in a $1500 gaming rig can let you play the New World in higher settings. If you want to achieve something legendry regarding graphics, a $2000 gaming PC build is what you need to look for. It offers 4K gameplay without any performance issues. Moreover, you can rest assured that you can play other intensive games on this high-end rig.


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